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TGTN: Incest is Best Ch. 06

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Thanks to John for this chapter idea.


Emily walked in her bedroom after a lovely hot shower. What a night she had been through. She and Kyle had went swinging at an upscale country club.

It wasn’t long before Kyle had a full harem in the ladies’ bathroom and Emily in the men’s. Once she arrived home, Ethan was unbelievably horny, fucking her in 12 sessions before he finally passed out and Kyle carried him back to his room.

When Kyle got back, he was horny as well and he and Emily fucked furiously for over 3 hours before they finally were spent. In spite of this, she didn’t feel a trace of soreness. In fact, the fucking she regularly took had her tingly all over.

Removing her towel, she looked out her window smiling as as she saw Thomas fucking their maid Lily while Kyle looked on, eating his breakfast by the pool.

She then walked out to the poolside as Kyle turned to see her naked form, beautiful as ever.

“Hello darling,” she said, giving him a tender kiss as she sat in his lap, “Very sunny. A wonderful day for an orgy.”

“It sure is,” he replied, cupping her soft boobs before sliding them down to her pussy, sticking his fingers into her wetness, hearing her soft moans before licking her juices off his hand.

“You naughty boy,” she chuckled, watching as Thomas groaned, pumping his load into Lily’s ass. She smiled widely as he pulled out, her braces coated in cum from his earlier cumshot.

“Damn I love this job,” she said, beginning to suck him off.

Emily chuckled as her son made eye contact, waving as the young girl deepthroated his dick.

She waved back and began to stroke Kyle to the gentle pace of her son’s fellatio servicing.

“Oh yes, Tiffany called this morning. She said you were fantastic last night.”

Kyle smiled. “Well I know every guy coming from the men’s bathroom last night was smiling from ear to ear. I know they loved that pussy as much as I do.”

Emily smiled back and kissed him tenderly, each of them rubbing against one the other, Emily’s cunt sliding gently against her husband’s shaft until he groaned into her mouth.

Without a second lost, she simply locked her lips around Kyle’s head, feeling the hot torrents of cum gush down her throat until he was drained.

“Damn that great!” Kyle exclaimed as Emily licked her husband’s precious sperm from her chin.

“You can’t know I can’t start my day without my favorite breakfast,” she replied, kissing him again before taking his plate into the kitchen for him.


There she saw Lolita on the counter, Simeon standing on a stool and thrusting into her pussy while sucking her flailing tits. She quietly set the plate down and watched, her son’s adorable little ass quivering as he pounded into the moaning housekeeper.

She loved all her sons dearly. She wanted more children as well but hadn’t brought it up with Kyle. She doubted he’d have an issue with it. After all, the mansion had more than enough room and he wanted to fill the earth with incestuous families, the purest form on earth.

She continued to watch until Simeon came inside Lolita. Passing the living room, she watched as Victoria rode Nicky, her firm boobs pressed against his face while across from them, Ethan was getting a blowjob from Selena as Little Charlie fucked her ass.

In the all purpose room, she could hear voices so she peeked inside. Inside Wendall stood naked, snapping pictures as a long-haired and skinny boy fucked his mother on a bed.

The mother alternated between sucking his cock and taking him in her ass before Wendall got close-ups as he exploded in her pussy. A brother and sister, Incest is Best fans from Austria fucked each other as well, the two kissing as they came at the same together.

A young blonde, Cassie happily sucked off her single father Ray while riding her little brother Troy. Another busty blonde mother and her equally busty daughter were orally pleasured by her two younger children.

Her only son then fucked them all in each position for the camera, having his first orgasm on the faces of his mother and sisters.


Walking back into the living room, Emily was surprised to see it empty. However, the couch and rug was soaked as always from the hours of strenuous fucking going on.

As she heading to get some much-needed pounding from Kyle, a knock came at the door. Emily then opened revealing a cute and bubbly brunette.

“Hi Penny!” Emily greeted her, the two kissing and dancing their tongues together before separating. Emily looked down and gave a disappointed look.

Penny smiled and rolled her eyes playfully. “I know, I know.”

She Escort bayan removed her tank top and short shorts, revealing a magnificent pair of large 40E breasts with puffy brown areolas along with a wet pussy.

“Damn,” Emily said, “you look gorgeous! Almost hard to recognize you without Kyle’s dick up that juicy ass.”

Penny laughed as Emily gave her ass a smack. “Do you think he’ll remember me?”

“Without those restricting clothes, I have no doubt he will.”

Kyle came downstairs a few minutes later and the look on his face said it all.

“Penny!” he greeted her, walking up and kissing her.

She looked down to the semi-flaccid cock and stroked the red veins. “Beautiful…” she whispered, making both Kyle and Emily laugh.

A few minutes later, Kyle was on the couch, French kissing Emily while Peggy rode his dick, Kyle fondling a breast of each of them. Emily moved to kiss her friend, moaning as Kyle began to finger her ass.

The three then came together in a loud orgasmic triangle.

“So are you two coming to the Swinger’s Party tonight?”

“We wouldn’t miss it,” Emily replied, stroking Kyle back to full length.

“Good,” Penny replied, “I’ve talked up the cock and Glenn has been raving about that body of yours.”

“Glenn should.” Kyle laughed, “he got back in line so much I was surprised he didn’t get a hernia!”

Penny laughed and kissed Kyle. “Well I’d better get home. Just because the kids can’t come to the party doesn’t mean their mother won’t give some loving.”

She got dressed and waved goodbye, Emily and Kyle already in the midst of more of their dirty fuck fest.


One main reason that Kyle and Emily loved the Swinger’s Parties were that combined the two things they loved most. Nudity and fucking.

There were no rules here and anything went without judgement. The building was built in the form of an historical home on a large and beautiful field. It featured a large and spacious porch and large marble columns.

It had 38 bedrooms, fully furnished for fucking. Inside was sensuous music and food, sex objects and costumes able to feed every fetish imaginable.

Erotic dancers served drinks and gave lap dances. Everything was free and for everyone. As Emily and Kyle walked in, they mingled. It wasn’t long before Emily felt a soft hand feel up her torso and lock around her right breast, making her moan as the hand tweaked her nipple.

As the hand began to rub her clit, she looked to Kyle who was fucking Peggy on a table. Several women walked around in slutty schoolgirl outfits, sucking the cocks of the men lounging around or watching the girls stripping for them.

“Spread your legs,” the voice whispered behind Emily, obviously a woman. She complied and moaned as she felt two fingers sink into her pussy. The treatment continued with Emily’s back turned to the woman pleasuring her.

Finally, she decided to return the favor, moving her hand toward the other’s woman’s pussy.

But instead, she felt something pushing against her ass. Something hot… thick… and throbbing.

“Oh my…” Emily thought, “it can’t be…”

The woman stirred and moved back, letting Emily turn and look at her. She looked to be all woman, sporting a pair of 34I tits that were completely natural.

“Are you…” Emily asked nervously, twirling her hand.

“Fuck no!” the woman replied, stroking the massive obstruction between her legs, “I’m a hermaphrodite. I was born this way.”

Emily looked down and was shocked to see a bead of precum popping from the swollen cock head. “It um… it is quite beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she replied, blushing, “I’m Tabitha.”

Emily introduced herself and couldn’t help but to get down on her knees, the cock standing at least 10 inches and thick as her arm. A few more inches and it could have rivalled her husband’s. She then lick around the head and sucked the full balls into her mouth.

She then held them and inserted her tongue into the wet pussy behind the balls. Tabitha moaned louder and stroked Emily’s hair. She then returned to sucking her dick, amazing her with her talent.

“Holy shit!” Tabitha cried, “This is the best blowjob I have ever had!!!”

Emily chuckled, remembering those were Kyle’s exact words when they began dating. Now she had something else to add to her list. She was giving a woman a blowjob.

Emily wrapped her hand securely around the base and began what every boy in the house called, ‘the sloppy banana.’

She spit several times on the engorged penis and began to suck it rapidly, turning her head in every direction while slapping the Bayan escort hefty balls around. Tabitha moaned louder and louder while squeezing her ripe breasts.

“Oh fuck… I can’t… AGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” Tabitha screamed as she amazingly came from both holes, the gush from the dick filling Emily’s mouth while her pussy juice shot out as well.

Tabitha’s knees buckled as Emily continued to bathe her meaty schlong in spit, rubbing the heavy nuts to drink more of the tasty sperm.

As Emily slurped, she could see Kyle fucking a wealthy older woman over a table, his hands gripping her floppy breasts while his dick was lodged deep into her ass.

Several men were cheering him on, jerking off at the prime example of male prowess, his huge balls slamming into the GILF’s twat. She watched as she screamed, cum shooting from her pussy and ass while she cried out loudly.

Emily frantically rubbed her pussy to the scene, Tabitha holding two handfuls of her brown hair and pumping her cock down Emily’s throat, the balls slapping her chin.

“Oh!” Tabitha cried, “OH SHIT!!!!”

This load seemed thicker, huge fountains of sperm flooding Emily’s throat and dribbling down her chin and onto her breasts. Tabitha continued moaning, lifting her leg to finger herself.


Meanwhile, Kyle was furiously fucking Mandy Allen, a 19-year-old college student while sucking her ripe 32G rack. The previously virgin student had come to become an adult.

But she expected nothing like this. The cock was perfect and juicy, more that filling her pussy which before, having nothing besides her fingers or a jumbo hot dog.

“YES! YES!! Fuck me!” Mandy screamed as Kyle fucked her harder and harder. “Shit! It’s so good… oh! Oh shit! I’m cumming!!!”

“I am too!!!” Kyle yelled, the muscles standing out in his neck as he shot a tremendous load in Mandy’s tight pussy. As she came down from her high, a voice called out:


Mandy looked back and asked, “Dad? Mom?”

The two certainly made a sight, the busty mature mother holding a whip and a strapon while the father had his arms tied behind his back and gag ball around his neck.

Neither of them was in a position to say anything so they simply went about their business, leaving Kyle to chuckle to himself as the next woman came up.


Emily screamed as Tabitha fucked her in a spooning position, gripping both of her tits as her fat cock slammed deep into Emily’s anus.

“Oh yes! Pound my ass!” Emily screamed as she frantically rubbed her clit. Only sex with Kyle could’ve been this good.

“I’m gonna cum!” Tabitha screamed.

“I am too!” Emily cried out, “CUM IN ME!!!!”

Emily’s eyes popped open as she penetrated to her very limits and felt the hot spunk gush into her asshole, numerous thick and hot gallons.

“Oh fuck…” Emily panted just before the door opened, revealing Kyle there.

“Hey baby. Are you… Holy shit!!” he exclaimed as Tabitha sat up, the flaccid cock dripping his wife’s juices.

After explaining and proving that Tabitha was an actual woman, Emily was soon riding her dick while Kyle fucked her pussy. In another instance, Kyle got a steamy blowjob from Emily while Tabitha fucked her ass.

Emily erupted into a exploding orgasm, loving getting pleasured by girl’s thick cock while feeling Kyle’s thick cum gush down her throat. Emily kissed them both, Kyle alternating his cock between the two juicy cunts until both dicks fired at the same time.

Tabitha then began to eat her out, slurping the stray remains of the oatmeal-like cum from Kyle. Seeing the hermaphrodite’s ass free, Kyle plunged his cock into her, making her scream in delight.

“Oh yes! Push that fat dick into me!!!” Tabitha screamed as she played with her tits.

The scene was hot to Emily but nothing compared to what happened next. Tabitha reached down to stroke her girl cock to the brutal pounding she was getting in the rear.

Tabitha, still not yet knowing entirely about the foreign body part, stroked too vigorously and shot her pearly white globs of cum over the bedsheets before Kyle deposited a new load into her ass.

Tabitha began to eat Emily out again, nibbling her clit and licking deep into her cunt while Kyle jerked off.

“I think Tabby has a nice ass she could still use some more dick I’m honey…” Emily moaned, squeezing her breasts to the pleasure of Tabby’s pussy eating.

Kyle nodded and entered her, groaning as the tight asshole gripped his cock yet again. Tabitha cried out but Emily forced her back to her pussy.

“Don’t stop girl!” Emily shouted, “eat my pussy good!”

Tabitha Escort went faster, munching Emily’s twat and throwing herself back at Kyle.

“Oh Jesus…” Kyle moaned, tightly holding her hips.

“Oh fuck yes…” Emily moaned, laying her head back, “Oooh yeah… don’t stop!”

“AGH! FUCK!!!!” Kyle shouted, gushing his cum again into Tabitha’s ass.

“Damn it!” Tabitha exclaimed, “I was so close!”

“Well Kyle,” Emily said, pinching Tabitha’s tits, “I think you have have to something else…”

Kyle looked at them as could see what they meant. Emily smiled affectionately and he sighed, leaning to move Tabitha’s engorged penis and eat her pussy.

“OH!” Tabitha moaned, Emily stroking her cock at the same time. Kyle lapped faster, Tabitha screaming as her cum launched into his mouth, Kyle surprised (and quite relieved) to find it was more like a woman’s cum than a man.

“Thank you Kyle…” she panted and Emily smiled at him. A few minutes later, Tabitha was riding Kyle’s hard cock in reverse cowgirl while Emily sucked her tits, jerking off her cock.

“Oh god! Oh fuck!” Tabitha groaned loudly before cumming from both holes. She then fucked Emily’s ass while sucking Kyle off before taking Kyle up her ass while he and Emily kissed.

Emily then took Tabitha’s cock in her pussy while Kyle wore out her ass, each groping one of her breasts as they seemingly pleasured every nerve of her body.

“FUCK!!!!” she screamed, cumming all over the two juicy dicks, “GIVE IT TO ME!!!!”

After the exploded inside of her, she quickly began to suck off Tabitha while Kyle fucked Tabitha’s pussy again before Emily looked up and met his eyes and he couldn’t help but explode into Tabitha’s pussy.

“This is great you guys,” Tabitha said as she stood, “I have to take a major piss though. I’ll be back in a sec.”

She went out of the room and Emily snuggled up to Kyle’s chest.

“She really is insatiable huh?” she asked.

“Yep,” Kyle replied, “remind you of anyone?”

Emily laughed and stroked Kyle’s penis. She then began to kiss him and in seconds, he was on top of her, pounding her warm cunt with all his might.

Tabitha came in again and smiled seeing them rutting like animals. Emily saw her and gestured her over, sucking her cock again while Kyle fucked his wife’s ass.

Emily lay back breathing heavily as Kyle stood up and scratched his chin.

“This uh… doesn’t make me gay right?” he asked.

“No,” Tabitha laughed, “I was born a girl and I’ll always be one. I had a twin brother but we were conjoined in a way they had never seen. Our bodies came together in a way that gave me what was to be his cock. It was pretty strange at first but it made for some fun times when I was alone.”

Kyle nodded, thankful he had maintained his masculinity. Emily laughed at his facial expression and kissed him before leaning down to suck him off again while Tabitha slid her cock into her ass.

Their bodies shuddered as they all peaked at the same time and Kyle sprayed his cum over the faces of both women, each sucking and licking him clean.

Emily then got on all fours and let Kyle take her ass while she tied his shaft off and sucked off Tabitha. The scene was intense, Tabitha’s legs around his wife’s face as she sucked her meaty cock and her breasts bounced vigorously.

Finally Tabitha arched her back and locked her legs around her

head. At that instant, Emily reached beneath her to release the strap around his cock. Kyle’s orgasm was explosive, shooting so much cum he showered his own belly with a spray of sperm as she milked Tabitha.

The sensation of Kyle’s muscles contracting after the force of his climax was exquisite. As the spasms ended, he collapsed, limp and drained. He didn’t remember the rest of the night, only the two women snuggling up next to him.

When he looked up, Tabitha was standing in the doorway wearing a pleasant blouse and jeans, looking for all the world like a well-scrubbed girl-next-door, her uncommon asset not even noticeable.

“Everything all right?”

“Oh, yes,” said Emily warmly. “Thank you.”

“Then I’ll be going,” she said, and left.

Emily turned back toward him and propped her head on one elbow.

“Did you enjoy last night baby?”

For an answer, he kissed her forehead. “And for you?”

She smiled wickedly. “Very. I hope I didn’t put you out too much. Or make you feel uncomfortable.”

Kyle shrugged. “It was fine. As long as I have nothing to do with the cock, I’m there for you.”

“And we could have her back again sometime?”

“I’d like that.”

She wriggled closer. “And now I’d like something else, if you’ll let me have it.” She reached for his cock, which stirred to her touch.

“So do I,” Kyle replied, grabbing her breasts. Emily kissed him and pulled him under covers to fuck until they passed out or got kicked out.

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