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Author’s note; Welcome to my Halloween contest entry. Since I’ve been writing incest stories I’ve wanted to write a compelling taboo Halloween story that paid homage to some of the great elements that go into classic supernatural tales and movies, but at the same time have my own spin thrown in. I feel that the following story succeeded in doing that, and hope you’ll agree. Enjoy


1 year ago

Ben jerked his head from his pillow and looked around his dark bedroom. He’d sworn he’d heard a loud bang. He realized the reason he could hear anything is his I-pod had died, or else he’d still have music blaring in his ears.

It wasn’t easy to fall asleep listening to heavy metal, but it was better than listening to his parents fight again. This time it was over dad ruining a special night they had planned. Ben had hoped it would go well. The last few months dad’s drinking had gotten out of hand and he was becoming verbally abusive to mom, and to him.

Ben didn’t worry about himself, he’d be going to Florida State in a couple months, but he worried about his mother. He suspected his father had hit her a couple times, but wasn’t sure and it’s not like mom would admit it.

Even if he weren’t touching her, he wasn’t touching her in a good way either. A lot of their fights revolved around Dad not bothering with mom anymore in or out of bed. Not that he wanted to think about his parent’s sex life, but they were only early forties and mom was an attractive woman.

Not just attractive, but sweet and loving. A good woman as dad used to call her before he was let go from his long time law firm. Now he was with a small firm, working twice the hours for half the pay and drinking his frustration away.

The last argument had ended with mom saying she was through being ignored and mistreated and she wanted her old husband back. Dad had seemed to come around, tearfully admitting he’d been an asshole to her and apologizing to Ben as well.

Tonight was his idea. Their favorite restaurant, dancing, and they were going to spend the night at a hotel. Dad had winked at him when he said the hotel was where he was really going to make things up to mom.

Ben had wanted it to happen that way, but instead dad had staggered home three hours late from work, reeking of scotch and in a foul mood. They’d had three separate yelling matches. The last one, a couple hours ago had sent mom into their bedroom. Ben had heard the lock click after the door was slammed shut.

His father was downstairs banging around in his den, yelling even though he was alone. Ben decided to stay upstairs in his room, avoiding his father, and letting his mother have some time alone.

More alone time, was more accurate. Mom had been spending a lot of time holed up by herself lately. In a way he didn’t mind because she’d been acting pretty damn strange. That strange behavior involved him and had him feeling uncomfortable. It seemed like every time Ben would turn around she was staring at him and it made him uneasy.

She’d recently walked in on him in his room several times. Each time she’d caught him in various stages of undress. Two nights ago he had just stepped out of the shower and she’d come in at that moment.

He was completely naked, and grabbed for a towel. In the brief seconds he’d been frozen by surprise at her entering, he’d sworn she was staring at his cock. That was crazy of course, but she’d remained in there, talking causally to him.

Her eyes roamed across his chest and kept dipping down below his waist, even though by then he’d gotten a towel around himself. There was look in her eyes that reminded him of how his girlfriend Sheila would look at him.

Ben could have chalked that up to him just being flat out wrong, but the last couple of week’s mom had been very…touchy. She’d always been reasonably affectionate with him; a motherly hug, a kiss on the cheek at night.

Recently those kisses had lingered and twice she’d caught him briefly on the lips. When she hugged him, she held him close and didn’t let go right away. The last two times, Ben had been painfully aware she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Last night when she’d hugged him she had planted a small kiss on his neck. Ben had pulled away from her, but as much because he didn’t like his own reaction. The little kiss, in such a sensitive place, had sent a not unpleasant shiver through him.

He’d noticed her looking at him expectantly and when his eyes lowered, had seen her nipples were erect. She’d been wearing a flimsy white top and he could not just see they were hard, but the darker skin around them through the shirt.

He’d awkwardly said good night and got his ass upstairs. He’s lay on his bed, full of self-loathing as he waited for his hard on to go away. That was his damn mother! Today he’d been embarrassed just to see her, and had tried to avoid her.

To his surprise, she’d brought it up. She looked nervous and seemed confused as she apologized for getting ‘a little too close to him’ and it wouldn’t happen again. Mom buca escort bayan confessed she was lonely and neglected and had sought a little more closeness from him.

Ben said to not worry about it, but found himself really hoping dad would get his shit together and make tonight a great one. Maybe it would snap him back into being his old self. Ben jumped at a soft knock.

Before he could respond, the door opened. In the dim glow of the small light plugged into the wall in the hallway, he saw his mother slip into his room. He heard her approaching the bed and caught a whiff of strawberry body spray.

Ben had always loved that smell, ever since he was a little kid. At one point when he was older mom had confessed she hated it. Only wore it once to try it out, but when her little boy said he liked it, she wore it for him. At this point she hadn’t worn that scent in several years.

“You awake, baby?” she asked.

He felt her weight settle onto the bed next to him, and thought ‘baby?’

“Yeah, everything okay?”

“No, not at all.”

Concerned, Ben sat up and leaned over, turning on the lamp on his night stand.

“What’s wrong, mom? I….” he stopped speaking when he saw her.

Mom’s long black hair, which she usually wore in a clip or a pulled back, was not just down, but styled. She’d put curl into it, and several dark ringlets framed her face. She had makeup on. Pink blush on her cheeks and her lips painted a deep red.

She’d done her eyelashes in black mascara and she was sporting a blue eyeshadow that matched her…what the hell was she wearing? Mom had a blue nightie on that was pretty much lingerie. The dark blue silky piece featured thin black straps that left most of her shoulders bare, and was dangerously low-cut.

Ben could see not just the top, but the inner halves of her breasts. As she had been every day since she found it in the closer, mom wore the silver necklace with the weird purple stone in it. The stone seemed to be glowing as it reflected the light from the lamp.

The longer he stared at the stone the more he became aware of the scent of her body spray. It seemed stronger than before. Even though his eyes were on the stone, he found himself thinking of her breasts. Mom did have a nice set of tits for her age.

He blinked that thought away, what the hell was that? Nonetheless, his eyes dropped below the pendent. The nightgown was so low cut, if she leaned forward, he had no doubt he’d see her entire breast. It was tight enough to cling to her curves including hugging her breasts and showing off her hard nipples.

Length wise it could not have gone much past her ass and with her sitting it had ridden up well past the midway point of her thigh. Mom wasn’t chubby, but not slender either, and with her legs open, her fleshy inner thighs were exposed to him.

Her feet were bare and he noticed both her toes and finger nails were the same blue as the nightgown.

“Like it?” Mom ran her hand down over her breasts and stomach. “I bought it to wear for your dad tonight”

“Right, well, um…” Ben pointed to the chair in the corner. “I have a flannel shirt over there; you may want to put it on.”

“Do I look bad?” Mom frowned. “Am I too old for this?”

“No, but I’m your son and that’s kind of, you know, revealing.”

“It is isn’t it?” This time she ran both hands down over her breasts, and past the nighty, caressing her thighs. “Simple, but sexy. I feel sexy tonight, baby.”

“Why are you calling me that?” Ben stared at her hands as they ran up and down her lush thighs, her blue nails a contrast to her fair skin.

“Because you’re my baby. My baby boy.”

Mom slid closer to him and put her hand on his arm, squeezing it.

“Hmm, but not so little anymore. You’ve turned into quite a sexy young man, haven’t you?”

“Mom, have you been drinking?” Ben swallowed nervously when she trailed her hand down his arm and across his bare chest.

It was a warm night and he was naked beneath the sheet. He was also sweating, and not just from the heat. More concerning was the swelling beneath the sheet. Like when she’d kissed his neck, Ben was getting aroused.

“No, your father drinks enough for the two of us,” she sighed. “He really hurt me tonight. Told me he thinks I’m cheating on him.”

“How could that be?” Ben asked, happy to be on a topic that would get his focus off his mother’s scantily clad body and odd behavior. “You want more time with him. If you were cheating you wouldn’t care he wasn’t around.”

“Try telling that to a drunk,” Mom explained. “Besides, he thinks that because I’ve been having dirty dreams and I guess I’m getting loud in them.”

“Whoa, I don’t need to know those things mom.” Right back into the awkward zone.

Things got more awkward when mom moved. One leg at a time, she drew her legs up onto the bed and was now kneeling next to him. As she’d drawn her right leg up, Ben was given a view up the short night gown and saw what no son escort buca should ever see. His mother wasn’t wearing panties.

This time, however, his mind seemed in the right direction. He quickly looked away, and didn’t linger on the vision or any reaction to it other than he needed to get her out of his room. This was fucked up.

“Can you blame a girl?” Mom cupped her breasts through the blue material. “I’m horny, baby! Your dad hasn’t touched me in weeks and for months before that, hardly at all.”

“Mom, you need to get off my….”

“I do need to get off,” Mom smiled, “That’s why I’m here.”

“W…what?” His eyes widened.

“I need it, Ben,” Mom’s voice lowered to a sultry whisper. “Your mother’s a woman. A sexy woman who has needs. I need to be fucked, baby boy.”

“You’re drunk or on something.” Ben leaned away from the pillows, intent on getting off the bed. This was past crazy.

Mom shoved him back against onto the bed and swung her leg over his waist, straddling him.

“Mom, what hell are you…” He was cut off when she put a finger to his lips.

“Baby, I’m so lonely and I’m so horny!” She leaned so close, he could feel her breath on his face. “Your mother needs to be touched.”

Her lips lightly brushed his. “To be loved and appreciated.” She slicked her lips, her pink tongue slowly sliding over the deep red lipstick. “I need to get fucked.”

“Mom, please…”

“I’ve been having such nasty dreams,” She had both her hands on his chest, trailing her nails up and down his skin. “Dreaming of getting what I need. Dreaming of having a sexy young man in my bed.”

“Young?” Ben repeated, as she leaned into him. Her breasts were pressing into his chest, her nipples poking him through the nightgown.

But what he noticed more was the pendent being pushed into his chest. It was warm and seemed to be throbbing. Ben’s heart raced and his breathing picked up. He felt flushed and his cock was now rock hard beneath the sheet.

Hard and throbbing. Throbbing to the rhythm of the pendent.

“Yes, young,” Mom was now purring in his ear. “Young and hard. Hard for me because he loves me and wants me so bad! He wants to treat me like a whore, but love me like his sweetheart.”

Her lips brushed his neck as they had last night and this time a soft moan escaped him. The smell of strawberries was in his nose, and her large firm breasts felt good against his chest. Her soft lips slid along his neck.

As if moving on their own, his arms slid around her waist.

“Hmm, that feels so good,” Mom’s hot breath in his ear caused his cock to twitch. “Want to hear more about my dream?”

“Yes,” he moaned as she moved her hips, grinding on his trapped cock. Even through the sheet he could feel the heat between her thighs.

Now the image he’d pushed away leapt into his mind. When she’d moved her leg he’d seen her pussy. Her pink lips and the dark patch of hair above it. That pink slit was what was rubbing his cock, and he found himself wishing the damn sheet wasn’t there.

“I took all my frustration out on him. I sucked his hard young cock until he came in your naughty mother’s mouth. Then he licked my pussy and made me cum!”

Ben’s hands were now moving up and down her back, sliding over the blue nightgown and her bare upper back and shoulders. Her skin was so warm, so soft.

“Then he fucked me! Oh, his young cock felt so good in my needy cunt.” Mom moaned in ear. “Took me in every position. Know what the best part was?” “It…gets better?” His cock was so hard it hurt. He swore he’d never been this excited before.

He watched his hands as if they belonged to someone else as he eased the straps of her nightgown down her arms.

“It does, know who I was dreaming about?”

“Tell me.” He had the straps down to her elbows and mom pulled her arms back, slipping them from the straps.

She pushed the top down, allowing him to feel her now bare breasts against his chest, but didn’t lean back so he could see them. It didn’t matter, her hard nipples felt so fucking good, as did her firm warm tits squishing against his chest.

“It was you, baby.” She flicked her tongue across his ear lobe. “I’ve been dreaming of you fucking me every night for the last two weeks. I can’t take it anymore. I need you baby!”

Mom leaned back, but before he could look down to her breasts, she took his face in her hands and kept his eyes on hers. Mom’s dark eyes seemed wider than usual and unnaturally bright. Ben frowned, what the hell was he doing?

His mother was on his lap talking dirty to him and grinding on his cock like a stripper giving a lap dance. And he was hard! This was mom, how could he…his eyes caught the pendent around her neck. It was glowing brightly

“Kiss me, Ben.” Mom cocked her head and parted her full red lips. “Give your mother a kiss.”

Ben hesitated, he wasn’t as excited as he had been before, but mom wasn’t taking no for an answer. She kissed him, softly at first, her lips buca escort sliding across his. Ben kissed her back reflexively, but then when her lips lingered, tried to turn his head.

Mom held his face firmly in her hands and plunged her tongue into his mouth. Ben gasped, but not just from the presence of his mother’s tongue in his mouth. A cool sensation flooded his mouth and something cold with the texture of melted ice cream flowed down his throat.

Whatever it was had no taste, but he could feel the cold trail all the way down to his stomach. For a moment the cold sensation in his gut was painful. A moment later, the cold turned into a pleasant heat.

That heat seeped into his groin and he moaned when his cock, which had been softening with nervousness at his mother’s advances, swelled to a full erection. The warm sensation was in his balls as well. Ben squirmed beneath his mother as she writhed on his lap, grinding into him.

He swore he was even harder than before and his cock felt ready to explode. Ben wondered why the hell he was resisting his mother’s kiss, and not only returned it, but all but devoured her mouth.

Mom moaned into their taboo kiss when Ben’s tongue darted across hers and invaded her mouth. Their lips pressed hard against each other, and Ben’s hands slid down her back. He lifted the nightgown. and finding the bare cheeks of her ass, squeezed them hard.

Mom whimpered, and worked her hips harder into him. Ben was amazed at how firm her ass was, but was also being distracted by her soft tits pressing against him. God, he wanted to see them.

As if reading his mind, mom leaned away from him. She cupped her breasts, but this time her dark blue nails were on her bare flesh, teasing her rosy nipples.

“You like…oh!”

Mom cried out when Ben lowered his head and sucked her right nipple into his mouth. He sucked and licked his mother’s tit the way he had returned her kiss, lustfully. Mom moaned and shoved her breast deeper into his mouth.

Ben switched to her other nipple, while sliding his hands beneath hers and squeezing her breasts. They were soft, yet firm, and he was amazed at how heavy they were.

“Yes!” Mom groaned, “Suck that fucking tit!”

Her words sent a surge through his aching cock and he thrust his hips, pressing his trapped erection into her.

Mom swung herself off him, pulling her breast away. Ben leaned forward, intent on recapturing his mother’s gorgeous tits. He stopped when mom whipped the sheet off of him, exposing his cock.

“Oh, look at how hard you are for your mother!”

Ben moaned when she grabbed his cock and pumped him. He could feel himself throbbing in her hand and he swore his cock seemed bigger than usual. He gasped when she spit onto the tip of his cock and smeared it on his shaft.

“Oh, fuck,” he sighed as his mother’s hand glided along his now slick shaft.

“So big,” Mom breathed, her tits heaving and her face flushed with excitement. “So fucking hard.”

Her brown eyes were wide and burning with lust. Licking her lips, she whispered, “I have to have it in my mouth.”

With no hesitation, mom lowered her head and took him deep into her mouth.

“Oh, my God, Oh my God!” Ben moaned as his mother bobbed her head in his lap.

Her soft red coated lips slid along his shaft, and her wet tongue flicked around the purple head of his cock. When she reached the top. Mom moaned around him as if sucking him were the greatest thing she’d ever felt.

Her dark hair had spilled across her face, and Ben gently pushed it to the side, and held it there. Mom’s eyes were closed and there was a look of pure bliss on her face as she worked her son’s cock in and out of her hot wet mouth.

Ben moaned at not just how good she felt, but the nasty loud wet gagging sounds she was now making. He leaned back against the pillows, moaning and staring in shock as his mother gobbled his cock like a damn porn star.

She was kneeling next to him, hunched over with her head in his lap with her night gown pushed down to her waist. Ben had never seen anything sexier and when she added her hands, cupping his balls while stroking him, his hips jerked.

His cock thrust hard into her mouth and mom once again groaned as if she were gaining sexual pleasure just from sucking him. Ben slid his hand through her hair and down her soft smooth back.

He grabbed the nightgown and pulled it over her hips. She was now completely naked other than the band of blue material around her waist and his eyes roamed lustfully over her body. He slipped his hand down past the nightgown and stroked her ass, cupping her cheek before dealing her a sharp little slap.

She purred around his cock, but continued sucking. Mom was gagging and drooling and he could feel her spit sliding down his shaft and dripping onto his balls.

She was bobbing her head violently, as if her lust had driven her to the point she was attacking it as much as sucking it. Her face was red and her eyes watering from pounding his cock down her throat.

Mom was sucking him to the point she seemed out of control and he loved it! Ben had never seen this level of lust or passion before, not even in the porn he watched. He worked his hand in between the cheeks of her ass and slid it through to her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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