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Telemedicine Ch. 09: Hand-off

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_Forgive the long break between chapters folks. Real life intervened. In the mean time, thank you all for your feedback and suggestions._

_This story probably won’t make sense if you don’t go back and read the previous chapters. Also: check the tags and just check out if you don’t like this kind of thing. Sheesh._


“I need your permission to speak directly to Kat,” Dr Popova said. Dr Popova’s video call had woken me up—I didn’t have to be awake for work for at least two more hours and I was annoyed, but I didn’t want to say anything. Dr P’s face, her impossibly red lips, were smiling slightly. She said, “Kat asked to be given access to the software that controls your devices, but I need your explicit permission before I can involve her in your treatment, Jonathan.”

This didn’t really make sense to me. I mean Dr P was blackmailing me. She had me locked in her devices. She was in fucking Russia on top of everything else! Why did she need my permission?

Still, I was hoping that maybe Kat could spring me out of these things, so I said, “Doctor, since Kat asked for control, and since I want to do whatever Kat says, you have my permission.” I felt like the suck-up I was.

The doctor smiled. “Excellent!” she said. “That makes me so happy.” I saw her reach for her control panel or whatever, felt my devices start to tease my cock and balls and ass. Oh shit it felt good.

“Enjoy yourself today, Jonathan,” she said. “I’ll see you on our call with Kat tonight at 8pm your time. Don’t be late.” And with that, she was gone.


A few hours later, showered, breakfasted, and coffee’d I sat down to my 9:30am team meeting. Kat DM’d me backchannel. “JB, I need you to cover for me today at work. I just spoke to Dr. P and downloaded the control kit for your machines. It’s amazing what this shit can do—so much more than I expected! I’m going to spend the whole day digging into what’s possible with this stuff and getting ready for our call tonight.”

Fuck. This was bad. If Kat got excited by the technology, she wouldn’t want to let me out. She’d want to play with it. Maybe she’d want to continue Dr P’s program. Or worse, make up a program of her own? Kat was one of the best developers that I knew—and, with my permission, Dr P had just given her the keys to my—fuck, my everything. On top of that, Kat wanted me to pick up her work for the day? I could barely get my own shit done and now I had to do hers too?

Still, I had to grant any request from Kat, so I texted back, “OK. Should I be scared?”

She didn’t reply for a while, so I texted her again. “What did you and Dr. P talk about?”

She texted me back an ::evil laugh:: GIF and I decided not to push my luck.


I was struggling to make it through the day. I had picked up Kat’s tasks for the day, and I was badly sleep deprived. The devices were—today it felt like they were milking me slowly. So my freshly showered and breakfasted and coffee’d optimism had turned to… I don’t know how to describe the way I was feeling. Pandemic panic, isolation lockdown, sexual frustration, sleep deprivation. My balls felt swollen and I was starting to feel seriously desperate to cum. On top of all this, I was becoming more and more worried about what was going to happen tonight, because every once in a while, Kat would send me a message like this:

“JB, this software suite for your cage is SO COOL!”

And: “It’s a set of open-source libraries and an API and it’s got a scripting environment too that’s kinda like Processing, but optimized for teledildonics.”

And: “Oh shit, I just found docs for a whole bunch of new devices! They have a lot more stuff than just what you’re wearing!”

And: “OMG, shit I’d never even IMAGINED.”

And: “There are wearable controllers I can… well you’ll have to imagine where they go!”

If you’re not a technical person, let me just explain it to you this way: everything that Dr P had been doing to me? Kat now had the software to do the same thing. Worse, she had everything she needed to write her own custom version of Dr. P’s software. And she had all the skill she needed to make it happen.

Sometime in the bursa escort middle of the afternoon, she sent me this message: “JB, I’ve written some very cool shit. I can’t wait to try it on you. You’re my science project now!”

The last message she sent me before going silent for the rest of the day? “JB I am so fucking wet right now.”


At 8 o’clock that night, I opened my telemedicine app and connected to my scheduled call, discovering that Dr P and Kat were both already online.

“Jonathan!” said Dr Popova, cheerful and smiling. “It’s been lovely to meet your Kat today. You have wonderful taste in women.”

“Well, I’m here with the two of you, no?” I hoped it sounded cool and flattering. I watched Kat make a little gag-face, and Dr. P just laughed.

“Jonathan,” Dr P said, “Kat here was just telling me that she’s already come up with some new therapy routines using the software that we shared with her. It’s truly impressive what she’s done.”

I had been right to be worried.

Dr P continued, “But since we never run any routine on a patient that hasn’t been safety-tested, I was just telling Kat that she won’t be able to test her software on you tonight.”

Kat said, “…which sucks, JB, because I had some cool shit planned for you tonight.”

Dr P said, “Kat, there is something we can do tonight that I believe you both will like.” She smiled. “Jonathan, it’s been a while since you’ve had a cleaning. So I think what we’ll do is take these devices off of you, give Kat a show, give her a chance to test her scripts with the devices removed, then lock you back up and if you’re good, we’ll give you an orgasm while we both watch. What do you both say to that?”

“Oh shit that sounds cool!” Kat said. She looked really excited.

“Jonathan?” Dr P asked.

I thought about the last time I’d had a cleaning. Dr P had convinced me to put the devices back on by promising me an orgasm, but she’d tricked me. She’d ruined my orgasm, and I’d felt like a fool. A frustrated, horny, blackmailed fool. Now I was desperate to cum—I felt it in my balls when Dr P said she’d give me an orgasm. But would she really?

“Doctor, can I ask you a question?” I said. I was on thin ice, but I really did need to know. The doctor nodded, so I continued, “The last time I had a cleaning, you promised that I could cum, but you ruined my orgasm.”

I heard Kat laugh. Dr P was smiling. She said, “And now you want to know if you can trust me to give you a full orgasm, is that right?”

“That’s right,” I said. I was glad she understood how I felt.

“Well, Jonathan, the truth is that you can’t trust me. In much the same way that I can’t trust you to put the devices back on when your cleaning is done. So we appear to have a problem, don’t we?”

“Wait, what?” Kat asked. “I thought he had to do anything I wanted.”

“Well he does,” said Dr Popova. “But he’s in a delicate place in his training where we cannot take his obedience for granted. He hasn’t had a full, satisfying orgasm in a long time now, so there is a real risk that if we let him out of his cage now, he may become non-compliant.”

They were talking about me like I wasn’t there. And the weird thing was that it was making my cock hard in my cage. That and the promise of an orgasm.

Kat looked disappointed. I saw her chewing on her lip—that face she gets when she’s thinking hard about a problem. “So we need a way to get him to put his cage back on once his cleaning is over? Is that right?”

Still acting like I wasn’t there. Dr P nodded.

I saw Kat look up into the video screen, like she was studying me. Then she said, “I think he likes being locked up. I think his small American penis gets hard thinking about all the shit that you’ve been doing to him, Dr Popova. And I think he can’t wait for me to do some of that shit to him too. Isn’t that right, JB?”

I felt my face flush red. It was kinda true. I mean I really wanted to get this shit off me, but I couldn’t deny how hard I was getting right now, with these two women in control of my shit. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to answer.

Dr P broke the silence. She said, “Kat asked you a question, Jonathan.”

“I görükle escort do like it,” I said quietly.

“What do you like?” The doctor asked.

“I like that you and Kat have control of me. It makes me hard. I want to get out of my cage, and I’m desperate to cum, but I also like that you’re in control,” I said.

“Ha!” Shouted Kat, triumphant. “JB, I told you that I own you!”

Dr P said, “Well, Kat, ownership is quite a responsibility. If you really want to own Jonathan, you need his permission. And you will need to find some way to convince him to put his cage back on tonight after the cleaning.”

I could see Kat thinking about it. Then she looked up. She seemed to sit up taller in her chair and square her shoulders. It was like she’d made up her mind about something. “JB,” she said, “here’s the deal: you want to cum? I’ll make you cum. Not tonight, because Dr. P wants me to test these devices first. But soon. I’m going to write the most mind-blowing cum-your-brains-out script, and load it into those devices and it’s going to be the greatest orgasm of your life. That’s a promise.”

I gulped. I wanted that. And I was sure Kat could do it, too. I could feel my dick get harder–I didn’t think it could get any harder, but it was fucking throbbing now.

Kat continued. “But you’re going to have to put the cage back on before the night is over. You do that, you’re golden. You don’t, then the game stops here and we’re done. I’ll cut you off so fast it’ll make your head spin.”

I looked at Dr. P. She was smiling, but said nothing. They were both waiting on me.

Fuck it. I said, “OK, Kat. I’m in. Let’s go.”

I heard Dr Popova’s delighted voice say, “Wonderful!” But I didn’t see her face. For some reason, I was overcome by shame at that moment, and couldn’t do anything but look down and my impossibly hard cock, which was throbbing harder than ever.

After a moment, I looked up and saw Dr P’s face looking off screen, at her control panel. She seemed concerned, and said, “Well, we seem to have one problem, which is that Jonathan’s erection is going to prevent us from releasing the cage. We’re going to have to treat that Jonathan so that you’re soft enough to remove the cage.”

Kat said, “what do you mean ‘treat that’?”

Unfortunately, I knew exactly what that meant. Dr P explained, “We engage a constriction routine that is very painful and eventually, Jonathan will lose his erection. It is very effective.”

“You mean you hurt him so much that his dick gets soft?” Kat said.

“Yes, exactly.”

“Oh fuck,” said Kat. And then, almost under her breath, she said, “Yes. I want to see you fucking hurt him.”

I can’t explain why this sounded so hot to me—I guess I was turned on by how turned on Kat was. I’d never heard her talk like that. And I felt a strange surge, almost of pride—like I was going to take something hard and it would make Kat happy. I know it’s fucked up, but that’s what I felt.

“I’m ready for it, Doctor,” I said. “Please hurt me while Kat watches.”

Immediately, I regretted my decision. The cuff and the cage grabbed me in a sudden death grip, and I cried out. I doubled over. I gritted my teeth. I thought I might cum or throw up or both at the same time. I held my breath.

“Breathe, Jonathan,” I heard the doctor’s voice. “Breathe through the pain. Look up and look at Kat. Watch her face. Look at how much she’s enjoying this.”

I tried to do what she asked. I tried to breathe. The machines felt like they were severing my cock from my body. I looked up and saw Kat’s face staring at the screen, rapt. She had a hand under her shirt, and the other I guessed was in her pants. She nodded at me and I heard her say, “Good boy, JB.”


Eventually, my dick got soft, and the devices went dead, and I heard the cage click open.

“Jonathan,” Dr P said, “Stand up and take off all of your clothes.”

I did. I stood naked in front of my webcam, catching my breath, and ready for my next order. My cock was soft and my balls ached. I saw Kat and Dr. Popova watching me. It seemed like Kat was still touching herself. I felt my cock stir. I worried that I might get hard escort bayan again and hoped Dr P would move along quickly.

She did not disappoint. Dr P directed me to the shower, had me set up my laptop in the bathroom, then sent me into the shower with the curtain open so they could watch. I removed the devices, soaped up, washed the devices, and rinsed off. It felt fucking great. The hot water soothed my skin—and mostly forgot that I was being watched. I didn’t want the shower to end. I washed my cock and balls and ass and I thought I might cum there in the shower just from the washing, but I used all of my self control to stay on the right side of the line. Dr P let me take my time, but eventually, she had me get out and dry off.

I took a little extra time drying my cock and balls. It felt so good to be out of the cage, and I just wanted to enjoy the feeling a little bit longer. Still, I knew that I was about to lock myself up for Dr P and Kat. It was for Kat, really. I wanted whatever Kat had in mind. If I’m being honest, I couldn’t wait for it.

“Jonathan,” Dr P said, “Now it’s time to present yourself for inspection. We will start with your tiny pink asshole. I want you to show Kat how cute it is, then we will proceed from there.”

I felt my face flush red again, and when I looked at the screen, Kat was leaning in and grinning. Her cheeks were red with excitement. “Bend over, JB, and let me see that cute pink asshole, boy!” she said. God she was getting into this.

I set my laptop so it captured the action and I bent over to show Kat what she wanted to see. I heard Dr P say to Kat, “Kat, we’ve learned through treatment that Jonathan truly does want to please, he just doesn’t know how to do it. His anxiety is soothed when he is given instructions. It’s too bad he’s not wearing his devices, because you’d be able to see from his data stream that he finds this display both soothing and arousing at the same time.”

Talking like I wasn’t there. Or maybe she was talking to me, because I realized that she was right. I’d never named this feeling before, but I was both calm and aroused. Not just aroused, I was getting harder by the second, bent over like that, with two women watching me humiliate myself for them. I wanted to cum so badly. I thought for a moment about resisting. I was still free. I could take my cock in my hand and…

“Jonathan, do you want to put your probe in for us now?” Dr P asked me.

I thought about Kat’s terms. I said, “Yes Doctor.”

“Stand up, turn around, and speak directly to both of us. Tell us what you want.”

I did. Facing them, I said, “Dr Popova, Kat, I want to put my devices back on so that you can control me again.”

“What are we going to control, Jonathan?”

“Uh, my cock and balls and ass?”

“So say that please,” she said. She sounded stern, but her eyes were twinkling and Kat was flat out grinning. Breathing hard and grinning, grinding her hips in circles, just out of sight. Eyes half-lidded.

“Please Dr Popova, please Kat, let me put my devices back on so that you can control my cock and balls and asshole.”

The doctor only nodded, and that’s what I did. I turned around and bent over so I could start with my plug. While I was bent over, I heard Kat say, “Jonathan,” (she never calls me Jonathan), “I’ve been reading the docs that come with this SDK, ugh…” she seemed to be having trouble speaking, “…and there are some truly amazing-sounding things you can do with assholes. Oh fuck, Jonathan. Honestly, things that I never… fuck…imagined. Dr P and I are going to work together Jonathan, and… oh fuck!…we’re going to blow your mind.”

Oh shit.

I lubed the plug and placed the tip at my ass. I heard Kat gasp. I pushed. I was used to this by now and it slid in easily and I heard her gasp again. I felt my cock swelling. I felt my ass trying to get comfortable as it settled around the plug. I let the feelings run through me and let out a breath. I was about to turn around to put the rest of my hardware on when I heard Kat say, “Stay there!” I could hear her breathing. “Stay there and show me that plug while I…” I heard her breath catch. Then, “Oh FUCK!” She was cumming, watching my humiliation.

It was short, sharp, and when it was over, she said “Oh god, Jonathan.” She sounded happy, and out of breath. “I can’t wait til you come over here and we can do this together.”

Oh shit.

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