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Susan Shops for Underwear

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Susan needed some new underwear, so she went out and down to the town centre. There was a choice; the big stores — for younger, cooler people, and then perhaps for older, frumpier folk, and finally the small private shop; the one just off the high street that looked like it had been there for ever.

Susan looked in the window of the smaller shop, but realised that it was really out of her budget for everyday underwear. Maybe if she’d had a boyfriend (or a partner!) then she’d make him come here to get her a birthday present, but for now it would be one of the big stores.

Back on the high street, Susan approached the shop for the cool kids, but as she approached, a gaggle of teen girls entered the shop, shrieking about the need for sexy knickers for their party night.

Susan walked on, resigned, to the shop for the frumps.

Actually, when she started to browse the underwear section Susan began to feel better. She felt comforted by the soft brushed cotton briefs with their careful colours, and even the bras seemed to have an air of embracing safety about them.

Are you looking for something in particular?

Susan turned. One of the assistants was looking at her. The girl was younger than Susan, but full bodied, and with strong shoulders — a swimmer, thought Susan. She must be very fit. The girl had dark hair and eyes; a slight mouth that raised on one side in a fleeting smile. I think that colour would suit your skin tone, she said.

Susan felt herself blush. She realised she was holding a bra and panties set and unconsciously stroking the material. Oh, well, thanks, she murmured, and put the set back. Probably not my size.

The girl eyed Susan’s body and Susan felt herself respond in some way to that look; then the girl reached out to the rack. She stepped closer to Susan who tried to move aside, but there was a rack behind her and when she felt the metal rail prod her back, recoiled, and in moving forward felt the girl’s arm brush against her breast.

It was magical.

I think this size bostancı escort would be best.

Susan took the set and as she did so, the girl deliberately touched her hand. Would you like to try them on?

This is crazy, thought Susan, but the girl had turned and walked away. She was so assured that Susan felt herself following. She looked at the girl from behind; her skirt tight against a muscular buttocks; defined legs; definitely a swimmer, or athlete anyway; Susan thought of her own body; how she battled weight, and felt uncomfortably weak. She thought of how strong the girl must be, and how her taut body must feel to the touch. An image flickered into her mind of the girl in a bathing suit.

The girl led Susan into a corridor lined with changing cubicles, and held open one of the doors. As Susan passed, the girl asked; will you be alright?

Susan looked at the girl, caught off guard, wondering wildly for an instant if the girl had read her mind and seen the image of herself lean and toned. Somehow Susan couldn’t help looking at the girl’s mouth. The thin lips were slightly parted; teeth just visible in the shadow. Susan looked up quickly into the girl’s dark eyes. She wanted to say something, but her mouth was dry and she felt uncertain; unbelieving.

The girl, looking straight at Susan, stepped forward and pulled the cubicle door closed. She took the bra and panties set from Susan and hung them on the hook. You’ll find it easier to try them on if you undress, she said.

Susan blushed; she felt awkward, suddenly uncomfortable and intensely aware of this girl’s physical presence. I… She felt herself blushing; her whole body warm with rushing blood; wanting but not really knowing what. Undress, repeated the girl quietly, but sharply; quickly.

Susan automatically began to undo the buttons of her shirt. All at once she felt hot to the point of sweating and desperate for this girl to see her body; ashamed to want that and frightened of what this lithe young büyükçekmece escort woman might think of her soft rounded self. Susan wasn’t fat, but there were places than never thinned out, no matter how many miles she walked.

Susan took off her shirt and dropped it on the bench and stood up, aware of her bare skin and the girl’s searching look.

Your jeans, the girl whispered.

Susan fumbled with the buttons; why a button fly today of all days? She had to bend over to push the legs down, then reach out one hand to steady herself as she pulled the legs over her feet. As she bent over, Susan felt the girl quickly unclasp her bra.

She gasped as the girl laid her hands cold and flat on Susan’s back to push the bra straps away and over Susan’s shoulders which she gripped tightly so that Susan gasped and straightened; her jeans tangling her feet.

The girl pulled Susan forward and kissed her – hard; thin lips pressing Susan’s own softer, fuller mouth; her thick tongue pushing against Susan’s teeth and between them. Susan was in a daze and for a moment was still, but the feeling of that warm muscle probing her mouth was incredible, and suddenly Susan felt awake and alive, and kissed back, wrapping her arms around the girl; her bare breasts pressing against the girl’s shirt, her nipples rasping on the seams. Susan moaned softly, but the girl broke off to shush her, and bent her head to Susan’s breasts, which she weighed in her hands, pinching the nipples red and then her tongue slid over them like a wet, hard finger.

Susan tried to pull the girl’s shirt up, but the girl batted her hands away and shook her head, not taking her mouth from Susan’s breast and then biting it, but not so gently. Susan was gone now; her body unaware of anything except the girl’s mouth and hands; hands that ran over her — breasts, throat, back, down to her lower back and on to her buttocks. The girl slip her hands under Susan’s panties and pulled them down. Then she knelt, and looked çağlayan escort at Susan’s blonde hair. She wet her fingers and pushed them between Susan’s legs. Susan opened and put her hands on the girl’s shoulder. She tried to push her hands into he girl’s hair, but it was tied back, and the girl once again batted Susan’s hand away. For moment Susan felt annoyed, but the girl’s finger brushed her vaginal lips and she moaned. Shh, said the girl softly as she stroked. Susan was wet and uncontrollably her hips moved rhythmically; urging the girl’s finger inside. Finally the girl entered Susan; two fingers pushed up into the hot space and Susan gritted her teeth as she almost doubled over. He legs were shaking, and she gripped the girl’s shoulders with painful intensity.

The fingers inside of her moved almost professionally to exactly the right spot and stroked, and stroked. Susan’s body thrust back and forward helplessly as she wet herself with her own juices. Suddenly, in a flash, Susan came; she couldn’t help moaning out loud, and her legs almost gave way. Her pussy gripped the girls fingers but it didn’t stop them from stroking for a long moment.

At last, the girl stopped and pulled her fingers out. She stood up and looked at Susan with a smile, then pushed her fingers into Susan’s mouth, and it was like that probing kiss all over again, only with a double tongue, and salty sharp wet.

Susan was exhausted and smiled around the fingers in her mouth as she tounged them and sucked off her own juices, but leaning back against the cubicle wall, felt it’s cold surface, and became aware of her surroundings. The girl was looking around, and Susan felt suddenly quite naked. The girl picked up Susan’s discarded bra and used it to wipe her fingers. Then without a word, she opened the cubicle door and walked out.

Wait, called Susan, but the girl was gone.

Susan felt emotions fill her up, displacing the surge of sexuality that had flooded her just a moment before. She wanted to cry; to scream, but there was sound in the corridor; someone else going into a cubicle and talking to a friend.

Never before feeling so lonely, Susan quickly dressed and left the cubicle.

As she walked out into the store she looked around and saw the girl standing at the till, whispering to another girl. They looked up and stared at Susan then at each other and laughed.

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