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Sun Worshipers Ch. 02

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The bright sunlight was streaming through the window. Shining on both of us – still cuddled up – as we awake. It is almost 7 a.m. and I am starved. The sexual energy that I have expended during the last two days must be replaced. The batteries need recharging – I can’t continue like this.

Julie, my darling daughter, woke me twice in the night – playing with and sucking my huge cock until, finally, we coupled and ever so slowly had a beautiful fuck. So slow as to appear that we were not moving at all. The first time, I retrieved a pair of Julie’s panties and stuffed them in her cunt to prevent my semen from dribbling out. I pulled them out for our second fuck – putting them back in when we finished. We were trying to make a baby and the old wives tale says – keep the cum stuffed in the cunt and a baby will follow. Hell, who knows, but it’s worth a try.

Rising, I went to the kitchen and started the coffee while cooking breakfast while Julie showered and dressed. I’m sure she had a douche since her pussy was loaded with cum.

After breakfast we began packing. I had gotten tickets to fly to the Virgin Islands complete with a beach side bungalow on a secluded beach near St. Thomas. Our flight would take us to Miami to change planes then on to San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a long layover, then on to St. Thomas.

While there we had lined up a couple of side trips to outlying islands just to catch the local flavor and I was looking forward to some snorkeling. Perhaps to spear a fish for a supper or two.

Checking in at the airport was pretty uneventful until the luggage screener spotted Julie’s nipple pumps in her carry-on. That’s when we were pulled aside for questioning.

Brenda, the Traffic Security Advisor, introduced herself and ordered us to follow her to her office. Locking the door behind her, she asked what was in the bag. Julie showed her and was in the process of explaining how they worked when Brenda stopped her.

“Show me,” Brenda said.

“What?” asked Julie.

“Show me how they work,” Brenda replied.

While Julie and Brenda were busy with all this – I was taking in the scenery. Brenda was a chocolate colored Amazon. She must have stood six feet 3 or 4 inches. And had a massive chest. I had a feeling they were much larger than Julie’s 44DDD – little did I know I was about gaziantep ateşli escort to find out.

Brenda’s skin was a sort of burnished copper – not really black – more of a bronze. Her accent indicated that she was probably born in the Islands – somewhere in the Caribbean but where?

Julie opened her carry-on and pulled out the nipple pumps. Two simple cylinders with a squeeze ball on the end, much like the ball used to pump up the sleeve when your blood pressure is taken.

“Show me how they work,” Brenda repeated. “I want to see them on your nipples.”

Now I was starting to get a little pissed but I wanted to see where this was going. Besides, given half a chance – this bronze Amazon might be a good lay.

Julie unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside. Since she never wears any underwear when I’m with her – she had no bra to remove. Standing there in all her glory was her magnificent orbs – all 44DDD of them with pencil size nipples about an inch or so.

When Julie spits on her fingers to rub it in around one of her nipples, Brenda immediately takes the other in her mouth and sucks on it. I had a feeling this lady loved big nipples.

Julie leaned back a little – closed her eyes and moaned. Brenda, glancing at her, took one of the nipple pumps and began to attach it to the nipple she had been sucking. Moving quickly to the other one – she sucked it a little and applied the second pump – pumping them both real hard until they were at maximum vacuum and stretched out – fully filling the small cylinders.

While Brenda was applying the pumps, Julie reached beneath her skirt and began to finger her clit – dipping a couple of fingers into her sopping pussy as she sought to bring her self off.

Brenda pushed Julie’s hand away and forced her down on the couch. Pushing Julie’s skirt up – Brenda lowered her head and began licking her. Biting Julie’s fleshy cunt lips as she licked her and nibbled her clit.

Watching this – my cock began to swell – making it awfully uncomfortable inside my pants. I moved next to Brenda and began removing her uniform shirt and bra. Once unencumbered – her massive tits nearly dragged the floor. God! They were HUGE!!!

Then I unbuckled Brenda’s pants and finally, with some struggle, bakımlı gaziantep escort managed to pull them off her. Brenda’s black satin thong came into view. Man!!! That big bronze ass with the cheeks split apart with her thong. Mmmmmmm!!! My mouth began to water.

Quickly shedding my clothes, I moved behind Brenda – stroking my rapidly hardening cock as I did. Brenda was slowly and methodically driving Julie up the wall with her licking and nibbling. Since I had removed her clothes, Brenda was alternately squeezing her own massive tits and fingering her own pussy with one hand while she spread Julie’s pussy lips with the other.

I moved behind her and began licking the crack of her ass – wetting the thong – wetter than it was before – pushing it in to her pussy with the tip of my tongue – kissing and biting and running my fingers over her fleshy cunt lips. Her pussy lips were so filled with blood that they were black as coal.

Pulling her thong to the side, I inserted a finger inside her and wriggled it around. Her ass movements told me she enjoyed that. I began to finger fuck her – flicking her clit with my tongue as I sawed first one – then two fingers inside her – crossing them to provide a thicker object of penetration. Her velvet sheath began to clasp my fingers – trying to keep them inside her as I rubbed her fleshy pad.

I pulled the thong out of my way and rubbed her pussy lips with my cock-head – opening her cunt lips for my cock – easing forward to her entrance, I slowly pushed. Taking it ever so slowly, I began to stroke in and out of her pussy – driving her face into Julie’s cunt on the in-stroke – pulling her away with the outstroke. God! Brenda’s pussy was tight. It felt like she hadn’t had a fuck in years. That velvet sheath of hers was starting to clench and unclench – signaling that her impending orgasm.

I began to fuck her in earnest – driving my huge cock into her hot pussy – slamming my pubic bone against the fleshy firmness of her ass while my ball sac slammed into her clit. Soon my ball sac began to tighten and I pulled out of her.

Pushing Brenda aside, I sank my cock in Julie to the hilt – just as I began to cum. Spurt after spurt – draining all that baby making fluid deep into Julie’s womb. Julie had responded escort gaziantep – as I began to cum, her body began to quiver – her legs lost all ability to move and she just lay there and quivered.

We rested a moment to catch our breath. Brenda remarked that we were quite a pair and asked if we would have some time free while in the Islands? It seems that her vacation started the following day and she was going home to St. Thomas.

“Sure,” I told her. “Give me your thong. I’ll give it back when we meet in St. Thomas.”

Brenda stood and removed her thong with a quizzical expression on her face which turned to a knowledgeable grin when she saw what I did with it. I stuffed it in Julie’s cunt – to retain my cum. I explained to Brenda that this was our ritual until Julie became pregnant.

I gave Brenda the name of the agent we rented the beach bungalow from. Brenda indicated that she knew the agent – quite well, in fact, and would contact her as soon as she arrived tomorrow.

It seems that the agent we rented from and Brenda were old friends. I knew the agent was from Martinique – French name (Michelle) – French accent – and Martinique is a French speaking island.

“Can I keep the nipple pumps until we meet?” asked Brenda.

I looked at Julie and she nodded. “Fair enough,” I said “your thong for the nipple pumps and we’ll trade back when we meet.”

“I’ll contact Michelle when I get to St. Thomas. Do you mind if she comes with me to your bungalow?” Brenda asked.

“No – does she have a boy friend? I could use some help,” I replied.

“She used to but he ran off with another girl friend of ours. At the present time, she is sorta foot loose.” Brenda said.

We had been dressing while all this conversation was taking place. “We’d better get moving or we might miss our flight. It is o.k. for us to go, isn’t it?” I asked

Laughing – Brenda said, “Sure. Come on – I’ll escort you to your concourse.”

When we deplaned in St. Thomas, we were met by our agent – Michelle. Since our conversations with Brenda, I took this opportunity to really look her over. She was petite – not at all what I expected after meeting Brenda. I had expected Michelle to be a ‘Plus’ size as well.

Julie and I piled into Michelle’s car – filling the trunk of that little car with our luggage. We did little sightseeing on the way out to the bungalow – I was busy looking at Michelle while she was pointing out the major sights. The plan was – she would come back the following morning and give us a lift to the local car rental – or we could rent one of the many small motor scooters that were available on the island. That might be best given the small size of the island.

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