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Summer of Jason

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Author’s Note: This is a fictional tale. All characters are over the age of 18 years.

Introduction: Jason is about to start his first semester in the local college. His parents have gone on vacation, leaving him and his two elder sisters alone in the house.

This story may be a little weird. The main character in the story is delusional and a bit off in the head. I was working on another story when this idea came to me and I had a mood to write this.

Hope you enjoy it.


A slow thumping noise was coming from my sister, Tina’s room. I tried to listen in, and lo and behold it was just as I expected, she was fucking her boyfriend, again.

“Fuck, why do they have to make so much noise.”

It was getting hard to concentrate on my game with all the noise. I banged on the wall to let her know I could hear her, but it seemed it encouraged her even more.

“What a slut!”

Yeah, that’s right. She was such a slut. Ever since our Mom and Dad went on a “business” trip, she had been bringing a new guy each night. I mean, where does she even find them? And it’s not like I’m into guys or anything but I gotta admit they do look fine.

“Ooh, yes.”

Another one of her moans made me miss my shot. “Fuck! Enough is enough.” I threw my controller away and went up to her room. I banged on her door, “Could you keep it down? Some people are trying to concentrate here.”

The door opened and a hunk of man walked out. He gave me a fist bump on his way out. I could not believe the nerve of that guy! He comes into my house, fucks my sister, and bumps my fist as if…

“Fuck! I will fucking kill that guy the next time I see him,” I was seething in rage.

I went up to her bed; she was still lying half naked. The sheets were thin enough that I could make out her dark nipples under them. I started, my earlier anger at her antics died down. I gulped in amazement; I could even make out the shape of her mounds. If there was one thing that was true about my sister, it was that she was HOT! She was nearly 6ft tall, only a few inches shorter than me. And best of all she had the assets to go along with her hot figure. Big tits, nice ass, long legs, smooth skin, pretty face, silky hair, she had it all. There were many a nights when I had jacked off to her.

“My pervert little brother, would you like me to stroke your little weenie for you?”

“What!?” I was so lost in her body that I forgot she could see me, this time.

“Will you just stand there ogling me? Or say whatever you came in to tell me,” she gave me a disgusted look.

“I can’t believe my little brother is one of those perverts who ogle at his sister.”

“Would I have to count my panties now?”

Bitch. She is a bitch and a slut. What a great combination to have!

“You didn’t put up any hidden cameras, did you?”

This bitch! Though I had thought about it, but got too scared to do it in the end.

“What about Mom? Drew? I’ll have to warn them.”

This fucking bitch!

Suddenly a horrified look came upon her face, “You’re not even thinking about Dad too, are you?” She laughed at me seeing me make an angry face.

What was the beginning of a massive erection was now completely gone. My bitch of a sister made sure of that. No matter how hot she is, and she is hot, her bitchy attitude is the worst.

“Can you keep it down next time?” I said through clenched teeth.

“Why? Did I give you a hard on? Did my pervy little virgin brother get turned on by my moans? Did you jack off to me?”

“Shut up!” I really didn’t wanna do this but…

“Listen; if you don’t then I have no choice but to tell Mom about it.”

Her face changed suddenly. Clearly she was shaken by my threat. She glared at me and said, “Don’t be such a little bitch.”

Well, how do you like that!

“I will try not to be in your face all the time but you have to promise not to say a word about this to Mom.” She said after a little pause.

I smirked at her, basking in the glow of my victory.

“What do you want to me to give you a blowjob or something?”

Actually, that’s not a bad offer.

“Dream on! I wouldn’t touch your little dick even if you killed me!”

Bitch! I walked away after giving one last look, taking mental snaps for my spank bank. Just as I reached the door, she shouted behind me, “Don’t forget, you also have much to lose.”

Humph… she is not wrong. I lied down on my bed. I was not in the mood now to grind for any more gold. Even though she had ruined much of it with her bitchy mouth, it was still a sight. Her big tits and dark nipples were enough to give me a boner.

I shut the lights and got rid of my clothes. Lying naked on the bed, I massaged my dick tenderly. Though it may seem like I’m blowing my own horn, I have a really big escort gaziantep dick. It’s just that I’m a grower and not shower. The first time I had an erection in middle school I was literally scared by the size of it. I mean, how could it become so big? There was more than enough room for two hands to jerk it at the same time…if maybe the hands were a little small. There must be something wrong about it, but a big dick never hurt anybody. Hmmm… except maybe if a girl had a really small pussy then maybe…

Well anyway, enough about my big dick. I massaged it to full length and put some hand lotion on it. Yes, this would be good. I jerked to the memory of my sister’s tits and her disheveled look. How I wish it could have been me instead fucking her. I stroked it hard as I imagined fucking her tits with my massive cock. Jets of cum spewed on my chest and stomach. “Hah…this was good.” I wiped off the dried cum from my body after resting for a bit, and dressed up.

I was just laying down beginning to doze off when somebody walked in the room.

“Huh? Drew?”

Drew was my other sister. They both were older than me. Tina was the eldest, three years older than me and one year older than Drew.

“What’s up?”

“You’re not playing your game?” She sat down at the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, something came up.”

“That’s… odd. Well I’m going to sleep; I have to get up early tomorrow. I thought to check up on you, if you needed anything…”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“Okay, good night.”

Drew went out of the room and shut door behind her. I was perplexed by one fact as I lay on bed, “How can two sisters be so different from each other?” On one side there’s Tina, a bitch and a slut, and on the other side we have Drew, a virtuous and driven young woman. It was an enigma, for sure.

I mean, yeah she may not look as hot as Tina, but a very few did. She also did not dress as slutty or behave as frivolous. Overall Drew was much better as a sister and as a human being. All this thinking once again brought me back to Tina and her tits. They were just like the tits of any normal young freshman, the last year I went up to her place. But this year when she first came back home for her vacations, I was rooted to the spot. I could not believe the size of those things. It was only by sheer luck that nobody noticed my weird behavior at that moment. I had even seen my father check them out from time to time.

Earlier I thought maybe she had gotten surgery or something, but I was proven wrong when I heard my mother and Tina talking about the history of tits in the family. It was such a weird thing. In short all women in my mother’s family have big tits and they can sometimes continue to get bigger.

After that, I suddenly found myself getting more and more obsessed with Tina and her tits. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against fake tits, but there’s just something about the big natural tits that’s hard to describe. It’s like they are the nature’s treasure, there to be protected, to be enjoyed and to be feasted upon by society. And all that crap about Tina being my sister, and that it is wrong to be attracted to her and all that shit, it all flew right out the window when I successfully peeked at her naked boobs. Oh… the sight of them was fantastic. The shape, the weight, the roundness, the color, the puffy brown nipples, all of them was perfect, just perfect.

I had always thought of myself as a bit of a perv but that day I got to know the real me. I mean, tits and asses fascinated me since I was in the 3rd grade, which was unusual to say the least, but it never got out of hand and I always kept it tom myself, so it was never a big deal. When I discovered porn, it opened a whole new world for me. I started to look the women around me in new light and naturally it led me to me first crush. And my first object of affection was Tina, obviously. Still it was just innocent curiosity in play.

Also, I should make it clear; never did I ever actively masturbate to either Drew or my Mom. Sure they popped in from time to time, but I immediately stopped whenever that happened. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they are not attractive or anything. It’s just I don’t feel the same way about them, somehow it was always seemed wrong to masturbate to Drew or Mom. But Tina was different, always had been.

Well enough about that, if I went down that road again, I would get a hard on, and then the whole cycle would have to be repeated. ‘Uggh…’ I tried to extinguish any lingering images of Tina. The problem now was, would she actually rein it in? I did not have much confidence in that. Though Tina, Drew and I didn’t always see eye to eye, we never ratted out each other in front of our parents. It just wasn’t done. I had learned early on that tattling on my sisters to either Mom or Dad, was a bad araban escort idea of multiple proportions. First of all I had to spend most of my day alone in the house with them and they could hurt me, literally; and second of all, never tattle on your parents’ favorite child, never. Drew was my mother’s favorite which was understandable as Drew never got in trouble and focused on her studies, and naturally Tina was my father’s favorite, pathetic.

So all that was left was to wait till tomorrow night and everything would be clear after that.

“I knew it… I fucking knew it.”

That fist bumping motherfucker was back. I never should have believed her. She knew that I wouldn’t go through with my threat and was making more noises than before to tease me further.

“Fuck… she’s doing it on purpose.”

My frustration levels were on an all time high. It felt like I would burst if didn’t do anything about it. Even my hands were getting tired at this point.

“I never should have let Rhonda go…” Rhonda was the girl I was seeing before Tina came back. She was nice, gave a good head and would even let me fuck her on occasions. But, after Tina came back and I became obsessed with her tits, Rhonda just didn’t do it for me. When she questioned me if I was bored I just gave it to her straight. It had been three weeks since then. The first week was still alright. It was only the second week onwards that Mom and Dad had to leave for a business trip that Tina got the run of the house, and my situation worsened drastically after that.

It was already quite a feat to get Rhonda to go out with me, and I didn’t have much hope in finding someone else before I started my freshmen year at the local college, where I would unleash my tool. I was eagerly waiting for the term to start, and then I would plow through the masses.

“To think a guy with a big dick would have problem getting dates… ridiculous.” I had always been proud of my massive dick, who wouldn’t? And believed myself to be invincible but sadly, I made a mistake on my first time with a girl. When I actually got to the point of doing it with her I got nervous and could get it up, which would have been fine if not for my unique condition. My dick was very small when it was not erect and that bitch didn’t listen to me when I told her to wait till I got it hard. After that, word got around, and I had really, really hard time getting a date. It was only a few weeks before graduation that I finally lost my virginity. Unfortunately there was to be no miraculous comeback on the cards and I didn’t blaze a trail of pussy after the first one as I had originally hoped.

“Oooh…more…fuck me…” another screech of pleasure resounded through the walls.

That bitch is doing it on purpose. Nobody is that good.

“Huh… that’s strange… why doesn’t Drew say anything to her? She is definitely able to hear these cries of banshee…”

Drew’s room was right opposite to mine, so there was no way she was not getting pissed off by this outrageous display. “Maybe, Tina has some arrangement with her…” That had to be the case. She must have promised her something in return for keeping her mouth shut. Now, there was no way I could rat Tina out even if wanted to, she had Drew on her side and it would be two against one.

“Fuck, I have to do something. I’m going crazy like this.” I could crash with one of my friends but then I would have to tell them the reason for it that my sister is fucking a new guy each night, then at least one of them would definitely come around the house and if Tina takes fancy to them, then I would really go crazy. It was already a chore to keep them away from the house until my parents came back. I would have to think of some other way.

“If only I could somehow get her to do it with me… Hmm… this… this is not half bad.” Yeah, my only problem was that I was getting extremely jealous and wanted to fuck her myself. So if she was fucking me instead of all these assholes then, “Who the fuck cares about if she screams or howls? Who the fuck cares if she is my sister or not? If I can get my hand on those titties, if I could suck those nipples and lap at her pussy, then who the fuck cares if she screeches or howls?” This was perfect. This was brilliant.

“The question is how to seduce her?” Now I was no Casanova. Though I maintained a strict workout and diet schedule, I was no hunk. Girls were not dropping their panties when they saw me walking through the streets, so it would definitely take more than just that.

Suddenly, I was struck by an impeccable idea, “Why didn’t I think of that? Even the gods want me to bang my sister. Hahaha…” I cackled in mad joy. I had the most impressive weapon of destruction with me, and there was nothing to fear anymore. All I had to do was whip out my dick and arap escort she would be crawling on her knees to get a piece of it. She was different from all those high school bitches that never got over a stupid rumor from years ago. I just had to make sure that my cock was already at full mast, and wait for her to fall under its spell.

“Hahaha, now we’ll see who has a little weenie, you insufferable big titted slut.” I chortled in front of the mirror, with my cock in my hands, already hard and ready to wreak havoc.

“Wait, wait. I should still think of a plan or else it would be a repeat of my previous failure,” I shuddered at the thought of a possible failure and how it could backfire on me. “Yeah… definitely a foolproof plan this time around.”

Everything was going great and according to plan since the morning. Drew was out of the house for her daily classes that she was taking for some extra credit courses and wouldn’t be back till late evening, leaving me and Tina alone for the day. Tina had already been in my room twice to tell me to lower the sound on my PC. I had been playing loud music on it and had kept my room open so that she would come and see what I was doing. The next step would be when she comes out of the shower; loud porn would be playing on the speaker and she would catch me, headphones over my ears, with my big cock in my hands, beating it furiously and saying her name. Meanwhile the headphone chord would have been pressed under my feet, inches out of its ports to make it all look as an accident.

Tina should be coming out of the shower any minute now. I took a look around myself to make sure everything was in place. Finally the moment of truth had come. Did I really want to do this? Commit incest? …Hell yeah. I could wait to get my hand on those babies. At this point it was clear to me I wanted Tina and I only wanted Tina. Even if I could have a pick of any women in the whole world, I still wanted Tina. She had me under her spell and the only way to break it was to fuck her.

“Anyway, my plan is perfect. Once she sees my cock in all its glory… Hahaha,” I snickered and took my position on the chair in front of my PC.

I had shed my pants and was only wearing a t-shirt. I put on compilation of cum shots on big titted porn stars on the screen and turned the volume to full. It didn’t take me long to get my cock to its full length and I stroked while I waited for Tina.

It wasn’t long before she barged in my room, shouting at the top of her lungs. I acted surprised and fumbled to turn off the screen. Meanwhile I still slowly jerked my dick.

“What are you doing? Don’t you knock?”

“What are you doing? Watching porn at full blast, are you mental?”

“I-I didn’t know…” I tried to act embarrassed at being caught, and turned towards her. My cock was in full view. I slowly, very slowly jerked it to give her a little preview. I smirked when she gasped at the scene. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes lost focus.

I knew it. I fucking knew it. Hahaha. This never fails. This is how it starts. I never should have doubted it. Why would they use the same story if doesn’t work? I knew it would work.

I watched her as she silently took steps towards me almost as if in a trance. I was now openly masturbating, confident that my plan had succeeded. I ogled her body. She was dressed in a tank top and shorts, and her hair was still wet from her bath.

Yeah, come to me. Worship my cock. Maybe this is it. I should just do this from now on. Maybe I have stumbled upon the truth of life!? This is fantastic. Now no women will ever have the nerve to reject me or laugh at me. Maybe even that chocolaty MILF, Mrs. Williams, from across the street will join my harem. Hahaha, my time has come. It’s the summer of Jason…

She reached me and when she extended her hand towards my cock, I smirked in triumph. It was the final step. Once she touches my dick it’s over, I could do whatever I want with her after that. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those tits. To maul them, to fondle them, to caress them, to bite them, to kiss them, to suck them, the wait was killing me. Her hand was almost upon the helmet of my cock, just a few inches more…

“Ouch…” I shouted in pain. I looked at Tina who had a vicious smile on her face, and asked with tears in my eyes, “Why did you slap it?”

“What? Did you think I wouldn’t understand what you were doing? Did you think this little act was enough to fool me? Are you stupid? Don’t forget bro, I know what goes on in that mind of yours.”

I was aghast and horrified. My plan had failed spectacularly. This was even worse than the last time. I could see the cruelty in her expression.


“But what? Did you think I was a crazy perv like you that I would be down to fuck my own sibling?” she said while laughing.

I stared her in disbelief. I couldn’t make sense of what was happening. She stood there looking down on me. My dick was already going back to its resting proportions, which made me even more uncomfortable.

“What happened? Nothing to say?”

“Bu- But I have a big dick…” I whispered.

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