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Straight Guy Goes Speedo Shopping Pt. 02

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I left off in the first chapter of this story still in the shopping mall toilets with my straight rugby mate Dave, who had just blown me in a cubicle after we ran into each other buying speedos for our respective European trips. That wasn’t expected, but even more so, the change room attendant Josh, followed us in there and secretly recorded us on his phone.

Fast forward, and I am standing there holding Josh’s unlocked phone and Dave is still recovering from a gutful of my nut he’s just drained. He’s standing beside me, both of us looking at Josh’s pics and video folder. “Fucka” I say at Josh, he was taking pics of us when we were back in the store, and of course there’s the last file which is the video of Dave and me. I hit play and the two of us watch Dave blowing my fat dick as I start to get hard again just at the sight of it. Josh looks terrified and is staring at me, saying, “I have to get back to work, just delete what you want and give me back my phone.”

“Hang on buddy boy” I say to him. “Hey Dave, check out what else is on this guy’s phone” as I lean the phone closer to Dave, opening pic after pic of Josh toying what could only be his ass with some of the biggest dildos I have ever seen. “Far out, look at the size of that” says Dave, seeing a picture that has Josh on his back, legs up with a 10-inch dildo halfway up his hole.

We both look at Josh who is now completely red in the face and looking towards the floor. “Seems to me that you like big things in your ass hey Josh?” I tell him. He quietly nods his head, still looking at the floor. “Is that what you were thinking when you were looking at our dicks in those speedos?”

“Having our big dicks in that little ass of yours hey?” Again, Josh quietly nods. Dave leans into my ear and says “mate, what the fuck are we doing, let’s get out of here.”

I leave the cubicle area and go to the main entrance to the bathrooms and lock the door from the inside. Both guys now have a worried look on their faces. “Hey Josh, sit on the floor against the wall over there, you need to see something.” Josh obeys and sits his little frame down and stares at me. I walk over to Dave and start squeezing his speedo covered dick through his jeans and say to him “mate, Josh isn’t getting this big dick, but he can watch how good it feels when it touches my ass.” At this point, I don’t know where this dominant side of me is coming from, but there is no way that little twerp is getting either of our dicks, but he can sure bahis şirketleri watch us play like a little cuck.

Dave is still looking worried, but his dick is also getting harder by the second. I undo his jeans and see those red speedos full of cock and covered with wet spots from when he blew me earlier. I drop to my knees, smelling that pre cum and his musky morning sweat and start lapping at the fabric around his dick and balls. “Hmmm, fuck yeah” Dave groans. I pull the waistband down and tuck it under his balls. His fat cut dick springs free and whacks me in the cheek. Fuck it smells even better this close to it. I open my mouth wide and take a full gulp of his dick so it hits the back of my throat in one go. I close my mouth around it and start gliding my spit covered tongue and lips up and down. Dave instantly rewards me with what feels like a small load, but it is his pre cum flooding my mouth. I gulp it up and can hear his moans getting more heated.

Pulling off his dick, I stand and kiss him. Our tongues are fighting in each other’s mouths, the mix of spit, my earlier load in his mouth and the pre cum I’ve just been getting is an amazing mix that has made my dick come back to life and drip. I pull away from the kiss of a lifetime and turn around. I pull my grey sweatpants under my beefy butt cheeks and hear Dave say “fuck big Ben, that’s one incredible ass mate.” His hands instantly reach for my cheeks as he tries to hold one in each hand. I can feel his fingers moving over my cheeks and dancing along the crack of my ass. Fuck it feels so good.

I look over at Josh who is grinding his dick with his hand through his black dress pants. “You like watching hey Josh?” I ask. He nods his head, staring at Dave and me. Dave is still pawing my ass cheeks as he drops to his knees and pushes his face into my butt crack. I can feel his nose and chin trying to get further into my crack as I reach behind and hold each ass cheek apart for him. “Hmmmm” he groans as he gets his first sight of my tight hairy hole. More importantly, he gets his first taste of my ass and there’s something about it that makes him go wild. His tongue starts poking at my pucker, like it’s a TBM trying to bore a six-lane road. Instinctively I push back opening my hole as his tongue starts to enter. The heat of his wet tongue darting in and out of my hole sends shivers through my entire body. I can hear him slurping and groaning as he tries to force more of it deeper into my ass. “Want a taste bahis firmaları Josh?” I ask. He looks up at me with a look of “are you serious?”. “Get here now” I command as he scrambles over to my ass as Dave pulls away and spreads my cheeks for Josh to get a clear line to my hole.

“Hmmmm fuck!” I groan as his much smaller tongue glides straight into my pucker. Dave has opened it up and now Josh has his tongue completely inside me. I start to bounce my beefy ass on his face feeling his tongue go that bit deeper. Dave encourages me “that’s it big Ben, smother this fucker’s face with that ass.” He moves to the front leaving Josh to keep eating my ass and starts kissing me again. “Ohh yeah” the taste of my previous load is now mixed with my ass on his tongue as he wrestles it into my eager mouth. Both of our hard dicks are grinding against each other with the rhythm of me bouncing on Josh’s tongue.

I feel Josh shift behind me but am too focussed on eating Dave’s face as we continue to face fuck and suck each other’s tongues. “Whoooa” I pull off Dave’s mouth as I feel something thin and hard slide into my slick ass. “What the fuck are you doing Josh?” as a shit eating grin appears across his face, proud that his dick has just slid deep into my ass. He obviously realised that my hole was taking his tongue with ease and thought he’d sneak his little dick into me. I turn as his dick slides out of my hole and push him back to the floor. “get back over there you little fucka” I demand.

Dave looks at me, worried that all this is about to come to a grinding halt. “You okay mate?” he asks. “Yeah, just not about to be boned by that twerp over there” I reply.

As those words came out of my mouth, my ass had this empty feeling and its own ideas. I turn my ass around as it collides with Dave’s hard fat dick. He’s onto what I’m thinking, and I hear him spit into his palm and rub it into my already slick ass from the two mouths that had been previously eating it. As he lines up his dick, I can feel the heat from its hard head waiting at my hole like its piss slit is kissing my pucker. I have this involuntary reaction of opening my hole and pushing back onto it. “Ommmf” I groan as the fat mushroom head pops through my ring the sound audible to Josh and me. Man, the burn and pleasure at the same time feels like heaven. He responds with a firm and direct push as his balls nuzzle between my ass cheeks. He leans in over my shoulder and rests his mouth against my ear. “Fuck, Ben, that kaçak bahis siteleri ass is the most amazing thing my cock has ever felt.” This encourages me to start to slowly move my ass up and down his big dick. As he pushes it in past my prostate, my dick automatically drips pre cum that is the size of an average load. Where is it all coming from? Dave is increasing his pace and now has both hands on my shoulders pulling me back as he takes each thrust deeper into my guts.

I look back to Josh who is furiously jerking his skinny dick. Dave leans into my ear and asks, “you want those bull balls licked by little twerp over there Benny boy?” I can’t speak at this point and just nod. “Hey Josh, get that tongue of yours under here and start lapping at this guy’s nuts” he instructs. Josh scrambles over shifts between Dave’s legs and bam! His warm wet tongue takes its first swipe at my hairy nuts. Dave gets back to pace and is groaning more and more as he pulls his dick almost out of my ass and then thrusts it deep back in.

This is enough for my dick to start pulsing without any touch and I can feel another load building fast in my balls. I reach down and push Josh forward away from my balls and look down at his face staring up at me. “Agggghhhh” I groan as my body starts shaking and a huge load erupts from my dick. Rope after rope, coating Josh’s face as he scrambles to catch some in his mouth. I still haven’t touched my dick but the pulsing continues through to my ass as it grips Dave’s cock and jerks it with the muscles of my hole. That’s enough to send him over the edge “what the fuck is your hole doing to my cock?” he moans. He grabs my waist and pulls me back further onto his dick like he is trying to force it through the other side of my body. He goes dead silent as I feel his body against mine, shaking and jerking like its possessed. “Oh, my fucking hell” Dave says.

He slowly pulls his dick out of my dripping ass and says, “Josh come here and clean his ass and my dick.” Josh obediently moves back, face covered in my load. He starts to eat Dave’s cum out of my ass. I’m still super sensitive after just blowing and struggle to keep Josh’s tongue in my crack. I pull forward and Josh turns to Dave’s still dripping cock and laps at it. “Hmmm” he groans and the mix of cum and my ass fill his mouth.

I’ve pulled my speedos and track pants back on and am trying to regain my cool. “Little fucka, if you ever film someone again without their permission, there’s going to be consequences, do you understand?” He silently nods as Dave pulls his dick from his mouth and starts to get dressed.

“Sorry mate, I’ve got to get back to Cara, have a great trip and let’s catch up when I’m back” I say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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