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Sorority Pledge

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“Okay, girls, this is your first test,” stated Melinda. She continued, “You’ve all indicated that a little sexual fun isn’t out of bounds and that none of you are virgins.”

Hillary chided herself, what the hell was she agreeing to this for. Did she really want to be in Sigma Epsilon Chi? Supposedly it was the elite of sororities and she could do more to advance her career by joining than anything else she could do while in college. Her mother had all but told her to join this sisterhood. Did her mom really know what their secret rituals were like?

Hillary wasn’t a virgin, she lost that to a sorry ass boy in high school, who shoved it in, popped her cherry, pumped his goo up inside her body and then just quit once he was satisfied. The second time, with another boy thank goodness, it had been much better, but she just barely had an orgasm and it was all over. Even then he only spent cursory amount of time kissing her. It was almost like it had been a chore or a necessary evil, just so he could get inside her panties. He glommed onto her titties and then with his other hand immediately found her soft places between her legs. No real foreplay – just make sure she was wet and then he went to town.

Her thoughts shifted. Hillary and her twin brother, Peter Stephen Hansen IV, were both attending the Ivy League school. As far as she knew, he wasn’t mandated to do anything but follow in their father’s footsteps and become a surgeon.

It seemed to Hillary that all the ‘sit up straight young lady’, ‘mind your manners Hillary’, ‘Hillary, that’s the wrong fork!’, ‘is that any way for a lady to act’ all fell on her. She hadn’t seen her brother since their parents dropped them off, and she was perfectly happy with the arrangement. Her brother was so into himself, there wasn’t any room for anyone else. All through high school he simple ignored she even existed.

Melinda stopped, “Hillary Hansen, are you paying attention at all? Since your membership depends on these little tests of ours, I would listen up if I were you.” Hillary thought Melinda was such a bitch. It was a good thing the woman was a senior and would graduate at the end of the school year. If Hillary had to put up with Melinda for four years as the sorority president would drive Hillary to purposely fail.

Melinda continued, “As I was saying, whether you pass or fail, you have been sworn to secrecy concerning what you will experience during these three tests. Those that make it will be accepted to full sisterhood after initiation. Those that fail will leave and never darken our doors again. Those who break the secrecy oath will be punished severely. Not just by us, but by any sister who has graduated from our sacred sisterhood in the past. Suffice it to say, there are some pretty powerful people out there, which you simple don’t want to piss off.” Then she asked, “Any questions?”

Sherlyn raised her hand, “Melinda I …”

Melinda snapped, “Listen, that was a rhetorical question, I’m not entertaining any questions tonight. Do what you’re instructed to do, and you will make it just fine. Don’t pay attention, Ms. Hansen, and you may end up out on your ear.

“Okay, for your first test. You will disrobe when you are told. Everything comes off. Then you are going to be led to the basement where there is a secret room. This room will be completely dark, and you will enter in as a group to ensure the randomness of this task. The lights outside will be dimmed so you won’t see anything inside the room until I decide it’s time.

“The room is very large; it’s approximately 30 feet square.

“Once inside, you will feel your way around until you find a male partner. Our brother fraternity, Alpha Lambda Zeta, will have their initiates in the room already. They will be spread out throughout the room, so they could be anywhere. It will be your job to find them, identify them as a male,” After a moment of giggling, she continued, “and then partner up with the person you find. Once you have a partner, you call out your assigned number.” Melinda asked again, “Are there any questions?”

Sherlyn raised her hand, Melinda snapped at the girl, “You do understand what rhetorical means, don’t you Sherlyn Tanner?” The chastened girl looked down at her feet.

Melinda continued, “There will be the five of you going in and five guys. So it will be an even match-up. Once all five of you have called out your names, you will be given instructions on what to do next. You ladies are going to be the first group of five through our little test. You will not under any circumstances tell anyone in the second group what occurred during your little, ordeal.” She smiled wickedly as she emphasized the last word.

She continued, “You may quit at any time during the test. The first one to quit will be eliminated from any prospect of becoming a sister. Subsequent quitters will be docked points. All of you who complete all the tasks will be given credit for when and if you ever get vivid porno a room assignment. The girl who has the highest completion score once all the tests, and the initiation is over will be given a berth in our honors room. This person will be considered a full sister, and she will no longer receive any first year hazing. To help you to this goal, one of you after this test is over will be given honor points for the best completion of assigned tasks. A panel will assess your efforts so there will be little bias in honors selection.

“We currently only have six slots for this year in our illustrious organization, but I fully expect to cull AT LEAST four of you before we are finished.”

Hillary already didn’t like it — naked, strange boys, tasks, complete darkness, willing to have sex play, it all sounded like she was joining a cult — not a sorority. She would do her best; she would secure a spot. Nobody upset mother without living to regret it for a long time. But, Hillary didn’t have to like it.

Sherlyn gasped out, “How do you know that we’ve done what we are told to do?”

Melinda gave the girl a withering look, “A great question from a really obtuse girl.” She turned to the other 4 candidates and said, “We have IR cameras in the room. We will be watching everything you do. Fail to complete a task, and it is the same as quitting.”

Melinda looked at her watch, “Okay girls. Strip!”

Hillary stepped out of her pumps as she undid each button of her white blouse, slowly revealing her beige bra underneath. As she slipped the garment off her arms, she glanced over at Sherlyn and saw the girl hesitate; Sherlyn was as crimson as the school colors. Hillary whispered to her, “I wouldn’t hesitate too much longer, or you’ll be the first to go.”

Sherlyn shook her head, clearing it, and began to undo her own blouse. She whispered back, “Um, thanks. You’re right.”

Hillary unhooked the clip on her skirt, and then unzipped it down her side. She pulled it down around her ankles and stepped out of the fine wool pleated pile of cloth. She picked it up and folded it. For what her mother paid for the stupid thing, Hillary could have had funded a weekend vacation.

Hillary pulled the ‘B’ cups down off her breasts and rotated her bra around her body and pulled the clasps apart on her bra. Displaying her boobs to her fellow pledges made her felt she was pretty inadequate upstairs, especially looking over at Tanya with her ‘D’ cupped globes. Instead of fixation on the other girl’s titties, Hillary started taking off her stockings.

Finally, Hillary reached down and grabbed the waistband of her beige panties and started tugging them down her legs. After stepping out of them she added them to her little pile of removed clothing. She stood there in the main room of the sorority. Like the other girls, she was standing in front of an undraped window, hoping that Sherlyn would move her ass so the rest of them could stop inadvertently flashing.

Being honest with herself, Hillary admitted that it was a bit of a turn on to be so exposed. She was wondering if she had latent exhibitionist tendencies. Something she would have to explore as she studied her major in psychology.

Finally, Sherlyn finished stripping off her clothing. The blushing girl stood with one arm across her breasts and her other hand cupped over the nest of brown pubic hair with her fingers formed over her pussy. Hillary noted that the other girls were just going with it, other than the window thing, it was all girls anyway.

Hillary was aware that with her being blond top and bottom, like any true blond, her short hairs were pretty transparent. This caused her puffy pink lips that ran from the top of her cleft down underneath her to be plainly in view. She almost envied a girl like Sherlyn that had such a mop of hair over the triangle down over her ‘V’ that nobody could see anything.

The girls were led down the stairs. Red headed Hanna was in the lead, followed by the black girl, Sarah. Sarah actually had a smirk on her face. Apparently, she was looking forward to the test. Tanya was next, right in front of Hillary. Sherlyn fell in behind her.

The secret room wasn’t so secret, it took up the entire north east corner of the basement. Just outside the room, by the door, were several piles of boys clothing. Apparently they had been brought in through the basement entrance. Hillary thought, ‘great, naked girls, naked boys, I can already see where this is going. Why couldn’t I have been born to a lower middle class trailer trash wench? Then I could have told all these domineering whores to kiss off.’

Again, each of the girls, one at a time were sworn to secrecy. Hillary was sure if the true nature of the tests got out to the school administration, it would be squashed like a bug. Of course, didn’t they say the university president was a sister?

The lights were dimmed to the point they could just barely see woodman casting porno so it would remain completely dark when they entered. Hillary listened as they were given one final instruction, Melinda told the girls they were not to speak during the test. Then she cryptically said, “You can make all the sounds you want, but no talking.”

The group of naked young women sent through the door into the room. Hillary set out to find herself a boy. Since she had no idea what any of them looked like, it really didn’t matter who she finally selected.

Hillary waved her arms in front of her as she walked around slowly. Finally, she felt a body, and she ran her hand down the person’s torso and found what she was looking for — a penis. Only, her hand bumped into another girl’s hand, and then she felt herself pushed away by it. Damn, already claimed! She began to wander again.

After finding one more claimed boy, she finally was able to bump into a body off in one of the corners. Apparently, whoever he was wasn’t in any hurry to be found. She ran her hand down his body to confirm that yes, indeed, he was a he. She felt a little shiver run through her body. At first she thought it was from revulsion, but after analyzing it a bit more, she decided that feeling up strange boys in the dark was really kind of a turn on. Her tingling inside her moistening pussy at least told her so.

Several more minutes went by. Hillary positioned herself in front of her guy, her back to him and up against him. She was staking her claim. She called out her number, four, and she waited for further instructions. While waiting, she could feel him getting hard behind her, his cock began to poke into her butt cheeks. She had to admit, it felt kind of, well, kinky.

Finally, over a speaker in the room, she heard Melinda say, “Well, it looks like you sorry ass excuses for females have found partners. Congratulations. Now, let the fun begin.” She pause to let that sink in, then she said, “Okay, I want you all to start kissing your partner.”

Then to Hillary’s surprise, following Melinda’s announcement, a guy’s voice came through the speaker, “I want to see some passion to it too!” Great, there was at least one guy watching the whole show. She thought to herself, ‘If these bitches are videoing this for some porn channel, I’ll sue their asses off, secrecy or not!’

This so called test was rigged. It was something an 18 to 20 year old guy would have wet dreams over, but not so much for a girl. The girls were doing this with the prospects of joining a premier sorority, the guys had the same incentive, but for them, having sex with a stranger wasn’t a burden. It took everything a girl had to submit to such a debasing thing.

Hillary felt the boys arms turn her around and wrap her in his arms as he pull her against his body. She had to admit, the feel of his hot, warm, naked skin was tantalizing. She could feel her own body reacting. She could feel her areole bunching up causing her nipples to get really hard. If she could look in a mirror, she was pretty sure she would be covered in goose bumps.

Hot breath puffed on her cheek, telling her that the boy was slowly searching for her mouth with his own. The minty smell told her that he at least maintained a minimal level of hygiene. Had the boy had bad breath, she would probably have removed herself for consideration right then and there, sex is one thing, but bad hygiene was something else altogether. She followed the source to the hot breath and felt her lips brush against his.

Hillary felt several sensations at once. First his full sensual lips was a surprise. The fact he kissed her open lipped was another. His hot warm lips rubbing again hers was a real delight, but the feel of his warm hands brushing all over her body was simply sensuous. He moved his hands down and kneaded her the cheeks of her bum. It was forward of him but welcomed. She loved the feel of warm hands on her naked butt. She could feel her ardor growing, manifest by the wetness gathering inside the opening to her vagina.

It was obvious to her that this boy was used to spending some time using his lips to great advantage. For the first time since this bizarre test started, she was starting to think it might turn out okay after all.

The boy was stroking and caressing her skin. The touches were soft and suggestive. He seemed to want to explore her body, not just her boobs and pussy. Having him touch her naked sides, her back, and down onto her naked cheeks. It was all starting to elevate her arousal. Finally! A boy who knew what the hell he was doing.

Hillary was making her own explorations. A hand down over his stomach revealed that he was athletically fit, he had a six pack in addition to his broad shoulders and narrow hips. From her identifying him as a male, she already knew he was well endowed in other ways. He didn’t feel like a weight lifter, more like a swimmer or runner, türkçe alt yazılı porno maybe a bicyclist. That’s what Peter was into and it really kept him looking fit. She doubted her brother had more than 5% body fat.

Hillary was fit too, she wasn’t into all the sports crap, but she worked out at least 5 times a week. She was sure that the boy she was kissing would be delighted with her flat tummy.

Her current assignment brushed over her breast, just quickly, teasingly, as he moved his hand down onto her stomach. His hand on her naked abdomen caused her to tremble, even though it was intrusive by a complete stranger, it felt heavenly.

The kissing game changed, all of a sudden, Hillary felt the boy’s tongue brush against her lips. They were kissing open mouth, so it would have been easy enough to do. It just happened once, quickly. But no, it happened again. Then Hillary felt the boy’s tongue enter her mouth. She thought, ‘Wow, this is incredible.’ She had heard about French kissing from her friends in high school, but no boy she ever snogged with ever tried it with her. Her tongue shyly came forward to meet the boys.

Soon the two of them had their tongues dancing, waltzing around inside of both their mouths. Hillary felt his tongue withdraw, and she let hers follow it back into its home, where they rejoined. Hillary felt herself tremble again in sheer delight; she snugged her body up tighter against the unknown boy letting her hard nipples press into his chest. In a matter of minutes, this total stranger had given her more foreplay than any boy she knew and liked did during an entire love making session.

As the boy pulled back just a little, she felt his hand brush over her breast again, this time brushing her hard nipple. Only this time, he circled back up to run the fingers of his open hand over her nipple, slowly, one digit at a time. Hillary’s body shivered in appreciation; it felt like she had a direct connection between her nipple and the insides of her vagina. Then he set his hand on her breast and he started to lightly knead her globe. It felt magnificent.

Her secret paramour broke their kiss, for which Hillary was immediately disappointed. Only then, she felt his mouth move to her neck. The boy was going to actually kiss her neck! Hillary squeezed her thighs together and contracted the muscles up inside her vagina, trying to give her some respite to the growing need building inside her.

Hillary thought she was going to cum on the spot when the boy took her earlobe into his mouth and gently sucked on it. Then he spit it out so he could kiss her behind the ear. She couldn’t help herself, she moaned lightly as tremors of delight continued to race through her body.

Then over the loud speaker, the man said, “Okay, gentlemen, it’s time to pleasure your ladies breasts. I want you to perform just like we instructed you to do it. Remember, the objective to this exercise is for you to learn how to pleasure your woman, not get your selfish rocks off.”

Hillary had been first started by the speaker blaring out of the blue, or in their case, in the pitch black. Second, she was amazed on the content of the message. These guys were being taught to pleasure women, how to make love, and how not to rush things. At first she thought her lover had paid attention to his lessons, but then she decided a guy couldn’t get this good from classroom lessons. This fellow had real experience.

She figured out the game. Her test was to come into the blackened room and let a stranger make love to her. Her boy’s test was to make sure she got everything out of the encounter she wanted or needed. She was his test subject. He had to overcome the natural revulsion of a woman submitting to a complete stranger, and he was to leave her wanting more.

Since her guy was already at her breasts with his hands, it was just a matter of getting his mouth down to where his hands were. He slowly kissed her neck, and under her chin and down to her shoulder, she especially liked it when the boy placed warm, wet kisses in the crook of her neck.

Then the guy bent down and tugged on Hillary’s hand. He wanted her to lay down on the mat on the floor. It felt to Hillary that the entire floor was covered in those padded gym mats. She was certainly glad the things were washable. Who knew how much cum must have dripped on the things over the years. She lay down on her back while the boy snuggled up against her side as he continued to kiss her neck and shoulders as he continued to massage her titties. She was really feeling horny now, but knew that the growing anticipation of what should occur from here on out was worth the wait.

He kissed her across the tops of her ‘B’ sized globes. There were two types of ‘B’ boobs. The little ‘B’s that really stuck out, but were small in circumference, and then there was Hillary’s type ‘B’ that were fuller breasts that didn’t stick out as far. Just as that thought crossed her mind, she felt the boy take a nipple into his mouth and start to suckle on it. Hillary gasped out and again squeezed her thighs together, her butt cheeks tensed up involuntarily, all of it trying to contain the passion that was growing between her legs. The feel of the boy’s warm mouth on her nipple was heady to say the least.

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