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Sticky But Sweet

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What a hot summer day! I get home from work and nobody’s around. You’re at work, the kids are away for the night and after walking home from the office I’m covered in sweat so I strip down, leaving my clothes in a trail across the room as I head for the shower. I turn the water on, just barely warm and hop in. Mmm, it feels great to rinse the sticky sweat off my body! I soap up, rinse off and get out, drying off quickly. You’re still not home and I’m exhausted so I head to the bedroom and lay down on top of the bed, enjoying the feeling of the air coming off the ceiling fan and hitting my naked body. Finally relaxed after a long day I doze off. Drifting along a river of relaxation I hear you come in after a while but I’m so tired that my eyes won’t open and I quickly fall back asleep.

You come into the house and see my skirt sitting on the floor just inside the front door, your eyes moving across the room to see my top in the doorway that leads to the hallway. Pausing, you listen but can’t hear any sounds in the house except for the soft hushing that the ceiling fan makes. You quietly walk towards the hallway and see my bra on the floor outside the bathroom door. “What was she doing?” you wonder. You step inside the bathroom and see my panties on the floor next to the damp towel that I had used to dry myself after the shower. You turn towards the bedroom and as you step inside you see me lying on the bed, my naked body sprawled out under the cool breeze of the ceiling fan.

You walk to the bed and sit down next to me; your hand strokes my hair while you kiss me softly. I don’t wake up but smile a little smile at the feel of your lips. You lean back and look at my body, soft and smooth. Your eyes travel to my nipples and you feel warmth in your belly as you watch my nipple harden slightly from the wind of the ceiling fan. Lightly you touch my nipple with the tip of your finger and feel the little bit of hardness in it.

Hot and dirty from working all day in the heat you decide to go hop in the shower while you let me sleep. The cool water feels so good on your skin as you wash away the stickiness. As you soap up your body küçükçekmece escort your mind keeps drifting back to me lying on the bed and you can feel how hard you’ve grown from the image. Gently you stroke yourself with a soapy hand, it feels amazing but you stop quickly, rinse off and get out of the shower. You have other ideas!

Mmm, I’m dreaming about floating down a river in a boat, the cool breeze ruffling my hair. Slowly I become aware of sensations in my body that feel good, a warm and gentle tug at my nipple, a wet tongue moving in circles around my areola, it’s such a sweet feeling and I can’t help myself when a small moan escapes my lips.

I lay still and wait to see what will happen next, expecting your hands on my body. All of a sudden I feel a cold sensation on my nipple, bringing it to instant attention and making it hard as a rock. I hiss through my teeth and start to jerk away but I feel the intense cold being replaced with your warm tongue, licking and sucking gently at my nipple. While you suck on me, you put the cold thing on my other nipple and the cold feels good but hurts at the same time. I don’t know whether to push away or push into the feeling! Just as my nipple starts to get too cold you take the cold away and the warmth of your mouth engulfs it. Mmm

You alternate between my nipples for a few more minutes before I feel you start to drag the cold thing down my belly, your warm tongue following it and lapping up every drop of coldness from my body. The contrast between warm and cold feels amazing and I just lay there enjoying the sensations.

You move further down my body and push my legs apart, positioning yourself between them. I can feel your warm breath as you study my pussy, it makes me wiggle in anticipation of what you plan to do next. Suddenly I feel the cold thing against my clit and my whole body jerks at the feeling. You slide it down across the outside of my pussy, moving in a slow circle around my pussy lips before you continue to rub it down across my ass. Up and down you move it and I can feel whatever it is dripping şişli escort it’s juice on my pussy and mingling with my own juices which are heavily flowing now!

Mmm my whole body feels creamy as you lick my clit and suck the stickiness off of it, your tongue explores my pussy and my ass, licking and sucking up every drop. Once again you start to lick and suck my clit, at the same time I feel the coldness against the opening of my pussy as you slowly push it inside of me. Oh god it feels so good inside of my hot and throbbing pussy while your tongue licks frantically at my clit. You push it slowly inside of me and pull it out, push it in and pull it out and then I feel you take it away and replace it with your hot and greedy tongue. You are making animal noises as you lap the inside walls of me and lick off the sweet drops of nectar.

I feel you stop and I open my eyes and look down at you. You smile at me and then take a long slow suck of the big stick Popsicle. The site is so erotic; I squirm around and lift my hips off the bed, pushing my pussy back towards you. Looking in my eyes you move the Popsicle down and slowly thrust it inside of me. It’s so cold but feels amazing!! You slide it in and out of me while you start licking my ass, catching the drips on your tongue as they trickle down me. Watching my face you pull the Popsicle out and move it down towards my ass, you ask, “is it okay?” and I smile… you circle my ass with the tip of the big stick and push my thighs further apart.

Slowly you slide it in, it is so cold! What an amazing feeling to have this object inside my ass and as you push it in deeper I move my hand down to play with my clit. You slide it in and out and start to lick my pussy, slowly savoring the flavors mixed together. The heat in my body intensifies as I feel myself getting more excited than I thought possible. My hips buck move against you, pushing your hand and the Popsicle deeper into my ass, your mouth tighter against my pussy and my hands hold your head to me as I cum, shooting big spurts of fluid against your tongue. Your tongue şirinevler escort moves quickly as you suck and lick, trying to eat every drop of my cum.

My ass is starting to freeze and you pull the big stick out of it, moving it again to my pussy and pushing it inside. I feel my muscles contract around it with the cold, making me tight and wet instantly. You slide it in and out of me while you lick the juices from my ass, your tongue dipping inside of me as you slurp to get every drop out of me that you can.

Pulling the Popsicle out, you put it in the water cup that is on the night stand and hover your body over mine. Laying on top of me we kiss and I can taste the blend of my juices mixed with the sweet juiciness of the Popsicle. Licking and sucking on your lips and your tongue, I can feel your cock pressing against my cold pussy lips. You feel so hot!

“Oh my god, that’s cold but so fucking tight,” you say as you slowly push yourself inside of me. Your cock feels so hot and hard inside of me and my pussy is so wet! I feel you slide in all the way as you bottom out inside of me. Your body rocks as you slowly glide your cock in and out, in and out. You are moaning into my mouth as we kiss, my pussy gets warmer from your friction and I can feel your cock throbbing inside of me. You reach your hand down and slide a finger inside of my ass, pushing me to the brink of my orgasm. My contracting pussy pulls you in deeper, tightening around you and squeezing your throbbing cock. As I start to come you feel the heat spread through your belly and down into your balls, cum builds up and without warning it floods into my pussy. Your body is thrusting your cock deep inside of me as we both cum hard, the room hot, our bodies sweaty and sticky (from the Popsicle) as you empty every drop of your cum inside of me.

As you lay your head on my breast I look up and see Ryan standing in the open doorway, watching us and smiling. In one hand he is holding his cock through his pants, squeezing it and rubbing against it. He sees that I have noticed him and he puts his fingers to his lips, “Shh” and then turns and walks away. I smile and wrap my arms around you, telling you that we should go take a shower and rinse off, again!

Later on you and I are sitting outside on the deck and you see Ryan get out of his car below. You wave and say hi and invite him up for a smoke. He says that he can’t right now, he has a girl coming to visit. Then he winks and pulls a box of big sticks from the car…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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