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Swenson Manor Chronicles: Nancy Jon

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As I walked outside from the master bedroom onto the rear balcony of Swenson Manor it struck me that I was completely exhausted. I shouldn’t expect anything different; after all it is normal for several million orgasms over three days to wear you out. My head was a bit foggy, but I did know it was Sunday, and by the look of the sun’s position in the clear blue sky I guessed it was late afternoon. We were past the heat of the day so the temperature was quite pleasant, and there was a gentle breeze from the west. Man oh man what a party! So many things to remember: it is difficult to filter them through my head at this moment. Two things stand clear; where is Darla, and that Jo Baley and I, arrived early Friday evening to discover everything we had ever heard about a Swenson Manor party was true. In one form or another you could find any type of sex you desired. It was truly amazing.

My story began Saturday of last week. Jo called to tell me about receiving a special delivery package that contained a green envelope and invitation. I had heard of this from other recipients, and was immediately on edge with excitement. The green envelope was a trademark of John and Paula Swenson, and it was always associated with one of their sex-oriented parties.

My mind came back to what Jo was saying when I heard, “I can bring a companion to the Swenson….”

“YES!!! I would love to go. Oh, I’m sorry Jo. I didn’t let you finish, but if you are inviting me the answer is yes.”

“Well I’m inviting you. Hear is the deal . . . .” Jo gave me all the information she had, and we agreed on when she would meet me at the apartment. We were all set; we were going to a Swenson Manor party.

Jo picked me up on Friday afternoon. A point of interest is we each choose to wear a pastel colored, short, light summer dress and nothing else. That wasn’t coordinated, but it does demonstrate how alike we tend to think. The dresses were cool, comfortable and fun, and why wear anything under them; we would be naked soon anyway. Just for information, we are not slouches in the looks department, and this was an opportunity to show off as we rode in Jo’s BMW convertible. We may not be in the Elizabeth Hurley class, but we are damn good looking, and sexy as hell. Oh, I forgot, you have no idea what we look like. I’m a very well paid corporate lawyer, 32 years old, 5′ 3″, short blond hair, sapphire eyes, and if I do say so myself I have a hard earned, wonderful figure with almost C-cup tits, and legs, so I’m told, that go on forever. I have mixed feelings about pussy hair. My preference is a natural look, but like many others I don’t care for a mouthful of hair. To meet the needs of those who may have their mouth on my cunt I shave all the hair below the pubic mound; everything on the pubic mound and above I leave natural. Jo, at 33, is the youngest senior vice-president of a prestigious criminal defense partnership. Her appearance is very striking with long, dark, wavy, auburn hair, brilliant green eyes on a 5’4″ frame with good tits with a tight ass. I find it interesting, there is not one hair anywhere near her pussy; that is unless she has recently spent time rubbing pussies with someone else.

I wondered where Jo was; I hadn’t seen her since Friday evening. We had a very intense sex session shortly after we arrived, then I went off to find new adventures. Absolutely the first person I encountered was down at the pool, and she presented a question I had to solve. We were at a sex party, almost everyone was naked, yet she was wearing a very conservative swimming suit and covering herself with towels.

“Hi, my name is Nancy. Please excuse me, but I have to ask; why are you at this particular party and still wearing clothes?”

“Hello, I’m Darla, Darla Minks. Most people have given me strange looks then run away laughing; you are the only person who’s asked. It is not my choice to be here. My husband, Bill, said we had to come. He didn’t say I had to participate.”

“Let me guess; he’s participating, and doesn’t give a shit what you are thinking or feeling.”

“Right you are. That son of a bitch disappeared two minutes after we arrived, and if I know him he is already trying to bury is erect penis in some other woman.”

“At a party like this why does that shock or bother you. Don’t answer that. My guess is you look on sex as an obligation, and you have never experienced any pleasure from it. I bet your mom told you all about your obligations, and how she hated having sex with you father. Darla, have you ever thought that maybe your mom was wrong?”

“Yes and no. Yes on your evaluation, and no I have never doubted that Mother was correct. Bill and I have been married 25 years, we have sex every other Tuesday, and I have never felt anything but disgust; there is no pleasure in sex.”

“Darla, think about what you just said. Do you think every other person here is looking for sex because it isn’t any fun, and gives them no pleasure? If that’s the case you better think again. I understand you haven’t had any good Erenköy Escort examples, but sex should be fun and it should make you feel wonderful!”

Darla looked sad. She paused for a moment, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Down deep I know that. I am not blind to the world around me, but I simply can’t get past my Mother’s admonitions and the fact that sex hurts.”

Darla Minks is a beautiful woman just as she was that June day she changed her name from Stewart to Minks. It is a sad story that she dislikes the pleasure of the body just as much now at the day they married; the day she was no longer a virgin.

“Bill is the only person I ever dated; hell, he is the only person I have ever done anything with. We had known each other for many years through our church. He was a fine upstanding young man, or so my parents said. When I was sixteen, and had completed my sophomore year of high school, my parents allowed me, a better word is told me, to date Bill. He was approved, and at that time he was quite nice. I was very protected, and after high school I was kept in my cocoon by attending a small, church affiliated college. Bill was nearby, and at midterm break he proposed. You know I accepted; I didn’t believe there was any other choice.”

“The wedding was in June. It’s an ironic twist this Sunday is our anniversary. Maybe it’s time for a metamorphosis; you know, the butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. Anyway, the wedding, and reception, was on a Saturday afternoon, and by early evening we were en route to our honeymoon. From that moment Bill was different.

“I’ve waited patiently for three years, but now you are mine. Do you know how many times I wanted to say to hell with it? You don’t have a clue what I’m talking about do you? The subject is SEX! You can make this easy or hard, but tonight I am going to have your body.”

“Mother had warned me about the beast inside men so Bill’s words were not too much of a surprise. Mother had also told me what I had to do; follow his commands, and passively accept this as the price for a good husband. I asked Bill to leave for about twenty minutes, and I would be ready when he returned. He agreed, but exactly twenty minutes later he was between my legs forcing his member into my body. There was no tenderness, no love, no joy, and no celebration of our marriage. There was his pushing, shoving, grunting, and my pain, bleeding, and tears.

“That is the only type of sex I have ever known. There is no pleasure for me.”

It was a heartbreaking, and unfortunately a far too common story that Darla told. I paused, then said, “Darla, I’m truly sorry that’s all you’ve experienced. Would you like to see another side of sex? Are you willing to open your mind, to look around you, to see, and to experience some different aspects of sex? I think I can show you a pleasurable time, but you have to honestly want to do this. Don’t lie to yourself.”

Darla hesitated, thought for a moment, and then agreed to try. I could see she was unsure and scared, but I could also see that butterfly trying to out of her cocoon. Darla stood and started to walk toward me when I said,

“Just a minute Darla. Stop and take a look at yourself. Do you want to observe or be observed? What makes someone standout in a crowd? I’ll tell you; you standout in a crowd if you look different. In that suit you are the one who stands away from the crowd.”

“I see your point, and I know what you are saying, but you are asking me to do something that is very difficult. Please understand, nudity is very hard for me; I am never naked except when I am in the bath, with the door locked.”

“I understand Darla, and I appreciate that you find it difficult. It’s your choice. “

After a moment debating within herself Darla peeled the black one-piece swimsuit off her body. I knew she was good looking, and now she revealed a great body. Underneath the suit she was a dream. Her tits were at least 36C with nipples standing high on her chest. They weren’t like a teenager’s, but they sagged very little. Her ass was tight, and her stomach was hard and flat; no sign of stretch marks. Darla was a redhead on both top and bottom, and of course being non-sensual her red hair spread throughout her groin. After undressing, she slowly lifted her head and stared at me with a look of determination. She became resolute in her quest, and at last, Darla hesitantly gave me her hand, and we went looking for adventure.

Just off the poolside and down the hill we found a couple engaged in some serious fucking. As we approached from head high we saw the dark haired man on his back, and the tiny, shorthaired blond was facing us while riding up and down on his cock. Positioned much like a jockey she would rise up then slide back down, rise up and slide back down extracting every bit of sensation for her clit. Darla and I moved in back of the girl and saw her actions were not as simple as it looked. The man had one of the largest dicks I had ever seen; it was at least twelve inches long Acıbadem Escort and three inches in diameter. The fact the blond could take it at all was amazing, but more amazing was the fact she was taking all of it. She would raise her body up till just the head remained in her cunt, then she would relax and slide back down the shaft until her pussy lips were brushing his pubic hair.

I stared at the couple with envy, but when I looked at Darla there was a different look; somewhere between amazement and fear. “Would you like to touch it? I asked.

“Can I?”

“Go sit beside her and rub it when she goes up.”

Darla timidly approached the couple deciding to sit on his left side. The blond saw and acknowledged her, then spoke, “Do you want some?”

In a shocked response Darla said, “No, I’m not ready for that. I didn’t know they could get that big.”

The blond popped off, grabbed the huge dick with both hands, and started to masturbate the man. She looked at Darla, “Help me please. Rub his nuts.”

Darla looked at the woman with fear, but picked up her courage and followed the directions. She tentatively reached her left hand toward his scrotum and began to stroke then manipulate his testicles, as she would call them then. After a few moments Darla’s eyes glazed over; she was lost in the moment.

I walked behind her, “Darla, touch you pussy with your other hand. Are you wet? ” I knew she would be, but I wanted her to discover herself. “Now find a very sensitive nub near the top of you pussy lips and gently start to rub. Do you feel pain or pleasure?”

Darla discovered a truth; sexual acts do cause pleasure. She continued to rub her clit, and her muscles became more and more tense. This new woman was nearing what I am sure was her first ever orgasm. She was no longer connected to the couple. Darla was moving toward her own goal , at her own pace, and that pace was faster than the man. The speed and pressure of her rubbing increase in intensity, and after just a couple of minutes I watched her begin to shake, and then her body seem to freeze; in other words she experience a cum.

“Oh, GOD! SO GOOOOOOOOD!” she proclaimed as she fell backwards with her hands clutching at her cunt. “I didn’t know! I didn’t know my body could feel this wonderful!”

“Ya, you have just discovered what all of us know; an orgasm does some good things. What you did just then you can do anytime. All you need is a finger and your imagination. The other wonderful thing is being a woman you can have lots of them without having to rest.”

“I don’t know if I could take anything stronger than this one” she paused “But, I wan more! I want a lot more!”

“Sexual stimulation comes in many forms. Let’s go. There is much, much more for you to explore. Just think, everything you try is truly a new adventure. Do you want to stay here or move on?”

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

Hand in hand we walked toward the house, en route we saw a small group of people near the flower gardens off to the left hand side. It was a small group because of the activity; male on male. I started to turn more toward the house thinking this was too much for very conservative Darla. She would have none of it.

“Where are you going? I want to see what’s happening over there at the side.”

“Darla, do you know what that is? Do you understand there are only women observers? That is some guys fucking each other.”

“Nancy, you turned the switch; I want to see it all. Some of it may gross me out, but I want know till I see it.”

We continued to the little group watching a pair of males, and to my surprise, just a little beyond the men, there were two women. I wasn’t sure how Darla was going to react, but I put my bet on her watching the men. Don’t ask why I thought that, it really doesn’t matter because I was wrong.

Darla scrutinized the men, said something about interesting, and then sat close to the women watching their actions closely.

“Nancy, why do they prefer this to men?”

“I can’t tell you why exactly. I enjoy being with another woman because it is pleasurable, a woman is often more responsive to my needs, is more giving, is better understanding of what a woman wants.”

“I understand the words, but I’m not quite sure what you mean.”

“Lets stop and watch for awhile. Maybe that will partially answer your questions. I say partially because until you experience sex with a woman you will never fully understand.”

The women were fully engrossed in a sixty-nine position greedily licking the juice running out of each other’s cunt. They were not classic beauties; both were in their forties, and carrying some extra weight. What they may have lacked in looks they more than made up in technique and enthusiasm. It was difficult what either was doing, but it was easy to observe the results. Both would periodically tense their muscles, and then shiver before returning the job at hand.

The one on bottom pulled her head away from the other’s twat Göztepe Escort and said, “Jana, get off of me! I can’t take anymore of these little ones. Please just lick me till I cum.”

“Alright Sue, but you have to do me when you’re through.” With that Jana spun around so her body was on her knees between Sue’s legs, and her face was firmly planted in the woman’s hairless crotch. She immediately began serious ministrations to Sue’s pussy, and in short order was rewarded by a continuous moan constantly increasing in volume. Jana continued to lick from hole to clit, but just as the volume was about to transition into a scream she quickly forced Jana’s knees to the ground beside her head. The fully exposed perianal area was open to assault from asshole to clit, and that is what Sue provided. She licked in a constant upward movement, first circling and dipping into Jana’s anus, shifting to her pussy hole, and vigorously rubbing the protruding clit. In two or three swipes Sue made up any ground she lost with the shift, and rapidly propelled Jana to a new pleasure high.

“Oh fuck! Goddamn, I’m almost there! Fuck me! Oh Sue lick me harder.”

Sue obeyed, and Jana crested the orgasmic precipice plunging into a long scream of relief. At last, Jana put her feet back on the ground. She looked tired, but oh, so very satisfied, and then she said, “That was totally wonderful. Let me rest a moment then I promise to do the same for you.”

Darla touched me on the shoulder and signaled me to go. We walk a few steps and she said, “Nancy, you said you like being with a woman; will you show me? I can’t believe how that woman reacted. It was beautiful; I want to experience that feeling.”

“Yes, but lets go somewhere more private.” We walked away from the house to an opening in a glade we saw. It was very romantic with the wind gently rustling the leaves, and the full moon providing random shafts of light. As we lost sight of the house I turned to Darla and pulled her into my arms. She came to me willingly; our breasts crushed together, and placed her soft, sensitive lips on mine. Darla pressed her tongue past my lips, and greedily explored the surfaces of my mouth. It was if a switch was turned; previously sex was nothing, now it was everything. She was a demon on fire with passion. Tongues dueling, and hands caressing soon overwhelmed us, and forced us to the ground.

I said, “Darla lay back and let me make love to you. Let me show you how wonderful sex can make you feel. If you feel like it later, you can return the favor.”

I immediately shifted to a laying position, her on her back, and me next to her on my left side. Her face was radiant in the moonlight, and I kissed it as I began to stroke her body with my right hand. Never once did she flinch at the touch of a woman. I circled her breasts, tweaked her nipples, and gradually brought my hand closer and closer to her pubic area. Like my hand my lips also worked downward. I kissed her lips, ears, down her neck, across her chest, and just as my fingers caressed inside her labia I sucked her right nipple into my mouth.

“Nancy, oh Nancy, what you’re doing feels so good. Never have I had these sensations”

The fingers of my right hand glided along the edges of her lower lips. She was wet, so wet her vaginal fluids was dripping from her buttocks to water the grass and ground beneath. Her clit was not yet a target; I was saving that delicious morsel for my lips. My fingers sought entry to her opening. When at last it was found I easily slipped one, two, and finally three fingers into the opening to her womb. The remainder of her body was tense, but her vaginal opening, while tight, was receptive to my wiggling fingers; the fingers that finally struck her most sensitive spot and sent her into orgasm. That was the first of many as I slowly worked my mouth toward the private area. She was hot, she was turned on, she was ready for the next step. After a strong shudder I rolled between her legs and rapidly, but gently licked her hair-covered slit. Darla shuddered again, and again as I moved my lips and tongue around in this wonderful, wet play land. The final step was oral stimulation directly on her clit. With my lips grasping, my tongue stroking, and finally my teeth nibbling on that protrusion Darla exploded in orgasmic pleasure. Over and Over I pushed her to that high orgasmic plain; I pushed her until she collapsed unable to stand the enjoyment any longer.

“I had no idea what I was missing. Mother was wrong; very wrong. Bill is wrong. Not only is he wrong he is an insensitive bastard. All he has ever done is take. That shit wouldn’t know how to properly treat a woman if his very life depended on it. Nancy, that was so wonderful. I’m inexperienced, but can, or will you allow me to make love to you?”

“You’re inexperienced that is true, but the only way to change that is to practice. My body is yours.”

I relaxed and let Darla lead the way. She was unsure and awkward at first, but gradually she grasped the concept. She gave me her very best, and while it wasn’t a huge one I did have a cum. Considering the source, it is one of the sweetest I have ever experienced. While Darla was active with the preliminaries, I began to think of how to give Bill a bit of his own. I arrived at a three-part plan.

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