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Telling Tales of Sunny and James Ch. 02

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James left his house at 6:00 am for his daily run, but he had been up since 4:00, and this was Sunday – his supposed day off. His mind was as clear as the cloudless April sky. Morning prayers, a bowl of oatmeal, meditation and yoga, all before a run around the duck pond at the local park.

This had been his routine, more or less, for the past five years and in his view, it had served him well so far. Mind, body, and spirit were kept fit and sharp with regular, disciplined action. The one period of his training when he lost his discipline, was his time in Korea.

Maybe he should take Sunny here for a jog, he thought, if she can jog. She looked like a stiff breeze could blow her away. When he saw her last night, she looked how he felt toward the end of his time in Korea – lost.


Four years earlier, before James was a certified Healing Science Master Instructor, he took up jogging to prepare himself for the physical fitness portion of the certification process. He slimmed down a bit, and increased his overall endurance since he started jogging. Better still, regular jogging seemed to help him control his sexual energy, and clear his mind of unwanted distractions. Anna, in particular.

Even though the physical test was just a small part of the overall evaluation, James worked very hard at it. The idea of becoming a Master Instructor grew into an all-consuming goal, one that helped fill the void left by Anna. Brad, his Headmaster, saw that James was almost ready to take this big step, but his fixation on Anna and their dissolved relationship was holding him back. The Headmaster called James to his office to discuss a possible solution.

“James, how are you?”, Headmaster said, a grin gracing his typically stoic face as they sat on cushions set before a small mahogany table. The residual aroma of incense that permeated his office and low light conditions there created the desired calm, spiritual atmosphere.

“I’m good, Headmaster.” James sat in the most erect half lotus posture he could manage and smiled back.

“Good, good… I have an opportunity for you, if you are interested…”

A few months later, James and his new passport were crossing a delicate-looking, modern suspension bridge over the mud flats of InCheon, South Korea. Immediately, he found the country strikingly beautiful. InCheon airport shamed the American ones he was accustomed to. It was so up to date, clean, and convenient. The airport staff, like those on the KA flight were all attractive, courteous and competent.

After passing the industrial areas around InCheon and West Seoul, the countryside opened up to reveal manicured parks skirting waterways crossed by stone bridges, green hills and rice fields, even the suburban sprawl was planned and pleasant – only the unexpected presence of English language signage and Dunkin Donuts everywhere spoiled the new, exotic landscape.

“Go and enjoy. Train, learn, but also have some fun,” Headmaster told James before he left. “Anna isn’t the only girl out there. There are so many, so various, meet lots of Korean girls over there! Ok?”

“Yes, Headmaster.” James said at the time, but his heart wasn’t in it. He imagined that in Korea, he would get closer to mastery, train hard to earn the respect and love of Anna so as to somehow get her back. Ridiculous as the idea seemed, that is what James attempted in Korea.

It was easy to absorb himself in his studies and training so far away from all the distractions of home. He ran, trained, worked, prayed, all under the watchful eyes of his new Korean Headmasters in Seoul. They were even more strict and demanding than Brad had been, breaking up sessions of intense physical training with cooking, cleaning, and laundry to fill his monastic days. Even if James wanted to meet women, there were no opportunities. The only women he met were training like him, prohibited from sexual relations, and watched by the ever-present Headmasters.

After a month of this intensive training lifestyle, James was transferred to Busan to work as an assistant instructor for the 2 months remaining on his travel visa. There, everything changed.

He was now giving fitness and exercise training to kids, not meditating with adults. His new Headmaster was much more lenient, even fun. Her name was Jin, but asked James to call her Gina. She was in her late 30s, and had two children who attended James’s classes. An attractive mother with a short bob atop her thin face, she shared her devotion between her children and her HS Youth Center.

Her husband was always away on business, so she took James under her wing, along with another American instructor-in-training named Laura, perhaps to fill the space her husband left in her life. Laura had a yogi’s fit body, with a wildly unkempt head of curls atop her unusual, but attractive face.

What a difference James felt in Busan. He was freer. Together with Gina and Laura, he visited beautiful mountains, Buddhist temples, even the busy beach of Haeundae. escort ataşehir There, the three of them splashed in the surf beyond the multitude of umbrellas that completely covered the sand, ate rich, red spicy deokbbokki rice cakes, even had fried chicken and beer.

Did his training slip – it did. But this was what Headmaster Brad wanted for James. To have fun and enjoy himself. In that free state of mind, James found himself open to sensations that he had previously closed himself off from. In particular, the advances of his training partner, Laura.

In fact, she had been after James from the first day he arrived in Busan. Only James, still deeply focused on his training, ignored her completely. After he allowed his mind to relax, too much perhaps, did he begin to feel her lingering touches, see the way she looked at him and laughed at his jokes. Gina seemed to notice too, but she did nothing to stop Laura. She only watched, and gave the occasional giggle when Laura’s advances collided with the brick wall of James’s training mind.

Later, the three of them together with a few other Korean Masters and trainees went to a local Noraebang to blow off some steam. At one point, Laura, while singing along to ‘What a Man’ proceeded to give James a lap dance – in front of all those people.

They cheered her on, impressed with how open and expressive she could be in front of an audience. She passed her hard nipples, poking peaks in her paper-thin t-shirt, over James’s face, then turned and sat down, grinding her hips on his lap. James felt the heat of Laura’s pussy through their clothes, encouraging his now quite visible erection. Gina, again, did nothing to control Laura, who was in James’s opinion, behaving very unlike a future master instructor.

When her song finished, the group applauded loudly as Laura blew a kiss to James, who blushed and laughed it off, covering his crotch awkwardly with crossed arms.

Finally, after weeks of unreciprocated effort, Laura invited James to a Buddhist sculpture garden and for dinner at her house. There, she opened up to James…

“You know, I’m also a Buddhist. That’s why I love this sculpture garden. I come here all the time to meditate…”, she spun from a statue she was investigating, whipping her long curls around in the process. “Do you know about Tantric yoga?” She took a step toward James, who was standing a few feet away, watching the sun set behind a nearby mountain.

“A bit.”

“Tantric sex?” Laura stepped closer and took both James’s hands in hers. “You know, Healing Science is great, and I’m going to become a master instructor like you are, but it’s so confining, and so unnecessarily.” She pressed James’s palms with her thumbs and moved closer still. Her full breasts were within inches of his chest, and she tilted her face up toward his.

“Laura…”, James started to protest, but she placed her finger across his lips.

“We can just please each other. It’s not a bad thing. Wouldn’t you like me to please you?” Laura tugged on James’s lower lip with her index finger and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his barely opened mouth. Her hard nipples pressed into his chest, and she pushed her hips toward him. “Wouldn’t you like me to…”, she reached down and stroked his growing erection through his jeans, “hold this in my mouth.”

“Laura, I don’t -“

“Hold your balls in my hands,” she slid her fingers around his thick shaft, and stroked his thighs. “Oh my…and you could please me…”

“Alright, Laura, enough.” James stepped back, and held her hands again. “Listen, I think you’re very attractive, but…” James could not believe what he was doing, what he was thinking.

“But what? What’s the problem? I can’t believe you allow HS to control you like this.” Laura turned away and put her hands on her hips. “It’s not like other trainees or master instructors aren’t hooking up.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just…” the thought, becoming spoken words, felt too real for James, and he knew what he was about to say was the truth. “I’m in love with someone back home, and I can’t cheat on her. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you had someone. I’m so sorry. I never would have-” Laura blushed and took a step back. She saw the struggle on James’s face, and clearly felt awful for causing it.

“It’s ok, come here.” James gave her a hug, and that was that. Laura went home, ate her dinner alone, and never broached the subject again. James took the subway back to his apartment, which though not far away, was on the opposite side of the city’s unusual infinity sign-shaped rail system.

Sitting there in the subway car, distant and alone, his mind went only to Anna. His true feelings revealed, James felt helpless and hopeless. Anna made her choice, and James would never be a priority in her life, he thought as his stop approached. Maybe that was what he was meant to learn on this trip.

Be that as it may, her smile, her bright eyes, and her perfect pussy would not leave kadıköy escort his tortured imagination in peace. He walked from the station to his home, peering in the ‘tea house’ and ‘cafe’ windows along the way to see the hookers peer back at him. This was not how Korea was supposed to go.

Thoughts of Anna came flooding back. James lay on his bed in his tiny, but private apartment and allowed his mind to drift back to the last time he and Anna made love. It was before they moved in with the other HS instructors and threw away that now impractical queen-sized iron bed and mattress. Summer time, so hot, no AC…

Anna had just stepped out of a cool shower, her smooth skin dark against a clean white towel wrapped around her chest.

“Your turn,” she said, and tossed a clean towel to James.

“We should have bought an air conditioner”, he said as he flung his sweat-damp clothes in the hamper.

“Just cool off in the shower. We’ll move soon anyway, so an air conditioner would be such a waste…”

Her voice disappeared within the sound of water rushing over James’s head. He finished quickly, dried off and brushed his teeth. As James stepped out of the bathroom, towel around his waist, he saw Anna at the door.

“I need the mirror,” she said. Anna was wearing a loose-fitting white one piece, and James saw her breast through the sleeve, her nipple…

“Why, you look beautiful just like that?” James said. Anna smiled, and came closer, bringing her hand to his face.


“There’s toothpaste on your cheek, you slob”, She laughed and wiped it away, lingering at James’s face while he stood there immobile. It had been months since they last had sex, since they kissed. No one told them directly not to, but it was bad for training to waste one’s life force, or to leak sexual energy, or to drain another’s energy by coveting them, or to ejaculate, and on and on and on. All the things they were not supposed to do…

Her hand was on James’s towel above his waist. “All better,” she said quietly, one hand still on his face, the other now gripping the edge of his towel.

“What are you doing-” he said, still frozen except for his twitching penis.

“It’s ok…this time.” Anna gently kissed James, and pulled his towel off to reveal his fully erect cock, dripping with pre-cum. She rubbed the moist, bulbous head around in her palm, before grabbing James at mid-shaft. She gently pulled him toward the bedroom, where James removed Anna’s one-piece. He sat her on the bed and kissed her slowly, tasting her sweet lips and tongue.

Just as slowly, James ran his finger-tips over Anna’s nipples, the firm curves of her small breasts, her abdomen, waist and inner thighs, gently teasing her body. “Ahhh…mmmm…” She released James’s member, and touched his face again. His restraint, his slow, sensual attention, even after months of celibacy aroused her. “Do whatever you want to me, just don’t cum inside me, ok?”

Her words held a special and specific meaning. Since their first sexual encounter years before, Anna rebuffed James’s attempts to please her orally. A deep trauma experienced as a young girl, ingrained in Anna a strong revulsion – a repulsion to the idea of any man placing his lips, his tongue inside her.

Anna told James about this, after her tears dried on the night they first made love. James, tried to understand, and unconditionally honored her wishes. His prior experiences taught James that, sadly, it is the exception, not the rule, for a woman to be free of some type of abuse at the hands of a man. All he could do was console her, love her, and try to understand when she very rarely spoke about it.

As for oral sex, they just didn’t do it. James greatly preferred to have his cock inside her incredible pussy, so he didn’t miss anything on that front. However, the flavor of Anna’s pussy was an intoxicating forbidden pleasure. James yearned to taste her, to feel her orgasm on his tongue, lips, on his face. When they made love, which was far too infrequently for James, he would pleasure Anna manually, just to have her scent on his hands.

But this day, Anna invited it – requested it. Why? It did not matter to James as he knelt on a pillow he placed beside the bed upon which Anna sat. His fingers slid to a sensitive point behind Anna’s knees, and slowly along the back of her thighs as he raised them. She brought the sole of one foot, then the other to rest on the bed, and spread her bent knees apart. Cupping her ass with both palms now, James gently rubbed her inner thighs with his thumbs, gradually zeroing in on her spreading vaginal lips. “Are you sure, Anna? We don’t have to…”

“Jeez, yes…please- “

He circled his thumbs closer and closer, but did not touch her moistening pussy. As he brought his head between her thighs, James kissed them, and ran his tongue back along her groin. He inhaled her, dizzily filing his head with her scent – the ocean, moss, tropical orchids and honey – and stroked maltepe escort bayan along the edge of Anna’s outer lips. He spread them open and gently pushed them back together again, and again, not yet touching them directly.

“Oh jeez, come on…please James…”

Her gathering wetness was dripping out now, as he opened and closed her folds, James rubbed closer to her pubic ridge, just below Anna’s sparse spray of silky black hair, along the hood of her emerging clitoris.

“Uhhng…do it, please James, please…ahhhhhhh…please!”

Anna’s entire lower body twitched repeatedly as James lowered his head further, ready to satisfy her pleas. Her jewel-like pussy open and revealed, he touched the tip of his tongue to her perineum, and slowly drew it over her pulsing slit, along the outer membrane of her clitoral hood, up its length, down along the opposite edge and back. He again inhaled her exquisite aroma, this time coupled with a sharper, carnal tang against his tongue and he was in heaven.

“Aaaaaoooohh – God – yes! Uhhhn – uhhhhn…” Anna moaned, her voice rising.

One hand on the bed supported her weight, the other gripped James by his dirty blonde hair as he slowly licked her up and down, the full length of her gash, again and again, touching her continuously with brow, nose, tongue and chin. Gradually faster and with increasing firmness he transported Anna through waves of greater and greater pleasure. She whipped her head back and clenched her pelvic muscles as she came.

“Yes, yes, oh jeez… uhhhhhn…god!” Anna’s climax didn’t stop James. He was licking her greedily, selfishly, relishing her pussy. She was now dripping wet and ready for more.

James tongued Anna’s perineum again, and she involuntarily clenched her holes tight. “Ohhhhhh…yes-” she cooed.

James, once more, slowly worked his way up. Now, he settled on her clitoris, gently sucked it, tenderly held it between his teeth, and flicked it with his tongue. “Huhhhhhhhh-” Anna gasped, and fell backward onto the bed, grasping James’s hair with both hands. He kept flicking her clit, and every so often let his tongue wander back down to her perineum and her dripping opening.

Anna’s back arched in pleasure, and her head whipped from side to side. James then slid his fingers – first one, then two, and three – inside. He slowly slid them in and out, twisting and turning as he sucked and licked Anna’s clitoris.

“Uhhhmuh…uhhhmuh…”, she cried, wrapping her legs around James’s head and neck. He continued to suck and tongue her clit as he moved his fingers rapidly in and out of her now sloshing pussy. Anna’s cries crested in rhythm with the wet ‘slap, slap, slap’ of James’s palm and fingers against her flooded opening.

“Oooohhhhhhhh!” With a buck of her hips, the dam burst. Anna released a torrent of unintelligible squeals, and a pulsing spray of female ejaculate into the musky, humid air. James gasped for his breath as Anna’s shaking orgasm rippled through her body. He stood and picked up Anna’s soaked form. James then moved her out of the puddle she produced and sat with her on his lap, his massive erection pointing up between her knees.

Anna leaned back against James’s solid chest, stroked his damp face with one hand, and attempted to circle his plump penis with the other. As Anna slowly slid her fingers up and down his self-lubricated phallus, she looked up and softly kissed James on the cheek. She kissed his nose as she turned to look into his blue eyes smiling and satisfied.

She kissed his lips, and sucked on each one individually while her hand stroked James’s rock-hard cock. Tasting her own juices, she lingered there and probed James’s well used tongue with her own.

“Mmmmmmm…” Anna moved her other hand to James’s glistening penis and increased the speed of her pumps. She released his tongue and moved lower to lick his chin, his cheeks and his neck, cleaning her fluids from his body.

“Fuck, you’re driving me crazy!” James said softly as his smiling lover pumped his cock faster and faster with both hands.

“Mmmmmm…”, she moaned while lapping up her own juices. Anna brought one hand lower between her legs and squeezed the base of James’s thick shaft, not quite encircling it with her small fingers. With her other hand, she pleasured his cock’s red head, covered in a squishy hand-full of pre-cum. “Are you going to cum for me?” She whispered as she sucked on James’s neck.

“Fuck, yes… I’m gonna cum!” He held back as long as he could, but after months of sexual abstinence, he was at the point of no return.

“Mmmmm…cum for me, James,” Anna spoke as she continued to lick his neck and pump his cock.

“Rrrrrrrrrrraaaaagggghhh…!” With a growl, James exploded with a fountain of long held back semen. Again, and again, creamy white cords of cum let loose from his pulsing penis, splattering the bedroom wall and floor in front of them.

Anna moved beside James and continued to pump his cock, milking it of its seed until one dripping strand hung from his still rigid rod.

“Mmm mmm, yes James…” She pumped until his erection began to twitch into submission. Anna then lowered her mouth to him and opened wide. She licked around his cockhead and slurped up all the remaining semen

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