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Stapleton Ch. 04: Mother’s Day

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Series Edited by SupportMain420


Debra laid there sleeping. Deep in dreams, her head cocked to one side. Her husband’s dick hovering inches over her. Ben pulled at his dick, getting closer to covering his wife’s face with his seed.

A 20-year-old Amber watched on, three fingers deep under jungle panties in the pillowed wicker chair next to the opposite side of the bed. Holding her mom’s fragrant panties from last night against her face. Hedonistic whimpers escape her as she violates herself, getting lost in the pleasure before she catches her fathers glance. She immediately plateaus, shoving her third slender digit into her well-lubricated cunt, allowing a single slutty giggle to bubble out before resuming silence. The action under her panty fabric makes the trees and giraffes on the crotch look as if they were dancing wildly. One finger short of fisting herself, her hips and pelvis thrust over and over in masturbatory pleasure.

Both masturbated as silently as possible next their matriarch in an effort not to wake her just yet from her much needed sleep. Ben looked down at his beautiful wife. He imagines the long white strands that will soon erupt from the tip of his cock and grace her best features. Ben looked up to see his daughter violently fingering to the site of him about to give a sleep facial to her mother.

“Dad. Dad. Daddy”, Amber whispered intensely from the other side of the bed, to get his full attention. “Daddy. Dad, I’m gonna cum. I’m going to—”

Amber throws her mouth open gaping wide but no words or whines escape. Her face contorts to a twisted confusion of pain and pleasure.

This was all Ben needed to cum. He locked in on his daughter’s face of beautiful agony and spirits released from his cock. Cum graces her face until Debra was near unrecognizable, only shifting slightly under the massive load.

“Cum. Cum! Fuck. Cumming. I’m fucking cum—”, announced Amber.

Amber saw her dad’s cum plaster Debra’s face as her orgasmic whispers fell to muffled silence as she shoved her mother’s panties in her mouth to quiet her rapturous squeals; the lace of the panties getting tangled in her braces.

Debra awoke to the taste of cum. Licking her lips, she shoveled globs of rapidly cooling spunk into her mouth. She knew she could only savor the large clumps and she preferred it warm so she quickened her efforts to consume as much as she can.

“Mom. Breakfast is up”, said Amber in the doorway, bottomless. On the nightstand, the cotton panties she was wearing were right on top. Debra excitedly clasped them tightly in her fist and held them up to the morning sun. White frill panties with Giraffes and palm trees that graced the extremely dampened crotch area. Debra shifted the panties in one hand to expose as much of the dampened area as possible before masking her nose and mouth and inhaling deeply. Breath after breath, Debra found herself intoxicated and horny. Her stiff nipples now making themselves known under her silk white nightgown, illegal bahis she squeezed her favorite breast as she continued inhaling the scent of young vagina ejaculate and semen. Feeling the cold cum drying in her eyebrow, she used the panties to clean any remaining cum on her face and proceeded to whiff the combined scent of sex as she stuck two fingers deep inside her already dripping slit.

The smell of bacon made it’s way into her nostrils reminding her it was Mother’s Day. The intrusive odor distracted her until only to hear her family calling her down for breakfast at that very moment.

“I’m coming!” She yelled down.

“Not the way that I wanted” she cynically muttered to herself.

She made her way down the stairs leaving her face as it was. The waves of eggs and coffee rushed in. Debra entered the kitchen and looked into the faces and eyes of her daughter and husband. Amber was dressed for the day in Quentin Tarantino T-Shirt and skirt. Ben had clearly focused on breakfast, sporting only a black bathrobe and matching boxer briefs.

She could hardly believe she was living her dream. Everyone around the breakfast table Knew how taboo all this activity was. But now that everybody was of a single mindset, the debauchery could never be the same. The three share a normal breakfast grinning and making small talk for a time before Amber broke the tension that silently amassed.

“I think it’s time for dessert…” Amber declared, standing up.

Her very own daughter held Debra by the forearms and pinned her down from across the breakfast table while her husband positioned himself behind her.

“Really guys? Right here?”

Still a little shy to be watched having sex, the father of her children lifted up her nightgown and entered her from behind.

“Right…” Said Ben.

Ben went slowly filling his wife until he can go no further and just stopped.


Ben left his full 9 inches of rock hard cock in Debra cunt, causing it to contract. Debra began to squirm and softly whimpers which made Amber begin to blush. Everything was still new to Amber and so very wrong just watching. Debra locked eyes with her daughter as the penetration deepened. Amber scanned her face, watching the fireworks of Debra’s facial ticks as Ben picked up speed.

Amber kept her mother’s stare as the two people that created her began to fuck before her eyes. She had never been this close to anyone having sex, let alone in the sunny morning on the breakfast table. Ben escalated his thrusts to a full fucking. Ripples from impacts roll over Debra’s exposed voluptuous ass, on which, Ben placed a heavy spank.

Debra’s head was a blur. She felt the soft skin of her firearms burn under her daughters tight grip as her husband fucked her like he was making another child. Her toes curled against the kitchen floor as she gave into sex.

“Fuck! You guys…”

She kissed her daughter. First softly, then with tongue. Amber tasted of breakfast at first, then illegal bahis siteleri of pure sin. Amber released her grasp and fell back into her seat at the table. Amber leaned back and threw up her skirt; revealing her panty-less 20-year-old pussy leaking heavily. Amber grabbed her own breast and started masturbating for her mom to watch.

“Oh, fuck…” She muttered as Ben continued his thrusts into her now leaking pussy. Debra’s pre-cum flowed steadily and ran down her leg, to her foot; pooling there.

“Fuck her good, dad. Fuck your woman. Fuck my Mom!”, Cheered on Amber. Two sticky-wet fingers plunged in and out of her hole, still wet from cumming upstairs. Watching women masturbate was her favorite porn type and this was going to push her over the edge. Debra’s glance dated over all of Amber’s features. Her daughter’s brace covered smile made the whole act, even more, kink ridden.

“You gonna cum mom? I want you to come. Will you cum on your special day?”

The sound of her daughters’ voice encouraging her was overwhelming. Amber was actually talking to her dirty. She rested her face on the breakfast table and felt the cold rubbing of wood across her face with each push of Ben’s dick. The sex had completely consumed her.

“Mommy. Mom.” Amber called out, attempting to bring her back from ecstasy and re-join them at the moment. Debra looked up and once again locked eyes with Amber.

“Is dad big?” Amber playfully asked before peeking over her moms’ ass to try and see her fathers cock, one hand remaining on her clit. Catching a glimpse of the shiny muscular beast of a cock that she wants for herself, Amber felt a throb in her clit and immediately continued getting off. Ben changed his style to show off the penetration to Amber by pulling almost all the way out and slowly all back in. Curiously reaching in, Amber cupped the intertwined loins of her parents. Amber zeroed in on Debra’s clit and Ben’s balls and began to lovingly massage back and forth.

“You guys like that?”

This question made Debra wetter and attempted to respond with a ‘Yes’ but a loud groan of sexual pleasure escaped her mouth instead.

“Ooh.. ugh…shit, fuck…fuck baby…fuck… honey… baby…Fuck!” Mumbled Ben.

Debra felt a climax coming on. Debra’s bare feet splashed in the puddle each time she received a heavy deep thrust from her husband. Grunts, moans, and skin clapping pepper the silence held while the three enjoyed the smell of sex filling the room. Amber removes her drenched hand, lathered in her parents’ juices and shoves inside of herself. With the aid of her parents’ fluids, Amber’s petite hand was devoured wrist deep as she surprised herself. All the pressure inside reminded her of last night and her insides lovingly accommodated. Experimenting with fist shapes, Amber hit one that made her instinctively look to her mother for assistance, only to see her getting fucked like a frat house whore.

“I think I’m gonna… Gonna cum. I’m gonna … fuckin cum! Oh fuck, canlı bahis siteleri you guys. I’m cumming, I think I’m cumming” Shouted Debra with extreme pleasure.

Her arms stretched across the table by as she writhed in pleasure. Debra grabbed the opposite edge of the table, attempting to stabilize her body to receive more husbandly cock. The kitchen was spinning.

“Cum mommy! Cum for daddy! Cum for Us!” Exclaimed Amber, her hands rattling while she violently fisted herself, Her asshole spasming.

Making her demands with the cum from all three swirling around her womb, Amber felt that special feeling coming on. Debra shot up from her slump at the table and looked directly at her daughter and her gorgeous contorted face. Her daughter’s arm slowly being cannibalized by her lower half.

“Oh SHIT. Fuck, Amber! Amber?! Baby. I’m cumming.” confessed Debra to her dirty little angel. “Amber baby, I’m cumming. I’m cumming! I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming!”

“Oh, God! Oh, fuck, God! Cum with me mommy! Cum together!” Replied Amber, manipulating her fist to add the pressure that would take her the rest of the way.

The request from her daughters’ lips alone made her orgasm harder than she ever had before. Pent-up incestuous lightning shot through her body as the cry of a dying shame left her. Crumpling under the weight of her own climax, the sexually exorcised Debra went limp over the table. Moaning in tongues now, drool began to escape her mouth and smear across her face and the breakfast table.

Amber pulled the hair away from Debra’s face to reveal her mothers’ pure eye-rolling rapture as Ben continued to have his way with her, stupefied in orgasmic bliss. He caught his daughter’s gaze and his chest tightened. Amber recognized his pre-orgasm face and lit up with a smile.

“Here comes Daddy’s load!” Amber said with jubilance.

Amber shot out of her seat and softly pushing Ben’s chest, causing him to pull out. She dropped to her knees, grasped her fathers’ cock and pulled it into her mouth resting it gently on her hot tongue. She did not move a muscle in her mouth, just looked up at him with her loving eyes as she wrapped her lips tightly and patiently to await his seed. With it all happening so quickly and during his climax, Ben had no say and let out a large groan and splashed the inside of her throat with cum with a large initial load. Amber shifted Ben’s cock in her mouth between her teeth and her cheek and gently rubbed her dad’s meat against the metal gracing as pump after pump filled her hot mouth.

Ben began to sway in pleasure as he softly and slowly fucked Ambers’ mouth. Amber was determined not to lose a single drop as she rubbed solely on her clit, coming down from her second giant orgasm of the morning.

Amber released her facial dock and displayed her fathers load swimming around her mouth like she had seen in the porn on his computer. Playfully gargling it for a moment only to be interrupted by a slightly recovered Debra.

“Is that my cum you’re playing with?” Said Debra, playfully scolding.

Amber strikes the sluttiest innocent pose she could and swallows the massive load with a comically loud gulp.


“Sorry, mommy” falsely apologized Amber.

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