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Sudden Obsession Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

This is a continuation from Sudden Obsession Pt. 01. Stay tuned for Pt. 03, coming soon.


In the days after their rendezvous, Lauren could barely contain her emotions. Wracked with guilt over cheating on her husband of 15 years, she tried to portray her normal self around her husband. But after he fell asleep she would cry herself to sleep.

Why had she done this, she continually asked herself, and why would she sacrifice a loving relationship of over 15 years. She felt ashamed. Ashamed that she had been unfaithful. Ashamed that she had lied to her husband. Ashamed that she had taken such a risk with a coworker.

In her depressed state, Lauren contemplated calling in sick for work. She didn’t want coworkers to see her in this state. She also couldn’t bear to think about seeing Ryan at work. She worried, what if he had told other coworkers about their tryst. Or what if he is overly flirtatious at work. This is why people say not to shit where you eat, she thought.

But eventually, Lauren composed herself and decided she couldn’t avoid work. But she also decided that she had to do everything possible to avoid Ryan for the time being. So, she made a point of staying in her office the majority of the day. When she had to leave her office, she steered well clear of Ryan’s workspace. She also came up with excuses to cancel any meeting that involved a project that Ryan worked on, to avoid having to see him.

Lauren was successful in her workplace avoidance of Ryan. After a full week of work, she had managed to avoid seeing him completely. She was still wracked with nerves about others finding out that she’d fucked the intern, but she did breathe a sigh of relief that she’d made it through a week.

Meanwhile, at home, Lauren struggled to act normally around Matt. She had trouble looking at him without feeling guilt and shame about her actions. She decided to try to keep herself busy at home to avoid her emotions getting the best of her.

Lauren started making nice homemade dinners for Matt each night that week. While it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Lauren to cook, it was generally quick and easy meals that she typically stuck to. Matt even noticed after the third night in a row.

“I haven’t seen you cook this much in a week in a long time,” Ryan said.

Lauren, not knowing the best way to respond, managed to sputter out a lie “Oh, I’ve just been really into watching Top Chef lately and it made me want to try some new recipes.” Stupid response, she thought to herself. But Matt apparently bought it, as he nodded his head and changed the subject.

Lauren also took to cleaning the house to keep herself busy. Each night that week, she was vacuuming or cleaning the kitchen or dusting. Anything to keep her busy, avoid Matt, and avoid having an emotional meltdown.

On Friday night, after a full week of cooking and cleaning at night, Lauren was in the bathroom, wiping down the vanity. Matt, who had been downstairs watching television, came up from behind her.

Matt kissed her on the neck and whispered in her ear, “Maybe it’s time to take a break from all this housework you’ve been doing all week.” He continued to kiss her neck and started running his hands along her sides and stomach.

Lauren was hoping to have avoided this and was not ready to be intimate with her husband after her roller coaster of a week. But she felt guilty about her actions last week and realized that she owed it to her husband.

So, Lauren turned around and started kissing her husband back. She quickly moved them to their bedroom hoping to speed her husband through sex as quickly as possible. She quickly stripped once they got to the bed and pulled Matt onto her.

Lauren was happy that Matt followed her lead and was skipping prolonged foreplay and was getting right to it. She resolved to close her eyes and hope that Matt would finish quickly. He pulled down his pants and entered her. He immediately started going in at out of her at a quick pace.

Lauren, trying to just close her eyes and block everything out, couldn’t help thinking something that she knew she shouldn’t be thinking: Matt’s dick felt awfully small. Stop thinking that, Lauren internally said to herself. So, she tried to block her thinking and focus on something else.

But in no time, she found herself back to thinking how small her husband’s dick felt. She thought back to Ryan fucking her with her huge cock and how stretched her pussy felt as he was fucking her. She thought about how hard she orgasmed when Ryan fucked her.

Again, Lauren forced herself to snap out of it and stop thinking about Ryan or Matt’s comparatively smaller dick. Matt was still rapidly humping her, but she could tell he was close to cumming. Moments later he finished and rolled off of her and went to sleep.

Lauren laid there with mixed emotions. She was happy that Matt seemingly hadn’t suspected that anything was amiss with her. But she felt ashamed that she had trouble focusing on her husband and was instead bursa escort thinking about her one-time lover’s large unit and their steamy encounter.

Lauren went into work next week feeling a little better. She had weathered the storm, she thought. Matt hadn’t suspected anything. No one at work appeared to have found out. Everything seemed normal.

That Monday afternoon she saw Ryan for the first time since their encounter. She had been purposely avoiding his work area when walking around the office. But there he was in the break room, eating lunch as Lauren sat in a meeting across the hall in the conference room.

Lauren was trying to pay attention to her meeting, but she quickly realized that Ryan was eating lunch with Jennifer. Jennifer was the recently hired college graduate. She was blonde, slim, and perky. She attracted a lot of attention from the men in the office with her fashion which mostly consisted of tight short skirt, heels, and cleavage baring tops.

Lauren felt pangs of jealousy as she watched Jennifer constantly giggling and touching Ryan’s arms. It was clear that Jennifer was flirting Ryan. Lauren couldn’t blame her. Ryan looked every bit of sexy as the last time Lauren saw him. He was wearing a black polo shirt that fit him tightly enough that you could see his bulging pecs. And the short sleeve of the shirt barely covered ? of his upper arms, putting his large biceps on display.

Lauren couldn’t take her eyes off of Ryan – his silky chocolate skin, his muscular arms, his sexy smile. She felt like she was in a trance. Then suddenly she snapped back to it when she heard someone say “That’s it, thanks for attending the meeting everyone.” Lauren realized she had zoned out for the 30-minute meeting while oogling Ryan.

Lauren walked back to her office, scolding herself for letting her attraction for Ryan interfere with her work again. Once back in her office, though, her thoughts turned to something else.

Why hadn’t Ryan called or texted me since our encounter 1 ½ weeks ago, she thought. What am I, one of his sluts that he fucks one time, then throws to the side and ignores, she thought as she grew irritated. What an asshole! Now he’s flirting that hussy, Jennifer! Lauren had grown quite irritated now. I’ll show that asshole what he’s missing out on, having never called or texted me again, she thought.

As fate would have it, an email came from the client from the Thomasson project – they asked for a meeting this week to discuss the status. That just so happened to be the one project that Ryan and Lauren worked on together. Lauren quickly shot off an email to Ryan and the other two project members saying “Everyone – please set aside all day tomorrow for the Thomasson project. It may be a late night.”

Lauren knew that they didn’t need a full workday plus extra hours to prepare for the Thomasson project. But she was worked up about her feelings about being slighted by Ryan. She wanted to show him that she was the boss around here and there were consequences to slighting her.

That evening after work, she was still fired up about Ryan’s lack of an interest in her. She went on a 5-mile run to burn off steam. I’ll show him who’s the hottest woman at work, she thought, harkening back to his lunch time flirtation with Jennifer. She resolved to wear something especially sexy the next day so Ryan could see it for himself.

When she got home from her run, she took a shower and shaved her legs. Feeling especially emboldened, she also shaved her pussy, something she almost never does. Then she laid out her clothes for the next day – a black sweater top that fit extremely tight and showed a maximum amount of cleavage, a short red skirt, and the tallest heels she had. Then she also laid out her sexiest underwear – a lacy red bra and matching red thong.

The next day, she walked confidently into her work. Everything in her outfit hugged her curves while showing an ample amount of cleavage and legs. She immediately called the Thomasson project team into the conference room to get started.

When Ryan walked in and saw Lauren, he looked her up and down and smiled, obviously enjoying the view. Lauren was cold and abrubt, “Let’s get started everyone!” She didn’t want to show any interest in Ryan.

Throughout the day, Lauren worked the team hard, not even stopping for lunch. But she also found ways to flaunt her body discretely to Ryan, and send a message about what he was missing out on. When talking to the other two team members, she would lean over the desk with her ass facing Ryan, so he could get a nice look at her ass in her tight skirt. And when talking to Ryan, she would lean her chest forward, so he could get a good look at her cleavage and possibly a peak at her lacy bra.

While doing this, Lauren kept her icy, business first demeanor. She wasn’t flirting with Ryan or smiling or even talking to him more than necessary for their work assignment.

But that’s not to say that Lauren wasn’t checking out Ryan bursa escort bayan when no one was looking. Every so often, when others were busy on their computers, she’d discretely check out Ryan. He was wearing an athletic-style polo shirt that fit closely to his upper body, again giving Lauren a nice view of his strong arms. And his black slacks fit snugly enough to allow Lauren to oogle his muscular ass, thick thighs, and even a slight bulge in his crotch.

At 5:00pm, the team thought they were wrapping up their work on the Thomasson project. But Lauren wanted to make Ryan suffer a little, so she added a couple of extra tasks to make them stay later.

By 8:30pm, Lauren had run out of pointless tasks to keep her team any later. So, she let them know that they could leave for the night. Lauren, Ryan, and the two other team members began packing up their computers to leave. The other two team members were eager to leave and get home and were gone within no time.

Once Lauren had finished packing up her bag, she had every intention of walking out of the room without saying a word to Ryan – one last icy gesture towards him. But as she got up to leave the conference room, Ryan immediately pounced up as well, standing right in front of her path to the door.

Lauren looked up at Ryan, who was now standing face-to-face with her, merely inches apart. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you waving your ass and titties in my face all day!” Ryan said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lauren responded, lying.

“I know exactly what you were doing. You’re horny and looking for some more action,” Ryan said confidently as his dark eyes peered into her eyes.

Lauren felt herself getting turned on by his direct and forward approach. This was not what she planned. She wanted to give him some eye candy to make him regret not calling her again. That’s it. She didn’t want him to make a move on her.

“Look, Ryan, I was drunk the other night. What happened was a mistake! I am not one of the sluts that you fuck and discard as you please,” Lauren responded.

“Oh really?” Ryan demanded, now with a more authoritative tone, “Because I remember you loving it when I slammed you against the wall.” And as he said that he grabbed Lauren shoulders and shoved her against the wall of the conference room.

Lauren was now wedged between the wall and Ryan’s large muscular body. She was caught off-guard. She didn’t know what to do at this point. They were at work, in a conference room lined with windows that looked out onto the rest of the office. It was after hours, almost 9pm, but anyone could walk in at any time. Lauren wanted to push him away. But she couldn’t. She was turned on by gestures.

“You say you’re not a little slut, but…” Ryan started, tailing off at the end to look down at her breasts hidden by her sweater. He popped the top button open on the sweater. “I recall you begging…” He undid another button on her sweater. “…for me to fuck you harder…” He undid a third button. “…and screaming for my black cock…” Then a fourth button was gone. “…and then taking a huge load of my cum on your face…” With that he undid the last button on Lauren’s sweater, opened up her sweater and grabbed Lauren’s bra-covered breast.

Lauren was now dripping wet. She couldn’t contain herself anymore. Ryan’s dominant tone had made her hornier than ever. She lunged her head forward and started kissing Ryan. Within seconds, Lauren and Ryan were feverishly kissing and grinding their bodies together. Ryan continued groping Lauren’s breasts. Lauren was beyond turned on and was getting wetter by the second.

Ryan grabbed Lauren’s hand and placed it on his crotch, then moved it up and down. Lauren took the hint and started rubbing his cock over his pants as they continued to excitedly make out.

Ryan broke their embrace for a split second to whisper “Take it out”. That startled Lauren back to reality. Here she was, making out with a co-worker in the office, with the possibility of someone walking in at any time.

“Ryan…we can’t…anyone could walk into the office…” Lauren replied.

“No one is coming out here… we’re the only people left in the office…” He said before thrusting his mouth back at hers and resuming their kissing. Lauren melted into his embrace, her body unwilling to to stop her from indulging in the temptations.

Ryan once again placed his hand on her’s and led her hand to his crotch. This time, it didn’t take long for Lauren to rev it up. She began to rub his cock over his pants with one hand, while the other hand feverishly began working at undoing Ryan’s belt. In seconds, his belt was undone, his pants were unbuckled, and Lauren was thrusting her hand into his boxer briefs. She grabbed his large unit and started jacking him off.

After a few seconds of tugging at his cock, Lauren felt Ryan’s hand on top of her head, pushing downwards. Lauren knew what he was trying to do. But it was one thing to bursa bayan escort make out with Ryan while rubbing his cock, it was a totally different thing to suck his cock in the office.

Lauren’s resisted Ryan’s initial try at pushing her head down. Without hesitation, Ryan pulled his mouth away from her’s and moved it to her neck. He kissed and nibbled on her neck, before moving to her ear. Nothing turned on Lauren more than touching her neck and ears. While Ryan continued to kiss and nibble on her neck and ear, Lauren’s body began to quiver from the sensations.

In the middle of nibbling on her ear, Ryan pressed “Get down on your knees, I know you’ve been craving this cock!” This time Lauren didn’t resist. She was so hot from the foreplay that she eagerly got down on her knees.

Lauren pulled down his pants and boxer briefs just far enough to unleash Ryan’s massive cock. Lauren was once again stunned by the size. Could it have gotten bigger than last time, she wondered.

Just as she was about to put her mouth on his massive cock, she heard a noise out in the hallway. Immediately, she stopped what she was doing, let go of his cock, and jumped to her feet. She quickly covered herself up, buttoning up her sweater top as fast as she could. Seconds later, she saw the janitor walk past the window of the conference room, pushing the cart.

“Fuck! That was close!” She whispered emphatically.

“Let’s get out of here! Come over to my place,” Ryan said.

“Look, this has already gone too far. We should stop now,” Lauren unconvincingly said.

“You’re coming over to my place. I’ll see you there in 10 minutes,” Ryan demanded, not asking for her opinion.

Ryan and Lauren grabbed their work bags and headed to their respective cars. As Lauren got in her car and started it, her internal debated her actions. You can’t go over there, she told herself, you’ve already went too far with this. Going further could derail your marriage and your career.

Her head kept telling her that going to Ryan’s place was a bad idea. But her instincts overrode her rationale side. As she continued to tell herself this was a bad idea, she continued to follow Ryan’s car rather that turning and driving home.

Within minutes Lauren had arrived at Ryan’s. She sat there for thirty seconds trying to convince herself one last time to leave. But it didn’t work, she was so horny that nothing was going to stop her at this point.

Lauren walked up to the door of Ryan’s place, where he was waiting for her. When she got within a couple feet of him, Ryan reached out and grabbed her, pulling her to him. His mouth dove down towards her’s and started kissing her. They began feverishly making out. After 30 seconds, Ryan pushed the door open and pushed her into his apartment, without breaking their embrace.

As the couple entered the apartment, they heard a group of hoops and hollers.

“Whoa!” said one. Another laughed. And another yelled something undecipherable above the others.

Lauren broke her embrace with Ryan and looked around. Not surprisingly she saw Ryan’s roommate, who she embarrassingly met the last time she was at the apartment. She also saw two more guests.

Lauren looked back to Ryan. He was laughing at his friends. “What’s up guys!” Ryan said as he went over and gave his three buddies handshakes. “Everyone, this is Mrs. Bowers, she’s a business colleague,” Ryan said, introducing Lauren to her friends.

One friend blurted, “Looks like she’s a little more than a business colleague!” The friends laughed.

Another of the friends joked, “Looks like you two were deep into a business meeting when you walked in! Don’t let us interrupt!” The three friends and Ryan laughed. Lauren stood by, awkwardly not knowing how to respond.

“Don’t let them bother you, they’re probably all getting ready to leave anyways,” Ryan said to Lauren. Then he turned to his friends and demanded, “Weren’t you, guys?”

“Haha, yeah we’re heading out in a few minutes. We don’t want to delay your business meeting,” the friend said sarcastically. “We were just about to smoke a little weed before going to the clubs. Want some?”

“Fuck yeah,” Ryan responded. He grabbed Lauren’s hand and led her over to the friends.

“Mrs. B, this is Eric and Stanley.” Ryan said pointing to the two black college aged guys sitting on the couch. “And this is Deshawn,” he said pointing to his roommate.

“Oh we met,” Deshawn interjected, smiling sheepishly at Lauren. She knew he was referring to the time he saw her naked shuffling to the bathroom after a romp with Ryan.

Ryan told Lauren to have a seat at the love seat while he grabbed her a drink. As she waited, Eric and Stanley started smoking some marijuana. Lauren noticed that Eric and Stanley were toned, fit, black guys. In fact, Lauren realized she was now in the room with 4 attractive, fit black guys.

“Now why is a sexy, mature women like yourself slumming it with a dope like Ryan?” Eric asked after taking a puff of weed and passing it to Stanley.

Just then Ryan got back with two alcoholic drinks, handing one to Lauren. “Hey guys, have some respect for Mrs. Bowers. She didn’t come over here to get harassed by you three,” Ryan responded. Lauren took a sip of the drink Ryan handed her, and realized it was strong.

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