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Summer of Sin Ch. 01

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She could feel the cool breeze blowing in through the bathroom window, giving some relief to a hot September evening. The house was quiet and calm; she was anything but. She studied herself in the mirror while slowly brushing her teeth. She could point out a hundred flaws, though as a whole she knew she was attractive. She would have laughed if anybody had told her so at the beginning of the summer. Now, however, after her 18th birthday, she realized that the change from girl to women had clearly manifested itself. This understanding had come slowly throughout the summer as she found that it was her that boys and men turned their heads to look at. At first it had been a shock, although it didn’t last long, and she quickly found a certain pride in the attention she got. Consequently, she started to change what she wore. Her shorts and skirts became shorter, barely covering her butt cheeks. T-shirts were changed to tight skimpy tank tops. Most of the time she skipped wearing a bra; her breasts were small and firm so a bra was honestly unnecessary. And the extra looks she got when her hard nipples showed through the thin fabric were titillating. Part of her had known she was playing with fire, but she had blatantly ignored it.

She grabbed her nightgown off the bathroom counter and let the soft cotton slide over her head. She glanced in the mirror one last time before slowly opening the bathroom door, trying to see exactly what it was men saw. She held her breath as the door opened quietly, listening, but the house remained silent. Walking as lightly as she could, avoiding the creaky spots of the floor, she made it to her bedroom and closed the door quickly behind her, letting out a sigh of relief. Perhaps he was sleeping and would forget everything about her tonight. She hoped so fervently and said a silent prayer as she crawled into bed and cuddled up under the canlı bahis soft covers.

She had spent most of the day at the local lake with friends, and despite the worry that nagged at her, she quickly fell asleep. She didn’t know how long she had been sleeping when something woke her. She felt the well-known fear overwhelm her as she stayed completely still and kept her breathing even. She could sense his presence in the room, although he remained completely quiet. Perhaps he would think she was sleeping and leave. Perhaps pigs would fly. Despite the fear that gripped her body, a small part of her tingled with anticipation. She was horrified. A part of her wanted this despite the glaring wrongness.

A floorboard creaked and suddenly her dad was standing next to her. His shadow loomed over her and she could tell that he was naked; his cock was hard and erect. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut. Perhaps he would leave… perhaps, and perhaps not. Goosebumps spread across her as she felt the cover being pulled off, but she still kept her eyes shut, pretending to sleep soundly. Her dad sighed and she could her him stroke his cock. Resigned to the fact that he would not leave, she cracked open an eye and quietly whispered “daddy?”

“Yes, sweetie, it’s me. Can you take your nightgown off for me?” He said quietly.

She sat up and pulled her nightgown off in one smooth movement, her nipples hardening in the chill of the draft from the cracked window. She looked up at her dad, who was only a shadow in the dark room. He reached over and turned on her bedside lamp, chasing away the darkness that hid their secret. He bent over and kissed her mouth lightly while his hand cupped her breast, letting his finger rub back and forth over her hard nipple. Against her will, her breath caught, and she could feel the pleasant yet unwanted tingling in her stomach bahis siteleri and moistness between her legs. With his other hand, he reached between her legs and rubbed her clit through her cotton panties, grunting with satisfaction when he felt how wet she was. Slowly he let a finger glide underneath the fabric of her panties and let it travel up through her slit to let it dance over her clit. A soft moan escaped her throat.

“Good girl,” he murmured. “Take off your panties and turn around. Stay on your knees and put your chest on the bed.”

She knew that not obeying him would make him angry and that he would retaliate, so she turned around as ordered and put her cunt and ass on display for him. She gripped the bed sheets and pressed her face firmly into the mattress when he let a finger slide into her wet cunt for a brief moment, only to remove it in order to spread the moistness over her asshole. He let his finger slide slowly back and forth over her little hole for a while before pressing the tip of his finger inside her. She bit her lip, adamantly telling herself not to make a sound. She had quickly found that her discomfort only aroused him more. He slowly slid the rest of his finger into her ass, but she remained silent. His finger remained buried in her ass while his other hand cupped her cunt, his fingers going to her labia. He grabbed them and pulled them down while pressing his fingers together. The sensation was beyond pleasurable and she couldn’t stop the long moan from revealing her pleasure.

“Oh, you are such a good girl – daddy is going to reward you tonight” he cooed, and she felt a slight pressure as he forced a second finger into her ass. The pain made her yelp and try to escape, but he grabbed her small hips firmly and kept her in place.

“It’s okay sweet girl. Just relax and there will be no pain” he promised reassuringly. bahis şirketleri

She tried to relax, but she feared the reward, not knowing what it was. His hand continued to work on her labia, pulling and pinching, while a finger found her clit. She moaned into the pillow, unable to fight her body and the pleasure it felt. It was a mutiny of her body against her mind which kept on screaming that this was wrong! But the more wet she got the harder it was to remember why this was wrong. She was soaked and could feel her juices running down her legs as she pushed against his hand, wanting more. She could hear his harsh breathing behind her and knew that he was teetering on losing control.

“Oh my little girl, you are doing so well. Oh yes, you are definitely getting your reward tonight,” he whispered, his voice hoarse.

He removed his hand from her cunt and stood up behind her, letting his hard cock slide into her. She hissed with pleasure, taking his whole length. She had all but forgotten about the fingers in her ass until now when he removed them with great care. She let out a relieved sigh, thinking that she was safe, but instead of continuing to fuck her, he removed his cock, covered in her wetness, and put the tip of it on her little hole. She started sobbing and tried to crawl away, but his hands were already grasping her hips.

“Please daddy, please don’t do it. Please daddy, it’s going to hurt; I don’t want to hurt,” she begged him.

“It’s okay baby girl, it will only hurt for a little bit, and then it will feel good,” he reassured her.

She started to cry in earnest when he forced his cock into her ass, her plea having no effect on him. He pushed it further and further in, his breathing becoming more and more labored. He was losing control, his desire to rape his daughter’s virgin ass taking control. She kept on begging him to stop, but he was lost, pulling all of his cock out, except for the head, only to slam the whole length back into her. She cried out in pain, but he was relentless, fucking her ass fast and hard.

…to be continued

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