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Ten Year Reunion

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I sat at a table with my old friends, sipping a cocktail and talking about the last ten years of our lives. Some of us had kept close and others had drifted away, but here we found each other and it was like we had never left. Our ten-year high school reunion brought us back to the days of senior year – except now most of us had spouses and excellent jobs.

I was talking with my best friend when I heard a deep voice behind me exclaim, “Allison?”

I turned around and came face to face with my high school sweetheart, Matt. My heart skipped a beat as it always had at the sight of his tall, lean body, and I smiled, exclaiming, “Matt, hi! How are you?”

After exchanging pleasantries, he swept me into a hug, saying, “I haven’t seen you in so long, Al.”

I smiled and turned to the striking woman next to him. I held out my hand, saying, “Hi, I’m Allison. You must be Matt’s wife!”

She responded in an equally friendly tone, “Yes, I’m Lisa. I’ve heard so much about you, it’s great to meet you.”

My husband, John, came up behind me and kissed my cheek. I presented him to Matt and Lisa, and the four of us were soon engaged in conversation. All too soon, the night was over, and as we were parting at the door, Matt called, “It’s been so great to see you again, let’s go out to dinner this week and catch up some more.”

We quickly agreed, and parted ways, promising to go out that Wednesday evening.

We selected a small, private, excellent Italian restaurant for our night out, and Matt and Lisa came to pick us up. We ordered appetizers and wine and began to chat about work. John and Lisa discovered that they both worked in marketing and started comparing strategies, while Matt and I reminisced about the old days and gossiped about old friends.

During dinner, I kept looking up and noticing Matt staring my way, and each time he’d quickly look away and become suddenly very interested in his meal. I had had 3 glasses of wine by this time, and was feeling less inhibited than usual, so I carefully slid my foot out of my black heeled sandal and lightly rubbed his leg. He started and looked up at me, and I smiled and shrugged softly, as if to say, “I can’t help myself.” Matt slowly began to turn the topic of conversation, and we soon found ourselves comparing our honeymoons and our sexual experiences. Several minutes later, my foot had worked its way up to Matt’s thigh, and Matt burst out, “John, I am still incredibly attracted to your wife, I’m so sorry, I just can’t help it.”

John looked surprised, glanced at me, and cleared his throat. “Matt,” he said, “I have been staring at Lisa all night and fantasizing about her.”

“Really?” Matt asked, intrigued. “Well, then, if I were to propose that we all went home together – what would you think of that?”

John swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing, and nodded. “I’d say that’s an excellent idea…because if your sexy wife doesn’t stop teasing me soon I might just pounce on her right here.”

We quickly paid our bill and got into Matt’s car. He held open the front door for me and John and Lisa slid into the back seat. He shifted into drive and began to drive toward my house. I was itching to touch him, and could feel the sexually charged atmosphere making me wet with anticipation. I was just thinking about reaching over to touch Matt’s legs when I heard a moan from the back. We both turned around and Matt nearly drove off the road at what he saw. John sat, legs apart, head back, eyes closed, mouth open, and Lisa was between his legs with her mouth wrapped around his cock. Matt started and did a double take, staring at his wife’s lips stretched over another man’s cock. I had to nudge him to remind him to look at the road, and as we turned back John and Lisa’s moans became louder. I could see Matt’s cock growing under his gray pants, and I reached over and began to stroke him as he continued to drive toward home.

Matt was responding loudly to my stroking, thrusting his hips up toward my hand. I stretched out my seatbelt and leaned over, unzipping his trousers and pulling his throbbing cock out. He sighed in pleasure as I continued to stroke him, and gave a loud moan when I leaned over and took him into my mouth. The car swerved slightly as he sank into the pleasure of my mouth and I smiled up at him. He struggled to keep control of the anadolu yakası escort wheel as I began tonguing his hard flesh, sucking him in and out of my mouth rapidly, trying to match Lisa’s pace in the backseat. I could hear her slurping away at my husband’s dick, and the thought of how much she must be enjoying herself was turning me on and making me suck Matt even harder.

Just as I thought the two men were going to lose control, Matt pulled into our driveway and cut the headlights. He grabbed a handful of my hair and roughly pulled me off his cock, growling, “You little tease…I can’t wait to pay you back inside.”

We got out of the car and managed to get inside, but as soon as the door shut Matt and John had Lisa and me pinned against the wall, and they were kissing us hungrily. Matt’s hands found their way up under my shirt, and he was caressing my breasts as we kissed. John suddenly swung Lisa up in his arms, her legs around his waist, and began to carry her upstairs. Matt did the same to me, going upstairs and tossing me down on our king-sized bed.

He and John switched places, John coming to me, kissing my neck and murmuring, “Are you sure you don’t mind, baby?”

I smiled and said, “Of course not!”

He returned my grin with a naughty twinkle in his eye, and before I knew it, my arms were over my head and my shirt was on the floor. His lips traveled down my neck to my chest, and his fingers unhooked my bra, giving his tongue access to my nipples. I arched my back and moaned as he bathed them with his soft tongue, intermittently sucking them into his mouth and biting gently.

I looked over and Matt was swirling his tongue in Lisa’s bellybutton. John placed a trail of little bites down my stomach, slipping his tongue under my waistband. His fingers expertly slid off my pants, leaving me in my light green mesh thong. He teasingly ran his tongue over my panties, smiling up at me as I moaned. John looked over to Matt and asked, “Do you want to pay her back for the way she tortured you before?”

Matt growled and said, “Only if you’ll promise to punish my naughty wife for what she did to you.”

Matt crawled over me and flipped me over onto my back. He began to knead my shoulders, knowing how much I love a good massage, applying just the right amount of pressure. His lips and tongue followed his hands, caressing my shoulders and middle back as I squirmed beneath him, moaning softly. His lips began to caress my very sensitive lower back, causing me to get louder, and I felt him hook his fingers into my panties and slide them off. Just as he did, he sunk his teeth into the area he had just exposed, making me jump and scream softly. He squeezed my ass, rubbing it, tracing his tongue along the extremely sensitive skin, and suddenly, SMACK! His palm came down hard, leaving a red mark on my ass.

“You little tease,” he growled, “did you think you’d get away with that torture?” SMACK! “You’re such a naughty little girl, I think daddy’s going to have to torture you back.” SMACK!

John had a different idea of how to repay Lisa. She lay with her head over the edge of the bed, naked but for a white satin g-string, her fingers under the tiny fabric, caressing herself as John slid his dick into her mouth. “I’m going to teach you to deep throat, slut,” he told her.

He began to set his own pace, thrusting in and out of her relaxed throat as if it were her pussy, loving the feel of her tongue caressing his cock and his balls slapping her chin with each thrust. She moaned as he slid his rod deeper and deeper down her throat, loving the feeling of his tip rubbing against the back of her throat. She began to move her head upwards as he thrust down, meeting him and increasing the friction and the power of his rhythm, making him groan in pleasure.

Lisa reached up and caressed his balls, tugging them gently, and John moaned loudly, crying, “Oh! Baby, I’m gonna…” and before he could even finish his sentence his words dissolved into a long, loud groan as his cock twitched and began pumping his load down her throat.

Lisa smiled to herself as she swallowed his huge load. She turned her head to watch Matt and me, grinning as Matt smacked my ass, watching him lower himself to the mattress and slowly dip his tongue into my pussy. “Mmmmm wow, kitten, ataşehir escort you must like those spankings!” he said, letting his tongue slide up and down my slit, teasing me without penetrating or staying too long on my clit.

I moaned and arched my back and he slid his hands under me, bringing one palm up to smack my ass again as his tongue flickered over my clit. I let out a small scream of pleasure and tangled my fingers in his hair, silently begging him to end his torture and make me cum. I felt him smile, his lips curving against my slit, as he understood what I was trying to say and suddenly buried his face in my pussy, licking and sucking as he massaged my ass.

I looked at my husband, who was licking a trail down Lisa’s chest, and at the top of Matt’s chestnut head between my legs, and I felt myself spiraling higher and higher. Matt sucked my clit gently into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue and I fell over the edge, moaning, cumming all over his face and lips.

When my body finally stopped trembling from my orgasm, Matt pulled away and licked his lips, winking at me. He stood up and I felt another flood of desire wash over me as I saw his hard cock standing proudly out in front of him. He went over to Lisa and pulled her away from John, then laid back on the bed and pulled her on top of him, her pussy right over his mouth. He pleaded, “Baby, suck my cock” and buried his lips into her slit as she leaned down and took his shaft into her mouth.

John and I stood at the edge of the bed, watching as they bobbed their heads simultaneously, their moans muffled in their full mouths. I felt John’s rigid cock pressing into my back, and I leaned closer to him. He took his shaft and began to run the head between the lips of my pussy, getting it wet with my cum and teasing me. Lisa fondled Matt’s balls expertly, and I could tell they’d had a lot of practice at this sort of thing. Matt began to thrust his hips up, forcing his cock deeper, and Lisa could barely keep up because she was moaning so much from his tongue on her clit. Lisa tightened her throat and grabbed Matt’s ass, forcing them closer together, trying to get all the pleasure she could from him. John’s teasing was making me squirm, and I let out a loud moan that caused Matt and Lisa to look up momentarily when John sunk his long cock into my pussy from behind and began fucking me while we watched. Their pleasure heightened by watching us fuck as we watched them, and Matt and Lisa went back to giving each other head with a renewed vigor. I could see their bodies begin to tense up, and my hand wandered to my clit as they started to cry out in pleasure.

Lisa exploded first – with a muffled scream her body began to shake and I could see the muscles in her throat tighten as she rode Matt’s tongue to her orgasm. Matt followed swiftly, obviously sent over the edge by her cries of pleasure. John continued to slowly thrust in and out of my pussy while we watched our friends cum all over each other and writhe in ecstasy.

When they calmed down, Lisa slowly got up, stretching, giving us a perfect view of her tits and stomach. She knelt in front of me, and as John was sliding his cock in and out of my pussy, she began to lick my clit softly, giving me pleasure from both sides. I groaned and pushed back on John’s cock harder, forcing him to speed up the rhythm as she flicked and sucked my clit and caressed John’s balls.

Matt, still hard even after his intense climax, stepped up behind her as she stood bent over and slid his cock into her soaked pussy. She moaned, sending lots of vibrations to my clit, and began tonguing me even more furiously than before. I could feel the pleasure build up inside of me and I knew that in a matter of seconds I’d be thrown into ecstasy.

My body tensed and I fell over the edge, moaning. When my breathing slowed, I pulled away from John’s cock and went over to the bed, sitting on the edge to recover for a minute. Lisa slid off of Matt’s cock and came next to me, turning my head with her hand and meeting my lips for a gentle kiss. Her right hand caressed my breasts softly, playing with my tender nipples, as I put my hands on her waist and drew her into the kiss. We lay down side by side on the bed, kissing lightly, tongues twining, as we explored each others’ bodies.

The bostancı escort two men stood at the foot of the bed, watching us in stunned silence. Lisa and I continued to kiss, caressing each other with our smooth hands, letting our tongues explore each others’ mouths. Matt and John looked at each other and then looked quickly back to us, unable to take their eyes off the incredible sight in front of them.

Each man moved to lay behind his wife. John slid his arms around me from behind as I kissed Lisa, and began to kiss and lick my bare shoulders. Matt did the same to Lisa. Our kiss got more and more passionate, and she tore her swollen lips from mine and moved down my neck, stopping to suck my nipples into her mouth as Matt continued to stroke her body from behind.

She returned to my lips, kissing them with passion, and this time it was me who broke away, and I turned her around so she faced her husband. I moved lower on the bed and began to trace my tongue up and down her spine, barely touching her skin, making her moan and squirm like crazy as Matt captured her nipples between his lips. I swirled my tongue around the hollow of her back. She was jumping at my every touch, her skin ablaze with pleasure that each added pressure sent jolts straight to her center.

I turned her back toward me and she looked down at me with desire clouding her eyes. I breathed heavily on her mound, letting my hot breath flow over her moist, swollen pussy. Her hips thrust toward me and she let out a low moan as I grinned up at her. I finally decided to give in, and ducked my head, lowering my lips to her throbbing clit. She gave a huge sigh as I touched her center, and I began to lick and suck her vigorously.

Matt came up behind me as I was bent down licking Lisa and slid his cock into my pussy. The huge head of it stretched me, creating intense friction in all the right places, and I moaned. Lisa opened her eyes and I could feel her juices dripping onto my tongue as she saw her husband fucking me from behind. Matt began to thrust harder and harder into me, pushing my lips further into Lisa’s pussy with our rhythm. The sounds of our moaning filled the room.

John was now on the bed with us, and as Lisa threw her head back in a loud moan, he took advantage, sliding his rock hard cock into her mouth. She gave a muffled sound of surprise but started sucking him as my tongue caressed her pussy. Matt’s cock was gliding in and out of my soaked pussy, and I could hear him growling in my ear, obviously turned on by the sight of me licking his wife.

Suddenly, just as I was on the brink, Matt pulled out, grasping his cock in his hand, trying to keep control. He moved up on the bed, put his other hand on John’s shoulder, and murmured, “Switch.”

John obliged, removing his throbbing dick from Lisa’s mouth and coming around behind me. He kissed the back of my head and moaned in his deep voice into my ear, “I’m going to make you cum like you’ve never cum before.”

A thrill of pleasure went through me at his words and he slid his cock into me as I took Lisa’s clit in my mouth, beginning to suck harder, wanting to bring her to orgasm. Matt was already fucking her lips with his stiff cock. John reached around and began to rub my clit in small circles, just the way I like it, and I felt my body begin to tense. My moans were constant now, and Lisa’s clit was vibrating with my lips.

I couldn’t take anymore. John’s cock was filling me so full, and he was touching all of my hot spots – my pussy contracted, squeezing his cock, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. I clamped my lips down hard on Lisa’s clit, trying to contain a scream as I pumped two fingers in and out of her, and the pressure was so intense that she began to buck her hips in my face, her sweet juices spilling out on my tongue.

My pussy gripped John’s cock like a vise for a few moments, and then when it finally spasmed as I continued to orgasm, John growled and I felt him unload his cum inside me, starting me on a fresh wave of pleasure.

Lisa’s moans were too much for Matt, who thrust into her mouth one last time, his hips meeting her pouty lips as he threw his head back and roared with pleasure, emptying his balls down her tiny throat.

After coming down from our orgasmic highs, we all collapsed together on the bed, a tangle of arms and legs. The next morning, we woke and dressed, breakfasted together like old friends, and soon it was time for Matt and Lisa to leave. As they reached the door, we kissed and hugged goodbye, and Matt leaned down and murmured in my ear, “See you at the 20-year reunion!” And with a wink, he turned and left.

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