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Tawndie’s B-day Bash Ch. 02

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As the warm water falls on my back and shoulders, I gently rub my breasts, lightly tweaking my nipples. Nipples that are still tender from Daddy sucking them. I dreamily realize that I may have turned 18 at 2:32 am while I was sleeping peacefully, but I became a woman just a few minutes ago. My own father had taken (or had I given?) my virginity this afternoon in what has to have been the most perfect deflowering in the history of sex.

I smile, remembering how Daddy begged me to come as he was almost there, and when I felt his cock pulse and he began filling me with his cum, I had the most amazing orgasm I could ever have imagined.

When I came back down to planet earth, I was afraid to look into his face. I was afraid I’d see anger, disappointment, or regret, and that would have killed me. I mean it was pretty obvious that this is what he had planned, but I hadn’t had even one moment of hesitation. Well, not until his cock head was at my hymen, but the only reason I had second thoughts then was because I was afraid it was going to hurt like hell.

I had felt Daddy stroke my hair and he whispered, “How’s my baby girl?”.

I looked into his eyes, so full of love and concern and my eyes began to fill with tears. “I love you, Daddy.” I said, with a voice I nearly didn’t recognize as my own. “Please tell me that wasn’t wrong, Daddy, because it felt so good. I don’t want to be sorry we did it. I don’t know that I could be sorry if I wanted to be.”

Daddy lifted my chin, kissing all along my jaw line to my ear, where he breathed, “It was beautiful, baby, just like you. Please don’t ever regret this.” Then I kissed his gorgeous mouth, deeply. I wanted him again. I wanted him forever. Daddy groaned as he broke off the kiss. “We’ve got all weekend for this, baby. Right now you should probably go freshen up. I think your brothers have a little something for you.”

It was then I remembered that my brothers had been in the same room while my dad and I had been making love. They had all witnessed my wild orgasm with our father. I looked up to see my 2 oldest brothers, Chad and Billy behind the couch, buck ass naked, with their impressive cocks in hand.

“Hey, who you callin’ little, old man?” Billy teases.

I’m hugged from behind and my brother Chris whispers in my ear, “God Tawndie, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Then he kisses my neck, sucking gently, which brings a super charged blush to my already flushed face.

I give Daddy another quick kiss and excused myself to take yet another shower, plus I needed some time to think. “Will you make me another drink when I get back, Daddy?”

“Absolutely escort bostancı babe.”

So here I am, soaping up, still in amazement as I clean the cum, pussy juice, and just a little blood from my smooth cunt lips and thighs. Daddy had promised an awesome birthday party, and it was sure starting out that way. At this very moment there is a room full of my brothers downstairs, just waiting for me…naked. I hurry to rinse the soap off. I really don’t want to keep them, or myself, waiting too long.

Drying off, I check the mirror. My lips are beautifully puffy from kissing Daddy, and there’s a gorgeous glow to my cheeks. I reach for my robe, but then, why bother? It’s my birthday after all, what’s better than my birthday suit?

Daddy has another drink waiting when I get back to the game room. This one is a little stronger than the last, and I swallow it down pretty fast, then ask for another. I don’t want to be drunk, I just want to catch a slight buzz. Chad and Billy are waiting for me on the couch, so I take my drink with me and sit down between them.

As I sip, each of the twins grab hold of a tit and massage it tenderly, but firmly, rolling my hard nipples between their fingers. I hand my empty glass to Chad to put on the table, and I turn to kiss Billy. His mouth is much more demanding than Daddy’s, and he is crushing my lips as he sticks his tongue deep in my mouth. Oh god, it feels so good. Now Chad has my nipple in his mouth and he’s sucking it while he flicks his tongue over the tip which makes my cunt juices flow. Still with his tongue probing my hungry mouth, Billy strokes my clit. I move my hips up, trying to get Billy’s fingers in my pussy. He groans into my mouth and quickly thrusts 2 fingers into my tight quim. He stops kissing me and is watching his fingers as he plunges them in and out of me.

With Chad sucking my boob and Billy finger fucking me, it’s just moments before I’m screaming with my second orgasm of the afternoon.

“Oh yeah,” Billy moans, “Come all over my hand, baby sis.”

By the time I’m done climaxing, Billy’s hand is drenched with my juice. He rubs it all over my breast, then starts licking it off. This is getting me so fucking hot and I’m ready to go. I can’t wait to have one of my brothers’ cocks inside me. “Please fuck me.” I moan, to whichever brother wants to have me first.

I open my eyes, and I suddenly feel like I’m back in 4th friggin grade when I see my 25 year old twin brothers doing rock, paper, scissors, to see who’s going to have me first. Seriously? Billy chooses paper, which covers Chad’s rock, so I’m understandably confused when Chad pulls me ümraniye escort onto his lap.

“You guys are screwy, you know that, right?”

Chad grins as he pulls my legs apart and I’m straddling him with his rock hard dick beneath my belly as he pulls me down for a kiss. God these boys are rough kissers. I just love it. I grind my crotch onto his erection, hungrily kissing him back, trying to match his ferocity. Chad grabs my hips and lifts me up till his cock head is right at my pussy lips. My brother eases me down over the head, then pulls me off, then he does it again, teasing my pussy till I feel like screaming. I try to push onto his stick, but he’s way too strong for that, and just when I think I can’t take any more, he slams me down and thrusts up into me at the same time. “Oh god, yes!” I cry, as my brother’s cock rams into me hard.

I’m uncontrollable as I ride Chad’s pole. “Oh Chad, fuck me. Fuck your little sister hard!” But just as soon as the words are out of my mouth, he stops me, holding my hips firmly in place. He grabs my hair and brings my mouth to his. I melt against him, tits mashed against his hard chest as Chad’s tongue meets mine again.

I try to grind against him, but he’s still got me locked in place, so I just enjoy sucking his face while his cock is buried deep inside me.

I feel someone playing with my ass, massaging my cheeks, and tickling my asshole with a finger. Well now, that’s something I never thought of, and if I had, I would probably have thought it was nasty. Now though, with a nice buzz on, and my brother’s beautiful dick filling my cunt, I’m game for just about anything.

The finger gets more insistent, then it’s not there. I groan into Chad’s mouth, then it’s back, but it’s slippery this time. Ah, lube. And then it enters my tight little ass. Not far, just enough to make me squirm. Then it pulls out, but it’s back soon with a little more lube. Slowly, inch by inch, it works it’s way into my asshole until it’s all the way inside me. I quit kissing Chad so I can look behind me to see Billy fingering my ass. Chad takes my nipple in his mouth and starts nibbling on it, and I think I’m going to come already, but then Billy takes his finger out. I moan and pout at him, then I see him lubing up his dick, and I realize he’s going to be sticking that monster up where only his finger has gone before. I start to panic.

“Um, yeah, Billy,” I start, “I’m not sure this is such a good idea.” I’m sure the fear shows in my eyes, but Billy kisses me on the mouth while he rubs the slick stuff up and down his pole.

“Don’t worry Tawn, we know what we’re doing.” he tells me. kartal escort bayan

Just then Chad bites down a little harder on my nipple and I turn back to him, crying out. Chad’s sucking my other nipple now and thumbing the one he just bit. I pull his head hard to my chest, wishing he could somehow get the whole mass in his mouth, it feels so good. Now I feel Billy’s head at my ass hole. He rubs it all around, trying to work it in. Chad gets a little more rough with my nipples as Billy’s head pops inside, and I jump a little. “Just relax, baby.” Chad says. “This is gonna feel real good in a minute.”

I have to wonder at this moment, if Chad’s ever had anything put up HIS ass, and I’m sure that this is all a big mistake. I do try to relax, which is a lot easier to say, than to do. Billy slides in a little further and stops. Then a little more. Oh god, it feels like I’m going to be split open.

Just when I’m sure I can’t stand anymore, Billy moans “Oh yeah, I’m in. God Tawndie, this is so much better than I ever imagined.” He’d imagined this? For how long, I wonder. Billy kisses me from my ear, down my neck , to my shoulder. It’s so amazing. “I can’t tell you how many times I fantasized about fucking you while I jerked off, wishing I could come inside you.”

Those words were all I need, and now I’m ready for the fucking I’m about to get. Billy pulls out a little and pumps back in, then a little further out, and slides back in, then he pulls out almost all the way, and slams back into me so hard I scream. “Oh god Billy, fuck my ass! Fuck it hard.” When Billy slams his cock home, I come off Chad’s cock a little, and he thrusts me back down. Over and over, and I’m moaning and crying out as my brothers ream my pussy and ass. My titties are bouncing as I’m fucked up and down on these awesome rods. I reach up and play with them, pinching my nipples hard. “Oh yeah guys, oh fuck yeah,” I shout as I’m about to come, “give it to me! I want to feel you both shoot your hot cum deep inside my holes. Give it to me Chad. I need it Billy. Oh yeah, oh yeah, Oh GOD!”.

“Oh yeah, baby sis, take it, take it all!” Billy groans as his balls unload, his cock stretching my ass even further, shooting his cum deep in my bung hole.

“God Tawn, here it comes!” Chad breathes as his dick erupts, filling my belly with his hot load.

“This is my best birthday ever!” I shout as the last wave of my orgasm hits me. I collapse on Chad’s chest, trying to catch my breath, reveling in the feel of my brothers’ spent dicks softening inside me. Billy’s slipping out which feels really weird. I feel his cum leaking from my ass once his penis has slid all the way out.

Chad gives me a light kiss on the lips before lifting me off his lap and laying me on the couch.

Lying here, full of my brothers’ jizz, I wonder what the rest of the night, the rest of the weekend for that matter, will hold. And I can’t wait.

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