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Teri’s Story Ch. 02

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It has been two weeks and two days since Teri last achieved orgasm. In a desperate bid to ease her frustrations, she has invited her regular fuck-buddy Stuart to her home. When he agreed on the proviso that he bring a friend, Teri’s clit tingled at the thought of a repeat of the double anal experience at that scummy flat. She was so close to cumming that time, she was sure any repeat would bring her off.

So she was disappointed to see that his “friend” was in fact a woman. A rival for the dick she so needed to make her come. Teri’s disappointment turned to despair as once she was unceremoniously denuded, this other woman tied Teri to chair with her arms behind her back. Despondency set in as she was forced to watch as the other woman was fucked to orgasm in front of her. That orgasm should have been Teri’s!

Her face flushed with anger and jealousy as she writhes in the chair. The bonds are so tight that she can’t even bring herself off from rubbing her legs together. The other slut comes again.

The woman gets onto all fours in front of Teri as Stuart enters her asshole. She screams in ecstasy as he pounds away. She wants you to see how easily she can come from being ass fucked. She slaps the floor in delight as she pants and moans through her third and most intense orgasm.

“Please, I want to be a part of this. I want you to make *me* cum!” Teri sobs.

Stuart withdraws and approaches her. “So you want an orgasm?”

“Yes! So badly!”

“Well then let me provide one for you.”

Stuart slaps his cock across her face and pushes bahis siteleri it into her mouth. Teri can taste both his wetness and the other woman’s ass on his cock. He thrusts back and forth before pulling out. Teri anticipates what’s coming and dutifully opens her mouth with her tongue extended. He splashes one, two, three, four streams of cum across her face.

“There’s your orgasm. I hope you enjoyed it!” Stuart and his other slut both laugh and leave Teri there, as they disappear into the kitchen to make themselves some of her food and a fix themselves a drink. All Teri has to drink is the sperm she can lick up, as it drips close to her mouth as she struggles with her restraints.

They return and the other woman sucks Stuart back to full erection. He lies down with the soles of his feet towards Teri and she straddles him in reverse cowgirl while she guides his cock up her ass. The show begins again for Teri, as she finally manages to slip her wrists from the restraints.

Teri stands and wipes a palm full of the now cold sperm from her face. She approaches the fucking couple and tries to smear the spunk from her hand on to that slut’s face. She grabs Teri’s wrist and licks her hand, then forces it down to her pussy. Which Teri obediently rubs.

She comes again and slips off Stuart’s dick. Teri seizes her chance and sucks it greedily, before climbing on top of him.

“Ah-ah! Ass only.” He demands. Teri has been practicing with her vibrator deep inside her and has nearly brought herself to orgasm with it from anal alone. She is confident she canlı bahis siteleri can do this.

She leans back as she forces herself on top of him. Teri gives Stuart a good view of her pussy and his dick as it enters her ass. She knows she will have to use all her sluttiest tricks to make sure the dick stays in *her* ass. That slut’s had her turn, now it’s got to be all for Teri.

She bobs her pelvis up and down, feeling him go deep inside her. The other woman sits on the chair, watching and masturbating.

Stuart pushes Teri off to the side and she rolls over and lands on all fours. As soon as she regains her balance, her ass is being filled again. Even more deeply than before. He goes progressively faster and deeper. She feels a tingle build up from her clit and move up her spine. This. This is what she needs to come!

Suddenly Teri feels an emptiness inside. Instead of the crashing orgasm she was teetering on, Stuart has removed himself and is kneeling behind her with a hand clenching either ass cheek. Pulling her ass apart and admiring her gape.

“Look, I can put my finger right in without touching either side!” sneers the woman. Teri tenses her sphincter muscles in shame and she feels them clamp down over the woman’s finger. Which is swiftly withdrawn. She brings the flat of her hand down sharply on Teri’s ass as her gape winks open and closed.

She sucks the tip of Stuart’s dick and Teri moves in to lick up and down the shaft. Eager to show that she’s the one who deserves it all. She leaves Teri to suck it as she gets on all canlı bahis fours next to her. Teri deepthroats as far as she possibly can, then comes up, gasping for air. “You need more practice” tuts Stuart as he resumes fucking the woman’s ass.

Teri has to take charge of this. She moves round and grabs the base of his cock, pulling it out of the other woman’s ass to suck it. In between licks, she explains “I need your cock. She’s had her turn. Fuck my ass, not hers!” Teri spanks the other woman back and resumes her position on all fours.

Ignoring Teri’s pleas, Stuart returns to fucking the other woman as he works a finger, then two, into Teri’s eager behind. She bucks her hips back and forth, forcing his fingers further into her. He adds a third as she moans and writhes, but it’s not enough for Teri.

He removes his fingers and thrusts his cock back into Teri’s ass. He fucks her frantically as the other woman licks and sucks on his fingers. Teri almost feels overwhelmed by the intensity of the sensation. She’s stuck on the brink of ecstasy but there will be no release.

Stuart removes himself from Teri’s ass and pushes himself into her mouth. Straight away Teri feels the hot cum filling her mouth and she sucks and slurps as she swallows every last drop.

“What a good slut you are. One of these days, I might let you come. If you can show me you really deserve it.”

They quickly dress and and leave, while Teri is stuck face down on the floor, jamming two fingers up her own ass in a vain attempt to regain the heights of pleasure she was so close to reaching. The pleasure fades away as, dejected, she wonders where she is going to get the cock that she need to bring herself off.

It’s a good job she remembered the way back from that apartment the other night…

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