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Tastes Like Candy Ch. 03

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. Thanks to my biggest fan for the idea for this story. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


I wasn’t in my daughter’s bedroom anymore. I was in my college apartment. It was the early nineties, almost twenty years prior to now. I distinctly remember the Yvonne song playing on the stereo at the time, as at this point she was at the peak of her career. The song was ringing through my ears and I had to wonder how it came to be playing here, as I was never really a fan. I realized that Regina must have brought the CD with her. She must have slipped it in the CD player when she got the chance. But none of this really mattered. I was drunk, and I was fixating on something small, barely taking in the bigger thing going on at the moment.

Regina Slater was riding my cock.

I remembered every part of that entire day now, clear as never before. Looking back, I had always remembered being completely shattered by Linda breaking up with me. But now, seeing that memory clearly, I was surprised to see I wasn’t as completely numb to the world as I thought. Sure, I was broken up. Sure I was down. But not completely destroyed. It was probably because I knew deep down… we weren’t broken up.

“If you won’t agree to this, then THIS…” Linda had said, slipping the engagement ring off her finger, “is DONE!” she added, slamming the ring onto the table. That was the last thing she had said to me, before walking back.

It was like I was watching a movie of this. Looking at it, I could see that she wasn’t breaking up with me. I knew how her mind worked. She was just saying unless I met her demands, there was no point getting married yet. And I kinda knew that too. What had gotten me down was that I hadn’t heard from Linda for over a week. That was what was freaking me out. That was what was causing me to think that maybe I was wrong. That maybe we were broken up after all. So I wasn’t completely destroyed, but I was a bit freaked out.

I just wanted a calm, normal night, to calm my nerves and my worries. I thought we weren’t broken up, but I was getting more and more freaked out the longer I didn’t hear from her. That is why I went to the bar that night.

It didn’t take me long to get to my second beer. I was sitting at the bar and even though I got through my drinks fast I was not eager to get drunk. Just a light buzz. I rarely got drunk as I was typically smart enough to avoid losing control. I was about to stop when I felt the light hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at the person, and that was the first time I met the mother of my child.

Regina Slater stood next to me, smiling cutely. But any cuteness about her was hidden by her outfit. An outfit that was just fucking indecent. Her tank top was cream colored and molded to her fit torso and her expansive chest. Her boobs were huge! Just gigantic, and her low-cut top really showed them off. They were so big the cleavage formed naturally, and her cleavage was a fucking canyon. A creamy, juicy canyon of tan flesh. And they were unbelievably perky. They just jutted out from her chest, stretching out her tight top.

Enough about Regina’s tits. That would be disrespecting the rest of her body. Her mini-skirt was practically offensive, barely, and I mean barely going lower than her ass. This left the rest of her legs exposed. I wasn’t a leg man, but damn, her legs were insane. Long and firm, and bare, and the way her high heels made her firm muscles in her legs flex was incredible.

If I wasn’t buzzed, I wouldn’t have been so blatant with my staring, but Regina was the type of girl to invite ogling. She wasn’t offended at all. Her teeth were shining brightly, and her eyes were flashing with mischief. Eyes that were very familiar. Brandy had the same eyes. The same crystal blue eyes, the same dark eyelashes, the same thin eyebrows.

Regina shared similarities to her daughter, but in a way that was hard to quantify. Their eyes gave away their relation, but other than that they were different in small ways, at least looks wise. Both had similar features, both had plump lips and thin, cute noses. Both had cute dimples when they smiled. Sure, they had similar naughty smiles, but my dose of genes was enough to make them look distinctly different. It was their actions, their mannerisms that helped make you realize that they were related.

“You okay? You look a little down?” Regina asked, sitting down in the vacant seat next to me, smoothing her dress over her thighs.

“I think my girlfriend broke up with me.” I said, confiding in this stranger.

“You wanna bursa escort talk about it?” she asked.

“Uh… sure, why not?” I said.

“You wanna buy me a drink?” she said with a smile.

“Yeah, okay.” I said with a laugh, signaling the bartender. I knew it was a bad idea to encourage an obvious slut like her, but what the hell, she seems like fun. Not fun in a sweaty tangle of limbs way. Just fun. Anyway… she proceeded to order an exceedingly expensive drink, but I was too buzzed to care.

“So what happened?” she asked, sipping her drink. Over the next few minutes, I explained everything. Every argument. Every demand. At the end, I asked her opinion:

“Was that a break up? Was she telling me she wanted to break up?” I asked, now starting my fourth drink.

“Oh yeah. Definitely.” Regina said. This caused my heart to drop. If someone else thought Linda broke up with me, then maybe my assumptions weren’t over exaggerated. Maybe I was a single man.

I could see my thought process, and I was also watching the scene unfold. It was strange. I saw the little things Regina did to flirt with me. Agreeing with me, exposing her neck, playing with her hair, rubbing my thigh. But the young, immature, easily manipulated me fell for this, hook, line and sinker. I knew she was flirting but it felt good to be hit on by such a gorgeous girl. She was the hottest girl who had ever shown interest in me. I knew that I was in her crosshairs, that what she wanted was to end up spending the night together, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t thinking clearly at all. At this point, I didn’t even know this girl’s name. I wondered now if she did that on purpose because she had such a well known reputation.

I will compliment her on one thing, other than her looks, legs and tits: she could hold her booze. She drank each drink down and she seemed unaffected. She had encouraged me to move on to harder drinks, and she had gotten me trashed. So I didn’t fight back when she insisted she take me home. I didn’t say anything at all. All I could do was stare at her rack. And she was happy to let me. She scratched my scalp with her nails lovingly as she walked me to her car.

“You like them, don’t you?” Regina asked.

“Huh?” I grunted.

“My tits. You can’t stop staring at them.” Regina said with a giggle.

“Oh, uh, shorry.” I slurred out.

“No, it’s okay. I like when boys stare at them. Do you like them?” Regina asked.

“Theirrr big!” I said drunkenly.

“Well, I tell you what, Marcus. If you just relax and let me drive you home without fighting me, I’ll let you see them. Deal?” Regina bargained, opening up the passenger seat on her car. “Their DD’s by the way.”

“Ooooookay!” I agreed, smiling like an idiot, giving her a thumbs up. I suddenly got dizzy and closed my eyes, letting my head fall back. I sensed her presence in the driver’s seat by the wave of perfume that hit my nose.

“What’s your name by the way?” I asked, looking over at her.

“I’m Regina. Regina Slater.”

That name sounded familiar, but my mind was a swirl. Before I knew it, I was being zoomed home. Before I knew it, the back of my head hit my pillow. Before I knew it, Regina’s gigantic bare pillows were smothering my face. Before I knew it, Regina was riding my cock.

But I wasn’t enjoying it. Not that Regina was bad, far from it. In fact, she was the best I had ever had. Her pussy was shockingly tight, her boobs were ridiculously big, and her stamina was off the charts.

Then, I figured it out. I realized why I was barely enjoying this sex. The damn condom I was wearing really restricted the pleasure. I fucking hated wearing them and Linda had gone on the pill so we never bothered with them. I had told Regina I didn’t have one, and she had said that was okay. She said she was on the pill. I insisted that I needed one, and luckily, she had produced one from her purse.

I didn’t remember how uncomfortable I found them. I could barely feel anything. Finally, I had enough. I rolled her off of me, grabbed my dick, and tossed the condom aside.

“I can’t wear that fucking thing anymore.” I growled.

“It’s okay. I like it better this way.” she said with a smile, spreading her legs, exposing the triangle of hair just above her vagina. I looked up her smooth flat belly, to her huge, creamy tits, sitting on her chest, nearly as big as her daughter’s. I looked up to her face, a face which reminded me of Brandy. Same bedroom eyes. Same cocky smile. I leapt into her arms and stuck my tongue down her throat.

My hands went to her tits and squeezed them roughly, humping away at her, searching for her vagina. She reached down and guided me home. Despite the fact that I knew she was a huge slut, her pussy was fantastically tight. Like her daughter’s. It felt so fucking good, so much better than it did with the condom on.

“Marcus, baby…” Regina gasped, whispering into my ear as we humped against each other. “I really want you to cum in me. I want to feel it.”

“You’re bursa escort bayan on the pill, right?” I asked, making sure.

“Of course.” she said, smiling smugly. “But imagine if I wasn’t.” she began, whispering into my ear, “Imagine if this was just you and me, no pills, no bullshit. Imagine if you shot that huge fucking load in my pussy. Imagine if you got me pregnant, and how hot that would be.”

“What?” I asked, confused, slowing my pace.

“Don’t worry, baby. It’s just a fantasy. You might think it’s weird, but… I like to pretend I’m getting knocked up when a guy cums inside me. Do you mind if you could, like… play along? Pretend you’re knocking me up?” Regina asked coyly.

“Uh, okay.” I said drunkenly, eager to get back to good fucking.

“Oh, fuck Marcus! Do it! Drive into me! Knock up your little slut!” Regina screamed out.

“Uh, yeah!” I stammered, not sure what to do.

“C’mon, baby, play along.” Regina gasped.

“Uh, yeah, baby. I’m gonna fuck you so good! I’m gonna fill you up with my jizz. I’m gonna give you a baby.” I said, not confident at talking dirty. To avoid having to talk more, I scooped her huge breast into my hand and began to suck on the nipple.

“Nastier, baby!” Regina begged as my tongue worked circles over her nipple. Eager to placate her strange fetish, I turned up the heat a bit.

“I’m gonna knock you up you little slut! You fucking whore! I’m gonna shoot my load deep inside you, where it’ll mix with your eggs, and make a baby.” I said.

“Oh, fuck! Your huge dick’s perfect for the job baby!” Regina screamed out.

“I’m gonna get you pregnant! Make you a little knocked up slut! I’ll be the father of your children!” I screamed out, my pace picking up.

“OH, FUCK! Marcus, I want you to give me a baby. I want to be your knocked up slut! I want you to make my tits full of milk! I want to nurse you like I will our baby! I want us to be together forever!” Regina moaned out. For some reason, this nasty talk sent shivers through me, taking me closer to the edge.

“AHHH, FUCK!” I moaned out, knowing the end was near.

“Give me that fucking cum! Don’t keep any for your fucking girlfriend!” Regina said.

“Whuh?” I muttered, her words echoing through my drunken haze.

“Your girl doesn’t have tits like these, does she? Your girl doesn’t fuck like this, does she? You don’t want to give your girl a baby. You want to give me your baby, not your stupid fucking girlfriend!” Regina moaned out.

“You said she broke up with me, right?” I grunted out, still driving into her on pure instinct.

“Oh, Marcus, we both know she was still your girlfriend, but that was before you saw my huge tits. Now, you are mine.” Regina said, wrapping her legs around me tightly. I was too drunk to stop fucking. I was too drunk to care. “Oh baby, be mine! Oh honey, take my… body and say, you’ll always be mine.” Regina sang out, along with the song, then got distracted by the pleasure she was feeling. “Oh fuck, do it, Marcus! Do it! Cum inside me! Make me cum! Give me your baby! OHHHH FFUCCCKKK YESSSSSSS!” Regina screamed out, her cunt spasming around my thick cock, which took me over the edge.

I was on top of her. Her legs were at her sides. I realized I was in control of this situation. I could have played it safe and just pulled out and cum on her tits or something. But I didn’t. I buried my cock to the balls, deep inside her, just as I began to spurt.

“AWWW, FUCCCKKKK! REGIIIIINNNNNAAAA!” I moaned out, my cock firing a giant load deep into her fertile body. The pleasure made me start to feel dizzy, almost ready to pass out. My face fell to her breast, seeking comfort wherever I could find it. All I could think was that it was a good thing she was on the pill.

The last thing I heard before I passed out for the night was Regina’s sexy whisper in my ear:

“Congratulations, Marcus. You’re gonna be a daddy.”

Looking back, the truth was obvious. It was obvious she wasn’t on the pill. It was obvious she wanted me to knock her up. If I was sober I would have known better. But she fetishized the act as much as I seemed to do now. I never had before that occasion. Maybe it was her nasty words in my ear that had imprinted into my mind. Maybe it was that night of passion that created the fetish I grew to have now. Maybe it was that night that created the idea in my mind that the act of breeding was immeasurably sexy to me. Maybe it was that night that associated impregnation with incredible pleasure for me. Maybe it was that night that put me here at this point.

Maybe it was because of that night, that one night of passion that made the idea of knocking up my own daughter sound so… fucking… hot!

In some weird sort of logic, I could say that in some twisted way, Regina deserved my baby. She was so fucking hot, and on a purely instinctual level, she was the most viable mate I had ever come across. She was the most gorgeous girl I had ever met. She had the biggest escort bursa tits, the best ass, the sexiest legs I had ever seen on a woman, and quite frankly, she was the best fuck of my life. The problem was, she was the biggest skank in school and probably dozens of guys had plowed her like I had. Despite that, she was the best choice to have a child with, because genetics were on her side. I had to admit, she was more beautiful than Linda. More voluptuous than Linda. Sexier than Linda. If you had to choose to make a baby with either Regina or Linda, if you had to make a choice about what woman would give you the best child, despite all of her negatives, Regina would be that choice.

But now, I had met someone sexier than even Regina. Someone that was superior to Regina, a young girl, with bigger tits than Regina had by a fair amount. Somehow, I had met a woman with an even better ass, even smoother skin, an even tighter pussy. A more beautiful face. A woman deserving of my attention, for so many reasons, a girl more deserving of my attention more than any other. A shining beacon of superior genetics. The problem was, those genetics were my own. And Regina’s.

The sexiest woman I had ever seen was my own daughter.

The hottest woman I had ever met, my daughter, was asking me to fill her up with cum and give her a baby. Any man would be lucky to have a goddess like her begging him to knock her up. On a purely physical level, she was more deserving of my seed, more than Linda, by far. More than even Regina was. This had happened once before, and I had done the deed. I planted the seed. I made a baby.

Would history repeat itself?


I was back in my daughter’s bedroom, her naked below me, my hands holding down her wrists, my dick buried in her wet cunt, throbbing due to the memories of my night with Brandy’s mother. She looked up at me, waiting for me to come to a decision. But it felt like my body had already made its decision. I had begun to drive into her slowly as I reminisced on my night with Regina.

I should know better. I had made this mistake before. But the temptation was too fucking much. Having sex with this teenage hottie, this stacked young babe, and the mere possibility of being able to knock this slut up was too much for me to take. I had had bareback sex with three women in my life, Linda, Regina, and now… Brandy. Linda was my wife, and unfortunately, the chances of breeding with her were nonexistent. Regina was a one night stand, but that night had done the trick. So in the one opportunity I had to knock up a fertile woman, I pulled it off. I got the job done. And it was indescribably good. The feeling was just… amazing. Shooting your load into a woman and knowing you could be making her pregnant was just so fucking hot to me. It didn’t matter who the woman was. Black, white, old, young. A stranger or… your daughter.

I was a beast. A sex crazed animal. A slave to my own desires. A slave to my own fetishes. I was drunk on pleasure. And if I was sober, if I was thinking clearly, I would know better. But my balls were full, my cock was smothered with tight cunt. I couldn’t say no.

I began to drive into my daughter, giving her the full length of my cock, from knob to root. I matched her speed from before, not fucking like a beast, but fucking achingly slow. I was starting to realize that in some ways, this was so much better.

“OH YES DADDY! GO FASTER BABY!” Brandy begged.

“You’ll get what I give you, bitch!” I growled.

“Hahaha, FUCK! I LOVE IT DADDY!” Brandy said, beating my back in pleasure “Take me however you want.” She added, flexing her cunt around me, milking me. I looked down at her cunt stretched to the max around my throbbing meat. I watched as my cock pulled out, soaked in her cunt-juice, then back in, at a snail’s pace.

In… out… in… out… in… out… in… out… in…

And Brandy’s reaction to this:




“Oh, soo good!”

“I love it!”

“I’m close!”

“I’m gonna cum!”

“If you bury it in me one more time I’m gonna cum!”


It was as soon as my balls hit her ass. As soon as the root of my cock felt the warm embrace of my daughter’s tight cunt that set her off. Her nails scratched my back as her cunt flexed against me, massaging my dick, milking it, just… about…sending…me …over…the…edge.

“AHHHHHHH! FUUCCCKKKKKK! I’M GONNA CUM IN YOU, YOU FUCKING SLUT!” I screamed out, flexing my ass, driving into her. There was no time to change my mind. It was too late. My cock spurted hot cum deep into my daughter’s cunt.

“OHHHH! I FEEL IT!” Brandy screamed, cumming again. I just felt my dick firing again and again, shooting my cum into my own daughter. Brandy held my scalp with one hand and put the other on my ass, assisting me in driving into her, holding my clenched ass cheek as I shot my seed as deep as I could.

“I love it Daddy! I love it!” Brandy gasped.

“UGHHHHH! GOD!” I screamed, the pleasure overwhelming, tears coming from my eyes. I just kept cumming. I had never cum this hard, not even close. Nothing felt even near to the pleasure that I felt cumming in my daughter’s cunt.

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