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Sultry Weather Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Author’s note: This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it! I’d appreciate any feedback, and let me know if you enjoyed it!


His deep growls and sinful grunts filled the air as he struggled in the chair, his wrists chaffing from the rope binding them to the mahogany chair. The air was thick, with a sultry quality about it, making breathing more taxing, only adding to his bass-filled roars that reverberated off the walls. A maroon cloth covered his eyes and his only feedback came from his ears, nose, and his sense of touch. It had been only 45 minutes, but it felt like hours for him. Her devilish snicker hit his eardrums as she strolled back in, scanning his writhing body before looking down at his throbbing member. A bead of precum had formed and was beginning to leak down his shaft. Noting it, she slowly made her way to him, running the softest part of her finger up his shaft, wiping up the precum and examining it, before wiping it onto her tongue, smiling.

“Mm. You taste so good.” She told him as she smirked, loving this new feeling of power, having him under her thumb, left to her desires.

She slowly moved behind him, her light footsteps sounding like a kitten’s as she found her way. Kneeling slightly, her cool breath hit the back of his neck, sending an electric shiver down his spine, causing him to moan out and struggle once more, to no avail. She smiled to herself and then bit the side of his neck gently, nibbling on him as she made her way to his ear, her soft lips teasing him before she made her way back to the front of her prisoner. Without a word, she turned her back to him, reaching back and taking a firm grip on his shaft, slowly sitting down, her dripping labia but inches away from his engorged head.


Leno. It was the moniker he went by and one he’d grown accustomed to. He sat at his desk, typing away on his laptop from home, tackling his daily work. His job was very peculiar, he worked as a cybersecurity admin for a certain company, and his job was to protect against cyber attacks by counter hacking any possible people who tried to steal the company’s data. He was top notch and being paid well, even though he only worked about 3-4 days out of the week. He finished his work for the day and rested his laptop on his coffee table, sinking back into his couch, letting his mind roam.

Almost instantly his mind was filled with lewd, naughty thoughts, ranging from quietly plowing a woman in a movie theater, to having a plump pussy on his face for him to devour until she came. A slight bulge grew in his sweats and he gave it a quick rub before he got up and decided to go out to his local bar.

He hadn’t had any action in the last few months, and that didn’t help his lust at all. His usual escape from the lustful suffering was to work, play games, or hit the bar, and tonight was bar night. It was a lively place, and 2 of his close college friends, Marc and Nia were bound to be there having their fun, getting drunk and telling wild stories about their lives. The thought made him chuckle as he finished getting dressed.

Leno smirked at himself in the mirror, his black skin shining as he rolled up the sleeves on his shirt, revealing his veined, muscular forearms. His hair was in a taper fade afro, showcasing his coils, and he had a well kept chinstrap outlining his strong jaw. His dark brown eyes glistened in the light, although they usually looked black in most light. To finish up, he put on a black smartwatch, chukkas, and sprayed some cologne on himself before walking out the door with his things.

As he closed his door and walked to the elevator, one of his neighbors saw him, looking him up and down before chuckling.

“Vas a emborrachar?(Going to get drunk? ) You look nice, and you smell like a magnet.” Said his older Panamanian neighbor. She was like a second mother to him and just as overbearing, making comments almost every time he went anywhere.

“Hah, si quieres llamarlo asi.(If you want to call it that) I’m just going to chill with some friends, nothing crazy, Tia(Aunty). I’m off the clock so it’s time for me to have fun, right? Su tiempo se acabó, asi me da mio(Your time’s up, so give me mine)” He said with a chuckle back, teasing her about her age, knowing she hated it.

“Callate!(Shut up!) Go have your fun, don’t call me when you get in trouble, you’re on your own, smartmouth! Vete! Vete!(Go away!)” She said, shooing him away as the elevator came, watching him enter.

“Bye, Tia!” He said with a chuckle as the door closed, putting his hands in his pockets as he rode the elevator down, making a few stops on the way. Finally at the lobby, he let everyone else walk out, following them out of the building.

Leno took a deep breath of that lovely summer air and made his way to the train, loving the lights of the city at night. The air was sultry and humid, which wasn’t fun at all, but there was an occasional breeze that gave some reprieve. Luckily, when he aile içi seks hikayeleri got to the train station, the train was just arriving, saving him the wait time in the humidity. He took the train from Brooklyn into Manhattan, getting off in the LES and walking to the bar. Leno loved Midnight’s bright blue sign that almost screamed, “Come make bad decisions!” He entered the bar, giving a dap to the bartender Ty, a slightly older black man, who had been with them for years, fueling their alcoholic escapades since college. Within a few seconds, he found Marc and Nia, glasses in hand, laughing their asses off.

“Ayyyyyyy, yerrrrrrrr!” They yelled in excitement as they saw him, waving him to come over and sit in the booth with them.

“Yerrrrrrrr!!” He responded with a chuckle as he sat down, giving them both hugs. And so it began, he ordered his first drink, and began talking with them. Nia was a plus size, light caramel skinned Black woman who wore her red hair in a curly bob, and loved lipstick. Marc was a moderately built black man who wore short locs, and took his hair care very seriously. Nia had an amazing story about how at work, one of her coworkers came in drunk and tried to play if off, only to trip and fall on the CEO, who was there for a surprise inspection. They got fired that instant, and before being able to defend themselves, threw up and passed out on the floor. Marc and Leno were near tears from laughter as Nia told her story, unable to believe it.

Marc talked about how on his morning run, an old guy with a boot on his head was jogging like it was normal, while reciting Shakespearean sonnets in reverse. The laughing and drinking continued and Leno was caught up in their fun until he went to order another round of drinks. He stood up and walked up to the counter. Leno and Ty had a short conversation about gaming as he ordered, discussing a newly released action-adventure game they had been waiting for. They sounded like children talking about how awesome it was, but that was their usual manner of speaking about these sorts of things. Ty stepped away to continue his duties and as Leno waited, he turned his head to the door just as she walked in.

Stupefy is the only word that could hope to describe what he felt as he saw her walk through the door. She was short, no more than 5’3-5’4, with deep caramel skin and short curly hair. She wore a long, black cardigan, a white tank top, black booties and a burgundy pencil skirt that hugged her curves. Speaking of curves, she had many of them. Her breasts were about a 38C, she had a slim waist, and fairly wide hips to boot. She looked like a goddess with the way her Amethyst eyes shined when she walked in. Her oxblood lips were beautiful, seductive, and classy at the same time, only adding to her beauty. The most beautiful part about her was her demeanor. It was confident, but not arrogant; alluring, but not ostentatious, docile, but not submissive. She briefly made eye contact with Leno, who managed a smirk at her, before she smirked back, walking past him to the bar to sit and order. Ty had returned with his drinks, placing them in front of Leno, snapping at him to get his attention.

“Bro. Bro!” He said, snapping at him again.

“Huh? Oh, thanks Ty. Sorry, I was… preoccupied by my thoughts.” He said before smiling and taking the drinks back to the table where Nia and Marc continued their conversations, this time more calm and relaxed.

Leno sat down and tried to focus, engaging with his friends in more conversation as they discussed existentialism, the limits of human thought, and whether french fries are better than baked potatoes with cheese and broccoli. Leno enjoyed his Devil’s Apple sangria as they talked, looking over to her occasionally, wanting to get to know her, and see if she was as awesome as her impression implied.

The woman had her drinks, and talked with Ty, staying by her lonesome for most of the night. She didn’t seem lonely though, she had an air of independence about her. Marc and Nia noticed Leno eyeing her and told him to go talk to her, he was never the shy type, and it couldn’t hurt, lord knows that it had been ages since he was actually interested in a woman.

“Go on Len~ She looks nice, I doubt she bites…too hard, hah.” Nia teased, nudging his shoulder.

“Yeah, bro, just be yourself, and definitely talk in a baby voice, that’s how you really feel her in..” Marc said, chuckling at him.

“I’m going, geez, you both remind me of my Aunt, so annoying!” He said jokingly, referring to his Tia.

Leno stood up, and began walking over to the bar, his confidence booming as he made his way there. As he got close, she turned, and looked in his direction, a brief look of surprise as she saw him standing so close to her. As he took a seat next to her, she smiled. What Leno didn’t know is that she was looking back at him as well, and was about to make her own move towards him, but he beat her to it.

“Hey, sorry to bother you, but you have an amazing air about you. Would you mind if I bought you a drink? I assure you we’ll have a lovely conversation.” He said with a smirk, hoping so badly that she’d say yes.

“Heh, well, I’d love to have a drink and chat. You’ve got your own intriguing air about you.” She said with a smile before turning to Ty, “Can I get a Cosmo, put it on this guy’s tab.” She said, pointing playfully at him.

“Yeah, Ty, put it on this guy’s tab. By the way, this guy has a name, and his name is Leno, it’s a pleasure.” He said, smiling slyly, putting his hand out for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Leno, I’m Sumaia. You a regular here?” She asked while shaking his hand lightly, noticing that he called the bartender by name.

“Yeah, I frequent this spot, with my 2 friends over there, we’ve been coming here for years.” He answered, wanting to know more about her. “You new to the city?”

“No, born and raised here, but I am new to the LES, lived in East Harlem most of my life, but recently made a big change in my life, which put me in the LES.” She enjoyed this, but she wasn’t one for pointless small talk, she was an intellectual and wanted to get deeper into his psyche. “Not to be blunt, but if this is going to be just small talk, then-“

“You’ll be bored and uninterested. You crave deep, meaningful conversation, am I right?” He said with a smirk, interrupting her words.

She couldn’t hold back a large smile that filled her face as he spoke. That was an intellectual turn on for her, someone who enjoyed deep conversation over idle chit chat, and the fact that he near verbatim took the words from her mouth was a plus. She was a nerd in ways, and wanted to see if she could even give him a chance, and truly connect with him.

“My sentiments exactly, Leno, so let me be blunt and ask you a question, see if you’re as interesting as you seem. If all hope is lost in a world filled with greed and evil, how can you come out in a better place?” She said with a smirk, using this to get an idea of his values and thought processes.

“Hmm…Walk the path of the Dawn, and make darkness your ally, if you can’t get rid of greed, make it profitable to be kind, and incentivize helping others, use it to wield orderly chaos…” He said slowly, making sure he picked his words carefully, looking at her for confirmation.

Sumaia was almost awestruck at his answer, this being the first time that she met a person whose answer she couldn’t predict to some degree. This man was as interesting as she thought, and she wanted to continue to engage him. There was more to her than meets the eye, she loved people who she couldn’t predict, people who weren’t normal, people who challenged the force-fed thought processes of the masses.

“What an answer, Leno, very thought provoking…” She said, before their conversation set off on a long journey.

They talked for hours, it was about 3AM, and Marc and Nia were already long gone, and the bar was about to close for the night. During those hours, they showed more than intellectual interest in each other, their hands touching, ogling each other’s bodies, and making hidden sexual passes at each other. Leno paid off the tab as he talked to Sumaia, fully engrossed in their conversation, which touched on the topics of superheroes, powers of human intellect, what makes good or bad sex, and more. Soon, they were on the sidewalk, laughing and talking as they walked aimlessly, not wanting to leave this amazing conversation.

“So, it’s like 3AM, and as much as I’m enjoying our conversation, I’ve gotta get home.” She said, brushing her hair to the side as she smiled at him.

“Yeah, it’s late, I’ve got work as well, but hopefully this isn’t the last time I see you Sumaia. It’d be a shame, and you know it.” He said with a smirk, moving closer to her.

“It better not be, or you’ll have hell to pay, and I only take payment in death, or suffering, or…” She said with a wink and an impish grin. She then took the phone from his palm, found his contacts app, and put in her contact info, handing it back to him. “Text me tomorrow, and we can have more fun, you seem like you’re up for it.” She said, biting her lips lightly, teasing him.

“As you wish, you’ll be hearing from me tomorrow. But you should prepare yourself, I’m probably too fun for your small body to handle.” He said, pulling her into him, running his hand up her back gently before scratching the back of her neck gently, pushing her away, the tension between them rising fast. A fairly sizable bulge could be seen in Leno’s pants, and Sumaia noticed it as she was pushed back. Sumaia let out a soft sigh and felt herself getting damp, her lips coated in her wetness as she crossed her legs.

“Heh, we’ll see about that, bye Leno~” She turned around, walking away without another word. As she took her first few steps, she turned to look back at him, spanking her plump, thick ass as she winked at him, before she continued walking away. Leno stared as her ass jiggled and he wanted to pounce on her in that moment, press her up against a wall and ram his pulsing shaft into her tight, juicy pussy. He held it in and smirked, turning and making his way home.

Once he made it home, he almost immediately fell asleep, pretty exhausted from the day. He woke up at about 10AM and got to his daily work, sending a text to Sumaia. As the day progressed they talked about various things but eventually, the evening came and she told him to come to her place, to “Test the limits of what he could handle.”

By 7PM, Leno was at her door in a gray button-down with the sleeves rolled up, deep olive pants, and white canvas shoes. He knocked on her door, smirking as he awaited her answer.

During their conversation, Sumaia found out that Leno was used to being the Dom in his sexual relations, and Leno learned that she was the usually the Sub. They wanted each other badly, and they both knew that this visit would result in more than kissing. Their lust was high and the need to fulfill and satisfy that lust was greater. Sumaia wanted to switch things up and be in charge for a change, so she devised a plan to get herself on the dominant side of things.

She answered the door, opening it slowly, revealing her sexy body in a light mesh robe, with only her maroon panties and burgundy bra keeping her from stark nakedness. Leno gasped, unable to think before she pulled him into the apartment, locking the door behind her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, their lips smacking as they kissed. Leno’s hands found their way to the small of her back as their tongues began wrestling, swapping saliva and desire with each moment.

Sumaia slowly walked towards the table, where a pair of handcuffs rested. As they kissed, her arms released his neck, and she quietly grabbed the handcuffs, slapping them on him before she broke their kiss, smiling as she pushed him back into the mahogany chair she placed about a foot away from the bed.

“What!?” Leno yelled as he fell into the chair, unable to move his hands, trying to break free. Before he could try to get up again, Sumaia was on his lap, smirking at him as she ran a finger down his face, kissing his cheek.

“I’m in charge, and you’re mine.” She said as she got off of him and used handcuffs to snap his ankles together, before he could fully realize his situation. By the time that Leno processed what she said, his hands and feet were locked and he could only wiggle around helplessly.

“What do you mean!?” He roared as he struggled, getting turned on by his lack of power, something that was new to him. Once she had him in the chair, she got some rope and tied his arms and legs to the chair back, and chair legs, taking the handcuffs off. At this point, his wrists were tied to the chair, and his legs were tied to the respective legs of the chair.

“Sshhh, you’re not supposed to talk back to your Mistress~”She said slyly as she blindfolded him and gagged him with maroon cloth. Now that he was at her full disposal, she finally had to see what she would be working with. She masturbated when she got home the night prior, thinking of how his cock would feel inside her, her fingers and small dildos not satisfying that lustful itch. She bent over, her breasts in his face as she undid his belt and pants, unzipping them and seeing a bulge growing in his boxers. With her soft hands, she rubbed along his shaft, which at this point was semi-hard and not very impressive. Leno moaned out slightly as she teased him, his body heating up as she touched him. He thought about how different it felt to be in this position, and he loved it, having her take control of him.

Sumaia finished her teasing and pulled his cock out of his boxers. His cock had a lovely chocolate color like his skin but it wasn’t very big, or so she thought. At this point he was semi-hard and about 5 inches. She was unimpressed, but within a few seconds, it finished growing, standing fully erect at 8 inches. Her cheeks perked up as she gazed upon his thick, throbbing member, unable to resist wrapping her burgundy lips around it. She tended to the head first, sucking lightly as she swirled her tongue around it, licking the underside, top, and bottom of his head. She then pulled away, letting her mouth make a lovely popping sound as she did. Sumaia smiled before she went right back to it, taking 4 inches of his cock in her mouth, bobbing up and down as she coated his shaft with saliva. Her burgundy lipstick left mouth prints around his shaft as she tended to his cock.

Leno moaned out as her soft lips warmed his cock. He writhed around in lust as she sucked him, his cock pulsing in her mouth. Leno was going crazy with desire for her as she teased him, knowing she could take more of his cock in her mouth. The biggest factor in his lust was being under her control. He was blindfolded and gagged, with no way of taking her over. He had to let her please him, and he could only imagine what she had in store for him. In addition to all this, the fact that it all happened so fast had his blood boiling, it’d been about 6 minutes and he was getting a blowjob that he couldn’t see from a woman he met the day prior, what a string of events.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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