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Student Teacher Meets Substitute

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During the fall semester, I was observing a local high school English teacher. As a future teacher studying at Michigan State University, part of my course work involved observing a high school classroom for a few hours per work. The program director contacted one of the local schools, and one of the teachers there – an alumnus of the University – agreed to let me come in to observe her classroom.

I first visited Ms. Harper’s class in early September. I was unfamiliar with the school, so I was uncomfortable for a little while. She was a young, energetic teacher. At 28 years old she was young enough to identify with her students, but she was also old enough and intelligent enough to command respect when needed. I was nervous about what kind of teacher I would be working with, but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into her classroom the first day. I got there before classes began, and she was the only one in the room. She greeted me with a smile, a firm handshake, and all the obligatory chit-chat that inevitably comes with first meeting someone.

She was about 5’3″ and well proportioned. She wasn’t skinny, but there wasn’t much fat on her, either. She had shoulder-length brown hair that curled around her face and a cute but slightly crooked smile that showed healthy white teeth. She was wearing pajamas. It was Homecoming week, and every high school has theme days that week. Ms. Harper’s pajamas weren’t too tight or too loose, but I could tell that her breasts were a good size, probably 36 D or so. When she turned away from me every once in a while, I could see she had a firm, round ass, and the pajamas didn’t disguise the outline of her panties.

When classes began, I took a seat in the back of the classroom. It was the first day, and I would be doing nothing but introducing myself to the classes and then watching silently. As a senior in college, I wasn’t too much older than the students, but I felt I still needed to act somewhat professionally to gain and maintain the students’ respect. I knew I would be interacting more with the students later in the semester, and a lack of respect for my knowledge, authority, and maturity wouldn’t be helpful once Ms. Harper turned in her final evaluation to my professor. But as I was watching from the back of the class while the students worked on an in-class assignment, I watched as Ms. Harper walked around the classroom to help her students. She would occasionally bend or crouch down to look at students’ work, and the top of her panties was clearly visible above the waistline of her pajamas and below her top. She had milky white skin and tight red underwear that stayed in my mind for the rest of the day.

A few months went by. After that first day of my observation, Ms. Harper dressed a little more conservatively, at least to the point that she didn’t let her underwear show. She occasionally wore skirts that came down to just above her knee or somewhat tight, sleeveless blouses, but nothing revealing. I had been interacting with the students on a one-on-one basis for a month or so, just helping them with odds and ends. Late in November, Ms. Harper asked me to run her classes the following Friday. She was going to be at a teacher’s conference, and school policy requires a substitute teacher to be present when the full-time teacher isn’t. However, she said the substitute teacher could just sit behind the desk the entire day as a formality and that it would be a good experience for me to run class. I agreed, and before I left for the day, she gave me the lesson plan so I could start preparing to teach the class. The students would only be doing canlı bahis homework from their books, but she wanted me to be prepared to answer their questions.

The following Friday I got to the school at 7:45 a.m., and I looked for the substitute teacher. School was supposed to begin at 8:00 a.m. and I wanted to talk to him or her and get everything straightened out before class started. At 8:00 a.m. all the students were in the class, but not the substitute teacher. We listened to the announcements and I began to take attendance. Just as I started explaining the day’s assignment to the class, the door opened and in walked the sub. I held up one finger, as if to say “Hold on one minute,” and finished the instructions.

When I was done with the explanation, I walked over to the teacher’s desk, which was occupied by the substitute teacher. She just happened to be beautiful. Her name was Keri Davis, and she told me to call her Keri. We started to talk while the students worked on their assignment. She was originally from the area and had graduated from the University of Texas a few months before. She was probably about 5’6″ and 120 pounds. Her straight strawberry blond hair came down to the middle of her back. She had full red lips and a few freckles on her cheeks. Her enchanting green eyes were what really made me gasp. Picture how a cat’s green eyes look in the dark, but make them friendly eyes, and that’s how they looked. She was wearing a neatly pressed black button-up blouse, left untucked, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, revealing delicate small wrists and hands. The shirt wasn’t revealing, but I could tell that she had medium-sized perky breasts underneath. Her slacks were a soft beige and also neatly pressed, and they held snugly to her narrow hips and heart-shaped ass.

I explained to her the situation with Ms. Harper being gone, and she was content to let me handle the class. The students continued to work, but I could tell the male students had noticed Keri’s stunning good looks. There were occasional furtive glances in her direction, and one of the boys stared longingly at her whenever his mind drifted away from the task at hand. The first three classes of the day went by this way, with Keri sitting at the teacher’s desk, me instructing the students, and then Keri and I chatting for the rest of the hour while the students worked. After third period was the lunch break.

When the bell rang at the end of third period, the students handed in their papers and filed out of the classroom. Keri stood by the door collecting papers while I sat at the desk filling out the attendance sheet. After the last student exited the room, Keri made her way over to the teacher’s desk and sat on the edge, facing me but to my left. I finished with the attendance and set it aside while she stacked the papers and put them in a folder for Ms. Harper. As I looked up at Keri, she asked what I usually do for lunch. I told her that I usually go home after third period, so I didn’t know what I was going to do for lunch. With a sly smile she said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do, either.” Then she slid along the edge of the desk until she was sitting directly in front of me and hesitated a second before bending down to kiss me lightly on the lips. This caught me completely off guard, but that’s not to say I didn’t like it. After a moment she drew her head away and glanced in the direction of a door toward the back of the classroom.

There was a small room in the back that was about the size of a walk-in closet. It had a desk and two chairs in it, and Ms. Harper used it for students to bahis siteleri take make-up tests and quizzes. Keri obviously wanted us to go take a closer look. So I got up while an erection was building and locked the hallway door, and Keri grabbed me by the hand and led me to the back room. We stepped inside, and she shut the door behind us. She turned around, and I’ll never forget the smile on her face. I sat on the edge of the desk as she straddled my right leg. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. Her lips were soft and moist, and her tongue was gently teasing my lips. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Keri was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, and she was coming on to me in a classroom. I’m certainly not unattractive, but it still surprised me. I was about 6’3″ and 210 pounds, with a nice tan and a solid frame. I had been a high school all-star in baseball and football and tried out for the University’s baseball team. I hadn’t made the team, but I wasn’t the first cut. I had spiky brown hair and big brown eyes. And a beautiful girl on my lap.

As our kissing became slightly more passionate and aggressive, her right hand reached for the top button on my shirt. I grabbed her hand to stop her. Wasn’t this happening kind of fast? She said, “We only have half an hour to do this.” And she was right. The bell would be ringing in about 29 minutes, and the kids would come streaming in soon afterward. I let go of her hand and she continued to unbutton my shirt. My hands roamed up and down her back, and I reached underneath her shirt to rub the soft skin of her back. She pulled the shirt off me and undid my belt buckle. She yanked my undershirt out of my pants and pulled it over my head. There I was half-naked, and all I had done was rubbed her back. So while she stood up and continued to kiss me while undoing the button and zipper on my pants, my hands moved to the buttons of her shirt. I pulled open her shirt to reveal a red lacy bra covering two beautiful, firm 36 C breasts. Her flat stomach showed no fat whatsoever, and her collarbones were clearly defined in her shoulders.

I moved my lips to her neck while I pushed her shirt off her shoulders. Then I licked the soft indentations of her clavicle. She leaned her head back and let out a soft moan. As I stood up, she pushed my pants down to around my ankles. My seven-inch dick was sticking straight out, and the only thing keeping it from rubbing up against her stomach was the thin layer of my boxer shorts. I reached behind her back and undid the clasp on her bra, and pulled it away. Her tits never moved. They still stood straight out, and her pink, quarter-sized areolae surrounded hard nipples that jutted out about a quarter-inch. I moved my mouth down to her left nipple and sucked it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. As I licked her left nipple, I pinched her right one with my left hand. She could take it no longer. With a gasp, she pulled away from me and got to her knees. With her face a few inches away from my dick, she looked up into my eyes and pulled down my boxers. After the sudden movement, my dick bounced up and down for a second until she grabbed it with her left hand. She lifted the shaft out of the way as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick my balls. Her hand began to slowly move up and down while she sucked on one ball and then the other. Her tongue had soaked my balls, and precum was leaking across her fingers and lubricating my shaft. When Keri realized that she was about to make me cum without having even touched my dick with her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and ran it lightly along the underside bahis şirketleri of my shaft. This caused me to shiver, and I watched as a string of precum dangled between the head of my dick and her hungry tongue.

She then flicked her tongue across the bottom of my head before taking me in her mouth. Her mouth was hot and moist, and she slid me in most of the way. I slid in and out of her mouth, and her tongue was swirling the entire time. Even when my dick was as far into her mouth as it could go, her tongue was still caressing my shaft. Her right hand was playing with my balls, and her left was stroking my dick. As our motions began to speed up, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I told her I was going to cum, and she just moaned softly with my dick still filling her mouth. I jerked inside of her, and I could feel huge wads of cum shooting from my dick into the back of her throat, but she kept sucking and licking until I was finished. When she had finally sucked me dry, she kissed her way up my stomach to my chest to my shoulders to my neck and to my waiting lips. I could still taste some of my cum on her lips, but her tongue ravished my mouth as I undid the buttons on her slacks.

I reached under the waistband of her pants and slowly slid them down over her ass and to the floor. She stepped out of them, and I turned her around to lean over the desk. My dick was fully hard again, and it was rubbing against her perfectly shaped ass. I kneeled down and kissed my way down her back. She was wearing a red rose-patterned thong, and I licked her ass cheeks as I pulled her thong down. I could smell her wetness, and her soaked panties clung to her pussy. I reached between her warm thighs and slid my left middle finger up and down her slit. I rubbed her swollen clit around and around, and I could feel her juices wetting my entire hand. My left hand stayed on her clit while I stood up and reached around to play with her tits. I softly licked and nibbled her ear and neck. When my dick rubbed against her pussy, she shivered and gasped. I parted her pussy lips with my left hand and slowly entered her from behind. As I slid in and out of her sopping vagina, I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples with both hands. She was moaning more and more, and was grinding her pussy against me, wanting me to go deeper and faster. We continued to increase speed until she let out a soft little cry and I felt her pussy clench tightly on my swollen dick inside her. She came and I could feel her pussy quivering, leaking cum. As she continued to quiver, I kept sliding my dick in and out of her. On her third climax I ejaculated deep inside of her. Her pussy was clinging so tightly to my dick that we just stayed there for a moment. She had all but collapsed over the desk, and I was standing behind her, rubbing my hands all over her and keeping her pussy full with my softening dick.

Then the bell rang. We both jerked apart and threw on our clothes as quickly as possible. Luckily, even though our clothes were scattered on the floor beneath us, none of them had been stained by our activities. Our shirts were slightly wrinkled, but that was a small price to pay for such great sex. We came out of the back room a moment later, and I sat behind the desk while Keri opened up the locked door. Only one of the students was waiting to get in, since there were still a few minutes before class began, and the boy that was waiting is a pretty innocent but aloof boy who would never suspect anything. I continued to think about what happened in the back room for the rest of the day, so standing in front of the class would not have been a good idea. I gave instructions from my seat behind the teacher’s desk for the rest of the day, and Keri hovered nearby. Our friendly conversation continued for the rest of school, but I haven’t talked to her since.

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