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Sweet Caroline

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The shower was already full of steam when I stepped in. That’s how I like it – almost too hot to handle. To be honest, that’s how I like almost everything – hot and hard and fast. I tipped my head back so the spray could hit my chest, the sudden heat making my skin flush red and my nipples harden.

I ran my hands slowly down my abdomen and over the soft curve of my hips. I felt a tingle build in my pussy. Surprise! I was horny. Again. Almost involuntarily I let my middle finger slip into the top of my slit. There was already heat between my legs as I thought of my husband. He’d been gone on a business trip for the week and there would be no time when he returned home for sex because two of his supervisors were coming over for dinner. I needed relief now.

I brought one hand up to cup my breast and tease my small nipple while I let the other one press further into my mound. I felt the little nub of my clit and jiggled it slightly, gasping at the sensation it created. If Max was here he’d be standing behind me, his breath hot on the sensitive spot where my neck and shoulder met. I could feel the sharpness of his teeth as I imagined him biting into me just as I forced a finger all the way into my wet cunt. I moaned a little as I started working my finger back and forth.

Max’s hands were much bigger than mine. His fingers thicker and rougher. I slid a second finger into my depths and pressed my forehead against the shower wall for stability. Max’s cock would be rock hard, pressed firmly against my ass. Or maybe even nestled in the crack a little. I groaned and twisted my hips in time with the pumping of my hand. God I loved Max’s dick. Long and thick and completely mine. I’d try to reach behind me to grab it but he’d chuckle a little and pin my wrists to the wall. The heel of my palm ground against my clit as I slid my fingers as deep as I could manage.

“Please, I need to feel you,” I’d gasp. He’d smile and nuzzle my shoulder while pinching my clit. Then he’d spread my ass cheeks and slam into my welcoming and ready pussy.

I rubbed myself harder. I could feel the orgasm building as I thought about Max pumping me from behind. The head of his cock would bump against my G-Spot as he went and when he knew I couldn’t take anymore, he’d reach around and rub two fingers firmly over my clit as he pressed deep inside and I’d shatter around him.

I cried out in the empty shower, my thighs clamping around my hand as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through me. I kept my forehead against the wall for a while trying to regain control of myself. My legs were rubbery and, although not fully satisfied, I gave a soft sigh of contentment and finished my shower.

Max would be home tonight and tomorrow morning I would be breakfast.


“Really Caroline, you do too much,” James Morgan, the President and CEO of the company Max worked for, told me as I poured him another glass of red wine.

I smiled at him. “It’s no trouble James.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Max eyeing my round ass as I moved back to my seat. I wore a standard “little black dress” that hugged every curve and showed off the tops of my small, but round breasts. It was Max’s favorite dress.

Max sat at one end of the table, James at the other, Patrick Sturgen, the CFO, to Max’s left with me across from him on Max’s right.

We’d already finished eating and Patrick had helped me clear the table as Max and James had conversed in hushed tones. Now the four of us sat around, enjoying casual conversation and a glass of wine. It was nice, on any other day I would enjoy the get together. I always enjoyed playing hostess, but tonight I wanted to fuck my husband’s brains out. I’d intentionally forgone underwear and had whispered that fact into Max’s ear just as our guests had arrived and now I was hot and wet and almost squirming with desire.

“Why don’t we go into the den?” Max offered.

I looked up at him sharply. NO! I wanted to yell! Make them leave. I need you! My nipples were hard against the fabric of my dress. He gave me a lazy smile and a small wink and I almost jumped him then, but I restrained myself.

Picking up our glasses of wine we all moved to our spacious den. There was an over-sized stuff couch, matching love seat, an antique carved oak coffee table, and my husband’s pale suede recliner and matching ottoman. I eased onto the love seat, James sitting next to me. Max took up his spot in his recliner and Patrick settled on the sofa, leaning comfortable into the cushions and draping his arm over the back.

As men, they were both attractive. Neither was as tall as Max who stood at six foot four inches, but James stood at a solid six foot two and Patrick at an even six feet. James had the easy, affable nature of a man certain of his power. He radiated it. It made him feel both charming and dangerous. Patrick, on the other hand was more reserved. Being the CFO of a multi-million dollar company had it perks and its stresses, I’m sure, but I often sensed that he was more comfortable bursa sınırsız escort with numbers than people. They were both fit, although Patrick was the stockier of all three men. Probably a linebacker in another life.

“Has Max told you the good news?” James inquired.

I glanced from him to Max and then back again. “No?”

“We invited Max to be a partner in our firm. Effective on the first of the month,” James told me with a smile. But there was something behind it that I couldn’t quite place. I ignored the unease and turned to Max.

“That’s fantastic baby!” I cried, moving to his side. I leaned over to kiss him, just a quick celebratory peck. But Max had other ideas. He captured my mouth roughly, a hand coming up to cup my ass. I tried to pull away but he gripped me firmer and pulled me into his lap.

“What are you doing?” I gasped.

“I thought you’d like to celebrate,” he replied with a wicked grin.

I glanced over my shoulder at James and Patrick. “Later,” I whispered.

Max nuzzled my neck, pressing hot kisses just below my ear. “The celebration isn’t just for me,” he told me, leaning close. He was whispering now, as if we were conspiring. “I know you’ve wanted this for a long time,” he told me.

I stared at him in shock. It was true, I’d often fantasized about having more than one man at a time, but I’d never have cheated on Max. Plus, he wasn’t very good at sharing, I wasn’t prepared for this. Still, I felt a twitch between my thighs and my nipples hardened almost immediately.

Suddenly James was standing behind me. He brushed my hair off my shoulder and extended his hand toward me. “I’ve heard you’re the best partner a man can have. Between us, my wife isn’t that good, I could use some … enthusiasm.”

My eyes widened as I glanced between him and Max. Max gave me a gentle nod. I placed my hand in James’s and he pulled me to my feet.

He traced his fingers over my collar bone, then down over the tops of my breasts. They rose and fell with my heavy breathing. “Honestly, I like much bigger breasts, but there is something about the perfect roundness of these that I find intriguing.” As he spoke, his ice blue eyes never left mine. The intensity with which he spoke sent shivers down my spine straight to my already throbbing cunt.

I jerked when I felt hands sliding around my hips from behind. Patrick stood behind me now, pulling my hips against his. I could feel his cock beginning to harden. “Personally I’m an ass man,” he growled in my ear. If James was dangerous, Patrick was downright deadly. His fingers bit harshly into my hips through my dress. “And you have plenty of ass.”

Patrick was breathing on that spot on my neck. The sensitive one. The one I’d fantasized Max breathing on only hours before. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips. James touched my cheek tenderly just before grabbing a handful of my hair and yanking hard. I cried out in shock. Simultaneously, Patrick bit into my now exposed neck. My shock quickly turned to a moan of pleasure. He took a deep breath. “You smell like sin,” he told me, flicking the tip of his tongue over the spot he’d just bitten.

I whimpered a little as I felt James sliding his hand under the edge my dress and up the inside of my thigh. He made a low rumble in his throat when he found I wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Fuck,” he breathed. “You’re a bit of dirty slut now aren’t you?”

His fingers traced my mound, sliding slowly over my slit, parting my lips but never quite entering. I whimpered and tilted my hips into his hand. At the same time, Patrick was biting my neck and tops of my shoulders. His hand ran up my back and yanked the zipper of my dress down. He slid his hands into the dress, wrapping them around my rib cage and reaching up to cup my breasts. The sensations were overwhelming. My brain could barely register all that was happening to me. Patrick pinched hard on both nipples and I gasped as the pain sent a strange pleasure through my aching pussy.

Suddenly, James removed his hand from my cunt. Patrick immediately pushed my dress over my shoulders and it fell to the floor. I now stood naked between the two men.

Max! I thought suddenly, a little shaken that I’d forgotten him. I glanced at him where he still sat in his recliner. He was watching it all with a dazed look on his face, but the thick bulge in his pants told me he was enjoying the sight. I let out a small sigh of relief.

James bent down and flicked his tongue over a nipple. I moaned. My nipples were the most sensitive part of me. Patrick slid one hand down my front to cup my hot, swollen mound. His large hand covered the whole thing. I felt his other hand wedging between my ass cheeks from behind and gasped when a finger slid between my pussy lips and found my clit. James sucked my nipple hard into his mouth.

“Ahhh!!” I cried, my eyes rolling back into my head as the sensations rocked my body.

I was already close to cumming. I tried to grind down on Patrick’s bursa üniversiteli escort hand but he kept pulling away just enough that I couldn’t find relief. James’s hand found my other breast and squeezed, rolling the nipple between his fingers as he continued to suck the tit his mouth had already captured.

“Beg,” Patrick growled into my ear.

I turned my head as far around as I could to look him in the eyes. “Please Patrick, I need to be touched. I need your fucking finger in my pussy!” I cried. His mouth seized mine hard as his finger slammed into my cunt. I cried out in his mouth and James attacked my other breast with gusto.

Patrick slid a second finger into my soaking pussy. The hand that had been cupping my mound now began moving, a finger parting my slit and finding the hard little nub of my clit. He pinched it and jiggled it and rubbed it all while ramming his fingers into me and James attacked and sucked my breasts and I completely lost control, cumming hard on Patrick’s fingers. I cried out as I clamped my thighs around his hands which managed to keep rubbing my clit, prolonging and intensifying my orgasm.

My legs trembled a little and before I could recover from the orgasm I was being lifted onto the coffee table. My head hung over one end and Patrick positioned himself there, holding me down by my shoulders. I felt James grab my knees and force my legs apart.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Caroline. Look at how wet your cunt is. I bet you’re still tight too since you and Max haven’t had kids,” James commented, lowering his head to inspect my pussy.

I heard Patrick’s zipper and then his cock sprang free of his pants. My mouth watered. It was a sweet seven inches, average girth, but it was rock hard and the tip already glistened with a drop of pre-cum.

“Oh god, Patrick. Please let me suck that thing!” I begged. He seemed to like that. He grabbed the shaft of his dick and slapped me in the face with it a couple of times.

“Do you taste as sweet as you look?” James asked, flicking his tongue across my clit.

I jerked, still sensitive from the last orgasm.

“Open,” Patrick demanded. He was definitely a man of few words.

I obeyed, opening my mouth as wide as I could. James buried his head between my legs just as Patrick slammed his cock into my mouth. A strange gargle/gasp escaped me as I moaned with the pleasure of being eaten while simultaneously gagging on Patrick’s dick.

It was a harsh angle with my head hanging backwards and Patrick throat fucking me upside down. But he seemed to enjoy every choke and gag I made around the head of his rod. My back arched off the table as James’s tongue hit a sweet spot and he seized my legs, hoisting them over his shoulders.

“Ghahhagg!” I cried around Patrick as he shoved his cock balls deep into my throat.

Involuntary tears ran down my face. James made a growling sound against my pussy and the vibrations sent tingles through me.

James lifted his head only long enough to look as Max and say, “You’re a partner now. Start acting like it.”

Suddenly Max was beside me, his cock out, bumping against my cheek. He grabbed my hand and closed it around his velvety shaft. I immediately began pumping him enthusiastically, moaning with pleasure the whole time.

Max and Patrick both began pinching and playing with my breasts while James continued to eat me like a man who’d never had a meal. I was trembling between them. The orgasm growing was going to be intense. I tried to cry out but my cry was lost around Patrick’s dick.

“She’s close,” Max observed. “Nip her clit and she’ll come for you,” he advised James. Max knew my body like no other – probably better than I did.

Patrick pulled out of my mouth just as James followed Max’s advice, launching me into another blinding orgasm. “Fuuuuuccckkkkk!!” I cried before collapsing onto the table.

Max rolled me roughly onto my stomach even as the last remnants of my orgasm shuddered through me. Then he was positioned with his dick against my lips and Patrick was behind me, gripping my hips. He ran his cock through the juices dripping from my pussy. I felt him slide his fingers down to my cunt and he slid them into me, soaking them with my wetness. Then he slid them slowly up my folds to my small asshole, wiping the juice all around it.

“I’m sure there is a more convenient way for all of us to get what we want from dear Caroline here,” James commented. And suddenly I was being lifted up by Patrick. James settled on his back on the coffee table, naked now, and Patrick lowered me until James’s cock was just against the entrance to my soaked cunt.

I was sensitive and swollen from my previous orgasms but the sight of his incredibly thick cock made me moan. “I need your fucking cock!” I cried, meeting his eyes. He gave me a satisfied smirk. Patrick dropped me just as James thrust up and just like that I was impaled. James and I both groaned in pleasure, his fingers bursa ucuz escort biting into my hips.

“Fuck, you are tight,” he groaned.

Patrick shoved me forward so my ass was exposed to him and my lips were once again at the level of Max’s cock.

“Suck your husband while I fuck you, whore,” James ordered as he began moving his hips, pumping his dick in and out of my tight vagina. I felt stretched and full as I opened my mouth and gently sucked Max into my throat.

I sighed in pleasure. I had a cock in my pussy and Max in my mouth. God, I loved his dick. Then I felt something I did not expect.

Patrick had his thumb pressed against my asshole. I shook my head and tried to pull away from Max’s cock but he grabbed the back of my head and held me in place. I tried to move but James wrapped his arms around me, pinning me against him as he increased his rhythm. I’d never done anal before. It was something Max and I mutually stayed away from, and I was caught between nervous anticipation, fear, and arousal.

“I told you I’m an ass man,” Patrick explained, thrusting his thumb all the way in.

I cried out at the sudden intrusion and looked up pleadingly at Max. Except he was Max like I’d never seen him before. There was something darker there in his face. Something more cynical. And more erotic.

Patrick was slowly moving his thumb, allowing me time to adjust. He pulled it almost all the way out before gently pushing it back in again. The whole time James was thrusting in and out of my pussy and Max was pumping in and out of my throat. I didn’t think I could feel more full.

Until Patrick removed his thumb from my asshole and brought the head of his cock to the tight hole. I mentally braced myself, trying to relax as he pressed against my entrance. I gasped when his cock finally slid in. For a moment all three men were still. I was so full and stretched. I could feel them everywhere it seemed. I was taking three cocks!

After a moment I moaned and shifted my weight, rubbing my clit against James’s pubic bone. He grinned up at me before slamming his cock deep in my pussy.

“Tell us what you want,” Patrick growled.

“I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck my virgin ass and I want James to fuck my cunt and I want Max to throat fuck me! I want to be fucked until I can’t walk or speak! And I want it fucking NOW!” I yelled.

Three thick cocks began moving in me. Max thrust deep in my throat, James slammed hard in my pussy, and Patrick pressed deeper into my ass. Max’s thick cock was causing tears to run down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop moaning. The pleasure was so intense.

Patrick had my ass cheeks in a vise grip, his thick fingers sure to leave bruises. James lifted himself up to catch one of my bouncing tits in his mouth and he sucked hard on my nipple. Max tangled his hand in my hair, holding my head still as he forced his cock all the way to the back of my throat, pressing steadily until my throat opened and he slid even further down until his long cock was all the in my mouth. He groaned. I coughed and choked around him but he didn’t move.

James grunted beneath me. I could feel him tensing up. He was going to come soon. I tried to move my hips with him but it was hard with Patrick in my ass.

“Fuck Caroline, I’m gonna cum…” James groaned around my tit. A second later he thrust hard and I could feel him squirting and flooding my pussy. The feel of his twitching cock deep within me sent me into another orgasm.

After a moment Patrick lifted me off James, managing to stay lodged in my asshole. I whimpered. I was getting sore and overstimulated. He took two steps backward and sat on the couch. James brought his semi-soft cock to my mouth.

“Clean him,” Patrick ordered.

Obediently I began licking and sucking the cum and pussy juice off Jame’s dick. Patrick continued to bounce me up and down on his rod. Then James was moving and Max was kneeling between my spread legs.

I gasped in shock when he started eating my pussy, cleaning all of James’s cum out of me! His tongue flicked over my over-sensitized clit and I tried to squirm away.

“Please don’t,” I whimpered. I couldn’t cum again. It would be too painful.

But Max held my hips firmly as he sucked me. Patrick was grunting harder behind me. He was thrusting so deep I though he’d split me in two.

“Fuck,” he growled, biting hard into my shoulder as he exploded in my ass, filling me with his thick cum.

Max sucked my clit hard into his mouth one more time before slamming his cock into my pussy. He slammed into my hard, shoving me back against Patrick. He moved with a quick but steady rhythm, pumping in and out of my tender cunt.

He placed two fingers on my clit and began rubbing me. He knew just the right amount of pressure to apply, just how to jiggle my little nub. He was going to force another orgasm from me.

I whimpered and rolled my head back and forth. “Please Max, I’m begging you…”

“You will come for me Caroline. You belong to me,” he snarled.

I stared up into his darkened face, pleasure building in me again. I was his. And he was mine. I could tell he was getting close by the way the concentration built on his face, by the tension growing in his thighs as he pounded into me, and by the way his dick seemed to almost double in size inside me.

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