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Tequila Sunset

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My sister, Michelle, had joined my husband and me for a little vacation to our condo in Mexico earlier this month. She had never been down there before and was like a kid in a candy store from the moment the wheels touched down.

By the time we took a cab to the condo, she could hardly contain herself. She and I went ahead and left Carl with all the luggage. By the time he caught up to us, Michelle had already picked out her bedroom and was wandering about checking it all out.

I finally managed to corral her on the balcony.

“Quite a view, isn’t it?” I asked.

“This is amazing!” she said as she gazed out on the ocean.

We heard Carl coming up the stairs and I suggested we go help him unload the bags.

“Thanks for helping!” he said with a sarcastic grin.

Michelle grabbed he bag and went into her bedroom. I followed Carl into our bedroom and immediately began unpacking. I had everything out and put away, then changed into my swimsuit.

By the time I got down to the living room, Michelle was already there and in her suit.

“Pool!” I ordered and pointed at the door.

Carl whistled as he came down the stairs. I just flipped him off and continued out the door.

No sooner had we found a couple of loungers and put our towels down, but there appeared a young lady asking if we would like a drink.

“Dos margaritas, por favor.” I replied.

“Si, senorita!!” she answered and hurried to the bar.

We stretched out in our loungers and began to enjoy the hot Mexican sun.

“Does it get any better than this?” I asked Michelle as the waitress returned with two large margaritas.

“Probably…no…definitely not!” she laughed.

Several margaritas later, we were totally wasted!

“What are my chances of getting laid?” Michelle blurted out.

I just started laughing and replied “Probably pretty darn good!”

Now, Michelle is my younger sister, quite a bit taller than me and also in pretty good shape. We look a lot alike, but she’s almost six inches taller and twenty pounds heavier. She’s got a very nice rack and a great ass.

“I haven’t been laid in so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like!” she laughed.

Michelle had been divorced about two years, and didn’t really have time for dating.

“I don’t think you’ll have to work too hard to find something here!” I said.

Little did I know!

About that time, Carl showed up at the pool. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a silk shirt.

“Gotta go get some limes at the market.” He said. “Back in thirty!”

Michelle and I decided we’d had enough pool, and went back inside.

“I’m gonna grab a quick shower!” I told her.

“Me too!” she replied and went into her room.

Five minutes later I was done and down in the living room. I had put on a short little sundress and only a pair of panties.

She came into the room shortly and was wearing a tight pair of shorts and a little tank. Her nipples poked through the tank and I couldn’t help but comment.

“What…no bra?” I chided her. I don’t think I’d ever seen her not wearing one.

She blushed and shrugged her shoulders a bit.

“Well. You don’t need one!”

She looked down at the girls and smiled a little “They do look good for forty-eight, don’t they?”


We just turned on the TV and then I had a great idea. “John Holmes”!

I got a DVD out and put it in. shortly Mr. Holmes was taking off his pants.

“My God!” Michelle laughed. “That can’t be real!”

“Don’t worry, you probably won’t find anything like that here!” I told her bluntly. “Maybe half!”

We both started laughing, part from my comment, and part for the margaritas.

“What’s so funny?” Carl asked as he came through the sliding door.

“Just comparing you to Johnny Wadd!” I replied snidely.

“In your dreams!” he laughed. “Mine too!”

He went over to the bar and cut up a lime. And ground some salt. He then opened a bottle of Patron a poured three shots.

“Shot, anyone?” he asked with a grin.

Michelle and I got up and went to the bar where he had lined them up.

“Lick, shoot, suck!” I told Michelle.

We each did a shot, shook our heads and went back to the movie.

Carl joined us and I could tell he had a growing problem in his pants. I could also feel a tingling in my crotch and knew my panties were getting damp.

Not one to mince words in mixed company Carl asked “Any one for a blowjob?”

I just looked at Michelle who had a deer in the headlights look on her face and replied to Carl “You’re a big boy! You’re on your own!”

I knew that wouldn’t deter him!

He stood up and turned to us “Excuse me ladies, I’ll see you after a while!”

As Carl walked up the stairs, boxers bulging, Michelle looked at me and asked “Is he going to jerk off?”

“Precisely! Want to watch?” I stated, not sure what her answer would be.

“Wouldn’t he care?” she quizzed.

“I’ll bet he left the door open enough just so we could watch!” was my answer. “Just give him a few minutes to get wound up! I guarantee you’ll be surprised!”

“Let’s tuzla escort do another shot!” she suggested.

We both went to the bar and I poured us each a shot.

“Lick, shoot and suck!” she repeated from earlier.

We both downed our shots and of course made that “tequila face” as we set the shot glasses back on the bar.

“Ready to see Carl do a shot?” I asked coyly.

She just grabbed my hand and we snuck up the stairs. Sure enough, Carl had left the door open far enough so we could see him lying on the bed. He had a movie on the DVD and was stroking his cock slowly and methodically. Carl has a beautiful cock, nearly seven inches and nice and fat. He’s cut, and the purple head glistened from the pre-cum that was leaking. Every once in a while he would smear it around. He never gave any sign he saw us, but I think he may have suspected we were going to watch.

I looked over at Michelle, her gaze fixed on the performance Carl was giving. I could tell it was definitely getting her aroused. Glancing down at her nipples, now poking nearly through her tank top, made mine instantly harden also.

I turned my attention back to Carl, now stroking himself faster. I knew we would not have long to wait. He swung his legs back over his head and began to pump his throbbing cock furiously. Not able to suck himself, though he wishes he could, his cock was now about four inches from his face.

He stopped stroking and held his cock firmly, directing it to his now wide open mouth. We heard him groan as the first rope of cum shot from the tip into his mouth. He swallowed and opened his mouth again as a second, third and fourth squirt hit its target.

I heard a small gasp escape Michelle as she witnessed the whole show. The look on her face was partially disbelief and partially arousal.

Carl remained in that position as small droplets of cum fell into his mouth as he milked the last drops. He finally swung his legs back and then turned around to us.

“Enjoy the show, ladies?” he laughed. “I know I did!”

I touched Michelle’s nipple through her shirt and said” You certainly did!”

She jumped a little and turned saying “Enjoyed it….I almost came!”

Carl got up from the bed and pulled his boxers back up, concealing his still half mast erection. Michelle and I just stood there waiting for him to speak.

“I believe I should have another shot!” he stated.

“I thought you just had one!” Micelle blurted out, causing us all to laugh.

We turned around and headed back down to the living room and bar.

“Ever done a body shot?” I asked Michelle.

“What’s that?” she asked sincerely.

“Let me show you. Carl pour three shots if you would.”

He set them out on the bar, and I grabbed a lime wedge and salt.

“Lift your top up, or, better yet, take it off!” I said as I pulled my little sundress over my head, leaving me standing there in just my Calvin’s.

I thought it would make Michelle more comfortable if my breasts were exposed first.

She hesitated a little, and then pulled her top over her head, letting the girls out into the air. Her nipples were swollen and jutted toward the ceiling. Mine were equally as hard as I dipped my finger into a shot of tequila and grabbed the salt.

“Have a seat on the bar stool!” I invited.

She sat down, not knowing what to expect.

I smeared the tequila around her areola and nipple on her right breast. This caused her to shudder a little and increase the rigidity of her nipple. I then brought the jar of salt to her breast and placed it firmly against her wet areola and tipped it up.

Removing the jar, her breast was left with a perfect salt lick covering the entire central part. She looked down at it and grinned.

I took the lime a said “Hold it between your teeth!”

She took the lime from me as I placed it in her mouth.

I then grabbed the shot glass and said “Move your legs apart just a bit!”

As she did so, I slid the shot glass up so it was just touching the crotch of her shorts.

Carl looked on in anticipation of doing the shot. He was going to have to wait.

“Lick, shoot, suck! Right?” I said with a grin.

Michelle was totally surprised when I brought my face to her breast and began licking the salt away. I paid a lot of attention to swirling around her areola before licking the salt from her stiffened nipple. Looking up, I could see she had closed her eyes and was really getting into it.

I finished removing all traces of the salt, though it had taken several minutes to do so. I decided to move on.

Kneeling in front of her, I forced her legs a little wider and place my mouth over the shot glass. I bobbed up and down on it, pretending to be giving it a blow job. Looking up now, I could see her looking down at me with a half surprised smile on her face.

I could feel a slight trembling in her thighs as my nose rubbed against the top of her mound each time I bobbed.

Finally, I tipped my head back and swallowed the tequila, setting the glass back between her legs.

I then stood up and brought my face to hers and, pressing my tuzla escort bayan lips against hers, I gently took the lime from her mouth, sliding my tongue across her teeth as I stood back upright and bit the lime, sucking the juice from it.

I made a face from the sourness of the lime, wiped my mouth and said “That’s a body shot!”

Michelle burst out in laughter and commented “Bet that doesn’t happen in a bar!”

“You’d be surprised!” Carl and I said in unison.

“My turn!” Michelle giggled as she grabbed for a shot.

Carl and I looked at each other and I beat him to the stool. I figured she might as well have to pay me back.

Michelle twirled her finger in the tequila, and then brought it to my left breast. Then, as I had done to her, she pushed the jar of salt against it, coating me thoroughly with salt. She then dipped her finger again and proceeded to duplicate my other breast. Both areola and nipples were now coated.

“Thought I might as well be greedy!” she said with an evil smile” I like salt!”

She grabbed a slice of lime and put it in her mouth, then bent over and placed it in mine. This girl was ready to party. That’s why they say tequila makes your clothes fall off, I guess.

Taking a full shot glass from the bar, she slid it up between my legs. She didn’t have to part them, as I already had them splayed on each side of the stool.

“A little damp, aren’t you?” she chided.

“I think the salt probably would have stuck to your panties!” Carl commented. “Let’s see!”

Michelle took the glass back and pressed the salt against my sopping underwear, then pulling it back just replied “Yup!”

She then set the glass back down and moved her face to my breasts. For the next five minutes she sucked and licked and cleaned every bit of salt from them. I had a hard time not making any motions about how much I enjoyed her attention. This WAS my sister after all. When she was satisfied that my breasts were clean, she knelt down and then, to my surprise, began to lick the salt from the crotch of my panties.

The tequila had gone completely to her head, and she’d lost all inhibitions about sex. She had confided in me earlier that she had never had any interest in sex with another woman, but I think the tequila had changed her mind.

She swabbed my salty crotch up and down, even sucking my panties into her mouth. I knew she was tasting a lot more than salt.

She finally brought her ministrations to an end and took the shot glass into her mouth and downed it in one gulp.

Michelle stood up and brought her lips to mine, sucking gently on the lime and forcing her tongue into the corners of my willing mouth. She finally took the lime, gave it a bite, and grimaced.

“That was nasty!” she stated. ‘Again?”

“My turn!” Carl said.

Michelle laughed and said “You got your shot upstairs!”

“Doesn’t count!” he replied.

Michelle unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop to the floor. Her panties had a very large wet spot where she had been leaking fluids into them.

“Talk about wet panties?” I said, pointing to them.

“They’ve been like this since we landed!” she replied emphatically.

Carl took his shot glass and circled a breast on each of us. Then came the salt.

Then came his tongue. He swirled around Michelle first, and then switched to me. I knew we were both absolutely dripping as he then went back and forth between us.

“Who wants to hold the shot?” he asked.

I beat her to it and walked over to the couch. I pulled my panties down to my knees and carefully rolled my legs into the air and slowly slid the shot glass into my sopping vagina, being very careful not to spill it inside, which would burn like the bejesus.

There I am, butt in the air with a shot glass sticking out of my pussy. Carl walks over and gently places his lips over the glass and slowly pulls it out. As soon as it was clear, he tipped his head back and swallowed.

Grabbing the lime from the bar with his teeth, he walked back over to us and offered to share. Michelle and I both sucked on the lime as he held it between his teeth, swapping tongues with everyone and enjoying the moment.

Carl finally pulled back a little and bit the lime.

“How’s that for a body shot, Michelle?” he asked.

“I’m ready for another!” she blurted out, her inhibitions totally gone.

Carl grabbed the container of salt and brought it over to me. He swabbed the end of his cock around both my areola and then, once he had decided they were sticky enough, he placed the slat jar over each and tipped them up. When he removed the jar, my breasts looked like they were snow-capped peaks.

“Salty enough for you?” he asked.

Oh yeah!” she retorted.

Carl poured us each another shot and brought one of them for Michelle.

Since my panties were now on the floor, Michelle asked if I wanted to hold her shot for her. I merely got up on the couch and put my legs in the air, spreading them wide. She got behind the couch and began licking the salt from my breasts. My nipples were so hard by this time that they were almost ready to burst. escort tuzla Round and round she went on them, sucking everything she could into her eager mouth. I was getting concerned she was going to forget about doing her shot when she brought her face up from my aching breasts.

Now she moved over me, straddling my face as she carefully slid the shot glass into my slick hole.

“Don’t spill any!” I warned her.

“Hold the lime in you teeth, Carl!” Michelle ordered.

I couldn’t see anything except her soaking panty covered crotch above my face, but I made the assumption he did as he was told.

I felt her mouth go over the glass and make contact with my labia. She slowly began to withdraw the glass from me and I could tell she was tipping it up to swallow.

From the corner of my eye I saw the glass hit the couch next to me. She leaned forward a bit to get the lime from Carl, and making a “sour” sound sat back on my waiting face.

Grinding her butt back onto me, she began to rock back and forth, forcing her wet panties into my mouth.

I began sucking on them, tasting her woman juices, sucking a hard as I could. She reached back and pulled her panties aside and then pushed harder onto my mouth. Her neatly trimmed bush was coated with her juices and her labia swollen and gaping as I stuck my tongue as far into her vagina as I could, feeling the warm wetness coating her canal.

I began tongue-fucking her, sliding my tongue in and out, pausing only briefly at her engorged clit, before sliding my tongue back into the depths of her vagina. I could hear her making a lot of indistinguishable noises as I continued to plunder her.

She ground down onto my face, nearly smothering me for an eternity. This girl was really going to get off big.

Finally, as my tongue was about to give out, I heard a long wailing moan escape her lips, and felt her vagina tighten on my probing tongue.

I’mmmmmmmmm cummmmmming!” she screamed over and over.

My tongue still buried inside her, I clamped my lips over her labia and sucked as hard as I could. Copious amounts of her lubrication drained down my throat as her vaginal walls contracted with each orgasmic wave.

She finally pulled off me, now laughing uncontrollably in a post orgasmic tic.

I lay beneath her, not touching her super-sensitive nether parts, for fear she would lose the high.

I could actually see her vagina contract and expand as she settled down into that great afterglow of a much needed cum.

Shortly she got off me and just looked down. My face was sticky with her goo and I was still a little short of breath.

“My God………Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?” she asked, still laughing.

“Comes naturally!” I smiled up at her.

I sat up next to her and gave her a sisterly kiss.

“Was that what you needed?” I asked sweetly.

“It was certainly a good start!” she said with a laugh. “A damn good start!”

“Anyone need another shot?” asked Carl.

“I think you do!” I said as I got up from the couch.

He knew what I meant and lay on his back on the tile floor.

I stood over him and slowly lowered my crotch above his open mouth.

“Pretty wet!” he declared.

I turned to look at Michelle, now focusing her attention on us. I hoped she was ready for this!

I spread my labia apart, exposing the glistening pink inside. My now gaping vagina was inches from Carl’s face.

“Lick, shoot, suck!” I ordered.

He stuck his tongue out and began licking the opening to my urethra. I pulled back up and looking directly at Michelle began releasing a dribble of urine into Carl’s mouth. She had a slightly surprised look on her face as I began a more forceful stream, but never broke her gaze at what was transpiring in front of her. I could hear my stream splashing into Carl’s throat and listened to the sounds of him gulping my liquid down. When I had finished peeing, I lowered myself down onto his mouth and he sucked my labia with a loud smack.

I pulled myself off his face and stood up.

“Good Boy!” I told him.

Michelle just shook her head a little and said “Now that I don’t believe!”

“Want to try it?” I asked coyly.

“I don’t think I could!” she said rather sheepishly.

“Of course you can, it’s just a little warm salt water. Never hurt anyone!” I added.

“Well….I do need to pee!” she said gingerly.

I could tell she really wanted to try it.

She got up from the couch and stood next to me.

“You sure?” she asked.

Carl rolled over and stood up.

“You invited her!” he said.

“I did, didn’t I?” I replied and got down on the floor.

Brazen now, I said “Come on, Michelle!” as I pointed to my open mouth.

I don’t think she was expecting me to do the servicing and she hesitated once more.

“Go ahead! Pee in my mouth. Make me drink you!” I hoarsely whispered. This was partly the alcohol talking, and partly hormones raging.

I grabbed her hands and pulled her to her knees over my face. As she knelt over me, I released my grip on her hands and placed them on her swollen labia, spreading them apart. Her juices were still flowing freely and I gave her a quick lick, circling her vagina with my tongue before hitting her little urethral opening and attempting to force my tongue into it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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