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Sutton Family Stories 03

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Female Ejaculation

I couldn’t quite believe my luck when my sister, Sarah, came to see that Saturday morning and initiated a steamy fuck where she rode me senseless as I woke-up. We’d had three really hot fucks before that, but I’d initiated them and persuaded her each previous time. Now I was sure she wanted it as much as me.

Sarah is a really hot woman, she looks a bit like the adult actress Ella Hughes, and her pussy felt amazing when I was buried balls deep inside it. I’d fucked around a bit at university and since my return but most of the girls in town wanted a long-term relationship and I didn’t. I couldn’t believe my luck that my pregnant sister turned out to be as horny as me: we could have hot sex without worrying about a relationship and she knew she wouldn’t get a reputation as a slut or anything because I was risking prison if I told people about it.

After that Saturday, we became a bit addicted to sex, wanting and needing to getting each other off. The very next morning, in fact, I woke-up with morning glory. I could hear my parents downstairs but we usually both slept in a bit later than them at weekends so knew we wouldn’t be expected downstairs for a while. I got out of bed and gently walked to my door, checked the coast was clear, and then went across the landing to her room. I opened her door and walked in. She was still asleep. Time for the tables to be turned.

I was feeling confident, so I slid my boxers off and walked over to her bed. She was lying on her side with her eyes closed and breathing heavily. I lifted the duvet and slid in under it next to her. She was wearing a nightie. I pressed my body against hers in the spooning position. I reached my arm across her body and slid my hand up her thighs. She began to stir a bit but wasn’t yet properly awake. I slowly worked my hand to her crotch and was delighted to find she wasn’t wearing any panties under her nightie. It didn’t take long before I was tracing my index finger up her slit to her clitoris.

It didn’t take long for her to stir after that. “Mmm, what’s going on?” she asked, unsurprisingly.

I didn’t move my hand at all, but lent forward slightly so my mouth was right next to her ear. “Morning sleepyhead, I woke up thinking about you. Were you having sweat dreams?”

“I was just dreaming some hunk of a man was helping me with my insane horn,” she replied.

“Sometimes dreams do come true, sis,” I whispered back as I worked my index finger between her pussy lips. She was quickly getting wet and feeling her arousal made my dick completely hard. It was digging into her back. “We probably don’t have too long though, Mum and Dad are downstairs having breakfast.”

She sighed contentedly and shuffled her body back against mine. I was in no mood to hesitate and pushed legs apart a bit with my hand, then pushed my cock along her dripping slit. “Mmm, I need that hard brother dick inside me again,” she said.

“Beg for it,” I replied.

“Please big brother.”

“Please, what?”

“Please slide your beautiful, hard, big brother cock into my little wet sister pussy again. It feels just right in there,” she whimpered. Teasing her more would have been fun, but I couldn’t help myself, I needed to be inside her again. Christ, she had the most perfect little pussy and it was like a warm glove gripping my dick as I slowly pushed all the way into her.

I reached up and took her nightie straps off her shoulders, pushing it down to reveal her full breasts and massaged them as I started working my cock in and out of her grasping cunt from our side-by-side spooning position. I soon worked up to a good pace, and loved feeling her body pressed right back into me like this. She was matching my thrusts, bouncing a bit on my dick, her hungry pussy wanting more each time I withdrew.

I moved my mouth close to her ear again. “Mmm, little sister is enjoying this, I can feel it,” I whispered.

“Oh yeah, I fucking love your dick so deep inside me brother, mmmm we need to fuck like this a lot, I just can’t get enough of this, oh, I’m addicted to your dick Aiden.” She started moaning more and I thought about our parents being just downstairs. The risk was fun but I didn’t actually want to get caught so I moved my hand over her mouth.

“Mum and Dad are downstairs, we need canlı bahis to be quiet Sarah,” I told her, while never missing a beat with my dick stroking in and out of her. We had a good pace going now, and neither of us were in a mood to hang about. I started fucking her hard and needed to cum.

“Mum and Dad have no idea their darling little girl is upstairs taking her brother’s dick like this, and she’s about to get her pussy filled with his incestual load,” I told her. I felt her pussy actually tighten round my cock at those words. She fucking loved the dirty talk. “That’s it, I’m going to spray my load right inside you Sarah.”

She whimpered into my hand as I reamed her, and soon I was hammering in and out and then felt a moment of pure bliss wash over me as I felt myself cum. I could feel several rounds shoot off inside her. Her cunt was gripping me like a slippery glove and just then she bit into my hand. I was sure she was orgasming too.

I lay there for a moment, taking my hand off her mouth and working down to her breasts and over her swollen belly, before pulling out of her pussy. Part of me wanted to keep inside there forever, but we would very likely get caught if we stayed in bed too long this morning. Instead, I quietly got out of her bed and put my boxers on. I then padded out of her room and back to mine, quickly putting some trackie bottoms and a t-shirt on and going downstairs.

“Morning, darling, have some tea and I’ll do you a bacon roll. Is Sarah up yet?” Mum said as I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, where my Dad was reading the Sunday Times.

“Yeah, I think I heard her stirring,” I replied nonchalantly.

“Well I don’t want to make breakfast a third time,” Mum said, before shouting up to Sarah to come down now. She quickly came downstairs and was just wearing the nighty she had slept in, now adjusted to be on properly again. She sat opposite me.

“Sleep well, pet?” asked my Dad.

“Oh yeah, I had these really intense dreams, I woke up really happy”, Sarah replied.

“It must be all the hormones from the pregnancy,” said Dad.

Dad returned to reading his paper and having put our breakfast on the table, Mum was busy at the sink. I couldn’t help look across the kitchen table at my beautiful sister and smile. She smiled back, then I watched as she reached under the table, moved her arm about strangely, and then pulled it back with some of my cum on the tip of her finger. She’d just put her finger into her own pussy to take some of my cum out of it, whilst sat in the same room as our two parents! She winked at me and then rubbed the cum onto the top of the bacon roll, which she proceeded to eat.

“Delicious bacon roll, Mum,” said Sarah between mouthfuls. I nearly choked on my tea. No one seemed to notice. I then dropped my fork. As I leant down to pick it up, I looked under the table and Sarah had her legs spread, and I could clearly see some of my load leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy. I almost banged my head as I sat up again.

I felt myself getting hard again. Sarah acted naturally for the rest of breakfast before going for a shower after. My dick needed attention again but I couldn’t manage to get away from Mum and Dad for most of the rest of the day to take care of it. One or other always needed my help with some crappy chore and Sarah went out for the afternoon.

The next day at work I kept picturing my sister, sat in our kitchen, with my cum leaking out of her recently fucked cunt whilst our oblivious parents had breakfast with us. It got me so horny. If there hadn’t been so much going on at work, I’d probably have tried to have a sneaky wank in the toilets but I didn’t get the chance.

Back home, after dinner, I ended up watching TV with Mum, Dad and Sarah. These days we rarely all sat down together in the living room but I wanted to keep an eye on my sister. She seemed to be ignoring me most of the evening. Then Mum asked me to make tea for everyone.

I was stood in the kitchen doing just that when Sarah walked in and came right up behind me. “Mum told me to give you a hand,” she declared loudly, and then more quietly added “and I love giving my brother a hand”. With that she reached her right hand round and rubbed my crotch, before unzipping my flies, reaching bahis siteleri in and pulling my rapidly hardening cock out through the flies of my boxers and trousers. She gripped it tightly and quickly started stroking up and down the shaft.

I couldn’t believe my sister was so brazenly wanking my cock in the kitchen while our parents were sat just a few feet away in the next room watching TV, but I wasn’t complaining. It felt so good after the tension had been building in my balls ever since her little show at breakfast the day before. “Mmm your cock feels so big and hard for me, I can feel it throbbing in my hand,” she whispered into my ear before giving my ear lobe a playful little lick, then added “we don’t have much time though.”

We didn’t need much time. My cock really responded to her strokes. She knew how to give a handjob, that was for sure, and she was soon wanking me hard and fast. A good handjob often gets overlooked for other sexual activity, but it felt good and I really enjoyed looking down to see her little hand wrapped round my fat, hard erection. It didn’t take long before I felt my balls tighten and then I was cumming. I moaned as I really shot my load, with several spurts of cum flying out, splattering over the kitchen floor.

Sarah giggled then let go of my cock and calmly walked over to the now boiled kettle and picked-up making the tea from where I’d left off. I stuffed my cock back into my trousers and grabbed a cloth. I was just knelt down on the floor wiping up my own cum when Mum walked in. “What’s taking so long?” she asked.

“Aiden spilt some of the milk on the floor, Mum,” replied Sarah.

“Do be careful darling,” she said, before taking the cups from Sarah and walking back out. I couldn’t believe how close a call it was, but also how horny the risk taking made me feel.

After that, it’s fair to say we were touching each other every chance we could. Out of lots of hot sex, I particularly remember the Friday night a few weeks later when we went to the cinema together. Since Sarah couldn’t drink the pub wasn’t much fun for her and as we hadn’t manged to find an opportunity to fuck for a few days, I agreed to take her to some chick flic in the hope of a chance for more Friday night fun.

The film was boring as hell, but I distracted myself by reaching across and rubbing her thighs. The cinema wasn’t full and no one was sat near us on the back row so it wasn’t completely risky, but she tried clamping her thighs around my hand. I wasn’t going to give in that easily though, and I played a game of very slowly and gently rubbing up and down her leg, going barely and higher each time but bit by bit getting higher and higher. Sarah was concentrating on the film, but soon I hand my hand up under her dress and was gently massaging her upper thigh.

“Stop being naughty Aiden,” Sarah hissed at me, but I was enjoying touching her more than watching the film so continued and worked my fingers under her panties and was soon brushing across her neatly trimmed little bush to her pussy lips. She glared at me but said nothing and went back to watching the film. It wasn’t a no, so I continued and worked my index finger into her pussy. It always seemed wet every time I did this, and I had no problem sliding in up to my knuckle. I couldn’t believe I was ever able to get my dick into something this tight.

I then pulled my finger out slightly and then pushed it back in deeper. Soon I was properly fingering her, and managed to brush my thumb over her now hard clitoris while working my big finger in and out of her steamy, hot little box. I looked around but everyone else was engrossed in the film and no one was noticing the guy fingering his sister in the back row.

Sarah’s pussy was absolutely soaked as I inserted a second finger and felt her grip them with the walls of her cunt. I could see her bite her own lip to stop herself moaning out loud and draw attention to herself. Soon I felt her clamp down on my fingers and actually spray out, drenching my hand and her panties. I had no doubt I’d made my sister orgasm and squirt.

She was breathing heavily as I withdrew my hand, help it to my face and licked it clean. I was as hard as a rock but Sarah batted my hand away when I tried to move her hand to touch the straining bulge bahis şirketleri in my chinos. She wasn’t going to return the favour.

As we left the cinema Sarah was talking about the film. I interrupted her as we walked back home. “Stop teasing me, you got off, I need to,” I pleaded.

“Ha, you started it in the cinema Aiden, but that was a lovely orgasm, so I might just help you out when we get home,” she replied.

I picked up the pace and soon we were back at our place. Imaging my disappointment when I got home to find Mum and Dad up late, sitting in the living room watching TV. I needed to fuck Sarah but I couldn’t do it in front of them downstairs, and if we went straight upstairs together they’d notice something was up.

I then endured thirty minutes of torture as we sat in the living room with them, Sarah discussing the film with Mum while Dad watched TV. I was contemplating going up to my room and wanking but finally Mum announced she was going to hit the hay and left us. “One down, one to go,” I thought to myself, and noticed Sarah returning my gaze every time I looked over at her. Sure enough Dad followed about 15 minutes later when his TV show finished.

I waited a few minutes to make sure they really were gone, then pounced. I moved to sit next to Sarah and lent straight in to kiss her, working my big tongue straight into her mouth and my hands were groping her breasts through her top. Sarah eventually withdrew from the kiss. “What if they come back down, Aiden, we’re should go up to my bedroom,” she said and stood-up.

I stood up and grabbed her round the waist. “No, I need you right here, right now, I’ve been hard ever since the cinema,” I growled. I pushed her so she was bent over the armchair Dad had been sat in 10 minutes previously and pushed her dress up while unbuckling my belt and pushing my chinos and boxers down my thighs. My aching dick sprang free and I waisted no time in taking hold of it and pushing it right up her to slit.

She was dripping and it wasn’t’ long until I was back in her to the hilt. I was in no mood to wait around and was soon pummelling her pussy. It was such an erotic sight. My sister, still wearing her dress, bent over my Dad’s favourite armchair, her soaked panties pulled aside while my thick shaft worked in and out of her hungry little cunt. It was so slick with her juices and her pussy lips brushed it beautifully ever time I slid it in and out.

I bent forward as I fucked her. “You’re such a horny slut, Sarah, letting your own brother finger you to orgasm in the cinema. Now your brother needs to get off,” I said into her ear.

“Oh fuck, please, please, I’m your little whore, use me like the naughty little bitch I am,” she replied.

I didn’t need to be asked twice and picked up the pace to really pound her. The armchair was rocking obscenely as I used my muscular thighs to drive in and out of her. It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting close. I reached round and rubbed her clit as I thrust in and soon Sarah groaned loudly. “Make your sister cum, Christ yes.” This triggered me and fancying something different, I pulled my dick out and sprayed all over her back, my stream of cum splattering her dress. “Mmm, I’ll need to wash this one myself or Mum could get a big surprise,” she giggled.

I couldn’t believe Sarah was as horny as me. Maybe it was being related or something, but it was the hottest sex I’d ever had. However, life has a tendency to bring you down when you think it’s all going well. In November, I went on a long planned trip to Australia with a couple of rugby mates. We went for 20 days as it’s such a long way. When I got back, Sarah had moved out. Turns out the time apart had given her some time to reflect and, as she later told me, broke the spell my cock apparently had over her.

She decided she wanted to get back with Jack, her ex-boyfriend and father of the child she was now carrying. Apparently Sarah sealed the deal by buying him a few pints, then pushing him into some bushes on the walk home, dropping to her knees and giving him a very good blowjob. Remembering what he was missing, he agreed to get back with her. His parents had been on at him to do the honourable thing by her anyway, and so they agreed to help pay the rent on a flat for them both to live in.

I returned from Aus to find Sarah not living at home, and being pretty non-responsive to my messages. I was no less horny than before I went away, but my live-in slut had flown the nest. What was I going to do now?

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