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Special Treat

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Gently closing her bedroom door, she felt her heart start to pound as her excitement rose. It was his birthday and time to prepare her special gift.

On the dresser were the black garter belt and dark nylons she’d bought earlier in the day. She knew he’d love them — a garter belt and stockings were among his greatest turn-ons, and hers, too. She really enjoyed wearing sexy lingerie, sometimes with boots and nothing else under her coat, but the anticipation was making her wet, especially when she thought about the really special part of the gift.

Unzipping her skirt, she let it fall to the floor and gazed at herself in her full length mirror as she pulled down her white cotton panties. It felt good to be bare-assed, as she was very horny.

Though she thought she was overweight, his constant reassurance that he loved her slight belly, big hips, plump thighs and firm round ass made her feel more confident that she was going to really excite him tonight. She’d trimmed her red bush so it was soft and neat and perfect for nuzzling. Softly touching her pussy, she began to resist the urge to do herself, but her fingers still wandered in and under to brush over her anus. She lightly played with her pucker, imagining his tongue there.

He loved her asshole and that excited and mystified her. Turning her back to the mirror, she pulled her plump ass cheeks apart and gazed at her dark anal slit with its circle of delicate folds and wrinkles. “It’s so sexy,” he’d said, “and the taste makes me so horny.”

He was the first lover she’d ever had who was really into her ass, and she couldn’t quite believe that he would enjoy licking a part of her body that seemed like it would be dirty or gross. The first time he did it, he’d been eating her pussy while she luxuriated nude on her bed. She was always deeply excited by the thought that her lover enjoyed the taste of her cunt, and he clearly did. She was close to coming when suddenly he grabbed her leg and turned her over. It puzzled her at first but liked it when he began kissing her ass.

Then he said, “I want to taste your asshole.”

His words sent an electric bolt of sexual excitement through her entire body, but when she felt his tongue in her cleft, she remembered that she hadn’t showered and tried to pull away.

“I don’t think you want to do that,” she’d said, embarrassed. “I’m not clean.”

That had only made him hold her in place and lick her ass more voraciously.

“Mmmm, not a problem,” he said.

After several tense moments of fearing that the taste would turn him off, she gave in and rode the naughty, kinky, forbidden and very powerful thrill of sharing her asshole with him and realizing he liked it. He licked and sucked and tongue-fucked it until she was crazy with lust, and then they screwed wildly, each coming quickly.

After that, he made a point of telling her how excited he was by the sight, scent and taste of her sexy anus. Still, she remained hesitant about letting him lick it if she hadn’t showered, and once while masturbating, she rubbed it and brought her finger to her mouth. The scent was musky and faintly poopy, the flavor salty and a little bitter, but it made her pussy wet, so the thought of giving him a special treat for his birthday filled her with lust and anticipation. gaziantep rus escort

Before putting on the stockings and garter belt, she went into the bathroom. Taking a deep breath to quiet her heart, she lifted the lid of the toilet and sat down. Though she was nervous, her excitement made her urge to go strong. She spread her legs, fantasizing that he was watching. Going in front of him like that was something she didn’t think she could ever do even though he’d said the thought of it made him hard. The sensation of her anus opening and being stretched felt like when he’d pushed his cock inside it the first time she’d ever had anal sex. The release and relief was almost as sexual and as she wiped her ass she imagined the soft tissue to be his tongue on her now sensitive pucker.

Back in her room, she sat on a chair in front of the mirror and pulled on the stockings, occasionally glancing at the reflection of her spread legs, pussy and anus. The nylons were thigh-high and when she wrapped the garter belt around her waist, she liked the way her cunt was perfectly framed, as was her ass when she turned around to check it out.

Not bothering to wear panties, she chose another skirt from her closet and put it on, enjoying her electric anticipation. Walking out to her car, she felt extremely sexual and as she drove to his house, she could feel the cool air on her pussy while she lost herself in thoughts of him tasting her asshole.

What she had just done seemed so deliciously naughty and so did the idea of surprising him with her surely spicy flavor. Her excitement was intensified by the danger of maybe being a little too dirty for his liking.

“Wow, don’t you look nice,” he said after answering his door.

“Happy birthday, lover,” she said, putting her arms around the back of his neck and kissing him.

When his hands roamed down to her ass, she playfully stepped back and said, “You have to wait until after dinner to unwrap your present!”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, but I’ll give you a peek.” And she pulled up her skirt just enough to let him see the nylons, straps and part of a bare cheek.

“Wow…” was all he could say.

Dinner was at nice restaurant they both liked, but their appetites were dimmed by their horniness. He clearly couldn’t wait to get at her and she kept turning herself on more fully by saying things like, “I bet you’d like to eat my ass instead, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, you know it.”

“I think you’re going to like it tonight….”

“I like it every night, babe….”

The drive back was made more challenging by cuddles and squeezes. They were barely halfway to his place when she had his cock out of his fly and was sucking it to hardness as he tried to watch the road and pay attention to his driving.

“Oh god that feels so good,” he sighed.

“Mmmm, it tastes so good,” she purred, swirling her tongue around his cockhead. “So does your present….”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“You’ll see….”

When they pulled into his driveway, she gave his saliva-coated cock a squeeze and kissed him. He was so worked up that he fumbled with his keys at his front door. But once inside, they were kissing passionately.

“Let’s light some candles,” she said, spinning away. ‘Birthday candles….”

There were a few scented ones in various places in his living room and she noticed her hands trembling as she lit them. She couldn’t recall ever being so excited and eager for sex, yet there was that little element of danger in the back of her mind….

“Sit on the sofa,” she said, and he did as he was told with an eager expression.

Slowly unzipping her skirt, she let it drop and stood before him, her pussy already sopping.

“Oh, wow…” he said, his eyes wide.

“Happy birthday…”

Walking over to the sofa, she touched his cheek and then turned around so her ass was right in front of his face. Bending over, her heart pounding, she spread her cheeks to show him her anus. She’d never felt so wonderfully slutty in her life.

“Bet no one ever gave you an asshole for your birthday,” she said.

“No, never,” he said, “but this is the best….”

She could feel his palms on her cheeks and then his lips. She was almost dizzy with excitement.

“You can do whatever you want with my ass,” she said, “but I want you to lick it…”

“Oh babe…my pleasure.”

She was almost on the verge of orgasm as she felt him spreading her cheeks. His tongue danced and slid down her cleft and she could feel his warm breath on her anus. And then came the soft sensation of his tongue moving over it.

“Mmmm, oh god Mimi your asshole tastes so good,” he moaned.

“Lick me, it feels so good….” she sighed, reaching back to run a hand through his hair and then pulling his face hard into her ass.

As he licked, she began humping and grinding her ass against him, thrilling to the soft pressure of his tongue moving ever deeper into her, and the thought of him getting turned on by the taste of her anal funk. His moans and the way he began intently licking and tongue-fucking her dirty asshole made her feel worshipped, adored, loved totally and unconditionally.

The thought of what he must be tasting, the sensation of his tongue inside her and the movement of his chin against her pussy as he licked made her come so hard that her legs shook. She cried out and tried not to fall over, and as the wave of intense pleasure passed, he pulled her against him. Again, there was that gentle sensation of his tongue on her anus and his soft moans.

“So good, baby, you taste so good, I love your ass, I want to fuck it….”

Reaching back, she took his hand and he rose. She then kneeled on the sofa with her ass up, once again nearing orgasm just from the anticipation. He dropped down and she felt his tongue on her anus again. Another wave of release flooded over her and somewhere within that cloud of ecstasy she could feel movement within her.

Then he was on his feet and unbuckling his belt. She glanced back to see his fully engorged manhood pop free as he pulled his jeans down. Stepping out of them, he stroked his thick seven-inch meat. The head bulged and a big drop of precum glistened on the slit.

“Oh god fuck my ass…fuck my ass…I want to feel your dick in my ass….”

Then there was pressure against her anus. Taking a deep breath, she could feel a growing fullness like the one earlier on the toilet. Then it receded a bit. Then it started to grow. He was gently thrusting a little deeper with each stroke. The sensation of fullness in her rectum and pressure against the back wall of her pussy felt wonderful and intensely exciting. As she pushed back against him, she heard him gasp and her whole body seemed to fill up with sexual pleasure.

Feeling the hardness moving in deep, she moaned and he gasped, “Gonna come…..”

Another orgasm was building quickly within her and her excitement was so intense that she was suddenly seized by an irresistible impulse.

“Hang on, baby…hang on,” she gasped, pulling away and feeling his cock slide out of her ass. As she frantically, clumsily turned around, she found him standing there, clearly puzzled, with his shiny erection twitching and throbbing above his big, dangling ball sac.

Sitting on the sofa, she took his stiff penis in her trembling hand and guided it to her mouth. She wanted to taste herself, to fully know what it was about her asshole that gave him such pleasure, and she came as soon as the big, pungent and bitter head of his cock passed through her lips. It was delicious in a thrillingly kinky way so unlike her pussy, which she had also tasted on his cock.

She sucked hard, swirling her tongue and letting the funky, intimate taste drive her orgasm to another level. What she was doing quickly set him off and she could feel his penis begin to pulse…once….twice…and then came warm saltiness on her tongue….another pulse…another…her mouth rapidly filling with watery fluid. She swallowed and gasped. Still the penis pulsed against her lips and tongue and she could feel his cum hit the roof of her mouth.

He was moaning, clutching her head. The saltiness of his increasingly thick semen and the bitterness from her asshole were the most delicious and arousing sexual flavors she had ever tasted. She was totally given over to her lust and wanted to keep his cock spurting in her mouth forever, but it stopped, leaving her to squeeze the shaft and milk out the last drops of his juice before she slowly licked the glistening shaft and savored the last of her anal flavor.

“Oh god babe,” he gasped, ‘that was incredible…amazing…so good….”

“You liked that, huh?” she said softly before showering his now slightly softening penis with kisses.

“Oh yeah,” he sighed, dropping to his knees. And then he took her face in his hands and kissed her. His mouth smelled and tasted of her musky ass and her tongue eagerly sought his, intent on sharing a taste of his cream. They kissed and kissed and finally fell into each other’s arms on the sofa, both of them nude from the waste down, his thick but spent penis growing limp, her pussy and asshole glistening and slightly open between the dark nylons that encircled her plump white thighs.

“Happy birthday,” she said, smiling and kissing the tip of his nose.

“That was the best,” he said. “I never dreamed an asshole would be the best birthday present I ever got…”

“I hoped you’d like it,” she said, feeling completely and utterly loved as well as thrilled that the most forbidden part of her was so arousing….so delicious.

“I guess you liked it too, huh?’ he said.

“I can see what you like about it,” she said.

“Like about it?” He was moving now, sliding onto the floor and gently moving her onto her side. “I love it…”

And she closed her eyes as his lips softly and gently moved about her ass, making her feel every bit a woman.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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