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Stepmom Betrayal Ch. 01: The Beginning

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Lara Walker (the stepmom) is a very small, petit and a stunningly beautiful young woman of 26 with light brown hair. Blessed with an angel face and small body, Lara may be 26 years old but she looks like she is 16. She stays in shape and has a perfectly proportioned body; her tits are small and perky, her legs are fantastic and her ass is perfect. For a small woman, she is very put together. The best way to describe her is three words, “cute, adorable and fuckable.”

She is somewhat submissive and easily led. Lara married an older man (Robert Walker) when she was 23 and they were very much in love. She took his name and was not really known in the area. He died 7 months ago and he left a 19 year old daughter (Tara). A long legged beauty with brown hair and bigger tits than Lara, Tara has always been more like a sister than a daughter to Lara. Tara knew her Father loved Lara and she loved him. And thought they were very good for each other.

Before he died, her dad had talked with Tara and Lara about his will. He told them, to be fair, he was splitting everything evenly between the two of them. They both thought it was a great idea and everyone was agreed it was a fair one. While Tara and Lara get along very well, Tara, being a very tall, very beautiful woman, tended to treat Lara, the much smaller of the two; as the little sister. It became a joke between them, even Robert would laugh about it.

Occasionally Tara would playfully slap Lara on her rear end or hold her down and tickle her. That this happens more often since Robert died, no one has noticed. Lara was used to being the smallest in a group or a couple. To avoid trouble, Lara usually just went along with the leader and Lara was not a leader. Tara was the more dominant one and Lara was the more submissive one.

In fact, Lara has never told anyone but when she was in high school, she grew up on the other side of the country, there were several times a month when she would be dominated by another student, usually female. She was made to eat pussy, suck cock and was fondled, spanked and fingered to orgasms. It made her feel like trash but also, if she told herself the truth, it felt so good, so good.

Although she had never been to this high school, an all girl school, before, Lara had agreed to help Tara, who had graduated last year from a different high school, out with a favor. Lara arrives at the school very early on this lovely Friday morning. The chore was a simple one, she thought, just dropping off a form to the office, something do to with a work project.

Not noticing it was student parking until she had partially entered, Lara stopped and wanted to back out but couldn’t because there were other cars waiting to get in, so she just went ahead and parked. She started walking towards the sidewalk, stopped and turned, and walked back to her car. She thought to herself “I’ll leave my purse and cell phone under the seat and just carry my keys and driver’s license. I’ll be in and out quick.”

While she is walking in the parking lot Lara puts her keys in the pocket of her skirt. She doesn’t know there is a hole in the pocket and does not notice her keys falling out. Unknown to Lara, her keys are found by two students who decide to take the car and skip school. Later, the students abandon it in a parking lot with the keys in it. That night it is stolen and never seen again.

Not knowing that she has just lost her car keys and that her car would soon be stolen, Lara walks to the sidewalk and heads for the front of this very large building. As she is going by a side door, it opens and a young woman sticks her head out the door and offers to let her in to save the long trip around.

“Thanks but it a pretty day, I don’t mind walking” responses Lara.

The student, a senior named Melissa says “Don’t be silly, it’s hot out, get in here.”

And grabs Lara by the arm and pulls her inside, “I Don’t remember seeing you before, what is your name?”

“Lara, what’s yours?”


“Well, Melissa could you tell me where the school office is please?”

“Oh, you’re a new student”

“No, no. I’m just here to do an errand for my daughter.”

“Right” Melissa says sarcastically, and goes on “you don’t look like that you’re old enough to go to this school let alone have a daughter that does”

“Well, step daughter actually.”

They have walked a short ways in the hall by this time and Melissa spins on Lara and says “look you little bitch, why are you lying to me”

“I’m not”

“Sure you are. Can you prove you’re not? Do you have an ID or a learner’s permit?”

“I have a driver’s license thank you.”

“Sure you do, show it to me.”

Lara doesn’t want to show this girl anything but this is getting heated. So, to calm Melissa down and to prove her age, Lara gets her license out of the other pocket and shows it to Melissa. “See, I’m 26, have a good day young lady.”

As Lara turns to walk away, Melissa grabs the license from her hand. Lara says, “Hey, give that back.”

Melissa buca escort bayan easily pins Lara against the wall and Lara quickly stops struggling. Melissa looks at the license and says “This is fake you little bitch”

“It is not, that is my license”

“It’s a fake, a good one, real good one, but a fake. I better keep it.” And sticks it in her back pocket.

“Give me back my driver’s license.” Says Lara as she tries to reach Melissa’s back pocket.

Melissa slams Lara against the wall, taking her breath away. Melissa says, “look Sweet Thing, behave yourself.”

And slaps Lara on her ass. Lara tries to get away but Melissa keeps spanking her. After 10 slaps, Lara stops resisting. Melissa says, “Good girl, now relax.”

She looks Lara’s body up and down and says, “You know, you are a sweet little thing aren’t you. Looks like I have a new little bitch”

And Melissa starts kissing her, feeling her up; her tits, her mound and her ass. Lara is thinking back to her time at high school, when she would be felt up by other students and dominated. It felt good then and it feels good now. She knew she should fight back but it feels so good.

Melissa noticed the change in Lara and takes advantage by pulling aside Lara’s panties and sticking two fingers in her hot cunt, pulling open her blouse and unhooking the front latch bra and fondled her tits. Soon it became too much and Lara has an orgasm right there is the hall. Melissa holds her up and steadied her.

Melissa tells Lara “Now my little one, you can do me. Come with me.” and grabs her arm and guides her to the restroom. When Lara realized what Melissa wanted her to do, she tried to get away but Melissa held her easily and pushed her into the restroom.

Melissa says, “Now Sweet Thing, strip, I like my sluts naked. Now.”

Not knowing what to do and not wanting to get hurt again, Lara strips out of her cloths. Melissa commands her to turn around slowly. Melissa is almost speechless at the sight of Lara naked. She thinks to herself, “She is small but so put together. It all works so well. That angel face, the tits, her pussy and that gorgeous ass.”

“Damn girl you are something. Now, I am going to sit there” pointing a chair “and you are going to eat my pussy. You have made me horny as hell. Do it good or I’ll spank you harder. Understand? Are you going to behave Sweet Thing?”

Lara thought to herself, “Just do her like she wants, then she will let me go. And then I’m leaving this fucking school.”

Lara says to Melissa, “Yes, I’ll eat your pussy.”

Melissa walks over to the chair, takes her jeans off and sits down. “Come here Sweet Thing” Melissa orders.

Melissa thinks to herself, “I like ordering this little bitch around and I think she likes to be led.” “On your knees Sweet Thing” another order.

Lara got to her knees before Melissa. Melissa asked “So Sweet Thing what do you want to do? Beg me to let you eat my pussy, beg you little slut.”

Lara is slow to response so Melissa reaches out and pinches Lara’s left nipple. “Please Melissa, let me eat your pussy, please.”

“Very good, again”

“Please Melissa, let me eat your beautiful pussy.”

Lara looked up and saw that Melissa was holding her phone and recording her. At first Lara was afraid but then thought “no one knows me here, what harm?”

Lara proceeds to bring Melissa to two orgasms. Then to make sure that Lara knew who was in charge, Melissa picked her up and laid her across her knees and spanked her with 20 swats, playing with her pussy the whole time, but not letting her come again.

Melissa hands Lara her skirt and blouse but holds on to her bra and panties. “You won’t need these any more today” and she tossed them into the garage can and laughing. “Have I got plans for you.”

A Maintenance worker would find the bra and panty later in the day.

“Well come on, we’re late for gym class.”

Totally confused, Lara allows Melissa to control her and follows along. When Melissa and Lara get to the gym, they find a notice that the teacher is not coming today and to treat it as a study period. Most of the students have left but four girls had stayed, they waited for Melissa, since she is sort of the leader.

Melissa introduces Lara, “Hey girls, meet our new bitch. This is Lara, call her Sweet Thing. Say Hello, don’t be rude.”

Lara just nods. One of the girls, Tammy, steps forward and says “not very friendly are you, better learn.”

Melissa, “Don’t worry, she’ll obey, won’t you Sweet Thing?”

Lara doesn’t response lost in thought. Melissa slaps her ass and repeats the question.

Lara scared says, “Yes”, “I didn’t hear you, louder”, “Yes, I will obey.”

“Ok girls, enjoy.”

The four girls, Tammy, Myra, Danielle and Ashley go to Lara and remove her clothing. The girls start feeling her up; her tits, her ass, her pussy, as they guide her over to the bleachers. Melissa brings a pad over and forces Lara on her knees. Lara than brings each escort buca girl to climax with her mouth.

As she is eating one girl out, the others are playing with Lara. But, they are careful not to let her come. They let her get close, and then bring her down again. While she works on each girl, one the girls take pictures of Lara performing the sex acts, making sure to only show Lara’s face.

After each had been brought to orgasm twice, including Melissa, it was time to clean up and go to the next class. Tammy, Myra, Danielle and Ashley all thank Melissa for sharing and tell Lara they are looking forward to having her again. Lara is in a state of shock at what is happening to her.

Melissa and Lara arrive at art class.

“Hi Melissa, who that?”

“This is Lara, she’s new, I call her Sweet Thing. And listen girls, she very talented.”

“At what?”

“You know, eating pussy”

“She did you already? What a slut”

“Yes, she practely begged to, didn’t you Lara?”

Lara not wanting to be spanked again just nodded.

Melissa adds, “And she just did four girls at gym class. She is such a slut.”

Lara thought to herself, “I’m a grown woman, how is this happening?”

Then Melissa says, “Isn’t she the cutest? And look, no underwear.”

When Melissa lifts up Lara’s skirt to show the class, Lara slaps her hand away. Melissa hits Lara’s ass hard and says “Don’t do that again bitch” in an angry tone, “you remember the bathroom right?”

“What happen?”

“Well, she was being a lying bitch; I had to teach her to behave. Didn’t I Lara?”

And again, Lara just nods her head, wanting to escape.

“Sit here in front Lara, so Miss Hall can get a good look at you.”

All the girls just look at each other and smile, each thinking, “this could be fun.”

The Miss Hall that was just mentioned was their teacher/counselor. Casandra Hall is a 28 year old beauty with dark brown, almost black hair. She is blessed with perky tits and with the world’s most perfect legs, everyone she meets agrees with that and the rest of her is not bad either. She enjoys showing her legs off and on her off time prefers to wear short-shorts or short skirts.

She is in fact a stunningly beautiful young woman and is also a very, very intelligent one, almost genius level. When she puts her mind to a plan of action, it is always successful. While she has sex with both men and women, she likes women better. And, she is a Dom, always controls the sex, whether it’s with a man or a woman or both. And has always had a dream, a dream of having a slave girl, a little slut all her own.

When Miss Hall arrives, she notices Lara. “Who is this?”

“She’s new today, her name is Lara, she’s a little shy.”

“Don’t be shy Lara.”

Miss Hall pulls a stool from the corner and places it in front of the class. She asks the class, “Who would like to volunteer to be our model today?”

Melissa leans over to Lara and tells her to “volunteer or else.”

Lara still smarting from the earlier spanking raises her hand and offers, “I will”

“Excellent Lara, Please sit here and allow me to use you as a prop about the female form.”

Lara hesitates.

“Oh, get up here, nothing will happen.” Miss Hall says.

Lara slowly walks to the stool and sits down. Just then a message over the intercom called Miss Hall to the office.

When Miss Hall leaves, Melissa goes to Lara and says “Ok, girls come check her out.”

The girls surround Lara and start to feel her up all over her body. Lara tries to fight back but someone pinches her ass real hard and tells her to sit still. Hands are pawing all over her, rubbing her mound, fingers being inserted in her cunt, rubbing and pinching her nipples and her tits being felt up.

It becomes too much for Lara, she is so close. Melissa is watching, sees this and tells the girls to stop. “What’s wrong Sweet Thing? Do you want to come?”

“Please, I’m so close”

“Then bring yourself off slut, do it now.”

Beyond caring, Lara pushes two fingers into her cunt and one hand fondles her tits. Melissa, who has been recording it all, motions the other girls to step away continues to record the scene.

Lara is getting closer and closer and finally, after being denied in the bathroom by Melissa, denied in the gym by the four girls; she explodes and cries out as she falls to the floor. Just then Miss Hall returns and the girls rush back to their seats. Casandra is surprised to find Lara nude, on the floor and, from what she just heard, having a huge orgasm.

“What are you doing you naughty little girl?”

Lara tries to get up and falls back down.

“She did not have any underwear on” offers one student.

Another of the girls says, “She just took her cloth off, said she likes to expose herself.”

Another girl adds, “Then she started to play with herself.”

Miss Hall, “Is that true? Answer me.”

Lara, feeling guilty about coming like that, does buca escort not answer.

A different girl says, “She should be punished for being a slut like that.”

“What do you think Lara, do you deserve to be punished?” Miss Hall asks.

Lara, not believing what is happening to her just stares.

“Get up little girl and come here” says Miss Hall pointing to a spot in front of her. Miss Hall gets a chair, sets it down and sits in it. “Come here Lara.”

Melissa watches Lara and says “Go on Sweet Thing, you know you want it” and the girls all laugh.

Miss Hall says, “That’s enough class.”

Lara walks over to Miss Hall and is pulled over her knees. Looking down at a perfect little ass, Casandra again thinks about having a slave girl. “This could be the one” she thinks to herself and almost forgets where she is at.

Miss Hall talks to Lara loud enough so the girls can hear, “So tell me, did you come just now?”


“And, have you earlier today? Tell me the truth.”

“Yes, once.”

“Did you eat pussy and bring girls off?”


“But these girls wouldn’t let you come?”


“Even though they played with you, they wouldn’t let you come?”


“Did this make you frustrated?”


“How frustrated?”


“And you would have done anything to come, wouldn’t you?”


“So, you really are a slut little one, aren’t you?”

“I guess I am”

“No, say it for all to hear, Say, I am a slut.”

When Lara hesitates, Miss Hall slaps her ass. “I am a slut, I am a slut,” Lara cries out.

The other girls giggle and can’t believe what they are watching. As the class watches, Miss Hall proceeds to spank Lara with her right hand; 20 times she hit that perfect little ass. With her left hand Casandra was playing with Lara’s pussy, rubbing her mound and fingering her. She could feel the heat coming from Lara. With an explosion, Lara comes again, and comes, and comes again.

With all the build up so far today, even with already coming before, Lara came like she never had before and lost consciousness Miss Hall turns her over and holds her for a second and then she stands up, still holding Lara. “This incident should remind private, ok class? We don’t want to embarrass Lara or ourselves. We could all get into trouble, ok?”

“Yes Miss Hall” the girls say.

“I’ll take her down to the nurse. Would someone open the door please and hand me her cloths.” As she leaves, Miss Hall turns to the class, “Remember class, no one talk about this.”

Casandra thinks to herself, “I must have this little slut and make her mine.”

Instead of taking Lara to the nurse, Miss Hall takes her to a supply closet, lays Lara down gently and locks the door. (Miss Hall got a key just in case she needed to get in the closet for cleaning supplies, to saves time. She never thought she would use it to hide someone).

Casandra thinks to herself, “I’ll come back in a short while, after class is over and the next period starts. The Halls will be empty and I’ll take her back to the art class room, we’ll be safe there. No more classes today in that room. And start her training.”

Miss Hall goes back to art class and makes sure the girls and her are all on the same page. She thinks “I don’t want anything to go wrong. I’m taking a big chance. If I have too, I’ll offer Lara’s services as the class slave and slut. The girls will love that, which will close the bargin. That is a great idea.”

So Miss Hall returns to the art class with the proposal that “Lara will be the class slave and slut.”

The girls all loved the idea and agreed that Miss Hall was in charge but that Melissa, since she found her, should get first go each day. Each girl thought what a great time they would all have with the little slave girl. Also Miss Hall got a copy of any pictures or video the girls had taken of Lara. When Melissa told Miss Hall about gym class, she found the girls involved and brought them into the deal.

After a few minutes Lara wakes up very dazed and confused. Looking around she finds herself in a closet, nude and her clothes are missing. She tries to open the door but it is locked. Still sore and spent, Lara just lies on the floor. “Who put me in here? And Why? It must have been Miss hall. Why is this happening to me?’ and she cries.

After a few moments, Lara starts to feel stronger and then after what seemed like a long time, to was really only about 10 minutes, , the door opens. Expecting it to be Miss Hall, Lara us startled! It is not Miss Hall, it is someone else.

Maintenance worker (Jessica or Jess) opens the closet door. “What is the world!” says Jess.

Lara doesn’t say anything, she is ashamed and embarrassed. “Are you all right little one, let me help you. Where are your clothes?”

“I don’t know.”

“What is your name little girl.”


Jessica looks down at Lara and marvels in the beauty she sees. After glancing around, she takes a picture of Lara and then she pulls Lara to her feet. “I’ll take care of you baby.”

How to get her down to the lower levels in this state, unseen. Jess says “Quick get in the trash can, that way no one will see you.”

Lara responses, “I don’t want to get in there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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