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Take One Girl

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All the characters in this story are people you might know. Your mates, work colleagues or even a girl you’ve lusted after on the train. It is mostly true but highly embellished story based on female-female interaction ( well, the sex scene isn’t is all I’m giving away! ). So if you are offended by ‘that type of thing’ look away – now!

And so it continues…

Take 1 – The Meeting

“Tummy in, shoulders back, head high and wiggle” I thought as I made my dramatic entry into the pub. My queenly entrance was wasted though, the almost empty pub held no audience for me. The old man by the fruit machines was more interested in ogling his pint, than my bosom. I had deliberately been fashionably late, but it seemed my date was even more fashionable. No redheads in black lace graced the tables. Disappointment formed a lump in my throat. Part of me insisted I had been stood up, but a tiny voice tried to present me a list of the usual excuses. “Maybe her car broke down, maybe some-one’s ill..”. My more cynical voices booed, the little voice slunk away in defeat. Too many broken dates were presented as evidence. Shit happens.

I bravely decided to get myself a drink and wait the customary half-hour, before slinking home in acute embarrassment. A pint of Heineken to drown my sorrows, I waited at the table with the best view of the door. The jukebox spat out a melancholy tune. I HATE country music. “Just shoot the singer and get it over with” I thought sourly. Yes, I am a vicious-minded bitch when I feel let down.

“Cheer up, it might never happen” came a lilting, welsh voice. I looked up and my gloom evaporated, like dew before her red, hot sun. I love redheads, especially when they come equipped with creamy skin and D-cups. She told me off for being late, having already sunk a pint waiting for me, then had to visit the ladies. I promptly apologised and offered to sink mine quickly, so we’d be even.

She looked exactly like her picture, a towering goddess in a black lace top that revealed a hint of her breasts and shoulders. I could faintly see her shiny black underwear shielding the rest of her body. Her leather trousers hugged her ass, as she slid into the chair opposite. If there’s one thing I find satisfying, its ample flesh. And she satisfied me immensely. I could see her checking me out too. Unlike her, I wasn’t brave enough to wear something even vaguely see-through. Instead I relied on a plunging neckline of my grey, wool top to reveal my ‘pride and joy’ as I call them. I teased her by leaning forward slightly. We had described our bodies in detail in our emails. She had admitted she beşiktaş escort couldn’t wait to smother her face in my 46 DD’s. I had replied she could go even further and lick melting vanilla ice cream off them. An image of her pink tongue chasing rivulets of milky ice-cream running off my brown tits made me squirm in my seat.

She slowly licked her lips and began to stroke the curve of her left breast. I squirmed some more. Looking around quickly to make sure we weren’t being watched, I reached out and stroked the crease between her breasts. I must have caught her off guard. She moaned softly. Her eyes seemed to glaze slightly. Feeling bold, I stroked her lace top till I found her nipple and squeezed gently. We were both breathing a little faster now. We needed to get closer. We needed to fuck. Six long weeks of foreplay over the Internet had built up desire in us like a head of steam. It wanted out. I wanted her.

We left the pub without a word and sat slightly apart in the taxi to her place. Maybe we were scared of touching in case we exploded…or screwed right there in the back seat of the taxi. Now that would make the driver’s day! Incredibly, I felt nervous as we got to her place. It had been months since I last kissed a woman and years since I’d gone further. For a second, I worried about satisfying her. Then she took my hand and all doubts drained from my brain. She smiled reassuringly and led me to the bedroom.

Take 2 – Stoking the fires

She drew me onto the bed, kneeling on the over-sized duvet. We faced each other undressing, watching each button came loose, each inch of skin revealed. She was quick stripping off. In no time, she was down to her sexy, black bra and those hot trousers. She stood to shimmy out of her leather trousers. I couldn’t help smiling as she wiggled her cute ass at me. I drew my top over my head and beckoned her over. Her ass had my full attention. I stroked my palms over the globes and nuzzled her soft tummy. She growled low and sexy, making my blood heat up. I squeezed her ass hard. My face moved lower. I could smell her cunt, now I wanted to taste it too. My skin tingled as she stroked my back.

“I want you nekkid” she whispered. Who was I to disobey? In no time, everything was off. We admired each other’s bodies. The contrast was incredible. Pressed together, her pink nipples rubbed against my brown tips.

I was still grinning like an idiot when our lips met. Incredible chills ran down my spine as she traced her tongue over my lips, then invaded my mouth. Grabbing her luscious ass again, I pulled her even beylikdüzü escort closer pulling her thigh around my hip, her pussy hair rubbing into mine. The dirty bitch was soaking wet. We were sucking and licking at each other’s lips hungrily, so good I didn’t want to come up for air, but there was so much more to explore. I nuzzled her neck while my fingers worked its way between our hips to fondle her clipped thatch. I felt her hand doing the same making my knees weaken. We had to get on that bed, now.

She straddled me confidently, her tits bouncing as I staggered us both to the bed, flopping down in a fit of giggles. I reached up to her breasts to fill my hands again. The amazing texture of her hard nipples made my mouth water. “Do you like that?” I whispered.

“Uh-huh” she sighed slowly; a flash of dark inspiration made me pull out her nipples as far as they would go. “Aahhh” she hissed, leaning over me until my face was smothered in her tits. I gasped, twisting my head to capture a hardened nub in my mouth.

I sucked hungrily, closing my teeth over her nipples. She sighed heavily, then gently pulled away from my mouth. “Stay right there” she whispered as she slid off the bed. Reaching into a drawer, she pulled out a bottle of dark liquid. She filled her palms and spread the liquid over my breasts then lower. Squeezing hard on my ass, she forced her tongue into my mouth. I felt a delicious sense of surrender. I wanted her to use me any way she wanted. My pussy spasmed as her fingers spread my ass cheeks and coat my rosebud with oil. I moaned as she gently pushed a finger just inside me. Slowly she eased it all the way in. I squirmed harder against her crotch, frantically, I rubbed my slit against hers. Her mouth swallowed the strangled sounds I made. I gasped for air as she released my mouth. “You dirty bitch! ” I panted. She grinned and bit my ear gently.

“You’re a slut, you love what I’m doing to you, don’t you?” she replied. This temptress drove me mad, pushing another finger inside my fluttering ass. “Let me fill you up” she whispered slipping two fingers into my wet pussy. She pushed them in gently, quickening her pace. Ecstasy, I trembled at the edge of a massive orgasm. I could feel it building like a thunderstorm inside me. I swore, I panted, I was so close, so close, I needed to cum right now, and my body was swollen with desire. I strained to reach it, agony and ecstasy tensing my body into an arch.

She twisted her fingers inside me, making my head spin. “Cum for me baby, cover my fingers in your hot juice” she whispered beyoğlu escort in my ear. Suddenly, my body tensed hard and shook as I obeyed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Aahhhh” I wailed, almost knocked out by the sensations. I slowly came down as my evil temptress withdrew her fingers, leaving me empty and vulnerable. A second gentler wash of heat coasted down me as I watched her reach for the baby wipes, I couldn’t decide if it was shame or lust and she gave me no time to ponder as she slid back down next to me.

We kissed gently and drawing each other close. After what seemed like an eternity, I eased myself up with a groan. She had satisfied me so well, I had to repay the favour. Reaching for her massage oil, I drew her up so we were kneeling facing each other. I began to spread the oil over her shoulders and down her breasts. My breath caught as she responded with a whimper. My palms slowly explored her ample breasts, weighing them up and bouncing them lightly. I savoured the sight of her flesh jiggling, imagining her above me while I fucked her hard with a dildo, those lush tits would jiggle over my face, begging to be played with.

The look in her eyes told me she could guess my lecherous thoughts. Her hands remained at my waist as I roamed lower, playing around her back and bottom, then lower. Even in the dim light, I could see as well as feel her wet thighs. This was why I loved making love to a woman. It felt like yielding, giving and full of love. It was making love, even when we were wild and rough. I buried my face in her soft curvy belly and inhaled the scent of her arousal. Parting her lower lips, I could feel a gush of wetness slide over my fingers. My mouth watered.

My tongue touched the pearl of her clit. Her hips jerked forward, forcing my tongue slide through her inner lips and partly inside her spasming hole. I could feel her hands grabbing my hair forcefully, grinding her hips to make me go even deeper. She spread her legs further, I spread her open as far as I could and wriggled my tongue inside her. My nose rubbed against her clit. I could hardly breathe as she fucked my face frantically. I wanted to make her cum so badly. I struggled against her hands to take a deep breath then enclosed her clit in my mouth and suckled hungrily for what seemed like an eternity. I never wanted to stop, alternating between sucking, lapping and jabbing at her clit, surprising her at each turn, holding her thighs apart to give me all the access I needed.

I felt rather than heard her deep gasp of pleasure as her hips involuntarily came off the bed seeking to hold onto the pleasure. Her rippling pussy felt like heaven to my lips. I lapped up as much of her juices as I could, coating my tongue with it, making firecrackers go off in my head at the taste. She shuddered and collapsed back on the bed. We kissed slowly, full of the joy of a good fuck and a new beginning, then let sleep wash over our exhausted bodies.

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