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Taking Care of Family Pt. 07

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Chapter 7 – Return to College

The next two weeks went by far too quickly, but I managed to get together with Carrie nearly every day. We decided to avoid anymore late night visits and she managed to come up with a reasonable ploy to explain my regular visits. However, my mom only knew about less than half the times I met with Carrie. On the days that Mom was away at work and Carrie was telecommuting from home, I would visit her. I didn’t want to interfere with her work, but she didn’t seem to care. In her mind, she could make up for the missed work at night when I wasn’t there.

Our lovemaking continued to get better as she patiently showed me different techniques and positions to try out. She also gave me some things to try for delaying my climax and I dutifully followed her instructions. She warned me that it would take time and not to get discouraged, but I still grew impatient for noticeable improvement.

Kacie and Aunt DJ returned to their home, but not before Kacie captured me for another “teaching” session. I immediately suspected that she was less interested in teaching me anything and more interested in using me as her own sex toy. Not that I minded the oral sex we practiced on each other, but I was fearful of being found out by our mothers.

Carrie’s children returned from visiting their father a week later and in four weeks, I was going back to college. I had initially planned on living in the dorms again, but Kacie somehow convinced her mother and mine that it would be cheaper for both families if she and I shared a small, two-bedroom apartment near campus. I first heard about it was from my mother who opined that even though she initially wasn’t in favor of the arrangement, it did make a lot of sense financially and would help with her bills.

I managed to corner Kacie one afternoon at her home and asked what she was up to. “You didn’t even talk to me about it before getting our moms to agree and now I’m stuck with it!” I complained.

She just smiled. “Oh, get over it. We’ll barely see each other and it will be a lot quieter than the dorms!”

“You’re not afraid that me living there will cramp your style?” I asked a cynically.

Kacie laughed. “Not hardly. And besides, if we don’t advertise our family relationship, your reputation is bound to improve.”

I was sure Kacie was up to something, but I couldn’t figure it out, so we made a couple trips with our mothers to scout out the apartment complexes Kacie suggested and eventually settled on one that was less than a half-mile from campus. It had two bedrooms, but just 1-1/2 baths. No one was excited about the two of us sharing a bathroom, least of all me, but the monthly rent was $200 less than the only acceptable apartment with two full baths.

Getting ready for college drastically cut into any time I could spend with Carrie, but she had her hands full getting her son and daughter ready for high school in the fall. We did manage to get together at least twice a week, but most of the time, circumstances prevented us from engaging in anything more sexual than kissing and fondling each other with our clothes still on. At one point, she suggested that perhaps she could come up and visit me overnight at college, which was a three-hour drive from home, but when I explained that I would be sharing an apartment with Kacie, that idea quickly died.

The night before I left for college, I managed to meet with Carrie alone and we drove to a remote site near a lake on the outskirts of town. She brought a large blanket and a couple bottles of wine which we put to good use. We made love before finishing our first glass of wine and afterwards, as we laid back naked looking up at the stars filling the clear sky, I couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to spend the evening.

We held each other and professed our love over and over through the night. After finishing the first bottle of wine, we made love again, but with lustful vigor. Carrie clutched me against her warm, soft body when she climaxed for her second time in the evening, and I thought she was having a heart attack. When she fell off of me after cumming, I found her heart pounding fast and her breathing rapid and shallow. She took a deep breath and her chest heaved a couple more times before she finally said, “That was so incredible! You’ve always made me feel good, but something about tonight made more of an impact.”

Relieved that she was okay, I let out a deep breath. “I know. I was thinking something like that when I was watching you sit over me. It seems that every time we make love, I have this unbelievable sensation that your body and mine are literally merged into one.”

We kissed, cuddled, and whispered for quite a while after that, but before we separated to get dressed and go back home, I knelt down between her thighs and took my time savoring her pussy one more time. At first, she told me not to, but as soon as my tongue ran over her hard clit, I heard her suck in her breath and her hands moved down to cradle and follow my head as I Ataköy Escort continued eating our combined cum from her swollen cunt.

When it was time to get up, we were both unsteady on our legs, but not from drinking. The second bottle of wine remained untouched, but we both felt physically drained and emotionally spent. The drive back home passed by in near silence. I held one of her hands while she drove and every now and then, one of us would give a slight squeeze to express our feelings for the other.

She stopped in front of my house and without thinking, I leaned over and gave her a long, deep kiss. I didn’t know how long it would be before we saw each other again and didn’t want the night to end. Luckily, Carrie had the presence to cut my kiss short and nod towards my home. “I doubt anyone’s looking, but we shouldn’t take that chance,” she warned. She then gave me a quick kiss on my lips and shooed me out of the car.

Sadly, I watched her drive off and then headed up the front walk to my home. Mom was back in her room getting ready for bed when she heard me enter. “Tom, is that you?”

“Yeah, Mom.”

“I was wondering if you were going to be out late. Is everything packed for tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yep,” I said as I moved into her doorway. I suddenly froze. My mother was pulling her gown over her head and I caught a quick glimpse of her nearly nude body before she pulled the gown all the way down.

Her breasts stood out more prominently than I had ever imagined and she wasn’t wearing any panties, giving me a clear, quick view of her smoothly shaved pussy. I hurriedly stepped back before she saw me and them waited a couple seconds before loudly going back to her doorway.

She looked up and smiled when she saw me, oblivious to the fact that I had just seen her naked body. “Hi, sweetie! Did you have a nice time?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah. It was fine,” I said. She came over and gave me a long hug. I felt her breasts up against my chest and awkwardly put my arms around her to return the hug.

“Is something the matter?” she asked. Her eyes narrowed and gave me a strange look. It looked like she was going to say something more, but she remained silent

“No, just tired and not thinking too clearly at the moment,” I admitted. I squeezed her against me and felt a sudden urge to make love to her. I managed to kiss her cheek and release her so I could step back and clear my head of the crazy thoughts going through it. She let me go and turned back to her bed while I headed back to my room. That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about my mother and it was all I could do to resist the urge to masturbate before I finally dozed off. I woke up several times during the night and when my alarm went off the next morning, I felt more tired than when I went to bed 7 or 8 hours earlier.

I headed down the hall to get some coffee and heard the shower running in the bath. I stopped and listened to try and figure out where my mother was in the process of showering. The sound of splashing water told me she was already in the shower and I thought about opening the door and peeking in on her. I quickly discarded that thought since there was no way she could fail to see the door open that far. I tried the doorknob and wasn’t surprised to feel it turn. As silently and carefully as I could, I cracked the door enough so that I could catch her reflection in the mirror over the sink as she washed in the shower.

I sucked my breath in and held it at the sight of her standing with her head down under the water washing her hair. I had a reasonably good view of her nude figure through the clear glass of the shower stall and stood there watching as long as I dared. When it looked like she was done with her hair, I quickly closed the door and slowly released the doorknob so that the latch would silently engage the striker plate again.

Letting out a deep breath, I quickly went to the kitchen and poured my coffee. My heart was pounding and caffeine was probably not what I needed to calm down, but I didn’t care. About thirty minutes later, Mom came out of her room dressed and ready to go. Seeing me standing in the kitchen wearing just a t-shirt and my boxers while drinking coffee, she stopped. “Aren’t you going to get ready? DJ and Kacie will be here any minute,” she chided. I scooted past her to head back and to take my own shower.

When I got dressed and returned to the kitchen, I found Mom sitting with Aunt DJ and Kacie around the table sipping coffee and eating some donuts that my aunt must have picked up along the way.

“It’s about time,” Mom said as she saw me. I gave her a rueful smile and said “Hi” to my aunt and cousin. Thirty minutes later, we were heading towards the college and the apartment that Kacie and I were going to be sharing. Mom and I were driving in one car while Kacie was driving her car with her mother. It didn’t take long to move out clothing and things into the apartment. It came fully furnished, including Ataşehir Escort some basic cooking and eating utensils. The manager did a quick checklist of everything which we then signed before she left. Mom and Aunt DJ hung around with us through the evening and took us out to dinner before they left in my mother’s car.

Once they were gone, Kacie and I plopped back down on the sofa and she automatically turned on the TV just to provide some background noise. “So, when are you going to introduce me to your girlfriend?” Kacie asked with a sly expression.

“Not soon,” I replied. I tried to sound as off-putting as possible, but she was determined to pry out more information.

“Well then, tell me something about her. Is she older, younger, tall, short, fat, skinny, does she suck your cock well?

The last part made me laugh. “Yes,” I said.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes to everything you said,” I smirked.

“That doesn’t even make any sense. Do you even have a girlfriend?” Kacie asked crossly.

“Yes, and we’re in love, but I can’t talk about it right now,” I answered.

“Why not? Is she too young to be legal?” she asked excitedly as the thought occurred to her.

“No, she’s quite legal, I assure you. It’s just… complicated.” I said. I knew it sounded lame, but I really couldn’t think of a better discretion to my relationship and situation with Carrie.

“Have you fucked her yet?” Kacie asked bluntly.

I was used to hearing Kacie say some outrageous things, but her crude question suddenly pissed me off.

“No!” I snarled. “I haven’t ‘fucked’ her. We’ve made love though, several times. You don’t need to know anything more.”

Something in my voice knocked the playfulness out of Kacie. She could tell I was genuinely upset about her question and wasn’t in the mood for more interrogation on who my girlfriend was or what we did together.

“Sorry,” she apologized meekly. After several more seconds, she asked, “Why haven’t you ever thought of fu-…, making love, to me?”

“What do you mean?” I eyed her suspiciously.

“I mean, we’ve been doing almost everything except fucking. You’ve seen my body and played with my pussy more than anyone else, and I’ve seen and touched every little part of your body. Have you ever thought about sleeping with me?” she asked.

I thought I could almost hear a touch of hurt in her voice. “You’re my cousin. We’re not supposed to have sex with each other,” I said evenly.

“Huh! Really? I’m pretty sure that there’s sex involved in ‘oral sex’,” she said angrily. “We crossed that bridge a long time ago.”

“Why are you asking me about that?” I replied.

“Because, you dumb fuck, I’ve loved you for years, but apparently, I’m not good enough for you to fuck, just to suck your goddamn cock!” she yelled. Jumping up from the sofa, she stormed off to her room and slammed the door.

I remained on the sofa completely stunned. I didn’t even know how to respond to her outburst or her revelation. As I thought about the past, I was surprised that I never did have any real interest in having sexual intercourse with my cousin. I was always more afraid of getting caught with what we were doing that I never thought about things going further.

After a few minutes, I got up and quietly walked over to Kacie’s door. Inside, I could hear her sniffling as she quietly cried. I tried the door, but it was locked.

“Kacie?” I called out quietly.

“Go away!” she cried out.

“Kacie, I’m not going away. Please open the door,” I pleaded. I heard no movement from inside her room and after several minutes, I found a small pin on top of the door casing that was made for unlocking the door from the outside. With a small “pop”, the lock was released and I opened the door. Kacie rolled over on her bed to face me. “I said get out! I don’t want to see or talk to you!” she said while wiping tears from her cheeks.

I ignored her and sat on the side of the bed. “I’m sorry, Kacie. I had no idea you felt like that about me and you caught me completely by surprise. I thought about what you said and you’re right. We have been having sex, but that doesn’t make it right. If you were any other girl but my cousin, and I wasn’t already involved with someone else. I’d want to sleep with you every night,” I rambled.

“Why do you think I did those things for you? So you could screw some other girl? I wanted you for myself!” she said. Her anger was still present, but at least she was talking. “Tell me this. Why do you suddenly feel like having sex with me now is cheating on your girlfriend when a few days ago, it wasn’t?”

I couldn’t answer her question. She was right, of course. I asked for her help and even when it involved having sex together, I still continued withoutr ever once thinking that I was cheating on Carrie. Despite my initial trepidation, after the first time when she let me let out her pussy, I enjoyed being with her and wanted more. Saying that it was okay Avcılar Escort because Kacie and I weren’t having intercourse was just a lie I told myself.

After perhaps a minute of me staring stupidly at Kacie without answering, she quietly said, “I think you need to leave my room, now. I’m so stupid for thinking that you loved me the way I’ve always loved you and that you would want to make love to me like you do with your girlfriend. You never gave a shit about me. I was just someone you could use whenever you wanted something. I should never have suggested that we live together here. Get out.” Her voice was calm, but the hurt that she felt was palpable.

“Look, Kacie. You’re not the stupid person in this room. I am. You’re right about me taking advantage of you, but you’re wrong about my feelings for you. I do love you and I always have. But you are my cousin and when I was old enough to recognize my feelings for you, I was also old enough to know that we could never be together. “

“Why are you telling me all this now? Why couldn’t you tell me these things a long time ago?” she asked. Her tone made it sound like more of a challenge than a question.

Sidestepping her question, I responded, “Why do you want me? I’m not even close to being in your league. You can have any guy you want. I’m just your nerdy cousin.”

“Don’t try to think for me. I’ll decide who I think is in my league or not,” she answered hotly. “For your information, I don’t want anyone else. I’ve known you all my life and we’ve shared more than any two people could share. You’ve always looked out for me, even when it got your butt kicked,” she said, referring to a time in seventh grade when I tried to stop one of her eighth-grade classmates from trying to feel her immature tits. I got him to stop, but only because he decided to kick my scrawny ass. Eventually, one of the teachers intervened and the boy was suspended for a week.

“You also took care of your mom after your dad left, and she’s always told my mom how much you did for her, including getting back all the money your dad stole from her before the divorce.” Kacie took a breath. “I don’t think you’re a nerdy little boy. I see you as a smart, caring, man.” She paused and her eyes flashed with anger again. “At least I used to think that.”

I turned red from shame and embarrassment. Finally I spoke up again. “Look, Kacie, I don’t know where we go from here. We both love each other and want to have sex together even though we could never tell anyone or be public about our relationship. I know I was a real douche before, but I don’t think it would help my character to cheat on my girlfriend. I can’t believe that you would be happy if the man you loved was cheating on you.”

Kacie started a retort but caught herself before saying anything. After a few seconds, she conceded, “You’re right. I wouldn’t want my boyfriend screwing another woman behind my back, and not being honest with your partner makes for a terrible relationship. I guess you are a smart, caring man after all.” Then she smiled. “With a nice cock!” she added.

I couldn’t help laughing at that last bit. “Yeah, right!” I said dismissively.

“No, I’m very serious. You’ve got a nice package,” she said as she sat up and nudged me in the side. “Trust me. I ought to know, right?”

“I guess,” I replied. We talked a bit longer before I got up and announced it was getting late and I needed to go to bed.

“You can stay here with me tonight,” Kacie offered. Even after all we had just said, I still thought about it, but guilt about cheating on Carrie made me pause. It wasn’t until a few minutes later in my own bed that I realized that I no longer cared about the incestuous aspect of being with Kacie.

A couple hours later, I was lying in bed thinking through the unbelievable events of that evening when I saw my door open and Kacie’s form slip through. She was wearing her normal long t-shirt that served as a nightgown, but I was wearing just a pair of boxers under my bedsheet. I watched her slowly approach and then lift up the sheets before climbing into bed with me.

“What are you doing?” I hissed.

“If you won’t sleep with me, then I’ll sleep with you,” she said simply. She turned on her side facing me. “Will you hold me?” she asked quietly. When I didn’t move, she added, “We don’t need to have sex together. I’m just really feeling lonely and sad for myself.”

I put my arm over her and she snuggled up into my chest. Tilting her head up slightly, her lips touched mine and she gave the softest of kisses. “I thought we weren’t having sex together?” I whispered.

“I lied,” she replied.

“I still don’t want to cheat on C…, my girlfriend,” I told her.

“Then don’t. You go to sleep and I’ll rape you in the middle of the night. It won’t be your fault at all,” Kacie rationalized. She kissed my lips again, just as softly. “Looks like you’re already asleep,” she said in a barely audible voice.

My dick was already stirring between my legs from the feel of her body next to mine. I kissed her back, only a little harder. When she opened her lips, I opened mine and our tongues joined. We had French kissed many years before when she said it was something I needed to learn. I pulled her tighter against my body and felt the hard buds of her nipples pressing through her t-shirt and into my bare chest.

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