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Summer in the Pacific Pt. 02

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For the first time since I started living in Pacifica I woke up in the morning sweating. I remembered the night before and wondered why I wasn’t being crushed by Jamie’s weight anymore. I was curled against his chest like a kitten with a Rottweiler. I tried to remember moving in the night, but I couldn’t even remember rolling over. One moment I was breathless after having sex and the next it was morning. Meh, it wasn’t important. I could feel the heat of Jamie’s breath on my head. I looked up to see his sweet peaceful sleeping face. He had thick laugh lines from smiling all the time and-as much as I love seeing him smile-it was nice to see him at peace for a few moments.

I marveled at his naked body and found myself unconsciously tracing the lines of his hard chest and wetting my lips. His long hair that usually reached his shoulder was sprawled all over the pillows. I bit my lip to hold back laughter, but a giggle escaped my lips.

“What was that,” he said so groggily that I wouldn’t have understood if I wasn’t right there next to his face.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Wha . . . oh yeah that’s right.” He smiled and all my inhibitions swam away in the morning fog. He bent his head down and kissed me on the lips. It was soft and sweet and there was nothing platonic about it.

“How did you sleep?” I asked

“Better than last night that’s for sure.”

“Why is that?”

He looked at me like I committed a crime-other than the obvious, “I had reason to be tired this time,” he said. I blushed through my tan skin. It felt strange since I hadn’t actually blushed in years-not legitimately anyway.

“Well I suppose it’s good you’re getting some rest. I can work you out some more tonight if you want,” I offered.

“Funny I was thinking of maybe forgetting your morning run and doing something else.”

“Oh, okay,” I said biting my lip in anticipation, “What did you have in mind?”

Jamie threw the comforter over his head and moved down the bed. He started licking the slit of my pussy ever so slowly. God it was tormenting. He kept it up for about five minutes and just as he was starting to slip a finger inside, there was a knock at the front door.

“Crap!” I whispered urgently.

“Who is it?”

“Probably Marie,” I said jumping out of bed.

“Hello?” Marie’s voice called proving me right.

“Go into my bathroom and stay there until I get her into the downstairs bedroom. Then go into the shower in the hall bathroom and pretend like you’ve been there the whole time,” I whispered urgently.

“Okay, I love you,” he said.

I put my hand on his cheek and he tip toed into my bathroom.

“Mom are you home?” Marie called.

I threw my robe on and went out into the hall, “Hey sweetie I didn’t expect you so soon,” I said hugging her around the shoulders. All of my children ended up taller than me with the exception of Marie. She was the runt being about 5 feet even whereas I was about 5’2″.

“Break started early at Sac State so I just came down here where it’s warm,” she said.

“What are you talking about it’s freezing outside.”

“Are you kidding? Maybe by LA standards, but in Sacramento during the winter it goes down to the high twenties in the morning. It’s summer in comparison.”

“Well Summer in Pacifica is winter everywhere else I suppose. Someone actually wrote a book about that,” I said.

Her attention was well diverted by the time I got her downstairs. I heard pipes rattle around as the water turned on upstairs. “Is someone else here?” She asked.

“Yes that will be your brother waking up at last.”

“Cool Jamie’s already here?” she asked.

“No your other brother,” I said poking fun.

She stuck her tongue out at me like when she was five.

“I’m going to go shower. You make yourself at home pretty lady,” I said.

I climbed back up the steps. When I reached the top I knocked on the bathroom door and the door opened up. Jamie stood there looking more like an angel than a man. Maybe that was just because I was sleeping with him now.

“You smell nice,” I said taking a deep breath through my nose.

He bent down on his knees and buried his face between my legs. It tickled my thighs and I squealed. He stood back up as I struggled to close my robe.

“You smell even better Lillian.”

Oh god my first name sounded so strange on his tongue, but I wanted to suck it right back out and have him whisper it against my mouth. Unfortunately I had to be careful now.

“I’m going to go wash up. Your sister is here so we’re going to have to stop for a while,” I said already aching for him.

“Alright, for how long?”

“Until after the holidays I suppose. Unless there is some opening . . . are we really having this conversation? It’s so cloak and dagger and enticing, but I feel like we could be separated at any moment,” I said.

I started to shake just thinking about going to jail . . . or worse him going to jail. “It’s okay relax,” he said wrapping his strong canlı bahis arms around me. He put me in a happy place in seconds. I used to try to find a happy place when I had sex with Will because he never did it when I wanted to and after a while I just stopped wanting to. Unfortunately that didn’t stop him. Jamie however held me softly and tenderly. I heard someone coming up the stairs.

“I going to shower. I love you,” I said kissing him swiftly on the lips.

I walked briskly into my bathroom and jumped in the shower. After I was done washing up I shaved my legs closer than ever. I may not get to rattle that boy’s bones any time soon, but I was going to make him dreadfully uncomfortable in those pants of his.

I rinsed off and turned the water off. I grabbed the towel off the rack and dried off as fast as I could. Today was the first day I used a hair drier in months. I looked in the wall mirror to see if there was anything I could do to pretty myself up more than usual. My eyes fell on the hair covering my pubis that I haven’t shaved in years. I pulled some shears and buzzed all the hair off leaving a sharp stubble. I grabbed a large waxing strip from the drawer and put it on all the excess. I pressed it down and ripped it off.

“Ow fuck!” I screamed into my fist.

“Is everything alright in there?” Marie called from the other side.

“I’m fine, just waxing a bit.”

I heard some sympathetic mumbling on the other side. “Want me to get you an ice pack?” She asked.

“It’s alright sweetie I can handle it. If you get the waffle iron out from under the sink I can make some breakfast,” I offered.

“Alright cool I get right on that.”

I heard her walk out, so I grabbed a washcloth and ran it under the freezing water and pressed it on my now baby soft vagina.

“Ooh that’s good.” I kept it there for about five minutes until the bleeding stopped. I don’t think my day has ever started out like this even when I was on my honeymoon when Will and I still admired each other. After I dressed in a simple sundress I went out into the living room and found Marie and Jamie talking. I got busy as to distract myself from just how desperate I was for Jamie and I to be alone. Well how long could it be really?

Ch. 2

“Mom what’s wrong?” Jesse asked Christmas Eve. Fuck I wish people would stop asking me that.

“I’m fine dear.” Just tighter than 12 year old that’s all.

For the past four days I have been holding back because I thought that Jamie and I were going to have plenty of opportunities to take Jamie back into my room and have him fuck me until I had a stomach ache. Unfortunately Jesse arrived a few hours after Marie did and she has a daughter and a son who are under the ages of eight so there wasn’t a whole lot of privacy. I was trying to think of places to meet him and then we could just get it out, but I was having a hard thinking of a place that you don’t have to pay for or climb a mountain to get to. At this point though I was willing to do both and it was almost night time.

I didn’t help that every night after everyone was in bed I snuck into Jamie’s room and snuggled with him. For the first fifteen minutes or so of every night I could feel his hot erection pressing into the crease of my ass. Sometimes it was all I could do to not pull his cock out of his boxers and shove it into my ass hole. I know that was irrational without any cleaning up, but that didn’t stop me from shoving my middle finger into my ass.

“Alright kids time for bed,” Jesse said to her just bathed son and daughter.

“Mkay,” little Anna mumbled going to the room they were in. The four of them had to cram into the two beds I had in the room next to mine. They were both twins so Jesse and Miles slept in one while Michael and Anna slept in the other.

Marie was already downstairs so when the door closed behind the four of them I straddled Jamie on the overstuffed chair kissed him ferociously. His mouth was so hot and he still tasted of pepper from dinner.

When he nibbled on my lower lip I made the mistake of letting out the littlest of whimpers. We stopped immediately. In reality I barely made any sound at all, but I felt like everyone heard and no one seemed to care.

When we didn’t hear any doors open we relaxed. I went over to the couch and felt like pulling my hair out. “This is crazy. I think I’m about to lose my mind,” I said.

“You’re telling me. Every night when you come into my room and finger fuck your ass while I’m right there is turning my nuts into time bombs.”

“We need to figure something out; go somewhere that no one else goes.”

“You know the town better than I do. Are there any places that no one goes?”

I thought about it and I had a couple solutions.

“Alright there’s three things I can think of. There is a spot on the mountain that overlooks the sea just west of where we are now. No one ever goes there because the only way to get there is by hiking or running and it’s five miles up. There’s a small cove there made completely bahis siteleri out of dirt,” I said.

“Awesome, why didn’t we just do that yet?”

“To go there we would have to bring stuff with us and still save enough energy to get back down the mountain.”

“I don’t want to save energy.”

“Neither do I.”

We stared at each other for a few minutes before I spoke again.

“The second option is just to breakdown and book a room at a hotel nearby for a few hours and fuck each other senseless without any abandon whatsoever and then comeback saying something like we got distracted or something like that.”

“What’s the third option?” He asked.

I sighed, “To wait until everyone is gone and just do it then.”

He crossed his arms and looked patient. “Well it’s only a couple more days until everyone is gone so I’m thinking we should probably just wait until then,” he said.

He was so mature. I felt like I was going to explode; if he start fucking me right now on the couch I would never have dreamed of stopping him, but since he made the decision I would go along with it.

“Alright Jamie, sounds good. Can you put your fingers in me while I suck you then?” I asked.

“Sounds good, but don’t finish me. I want to surprise you,” he said.

I had an idea what he meant, but I’ve been wrong before. We walked silently to my room and locked the door behind us. We both agreed that if we did anything while the family was here then we would do it in my bathroom behind two locked doors with the bathroom fan on. I turned on the fan and locked the bathroom door.

Despite my depravation my fingers were still shaking like an apocalyptic fault line. Jamie pulled my shirt over my head with one swift motion and undid my bra. I turned around and looked at him lovingly.

“Jamie can I ask you something?” I said before I ripped his pants down.


“Why isn’t any of this bothering you? Your own mother is about to swallow you whole; not that I’m complaining, but doesn’t that seem wrong?” I asked.

“There is something, but I have no qualms about it. I’ll tell you when I understand it myself okay,” he said.

I nodded and he kissed me so sweetly while pressing the base of my breast with his palm while rubbing my nipple with his thumb. I reached into his pant and wrapped my fingers awkwardly around his hard cock. He used his left hand to undo his button and zipper for me to get more access. I stroked him more skillfully now. He pressed his hand down hard on my pussy and I almost fell over, but he caught me.

“Maybe you should lay down in the floor,” I said.

He nodded and laid down flat using a folded towel as a pillow; god he was sexy. I turned away from his face and straddle him backwards. I wet my lips slowly wrapped them around his dick. After about twenty or so bobs of my head he plunged his finger into my soaking cunt. I groaned from surprise, but regained my composure. I delved my mouth farther until he was deep in my throat. I forced my tongue out of my mouth and licked his balls to drive him crazy.

His breathing became ragged. He slipped and extra finger inside of me and sped up his finger thrusting while rubbing my clit with his thumb. His cock was getting so wet from my spit that I was starting to make a luscious slurping noise every time air went between my lips.

For a moment he dabbled at my ass with one finger from his other hand, but then hesitated. I gave him a thumbs up with one hand to tell him to go ahead. Ever so slowly he pressed my ass with his smallest finger until it was into its second joint. I could start to feel some extra stimulus in my g-spot, but barely any. It was enough to send me into a raging climax that made me groan and vibrate against him.

I was about to pull out and let him know that he could put more in, “Stop. Oh god I’m gonna cum so hard if you don’t.”

I was about to ignore him, but the best part of sex was feeling semen fill you up. Typically it can’t be felt until it comes out, but if there is enough there is a slimy sensation in my pussy. I wondered what it would be like in my ass.

I decided in the end to listen, so I caged his balls with my fingers and spat him out. I could see his aching pulsing shaking the hell out of his cock.

I closed my eyes and stood up. I heard him stand up behind me; he wrapped one of his arms around my waist and the other around my collar bone.

I looked at him in the mirror and marveled his naked figure. God I looked so plain next to Jamie. I rested my head against his shoulder and savored this fleeting moment of taboo that we had together. We just stood there for a few minutes.

I took a deep breath through my nose and pulled away from him. It’s getting late, “You should probably go back to your room,” I said.

“Right, wouldn’t want Santa to think we’ve been too naughty.”

I grinned at him as he walked out of the bathroom. I closed the door behind him and splashed my face with water before getting ready for bed. After I brushed bahis şirketleri my teeth, peed, and took off my makeup I stepped out and I was alone in the darkness. I got into bed and tried to get warm without Jamie there to hold me. I didn’t fall asleep for two more hours.

Ch. 3

It was Christmas morning and everyone was here. Laura and I had just finished making the breakfast brunch and all the kids were clamoring about the toys they got. Laura’s oldest was about 12 years old so I just gave her a hundred dollar bill. She was a little miffed at first that all she got was an envelope, but the expression on her face when she opened it was priceless. Marie was still grinning like a five year old with the tablet I had gotten her for her classes. My whole life I was been saving a part of my paycheck for retirement even though I would get a good income from my nursing contract. I got pretty good pay each month, but I didn’t-and never will-tell my kids just how much I had saved up over the years. When I first got retired I checked my savings account to see if there would be enough for all my trips and plans. I had about 2.6 million dollars after interest. When I found out I almost had a heart attack. I could have been living off of the interest for years. At first it didn’t make any sense, but after I thought about it for a while it made perfect sense. I lived simply and I lived alone and at the end of every month I would put what I didn’t use into my savings. As a full time nurse I got about 65,000 a year, but for the last ten years I was a nurse anesthetist making over twice as much. Back then I needed the 65,000 for my kids and I to live comfortably and get them through college, but for ten years I lived in a family house that was paid off and only used about 45,000 a year. That gave me about 100,000 extra each year. That got me about a million in ten years plus whatever I made in the fifteen before that.

The twelve of us had brunch and talked about mundane stuff the whole time while the brothers, sisters, and cousins dabbed at their food. After a half hour everyone disbanded into different groups for a while. Marie was trying to troubleshoot her tablet with Jamie while Laura and Jesse were playing cards. I walked over to play Fill or Bust with them.

“Okay we were doing fine before mom started cheating,” Jesse complained.

“Oh bite me you can’t even cheat at this game,” I said.

“Well then why don’t we play monopoly,” Laura said.

The whole room went silent at the words. Playing monopoly was a family pastime and everyone got in on it even the husbands. I stood up rolling my eyes and grinned all the way to the closet. I pulled out the game and brought it to the living room. By the time I was there everyone was sitting in a circle. There were only five pieces so we split off into teams. The kids with the exception of Laura’s twelve year old Elizabeth decided to bow out. The teams were Jamie and Marie, Laura and Jesse, Michael and Spencer, and lastly Lizzie and I. We got the car much to Jamie’s dismay. I grinned perhaps a little too much at his mock upset. We were playing around that board for hours. Eventually Lizzie and I acquired the green and yellow monopolies with hotels effectively getting us Boardwalk and Park Place in trade winning us the game. We high fived when all the properties were ours and it was dinner time when we were done. The youngest of the kids were playing video games on TV. After I cleaned up the game I took everyone to Nick’s for dinner. Laura and her family left from there and Jesse left shortly after we got back home. Now it was just Marie and she was leaving tomorrow morning.

I fell on the couch and my eyes got really heavy. I felt a short little angel curl up next to me and rest her head on my shoulder. Marie was in her soft little pajama tank top and shorts. For the first time I was slightly jealous of my daughter. Her legs were smooth and perfect from being a ballerina for so many years. She had tight skin and no stretch marks, she wore a D cup, and her face made you want to cry. She even had her father’s green eyes like Jamie did instead of my brown.

Instead of being vain and bitchy I ran my fingers gently through her hair and massaged her head. After about five or so minutes her lips parted and her body fell limp. I couldn’t very well carry her down the narrow stairs to her room so I just laid her down on the sofa and covered her with a thick quilt.

“Hey beautiful,” Jamie whispered from the hall.

The way he stared at me and only me melted my jealousy. I turned to Marie and kissed her forehead.

Jamie and I walked down the hallway and he seemed in pain. “Jamie what’s the matter?” I asked.

“Just pressure that’s all don’t worry about it I’ll be fine.”

“Aright, you want to sleep in my bed tonight?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said pained.

We went into my room and got into bed. I had a feeling about what was wrong and I seriously doubt being pressed up against me was helping.

I tried massaging his balls, but that seemed to just make it worse. I laid back touching only his arm. Eventually he was able to relax, but I wasn’t. I was up until three in the morning trying to calm down before Jamie’s soft breathing finally lulled me to sleep.

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