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Still in Need

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Big Balls

A Bradley International Story

Note: This story coincides with the story Playing Again. Some of the scenes are the same, just from an alternate perspective.


“Ooh, that’s it. Slam that big cock into her. Pump her full,” I moaned as I watched the busty brunette in the video get ravaged. I smacked my pussy with my palm, feeling my clit swell with each hit.

“Beat…her…pussy,” I grunted along with each smack. I felt myself start to come just as the guy ripped his dick out of her and shot his load onto her back. I ground the heel of my hand into my mound and shoved my dildo deep inside of me. Cum leaked around the edges as shockwaves rocked my pussy, soaking the bed beneath me. I rolled over and fucked it into the bed savoring the last remnants of my orgasm.

“Mmm, that’s what I needed,” I sighed as I pulled out Donnie the dildo and kissed him on his sleek head. “Thanks again for helping out.”

Nothing like a good hard cum to start the day. Today was not just any day either. Today was going to be a great day! First, I was in heat. That meant spending most of the day trying not to molest everyone. I know it may sound horrible, but it’s not so bad; constantly feeling on the edge of cumming certainly raises the energy levels.

Second, I knew it was ok because it was going to culminate in one big, huge fuck-fest between Bella and myself. We had already made plans to dance together at the club tonight and I could not wait! The last time we danced together we almost finished each other off there on the floor.

Everything would be ok. All I had to do was make it through the day. Thanks to Donnie, I was off to a pretty good start.

I climbed out of bed and shuffled my way to the shower. I scrubbed myself, and Donnie, getting in a little more quality time while soaking up the hot water.

By the time I finished playing around, I had just enough time to dress and head to the office. My commute wasn’t too horrible, so I didn’t have to leave at the crack of dawn like most people. I grabbed my bag, threw in Donnie and my silver bullet, and headed out the door.

Thankfully, I made it to work early enough that few people were there. Mr. Bradley, my horrid sleazy boss, was nowhere to be seen. I tried having office sex with him one time but Mary, one of the mid-level managers, busted in before I could get anything good out of him. He shot his load on my face and was pretty much done after that. Thinking back on it, I should probably thank Mary for the interruption. I wasn’t happy about it at the time, but now I’m glad it didn’t go any further. Even a slut like me has limits.

I settled into my desk and started working on my current project. Howard Engineering, one of our biggest clients, had recently submitted a ton of requests and we were all scrambling to fill that request quickly.

Not only were they wanting data on their investments, they also wanted performance data for our company. I didn’t know what was going on, but it certainly did make me wonder.

Just as I was losing myself in the spreadsheet, a disheveled Fran rushed in. “Barbara! Oh, thank God. I know this sounds weird, but do you happen to have a different shirt, maybe one not so form-fitting or low cut?” she sounded out of breath and she kept nervously looking around.

“I don’t think so, hon, with those blessings you are sporting, anything I have would be tight. What’s the matter? I think you look great and there is nothing on your shirt that I can see,” I tried to reassure her.

“I can’t wear a shirt like this to work! You know what will happen! I keep these things covered for a reason!” she almost shouted.

It took me a second, but I realized what she meant. She was worried about Mr. Bradley seeing her like that. The letch that he was, he would never leave her alone if he knew what was hiding under all those bulky sweaters she usually wore.

Here at B. I., employees with sex appeal were always trying to stay under his radar, and Fran had to be one of the most voluptuous women I knew. Her tits were massive, and her ass was nice and bubbly. The only reason I knew this, and the rest of the office did not, was because Fran danced at the same club I did. She had chosen that club because she knew there wasn’t much chance that guys from the office would frequent it. It was usually a hangout for the blue-collar workers outside of town – farmers, truckers, factory workers – guys that had calluses on their hands and more than just one wad in their pants. She hoped to save up enough money from dancing to open up her own CPA office. I just did it when I was in heat and wanted a nice piece of meat.

“Ah hell, sorry, Franny. I wish I could help you. Just try to hide as much as possible. Maybe you’ll get lucky and you won’t have to see him all day.”

“Doubtful. He has me doing a financial report for one of our clients. He has been asking me about it every day. If I don’t have it for him today, I’m sure I will not like the repercussions.”

Before I could offer any other gaziemir escort bayan suggestion, she hurried off to her desk.

I couldn’t imagine what Mr. Bradley would do to her if she did not have that report in time. Instead of firing us, or docking our pay, he found inventive ways to punish us for poor performance. I did not envy her right now.

I got all tingly thinking about the various punishments he could mete out — especially to someone like Fran. I had seen his dick before. It would fit nicely in her cavernous cleavage.

Feeling my need start to grow, I slipped my bullet into my dripping slit. No one was around and it didn’t take but a second to reach up my skirt and pull my panties to the side.

I clamped my legs together to lessen the buzz coming out of my vagina. It also increased the stimulation (which was an added bonus).

“Good morning, sunshine. What’s shaking?” Melanie asked as she came into view.

Thankfully, I was back into my spreadsheet when she walked up but I was so into my self-love session, I hadn’t even heard her. Melanie was cool though. She and I had shared Donnie once or twice.

Grinning at her, I replied, “My bullet.”

Her eyebrow went up a notch and she laughed. “Let me know if you need any help today. I’m willing to lend a hand…or whatever…if you need it.”

The thought of spending some quality time with Melanie and the steady pulsing of my bullet brought me over the edge again.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind and thanks for sending me over. It was just the image I needed.”

“Haha, you are quite welcome my friend. I will see you later.”

It was nice to have friends.

I once again turned to my spreadsheet. At this rate, I might be done with this report next month.

I spent the next few hours plinking away at the keyboard letting my thoughts drift to tonight and the fun time I had in store for me. Bob, the owner of the club, was already anticipating a crowd tonight.

It had taken me, and Bella, a while to convince Bob that it was a great idea, but once he was on board, he went all out. He put up flyers and made sure all of his patrons knew what was happening.

At first, I thought Bella might want to choreograph our dance, but she said that she would rather go with what felt right. She suggested an outfit she had seen me wear before, but that was it. I had no idea what I was getting into, but my imagination was vivid and perverse. I couldn’t wait.

I played through so many different scenarios that by the time I finished my report, my panties were soaked.

I decided it was time for a break. Maybe Melanie would be willing to join me. Her cubicle was on the way to the bathroom so it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

I shuffled my feet as I neared her desk. I knew she liked to play with Carson occasionally and I didn’t want to ruin their fun.

Sure enough, just as I rounded the corner, I saw Carson stroking himself. He looked close to the breaking point.

“Looks like I picked right time to come say ‘Hi’,” I chirped.

He didn’t even stop what he was doing. He just looked up at me, gave me a sly grin and kept on stroking. Carson was hot. His throbbing pole had been in my mouth more than once. I almost started to drool just watching him.

Melanie slid up next to me. “Are you headed for a bathroom break? I know I sure need one.”

Carson’s head popped back up. “Can I join?”

Melanie laughed. “What do you think, Barbara?”

I looked heatedly at Carson’s dick. “Mmmhmm, I think we could fix his problem.”

I headed for the bathroom with Carson following right behind me. As soon as I cleared the door, he had me on my knees and with his dick in my mouth. I used my tongue to clean all the precum off of his cock. Softly, I raked my nails along the skin of his sack while I put pressure on his purple head to suck out the precum. I was double-fisting him, feeling his balls start to tighten just as Melanie shoved her way into the room.

“You’re going to have to share, honey,” she said as she knelt down beside me. I moved my hands so she would have a place to put her mouth. Together we wrapped our lips around opposite sides of his cock sliding and sucking back and forth. Carson realized what we were doing and grabbed hold of our heads and started pumping his cock between our lips. Melanie and I dueled tongues underneath, teasing him even further.

“Both of you, give me your tits,” he moaned.

Thinking he wanted to spew his load all over us, we displayed our tits to him proudly.

“No. Face each other and stack them for me. Make a sandwich for my dick.”

Doing as he said, we faced each other. I held my tits out towards Melanie, and she stacked her tits on top of mine.

Carson grasped our tits from the top and bottom putting pressure on them from both sides and slipped his dripping cock in between them. He reached with his thumb and finger to pinch our nipples as he hammered into his escort gaziemir tit sandwich.

I felt his pending release, his ass and stomach both tightened right before streams of cum sprayed between our tits.

Melanie pulled me to her and licked the sensitive spot on my neck right before she bit me. My hips bucked and I rubbed our tits together. She pulled on my nipples and bit me harder.

I had reached my breaking point. I couldn’t take anymore. My skin burned with need. I could barely see or breath I was so filled with lust. “I need to cum now,” I growled at her.

I pulled her up and pushed her against the door by Carson. I threw myself at her, kissing her as I pulled up our skirts and slammed my pussy into hers. Our cum-covered breasts slid around teasing me higher as I pounded myself into her.

Carson finally woke up enough to see what we were doing. Being the decent sort, he reached behind me and shoved his fingers inside, two in front and one in back.

“Fucking ram those fingers into me Carson! Ungh fuck,” I shuddered. “I can’t…GASP! Hold on Melanie!” I screamed.

I slammed my swollen pussy into hers so hard I shook the door as I felt myself start to shatter. I leaned down and sucked her nipple into my mouth bringing her with me. Cum squirted out of us both and ran down our legs.

Carson pulled his fingers out of me once he realized we were finished. Not wanting to leave him hanging hard, I turned around and sucked him down into my throat. Pulling back, I wrapped my hands tightly around his cock shaft, my lips around his head, and stroked him off into my mouth while I sucked.

It didn’t take him long to spew. Hot ropes of cum shot down my throat and leaked out the side of my mouth. I cleaned him off once again and let him go. Being a guy, it didn’t take him but a second to spruce up and head out the door.

“Thanks ladies,” he said, blowing us a kiss.

As the door closed behind him, I went about trying to clean myself up and straighten my clothes. Melanie was right there with me. That amount of cum took more than one swipe to remove.

I thanked Melanie, then invited her to the club for tonight’s performance. She had been a little weird lately and I knew she needed some time out.

After such a refreshing encounter in the restroom, I decided to deprive myself for the rest of the day. I knew it would be tough, but I wanted tonight to be amazing. I knew Bella could probably take me at my worst and then some.

I spent the afternoon plinking away at my reports desperately trying to focus. My nipples hurt from constantly straining against my bra and I had to put a towel between my legs to protect my clothes and chair. By the time I called it a day, my skin was vibrating with need.

I do not remember the drive home. I know I made it, but how I got there alluded me. I took a shower, denying myself the relief I usually took from it. Each drop of water that hit my skin felt electric. I quickly dried myself, trying not to appreciate how the terry cloth felt as it rasped against my skin.

Bella had been specific about what clothes she wanted me to wear – a pale beige teddy. I threw it on, noticing how it almost matched my skin tone. I added a little sundress and headed out the door. I wanted to get there early in case she had anything new to add.

My hands shook as I started my car, thankfully the drive to the club was a short one.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I breathed a sigh of relief. I wouldn’t have to hold out for too much longer. Bella’s car was parked around back. It resembled her – sleek, shiny, and with nice curves.

I pulled into the spot beside her car and entered the club from the rear entrance. The club actually opened around noon. I did not want to enter through the front looking like I did or feeling like I felt. I was liable to latch on to the first guy that looked at me.

Girls in various stages of undress fluttered around the dressing room. Bob’s booming voice could be heard from somewhere in the distance. All of this was just a buzz in my ears.

I managed to locate Bella amidst the chaos. She was ushering some of the younger girls around while trying to prepare herself. The second she saw me, her eyes blazed and her nostrils flared. A flush crept into her cheeks.

She was dressed in leather – boots and bustier. Leather bracings covered her forearms. The river of black silk that was her hair flowed over her shoulders in a high ponytail. I shivered as I watched her stalk toward me. This night was going to get rough. I could see that now – and I was ok with it.

“You look feral,” she breathed at me.

“I haven’t touched myself since lunch.”

She inhaled quickly and then she smiled a slow lazy smile.

“We will have much fun tonight.”

She never touched me, but I felt every nuance of that smile.

“Come with me, we have a few more things to do to get ready.”

I followed along behind her practically panting. I was gaziemir escort really looking forward to this.

“How was work today? Did you manage to actually work, or did you play all day? Was your boss his normal toady self?”

Sometimes Bella and I discussed my work. I never discussed sensitive information, but because she was a good friend, Bella was always willing to listen — especially when it was about my boss.

Stories about Mr. Bradley were a big hit at the club. Between me and Frannie, there was always a new story floating around amongst the girls.

“Of course, he was! Poor Frannie was doing her best to hide from him, but he’s been so intent on this big project lately that I’m hoping she got off easy — if not completely. If he knew what she kept hidden, she’d have to move and change her name.”

“I can’t believe he can get away with all the stuff he does!”

“Well, I guess he covers his tracks with some and keeps the others indebted or enthralled. I’m not really sure how he hasn’t been caught.”

I followed her to the dressing area. Costumes littered the walls and chairs.

She dug around on her table and pulled out a sparkling collar and leash. “Since you are feral, we must put you on a leash. I can’t have you running wild, now can I?”

She pulled my hair up into a ponytail similar to hers and fastened the cool collar around my neck.

“Did you wear the teddy?” she asked.

Rather than try to talk, I raised my sundress over my head.

Her eyes locked on to my straining nipples. “Yes, this will do nicely,” she said as she softly ran her hand across them.

I flicked my eyes up to hers and breathed, “Careful, you aren’t holding the leash yet.”

She took a quick step back, “Be good. Our set starts soon.”

She turned to Chelsea, “You’re up, buttercup! See if you can get them stirred up for us.”

Chelsea looked a little nauseous. I silently wished her luck.

Bella briefly outlined her idea for our set. I hoped I made it through the night without spontaneously combusting.

When I had arrived, only a handful of cars sat in the parking lot. By the time we were ready to walk on stage, no chair was left empty. Since last time went over so well, Bob decided to promote the event. Word had gotten out, I guess.

Bella leaned over and clipped the leash to my collar.

“On your knees, dear. Let them experience your magnetism.”

As I prepared to drop, she jerked on the leash, drawing me to her and kissed me hard, sucking and nipping my lip as she did. “Soon.”

I let out a ragged breath. Soon. I hoped soon came before I did.

The music started just as I sank to my knees – Closer by Nine Inch Nails.

‘Well, that fits,” I thought.

I knew the song. The phrase “I wanna fuck you like an animal” resounded through me.

I stretched my back like a cat pushing my ass into the air. Bella reached back and caressed the exposed cheek before giving it a sharp slap.

My eyes glazed and I became that animal. I prowled onto the stage as Bella led me. My breasts, heavy and aching, strained against the cloth. I feigned an attempt to go towards the crowd causing Bella to pull tightly on the leash.

She was probably afraid I would bite them.

I slunk back to her as she pulled, coming to a rest in front of her, like a good pet.

She drew me to my feet, keeping a tight grip on the leash with one hand and used the other to touch me.

Her hands breezed across my nipples as she danced around me. She took the time to lift each breast with her hands, weighing them.

“Are they sufficient?”, I asked with a smirk.

She smiled. “Just right.”

As she moved behind me, her fingers found the seam of my teddy where my ass cheek peeked out. She ran her finger beneath that seam and found the line of my ass where it met my thigh. She hefted the weight of the cheek in her hand just as she did my breast.

I raised my eyebrow in question at one of the guys closest to the stage. He just gave me a loopy grin.

As the song picked up, she made another lap around me, this time checking crevasses, but not before she arched her back and pushed herself into me. She ground her pelvis into my side, dropped to the floor, and slid her way back up.

Being a human pole wasn’t so bad, I guess.

She progressed back round to the front where she ran her finger along my slit, pushing the cloth into the crease as she put her face close to mine, I could feel her breath cooling the sweat. She mouthed the words to the song “I want to fuck you like an animal”

I knew I was already wet; now the cloth would be soaked.

She continued around, touching and teasing until she reached the back and, as before, copied her motions from the front. The cloth tucked between my ass cheeks and exposed the flesh. She took the cloth in her hand and pulled it up deeper into the crease, digging it into me, and pulling the front harder against my clit. She slapped me hard on the ass and pressed her mound hard against me. I could hear her breathing pick up. She pulled on my leash, pulling my head back towards her.

Biting my neck, she road my ass a few more times, working herself into a state. I felt moisture just before she pulled herself away and danced back to the front.

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