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Standing in for Dad Ch. 12

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Pet and Mavis arrived with the bartender (who quickly got over the shock of all the naked people and quickly undressed with Mavis and Pet) with trays and trays of Hors d’oeuvres and cases of chilled Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Brut Gold in two large ice chests full of shaved ice.

I was familiar with this offering. It is a young champagne and a prestige cuvée that expresses vibrant fresh fruit character, and layers of complexity.

Peach, apricot and red berry aromas are followed by crystalized citrus, orange blossom and hints of brioche. The palate is rich with cherries, exotic fruits and a touch of lemon, vanilla and honey. The mouth feel is soft and creamy, with a hint of toastiness, from the unique Armand de Brignac dosage which is aged for one year in French oak barrels.

The Hors d’oeuvres consisted of Pate A Choux, Foie Gras, Royal Osetra Caviar, toast points, cream cheese stuffed celery, plain cream cheese, and Carr’s Whole Grain Crackers. In addition, they brought bread plates and Champagne flutes from the Club along with plush folding chairs the which family set around the pool.

I was handed a glass of water and two pills. Sue said, “One is a fast acting Viagra and the other is a slow acting one for sustained woodies.” She giggled and gave me a kiss. “You have fun this evening, baby. Don’t worry about a thing.”

Not five minutes after everything was set up, cars started arriving. I just knew it. It was the Congressmen, the Governor, the Mayor and their wives.

The family set up a receiving line and helped everyone out of their clothes as they entered while I stood in the center of the room and watched as I was ordered. As soon as the spouses were denuded each one came over to me and soon I was hard as a steel rod. “Hello ladies. I wanted you all to know I found your notes very intriguing.”

The Governor’s wife placed her hand on my member and said to the other ladies present, “Oh my, ladies, he is packing more than one pistol tonight!” Another slapped my behind, “well he is definitely overdressed. Let’s help him out ladies.”

The Mayor’s wife smiled as she began to take off my tack belt while others got my shirt and boots working. “Seems I get my protector after all.” She winked and pulled me in for a soul searing kiss.

In no time I was stripped and feminine hands were all over me. I was led to a couch where the Mayor’s wife licked my balls as the Governor’s wife impaled herself on my rock hard cock, dancing up and down like she hadn’t had sex in a decade. A Senator’s wife and a Congressman’s wife each sucked on my nipples as another stood over me and lowered her wet and engorged pussy to my lips. I had handfuls of pussy and boobs.

Thank goodness the women traded places on their own as there was no way I was keeping up. As soon as one came on my cock she got up and the one over my face took her place. The one lapping my balls then went to my face and one of the women whose pussy I had in my hands went to my balls. I was in a round robin of pussy for over an hour, I came 7 times and never went limp. When all the women finally came up for air and went to get food and drinks and recharge, I looked around.

Seems every woman in the extended family had either a Senator, a Congressman, the Governor or the Mayor deep inside their pussies or mouths. Pet was having the time of her life. One was in her mouth, one was in her ass, another in her pussy, and both hands were jacking off other men.

As I grabbed some water to rehydrate, two of the wives came by and thanked me personally. “We both were ovulating today, thank you in advance for giving us babies.” I was at a loss for words.

The Governor’s wife then took me by the hand and had me lube up her ass. She then walked me over to her husband who was vocally appreciating Sue’s pussy as he slid his thick cock in and out of her. She bent over and started sucking on Sue’s nipples and spread her cheeks. I placed my cock head at the entrance to her dark rose and pressed.

I met little resistance. Obviously this woman loved anal and practiced it regularly. I let myself go and just enjoyed fucking the Governor’s wife in the ass right in front of him. Soon she was climaxing left and right and, after the third one, she could no longer stand. “Harry, you feel so good up my ass. Please help me stay up and cream my ass for me? I need this honey.”

I grabbed her hips and held her up as I pummeled her ass. How in the world I still had cum left I have no idea, but I did manage a fair amount and deposited it deep into her. She moaned her pleasure and with her fourth orgasm she was spent. I sat her in a chair and cleaned myself up before jumping in the pool to cool off.

About 1:00 am, Marion got on the phone and had his off duty officers come by five to a car, and drive everyone home. None of the women could walk straight and the men were too drunk to drive. It was all the family could do to get them properly dressed before they left.

I made sure Mavis and Pet had a place to sleep for the Magosa Escort night and I went to bed a pooped puppy. Sue came in and handed me my medal from the Mayor. “Congratulations baby!”

“Thank you honey. But, what in the hell did we get ourselves into tonight?”

“Insurance honey.”

“Insurance?” Not comprehending.

“Insurance, remember all the security cameras around the place? Everything was taped. Only the immediate family knows this, so shhhhh.”

“No shit. If word of that gets out we are all dead people walking.”

“To be used only if the shit really hits the fan baby. But insurance it is.”

With that I slept the sleep of the dead…no pun intended.


The next morning I woke up around 10 and the place was abuzz. My cock was sore. Mom popped in and pulled down the covers and swathed my cock in some cool, soothing cream. “This will take away the soreness, baby. But, no sex today so you can heal. You were a busy boy last night. All the wives said you were magnificent, by the way. They all said when you visit with the Governor that they want you to have a private lunch with them. Seems having the baby of such a powerful man is a fashion trend.”

Mom found that way too funny.

Pet and DD then came in with a breakfast tray. I sat up and started to pick up a fork and got my hand slapped. “Your Pets are feeding Master, forgive the playful slap, but Master shall not lift a finger today without a Pet to be there to assist.”

I had some serious questions about who was the Pet and who was the Master, but I figured, why kick a gift horse in the mouth?

Both girls began to feed me breakfast. Sausage patties, eggs over easy, buttered toast, bacon, orange juice and V-8 juice. Fare fit for a king.

“Girls,” I said as they cleaned me up from breakfast, “If I could I would make love to both of you. That was a very special breakfast, thank you both very much.”

DD spoke up, “Neither of us girls would ever deny Master, but it seems everyone is in need of a day to recuperate. Even the bartender,” she giggled.

“Did everyone have a good time?”

“Oh yes, Great Master,” Pet intoned, “By the way, all the lady visitors last night were quite taken with Master’s virility. This girl took the liberty of letting them know the women in the family were already well aware of Master’s sexual prowess and suggested they might want to have a one-on-one session with you should the opportunity arise.”

DD smiled, “Yes, this girl thinks they actually were planning that out among themselves,” she laughed.

I groaned, “My pets are going to kill me.”

The girls thought that was hilarious. Seems I missed my calling as a comedian.

I decided then and there that Uncle Marion and Dad were going with me when I met the Governor.

I went downstairs to rounds of applause from the family. “What is all that for?”

“Your impromptu interview,” Marion pipped.

“We have all the news reports videotaped if you want to watch them. They are quite impressive,” Lisa quipped.

I asked for some coffee and sat down to watch with the family. Sue grabbed the remote and Pet brought me a cup. “Thank you, Pet.”

Sue first went through the montage of main networks on my interview and the responses ranged from, “Of course we are against dangerous criminals roaming our streets, but was killing this man actually necessary?” to “What an interview! This man is a national hero! We need to get him on the show to talk about his experience!”

Then one of the conservative super shows showed a closeup of the perp’s gun hand just as I fired. It was very obvious the hammer was moving back as he squeezed the trigger. My round hit the pistol just in time to prevent a round from being fired.

They actually referenced the first commentator from another show and answered the question: “Absolutely it was necessary! If this Officer had fired a few seconds later the Governor of the state would have been dead. You can clearly see in this video that we slowed down for you that the perpetrator was in the process of firing his pistol into the head of the Governor at point blank range.”

“Damn, I didn’t know it was that close.”

“I would keep that to myself.” Marion stated. “No need to give anyone any cause to second guess your actions. I would just simply state, if asked, ‘The video doesn’t lie and speaks very plainly for itself.’ And leave it at that.”

The next show actually showed what happened in real time. James whistled, “Damn you are quick! And to pull and fire with that level of accuracy, not once, but three times? That is legendary quickness, Harry.”

“Harry,” Marion interrupted, “The highest bid for an exclusive interview is now at $50,000 with all expenses paid for you and me and Sue and Lisa. Not sure how you feel about it, but we need to answer by this evening and they will send a helicopter out to pick us up and take us to a local studio for a live interview. They will put us up for the night as well Kıbrıs Escort as provide dinner and breakfast before the return trip.”

I sighed, “I don’t need the money, but lets have them donate it to the local orphanage? Also, I need to call the Governor and ask him his opinion.”

Cathy handed me my phone. Evidently this was already figured out. I called the Governor and got his secretary. She put me right through.

“Harry! Great to hear from you! I wasn’t expecting your call for another day or so! What’s up?”

“Is this call secure, Sir?”

“Hank: and as secure as is possible. You know Feds.”

“Understood. Hank, I have an offer for a live interview with a major network who is very supportive of what happened last night. They want to pay $50k plus expenses for a night as well as provide transport. I am considering accepting with the caveat they send the check to the local orphanage. What are your thoughts?”

“After your impromptu interview last night, go for it. You think fast on your feet, obviously, and it is good press for you and for our agenda. Be sure to ask the interviewer to note where the money is being sent. That is another feather in your cap, Harry.”

“Thank you for your thoughts and support.”

“I saw the slow-mo. I would have been dead in another second, Harry. Come by my office around ten o’clock on Thursday and we can discuss your future. We have big plans for you, Harry, if you are interested. By the way, the wife has invited you to the house for lunch, so come hungry.”

I knew what all of that meant but kept my mouth shut. I had the phone on speaker and everyone in the room stifled their laughter. “Will do, Hank. See you Thursday.”

With that, Marion made a call. “Yes, I was given this number to let you know if the Officer from the Club shooting was available for that exclusive interview. Yes I will wait….Yes, this is the Sheriff. Yes, he is willing to do the interview…with one requirement. No, it isn’t anything you would be uncomfortable with. He just wants the interviewer to mention the network was asked to send the remuneration for the interview to the local orphanage. Nothing bombastic, just low key. Yes, we will be ready.”

Marion hung up, “They will be here with a chopper in an hour. They already know where to land. And, they want you in uniform. I will need to go get mine, and Lisa, you need to be in yours as well. We will be his protective detail, covering his back.”

With that, Marion got up and he and Lisa left to go get dressed in town. Barbara had put up my uniform when I got attacked last night so it was good to go. I smiled with this thought to make the Pets happy, “Pets, would you two be so kind as to help me get dressed?” Sue laughed, but Pet and DD were ecstatic. Mavis just shook her head and grinned. “No flippin idea.” was all she said.

Sue then was aghast, “Oh my goodness! I have nothing to wear!” At which Mavis and Mom and Leesie all jumped. “Ladies! Upstairs for a reconnoiter we only have an hour!” Leesie commanded and the entourage left in haste.

DD and Pet took me in hand and led me to the shower for a quick bath. Knowing we had no time to play, they left me to bathe as they got my uniform sorted out. I did the ‘three S’ routine (shit, shave, and shampoo for those who are wondering) and dried off. I got my hair set and walked into the bedroom. I could hear all hell breaking loose in Jame’s and Leesie’s room and I knew I dang sure didn’t want to go in there.

Pet looked a bit concerned. “Great Master, Pet’s sister has gone to get an unscented fabric refresher spray for your uniform. While clean, it does have a faint odor of stress pheromones and Master’s pets thought it best to deodorize it before girls dressed you.”

“As always, my pets serve me well and please me with their initiative.” Pet just beamed.

I was ready in 15 minutes and waited in the living room. I checked both pistols to ensure they were fully loaded along with my magazines. Everything was in order, including a ribbon to commemorate my medal from the Mayor. Pets took great care to put more pain cream on my cock and get it situated properly in my boxers before putting on a spare set of ballistic underwear. I gave them both a toe curling kiss to thank them.

Marion and Lisa returned with about 10 minutes to spare and we all stood and witnessed Sue’s grand entrance. My mouth dropped and only one word came out, “Wow!”

Lisa looked at Marion and said for everyone to hear, “We don’t have enough firepower to protect her looking like that.” Sue had on a Burgundy dress that hugged her figure, showed a modest amount of decolletage and ended below the knee.

She was bra-less but had borrowed an absolutely gorgeous necklace Leesie had whose main jewel was a huge ruby in the exact color of the dress. The dress went to her ankles where she had on matching shoes. She used very light makeup to accentuate her beautiful blue eyes.

“Baby, I would hate to see you when you have Lefkoşa Escort something to wear. You are stunning.” Sue beamed a smile from ear to ear.

Marion and Lisa had brought a suitcase of clothing for the evening and the return trip while the ladies had gotten all that together for Sue. The pets also took care of my clothes and placed them in Sue’s suitcase as well.

OK, I wasn’t sure what I was really expecting? But two full on, loaded for bear, Attack Helicopters out of the local National Guard post as escorts definitely wasn’t it. A CH-53E Super Stallion landed in the clearing just off from the house as two AH-64 Apaches circled in close air support.

As a courtesy to the ladies, the Super Stallion cut its rotors so everyone could board the chopper without having the blade wash ruin clothing or hair. As soon as they slowed enough we were escorted, hunkered down to give the still turning blades plenty of room, into the aircraft and it immediately wound up and we were off just as we acclimated to the seating and had noise canceling I/O headphones placed on our ears.

We all four had window seats. “You fellas with the National Guard?”

“No Sir! We were deployed there to do some training, but we got a tasking order from DOD to escort you four to a radio station. Seems the Governor called in a favor, Sir!”

“Some favor!”

“Yes, Sir!” We are clearing the airspace as we speak, the ‘pachies are in full protection mode.”


“Let’s just say, NOBODY wants to fuck with them on this mission, Sir. Somebody so much as lights a laser pointer at any of us or somebody hits us with radar and it will get real exciting real quick. Keep your seat belts on, just in case. Our pilot did time in an active war zone and he doesn’t play.”


“Yes Sir.”

Thankfully, we were able to enjoy the ride with no issues. I must say, the broadcast studio was somewhat nonplussed about being invaded by the military but things calmed down rather quickly. The two Apaches and the Super Stallion then exited the area after giving us a number to call and unloading our suitcases letting us know they would arrive within 10 minutes when we were ready for transport back home.

The studio sat me in a noise proof room with a backdrop, a screen where I could see the commentator, a chair, a desk, and a glass of water and we were live in less than 5 minutes. I suspect the studio wanted this interview over as soon as possible, which was just fine by me.

“Ladies and gentlemen! We have with us, joining by remote, the Sheriff’s Officer whom we have all seen on national television save one of our state governors at an awards ceremony where the Officer was being awarded a medal for previously saving several other civilian lives! And we have his exclusive interview!”

“Hello Officer, so glad you accepted our invitation to speak with us! How my I address you, Sir?”

“Thank you, it is a pleasure to be here to speak with you today. And, Harry is just fine.”

“Thank you, Harry. You have already given a quick interview at the scene, mind if we play that back for our audience?”

“Please, it will set a good foundation for our interaction.”

The network played the tape, “Was that rehearsed, Harry?”

“No Sir. I really was caught off guard with the request for an interview. I know a lot of people are bandying around the term hero, but I really am nothing out of the ordinary. Plenty of Law Enforcement Officers would have done the same thing. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

The commentator smiled, “Be that as it may, we have seen the tape and your response was incredible and timely, another second and the Governor would have been dead.”

“Honestly, I was just fortunate.”

“Actually, Harry, we have discussed this with several Federal Law Enforcement trainers as well as some Special Operations Operatives, and to a person they say your situational awareness, reflexes, accuracy, and situational control were at a level few individuals are ever able to achieve. Indeed, one Navy Seal commented he would be hard pressed to duplicate, without warning, what you achieved.”

“Well, I am flattered they feel that way. Thank you for relaying the compliment.”

“So Harry, I was informed the fee we were going to pay you was refused and, instead you want the proceeds to go to a local orphanage. I also note, your arrival at the studio was a bit dramatic. So, I have two questions for you. First, are you getting any death threats as a result of your heroic actions and second, are you considering entering into politics?”

“Well, let me start by saying I believe in being direct. To answer your first question about death threats, I am not aware of any. I have no idea why I had such a serious escort to your studio, but I was grateful for it.”

“My Uncle, his fiance’, and my fiance’ were traveling with me and their safety is always very important to me. To your second question, I can honestly tell you that I have been thinking about the possibility, but no plans have been made nor any serious discussions have occurred on the topic of me entering the political arena. I strongly suspect that issue will resolve itself rather soon, but what that resolution may be or what form it may take, I honestly have no clue.”

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