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Taking Care of Mother in law

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I knew this time was coming for a long time. My mother in law, Bonnie, was getting older and unable to care for herself. We had joked 10 years before about there would come a time when she would have to be comfortable with me helping her shower or go to the bathroom.

The time had come.

Due to health issues neither my wife nor her sister were able to physically take care of Bonnie. So as the eldest it fell to me.

We talked to her about it and though she didn’t really like it she knew it had to happen. So on Tuesday I headed over for the first of what I was sure would be many showers.

Bonnie lived in the Villages and there were lots of folks there in her position. Some could afford the staff to help them but not Bonnie. So I tapped on the door and walked in.

Bonnie was sitting in her chair and we chatted for a while then I said we might as well get to it. She was pretty weak so I helped her up and then into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I helped her undress.

This was the first time for me to undress her, and as I pulled her sweater up over her head I felt a familiar twinge as her white bra came into view. She didn’t have mammoth breasts but they were definitely more than a handful. A 38D I found out later.

I reached around her and unhooked her bra, sliding it forward off her arms.

As her tits fell into view she attempted to cover up, then realizing the futility of the action Magosa Escort dropped her arms and let her breasts sag. And sag they did, almost to her belly button. Though I did notice her nipples were semi erect as they came into view.

Slipping my fingers into her slacks I pulled them down off her hips. To her credit her granny panties were at least a slight purple hue and not white.

I kept telling myself this was one for the family, but as I eased her panties down her bare legs my cock found some real enjoyment in the action.

I turned to turn on the shower and sensing it was warm I turned around to help her into the shower.

I noticed her quick glance at the bulge in my shorts then helped her into the shower.

She sat on the shower chair and let the water sluice over her naked body. I took some shower gel and began to lather up her body. I figured it would be easier to start on her back so she let me do so.

I lathered up her back and then washed each shoulder, all the time my eyes were glued to her hanging tits. I am a guy after all and this was exciting.

I then dribbled some soap on her chest and began to wash her breasts. I caressed and washed each tit, gently washing and stroking each square inch. I gently took her breast in my hands and lifted it to wash it all over. My fingers caressed her length of tit, scrubbing her nipple. I was really starting to enjoy Kıbrıs Escort this. As I washed her nipples they grew hard under my fingers. I am sure I spent a little too long on each nipple but it was so much fun, and I grew harder still.

I then moved to her legs and here was where it got tricky. By now the overspray was getting me quite wet. She suggested I remove my shirt and so I did.

Reaching in I lathered each thigh and rubbed and washed brushing against the mat of her pubic hair. Sliding down I washed and caressed (no other way to say it) her calf finally washing each foot.

I asked her to stand so I could wash her backside. Standing she turned and pointed her ass towards me. I lathered my hands then began to wash each cheek. I fondled and spread her ass for a few minutes then I let my hand slide into the cleft of her ass. I ran my fingers up and down her crack and then rimmed her asshole.

I heard her murmur as she leaned on the wall and let me wash her ass. Then I told her to turn and face me.

With lathered hands I slid them over her pubic area and soaped up her hair. She leaned back as my hands slid over her slit and washed her clean. I let my fingers slide her lips open and washed her thoroughly. I even made a point of rubbing on her clit which responded immediately, sliding out from its hood to my touch.

Finally I washed her hair. By now my shorts Lefkoşa Escort were soaked and my cock was rock hard.

Turning off the shower I grabbed a towel to dry her off. She held to the grab bars as I toweled off her naked body. Still hard I let it brush against her nude body often. She never complained.

Walking her into the bedroom, still nude, I pulled some panties from the drawer and helped her slip them on her bare naked body. As I pulled them up taut, I made sure they fit nicely between her legs. She smiled as my hands slid between each thigh checking the fit.

Pulling out a clean bra I slipped it up her arms. I reached behind her to hook the bra, and then I reached in to make sure her tits were sitting comfortably in each cup. She murmured her thanks as I brushed each nipple hard in her bra.

Finally we pulled on her slacks and a clean blouse.

It was obvious how erect I was but she never said a word, but I caught her eyes often focused on my crotch.

Sitting her back in her recliner I stepped back and asked how she felt. I was still shirtless and she was now eye level with my full blown erection.

She said she had never felt so clean and thanked me for being so willing to help out and doing such a wonderful job. Laughing, she said I did better than my wife.

Grinning, I leaned in and gave her a big hug. Walking back into the bathroom I started to clean up. I slipped my shorts off and naked dried out the room. Once I had it dry I dressed and prepared to leave.

Bonnie reminded me that she was looking forward to doing it again in a couple of days. I said I would be there, and with no attempt at hiding it I readjusted my erection. Smiling, I went out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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