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Taken by her best friend Ch. 01

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Annie: “Can you cum over today?”

Annie: “*come”

Grace: “Sure lol, what for?”

Annie: “You’ll see ;)”

Closing her phone, Grace Liu walked back to her dorm room after a good workout at the gym. Opening the door and collapsing on her bed, she pulled her sweaty shirt off off her rack and laid it on the bed. She hadn’t worn a bra or panties today, but it paid off in the form of the looks she had been getting all day.

She found a small black lace thong and push up bra that matched. Unhooking her bra, she allowed her firm exposed 36C breasts to have some freedom.

She was surprised to see her nipples were stiff already. Was it the text message Annie had sent? As she slid off her pants, she saw a wet spot in the crotch. Smiling, she had a good feeling that Grace had something well planned for both of them. She had been childhood friends with Annie and they managed to get into the same school. She had a secret though. Grace had always had a crush on that girl, but she had always been so shy and modest, except around Grace. Even then, she would blush up whenever they started talking anything sexual. That was a really cute part of her. Grace could feel herself get wetter as the thoughts went on, but knew she had to go on with her day. Pleasure could wait until later.

She quickly showered and dried her long black hair. Looking in the tall mirror, she was pleased with the 110 pounds, and jaw dropping tits that looked back. She giggled as she noticed that the shape of the lips of her pussy were visible beneath the thin lace. That would be a bonus for Grace to look at. Feeling fashionable and very, very sexy, she left the room.

Annie Zhang had been working at the lab for quite a while today. But it had all paid off, for her research was bakırköy escort done today. She had successfully developed a pill that could make people susceptible to suggestions. And incredibly horny. In other words, a mind control drug. The thought of it made her feel wet. And she knew the girl to use it on.

Grace rang the doorbell, and stood outside waiting. The walk had been rather pleasant. Plenty of horny boys had stared at her and she wasn’t too shy to give them a show. She couldn’t wait to get in and have some fun with her crush. And maybe while they were chatting she could collapse into her arms, lock lips, and her hand would wander down to her crotch and…

“Oh! Hi Grace!” Annie squealed. Grace was brought back to reality as she stared at Annie. The short, stocky, dark haired Asian smiled a cutely. Annie had a nice pair of breasts which she usually hid in her baggy shirts when she was alone. However, today her melons were bulging out of an unbuttoned blouse, causing Grace’s loins to flare up again.

Annie didn’t seem to notice the sudden change or the flush in her bestie’s face, and motioned for her to come in. Grace complied, and soon found herself sitting with Annie around a table. She was preparing some sort of drink for her, and Grace watched with interest as Annie bent over and showed off her ass while mixing flavors together.

Finally, she handed one to Grace and one to herself. “Thanksss!” Grace said as she happily gulped down whatever Annie had made. Annie only smiled coyly. Then, Grace started to feel a growing hotness between her legs, and her cheeks flushed. Her mind panicked for a moment, as getting horny in front of her crush wasn’t going to help matters.

“How was the drink?” Annie başakşehir escort asked

“Ooh, it was really goood-” Grace gasped


“I uhhhh I’m feeling a bit…”


“Yeah… hey Anieeee? Can I lie down on the chair?”

“Of course,” Annie said. Grace smiled in a childlike way and attempted to cuddle like a cat on the chair, her breasts pushed together.

She’s so cute…I just wanna…kiss those things

But that would have to wait.

“Feel good?” The slim asian asked.

“Fantastic. Really. I feeeeel soooooo good” Grace slurred as she slumped in the chair

Annie couldn’t help but smirk. It was working. She had put the pill in the drink obviously. What better way than to manipulate her crush with a gift? But her plans would have to wait, as did her excitement. First things first, she had to do the normal tests on her “subject”.

“Good. Good. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Annie said, standing up from her upholstered chair, rubbing her thighs together. She hadn’t worn panties today for a reason, only a tight, snug, black skirt.

“Unfortunately, you look quite uncomfortable in this wooden chair. Wanna move to the living room?”

“Uhhhh yeah. That would be fine”

Grace stood up with shaky legs, and Annie raised an eyebrow at the sight of a damp patch between her legs. She was this horny already? And it had only been one pill. Some of her wetness was already dripping down her leg, something Annie found to be a huge turn on. A thud brought her to her senses and she saw a collapsed, horny, beauty who couldn’t even focus on walking anymore.

“You poor thing,” Annie laughed as she pulled Grace up. The drugged girl let out a large gasp shuddered bayrampaşa escort for a second before blushing. Annie felt the spot between her legs become even wetter as she realized by simply yanking Grace’s arm, she had made her have a small orgasm. “Grace? You okay?” She asked feigning ignorance

“Ye-yeah. Can you carry me there? I don’t think I can make it”

Annie smiles and picked Grace up. The girl simply sighed and closed her eyes as Annie secretly massaged her sides while carrying her. After setting her horny friend down on the couch, Annie took a good look at her work. There she was, the petite asian girl with her huge melons, sprawled against the couch. It was time to begin.

“Grace, can you hear me?” Annie asked


Annie thought for a moment. Then she decided with something harmless. “Act like a chicken!”

Grace immediately snapped out of her lethargic mind, got to her feat, bent her body, formed “wings” out of her hands, and began the act. Annie laughed in amusement but also felt some arousal from her act. Was it the bouncing breasts? The dripping fluids that Grace failed to notice? Or was it just the pleasure of having control?

“That’s enough Grace. Come back here”

Annie suddenly felt a pang of guilt. She was doing this to her best friend! To console herself, she told herself that once she was done, Grace wouldn’t remember any of this at all, and they could go on living happy lives.



Annie hesitated

“Could you… take off your clothes?”

“All of them?”


“Anything for you,” Grace said seductively, something that shocked Annie. That shock was interrupted when she looked up again and saw a naked asian beauty staring back, clothes in scattered piles on the floor. Her breasts were stiff already and her pussy was glistening with her juices.

“Holy sh… okay… Grace, how often do you masturbate?”

“I think a few times everyday, especially before bed”

“To what?”

“Mostly you…” Grace said dreamily, a horny smile on her face.

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