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St. Elmo’s Fire

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Big Tits

Well, the evening hadn’t gone as bad as he’d expected. Finally, it was midnight and the St. Kate’s School girls had just been herded out and into their bus. As a student teacher, Todd Langley was the most junior member of the St. Elmo faculty. And naturally, he’d gotten stuck being the St. Elmo’s chaperone for the dance.

Todd was a physical education major. He was working with the coaching staff and teaching some phys ed classes. Since he was only 20 himself (and looked younger), he had a little trouble keeping the 18-year-old senior guys in line. He was fairly good-looking and had a great body, but being fairly shy and introverted, he tended to get overlooked for everything except duty positions. Like chaperoning.

Just as he was about to go over and tell the kid who was DJ’ing to pack it up, a bunch of the guys came over to him. “Hey, teach, how come we didn’t see you dancin’ tonight?” That was Joey di Marco, one of Todd’s toughest disciplinary problems. He and his buddies, Chip Kramer and Tony Valente, were the three best-looking guys in the senior class – and the three biggest pains in the butt.

“Just chaperoning. No dancing allowed, I was told.”

“Well, hey – those St. Kate bitches are all gone now – who’s gonna know? Come on, let’s see you get down. Come on, Hank, put on something funky.”

Todd tried to protest, but the music was too loud. The three of them – plus a few other guys that had stuck around – started dancing. The dance seemed to consist mostly of a lot of wild gyrating and jumping around. Todd just smiled and shook his head – he had no idea how to dance like that.

Joey signaled the DJ to cut off the music. “C’mon, teach. What’s the matter? Can’t dance?” He laughed.

“Not really,” Todd said. “Time to go, now, anyway. Maybe next time.”

“Uh-uh. No way. You’re gonna dance one dance with us before we go, got it?” The other guys were grinning and nodding. Looked like they had it all planned. “And not so formal, OK? Take off that jacket.”

Todd looked around. No help in sight, and these guys looked like they meant it. Oh, well, probably better go along with them and get it over with. Todd started to take off his blazer.

The boys cheered and stomped. “Way to go, teach.” “I knew he was a regular guy.”

Joey stepped back up kırşehir escort bayan to him – “The tie, too. Let’s get real relaxed.” Todd shrugged. He pulled off the tie and opened the throat of his shirt. “OK, Hank, put on something a little easier to dance to – we’re gonna teach my man here a few steps.”

The music started up a little more rhythmic this time, and, as advertised, Joey and gang taught Todd a few steps. Actually, it wasn’t too bad, once they got going. Todd got into the music and even started enjoyed it a little. It really wasn’t so hard. Then he heard Joey again.

“Hey, teach!” He was beginning to hate the sound of that. “Take off those shoes – you can’t dance in dress shoes like that. You can’t move right.”

No big deal, Todd thought – he bent over and untied the shoes. He heard a couple of wolf whistles and looked around, thinking one of the girls might have come back in. Not seeing any, he shrugged and kicked off the shoes.

Joey was right. It was easier in his stocking feet. Those shoes were heavy.

A couple of minutes later, he heard it again. “Hey, teach, you still got those dress pants on. Get ’em off.”

This time, Todd couldn’t believe what he heard. His pants? They had to be kidding him – pushing him like they always did in class. He just grinned at Joey to show he got the joke and kept dancing. But Joey stomped over and grabbed his arm. “I mean it, teach, baby. Those pants are way too dressy for this dance. Get ’em off. You’ll dance a lot better that way.”

Todd was getting a little nervous. He was the only staff member around, and these guys were acting weird. What was this ‘baby’ stuff? He pulled away and headed for his jacket. “OK, that’s enough. The dance is officially over. Come on, Hank, start packing up.”

Suddenly, he was surrounded by a half dozen teenage boys. Joey was still grinning at him. “Come on, teach, don’t be a spoilsport. It’s all guys here. Whatta ya worried about?” He reached out and grabbed Todd’s belt. He gave a little tug. “Come on, teachy. You look stupid dancing in pants like that.” His eyes narrowed as he jerked on the belt and released it, leaving Todd shaken and off-balance. “Last chance – take ’em off, or we’ll do it for you.”

Todd decided to try escort kırşehir going along, acting like it was no big deal. “OK, OK. If you want it that bad.” He unbuckled the belt, unzipped, and dropped his pants. The guys all cheered and applauded. Joey grinned, all friendly again.

Todd picked up the pants and draped them over the chair with his jacket. He was pretty embarrassed. His shirt tails were long, so he was still pretty well covered. He just wished he’d gotten into the habit of wearing boxer shorts, like the other faculty members. His briefs made him look like just another high school kid.

The guys started to dance, and Todd had to go along. With his muscular tan legs, he looked like some kind of Chippendale’s dancer. And except for the little flashes of white briefs at the sides he looked like he might have been naked under the shirt. Joey danced around behind him and started making thrusting motions with his hips toward Todd’s rear end. The other guys started laughing and whistling, but when Todd looked around, Joey was just dancing like he always was.

But while he had his head turned, one of the other guys reached out and grabbed a button on Todd’s shirt and popped it off. “Hey, cut it out.” Todd tried to move away, but suddenly another hand darted in and popped another button. In the dim light, Todd couldn’t figure out who it was. He tried moving casually over toward his pants, but every time he did, there were a bunch of teenage boys between him and the chair. And the buttons kept popping – within a few minutes, his shirt was hanging completely open in front, revealing his smooth tanned pecs with their oversized nipples, his flat belly, and the big basket in his skimpy Calvin Kleins.

He tried to get away, but Joey was right there. “Come on, teach. Don’t fight it. We just want to get a good look at that fine body of yours, OK? Let’s just get this out of the way.” Circling around behind, Joey slid the shirt down his arms and off. “Now, let’s just do some slow dancing, OK? That’s a lot easier.” He grabbed Todd, and held him against himself, one arm around his neck, the other around his waist, swaying in time to the music. His arms were like iron – Todd could barely move, let alone break away.

Todd struggled as he felt kırşehir escort Joey’s hand slide down over his ass. “Oh, yeah, teach, baby. This sweet ass of yours is what brought all this on. These big, round cheeks of yours, bending over on the soccer field, bending over in the locker room, bending over in the shower. You sure do know how to bend over, teach.”

Joey’s hand was running over one cheek, then the other, pressing his fingers deep into the crack between them. Finally, Joey slid both hands up to Todd’s waist, gripped the sides of the briefs, and quickly slid them down and off. Then he had Todd once more in his iron grip.

Now completely naked, Todd squirmed and wriggled, trying to break away. The other boys gathered around, staring and commenting as they watched Todd’s hot ass flex and jiggle.

Then, suddenly, Joey let him go and stepped back. Todd found himself standing in the center of a small open space, surrounded on all sides by hot-eyed teenage boys. He moved toward the chair where his clothes were lying – the boys drew back and let him through – slowly – they made him work for it. As he moved through them, they reached out and felt him, stroking his ass, his tits, his cock and balls. He had to push them out of the way, but they didn’t exactly resist. Only the constant hands all over his body. He glanced back at Joey, who was still standing where they had been dancing – Todd’s underpants were tucked in his shirt-pocket, hanging half out like a boutonniere.

When he reached his clothes, nobody tried to prevent him from putting them on, but the stroking didn’t stop, either. With no underwear and no buttons on his shirt, it was a little uncomfortable, but he managed to get dressed despite all the hands.

As he walked toward the door, they remained crowded close around him, still feeling him up through his clothing. They thrust their hands into the front of his shirt and pinched his oversized nipples – grabbed and squeezed his big round buttcheeks through his suit pants – groped his thighs, his belly, his cock and balls.

Gradually he realized that these boys were laying claim to him. To his body. That clothes weren’t going to be a deterrent any more. They were going to play with him whenever and wherever they wanted. They were letting him know that his ass was theirs from now on. His tits were going to be available whenever they wanted.

Back in his room, he took a long, hot shower, trying to wash away all the physical memories of the evening. But the image of Joey remained – still standing there with Todd’s underwear hanging out of his pocket.

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