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That One Time

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The six of us pulled up to the club around 9 on Saturday night in our minivan taxi, paid the driver $30 and hopped out. Outside of the club were a couple of guys smoking cigarettes and laughing. You could hear the low thump of music through the entrance and smell years of smoke build-up. This wasn’t any of our first times to a strip club but it was our first time being to the Moonshine, a club known for “full nude full friction” $20 lap dances. Sure, it was Ryan’s bachelor party, but we were all there for our own entertainment just as much. We are all in our mid twenties, average build, just out of college type guys working your typical entry level office and IT jobs. We all had girlfriends (or fiances!) and were just getting used to getting real paycheques every month. We all pretty much decided that this weekend we’d be putting that disposable income to use with fine scotch and lap dances.

Walking through the front doors we were greeted by a monster. A man weighing in at least 300 lbs, 200 of that muscle, looked us up and down and asked us to walk through a metal detector. I knew that strippers were just around the corner and was getting excited. I beeped but after a quick frisk was allowed to proceed to the cover window. After paying my $15 cover, I walked down the entrance hall and turned the corner. Right away on the stage was a tall blond, tits out, tiny g-string, swinging around a pole with one leg and arm wrapped around it. I felt a nervous shake in my legs but knew we were in for a good time tonight.

The club was fairly busy but a few tables were still open so we grabbed one a little off to the side of the stage and sat down. I looked over at Ryan, a good friend of mine since highschool, and saw his eyes fixated on the stage. I looked back and saw the girl slowly peeling off her g-string with her ass facing us. She was bent over affording us a perfect view of her ass and pussy. Her lips were bare and slightly puffy. I thought to myself… “this. is… awesome” Her asshole was pink and clean. As she bent down further, her bare pussy lips came into view and gave off a slight glimmer. Every one of us was transfixed. Mike, Sean, Ray and Derek were friends from college. Guys I’ve hung out with before but not known for very long.


Pulled from our trance, we turned to find an older woman with a tray looking down at us, almost annoyed. I’m guessing the club doesn’t enjoy guys sitting around empty handed.

“Heinekin please,” I said. The other guys ordered beers as well and she walked away to fetch our drinks. As I watched her walk away in a miniskirt and tight tang-top I wondered what she looked like 15 years ago and imagined her stripping on the stage herself.

“So what do you think guys? “Standing Ovations” for the ladies? hahaha” Mike laughed. It took me a second to catch the joke but there was an awkward truth to it. I had a feeling I’d be hard tonight at some point.

For a second I had a dirty feeling that here I was treating all of these women as sexual objects, on display for me to drool over, but that quickly passed as I remembered that this was literally why they were here working as strippers or servers in a strip club. I let the thought pass and gave myself permission to objectify as much as I wanted for the rest of the night.

It didn’t take long for the girls to identify a bachelor party and make their way over. We were here for a good time and had a pocket full of twenties. I felt like I was at an all you can eat buffet of my favourite food. A shorter brunette, maybe 21, with shoulder length hair and thick rimmed glasses was walking over in our direction. Exactly my type. I made eye contact with her and she smiled back at me. I looked down at her top, a cute little dark blue baby doll and g-string. She walked up to me, put her hand around my shoulder, and sat down on my lap.

“Hey sexy… I’m Courtney. What’s your name?”

“Uh… Zack” That wasn’t my name but I felt like I shouldn’t give my name for some reason so Zack it was!

“Hi Zack…” she said in a sexy voice. I let my eyes wander down to her C cupish breasts, held up by a nice supportive top. “Like what you see?”

“Yeah…” I breathed out. Smooth buddy, smooth.

“Why don’t we go somewhere a bit more private? I have more to show you…” she moaned. Her hand ran down my chest and rested directly on-top of my dick through my pants. I had no idea they’d be this touchy here. I fucking loved it.

“Sure” I said with a big grin. This girl was about to make a lot of money off of me – at $20 a song, I figured I could spend a solid 20 minutes with her. She stood up, took my hand and guided me away from the table. Holding my hand, we walked through the crowd toward the back room area. As we got closer she slowed down, looked contemplative for a second, and then placed my hand directly onto her bare delicious ass as she was wearing only a tiny g-string. “So… we can go to one of those couches if you want a song or two, or we can spend a şişli escort bit more time together somewhere that’s a bit more private. What do you think?” Her ass cheeks tightened a little bit and my hand involuntarily squeezed.

“I think I’d like a little more privacy” I said looking into her eyes, then down to her tits. I was horny as fuck but starting to feel confident. Sure it was their job to make you feel this way but hey, I’ll take it.

She smiled at me and pulled me more left to a curtain at the side of the room. We went through and was greeted by another monster of a man. “It’s $100.” I pulled my stack of twenties out and handed over 5 without hesitation. All I could think about was what Courtney’s pussy was going to look like.

Courtney took my hand again and took me into a side room closed off by a thick red curtain. Inside was a couch and a mirror. I sat down on the couch and Courtney immediately straddled me and moved forward, pushing her lace covered tits onto my face. She smelled like sweat and candy mixed together in a delicious combination. The beat from the main stage was muffled back here making this encounter feel more intimate and less tied to the main club.

Courtney’s thighs gripped my own as she ground her warm pussy on the top of my leg, inches from my cock which was fully hard by this point. Luckily I wrote loose boxers and pants so it had lots of room to move and grow. I knew Courtney felt the bulge in my pants because she was grinding right on top of it now. I started to worry about cumming from this and she hadn’t even taken a single thing off yet! Courtney closed her eyes and continued grinding her hips on me while both of my hands rested on her bare thighs. Her skin felt so soft and smooth.

“Help me get undressed Zack” Courtney cooed. She took my right hand off of her thigh and place it on her shoulder. I carefully slipped my fingers under her strap and slid it down her arm and then did the same to the strap on her other shoulder. “There’s a clip in the back” she instructed. I felt for the clip behind her, undid it, and her entire top slipped down but her perfectly round, young tits stayed up. Courtney let out a deep moan as though revealing her perfect C cup breasts and hard nipples were the biggest turn on of her life. They were of mine at least – especially when she said the magic words. “Touch them.”

I wasted no time. Both of my hands flew up and cupped her breasts from underneath. My thumbs instinctively went to her nipples and started flicking them lightly, making them even harder than they already were. All during this, my rock hard cock was being lightly rubbed through my pants by Courtney’s ass. So fucking amazing you have no idea. If this lasted much longer I knew I’d be covering the inside of my boxers with cum.

“Mmmmm… so you like my tits?”

“Yeah, I love your tits”

“Mmmmm… so you want to keep going then baby?”

“Uh huh… yeah…”

“Alright honey, we just need another hundred, plus tip if you really like me.”

Wait, what? We were just getting started! I mentally made a count in my head. I brought $200 in, spent $15 on cover, $10 on beer, $100 to get back here, leaving me with … fuck… less than $100.

“I don’t have enough…”

“Not a problem honey, Gerry can bring over a charge machine.”

I presumed Gerry was Monster

and I knew that no matter how hot this girl was, swiping my credit card in a strip club was probably a horrible decision.

“I’m sorry, I can’t keep going.”

“Aw honey, you should be sorry. Your loss baby.” Courtney stood up off of me and threw her top back on, doing up the clip and putting the shoulder straps on in one quick motion. “Follow me” she said in a cold tone. Damn, they really know how to turn it off when the money stops flowing. My cock was still hard though and I knew I’d need to cum tonight at some point.

I took the walk of shame back to our table and sucked on my beer for the next hour watching the main stage until the other guys also ran out of money from their own lap dances and buying Ryan a few of his own.

We got back to the hotel but it was only around 11 o’clock. An earlier night than we expected, but we had booze and cards to pass the time.

“Hey, pool’s open ’til 1AM. Anyone up for a swim or a hot tub?” Mike asked.

I was still pretty worked up and a relaxing soak sounded like a good idea so I said “sure, I could do the hot tub” Nobody else seemed too interested though so Mike and I were the only ones to change into our swim suits back at the room and take the elevator down to the main level with the pool.

Nobody else was in the pool area and the hot tub had a gentle steam rising off of it. We took our shirts off and slid in. The heat was fabulous and I immediately felt all of my muscles relax.

“Ahhhhhh this is nice” Mike said.

“Yeah, this is perfect right now.”

We let the steam penetrate mecidiyeköy escort our skin for a few minutes, working up a slight sweat. My mind started wandering back to Courtney who was almost completely naked grinding my cock less than an hour earlier. Not surprisingly, I got instantly hard again but the jets in the tub easily obscured it from Mike.

“So what did you think of the club? Any memorable dances for you?” Mike asked, casually.

“Heh… yeah. This one chick, Courtney. Took me to the back back room but I ran out of money before things got too far. If only I had a few grand to blow tonight instead of a couple hundred.”

“Yeah, you’d be blowing all right, all over Courtney I bet. haha”

Mike was laughing but I was holding down a moan thinking about spraying my cum all over Courtney’s gorgeous softball size tits.

“What’s that?”

Shit, I think I actually moaned.

“Oh, nothing. Just enjoying the jets.”

We sat there in silence for about 15 more minutes, eyes closed, letting the heat melt our bodies. I stayed rock hard the entire time and wondered, briefly, whether Mike was thinking similarly good thoughts.

“I think I want to shower off before heading back upstairs. This hot tub stinks of chlorine.” Mike said, breaking the zen of the hot tub.

“Yeah, same.” I said.

I let Mike get out first so that I could follow him and not let my raging hard cock be too obvious. I tried relaxing as much as possible and thinking of office work to let my cock soften. The men’s change room was small, only around 10 lockers, a small area of 3 communal showers and a sauna off to the side. I guess the hotel didn’t expect too much of a crowd using their facilities at once.

Normally I might feel slightly self-conscious about getting naked with a guy I hardly knew, but the booze and my horniness seemed to override everything. Facing the lockers, I nonchalantly pulled my swimsuit down revealing my still semi-hard cock. Mike, facing the same way, slid his suit down as well and walked over to the showers. I could see his soft cock out of the side of my vision and could tell that he shaved fairly recently just like I did. Both of our girls must equally enjoy the clean hair free cocks.

Mike took the first shower and I the third, leaving one in the middle. Turning them on the spray was surprisingly strong pressure for a public shower. I let the water hit my face and spun around a few times, rinsing the chlorine off my body.

I glanced over at Mike, doing the same, and saw his front for the first time straight on. His cock was about the same size as mine, still soft. I wondered what it would be like to touch it – wondered if it felt the same as touching my own. I’d barely ever thought of touching another man’s dick before but being so close to cumming at the club and now being naked with another person put that new thought in my head. I let it sit there for a minute. Just long enough to get my cock a little harder, rising a little higher.

“Nice pressure, eh?”

Mike’s voice jolted me back to reality. I looked up and caught his eye, staring right at my face. I was caught but decided to play it down.

“Yeah, no kidding. I love it. Feels great on my back. It’s like a massage.”

My cock jumped a bit. That involuntary jolt that happens when you’re getting hard and trying not to be. You know what I mean. Mike’s eyes saw the movement and looked down. He smirked.

“It looks like you like it. Another standing ovation there bud.”

“Uh… sorry… I can’t help it. That damn stripper got me so fucking close before.”

“Don’t you wish we had a couple strippers in here? Soaping up their tits and pussies for us. Mmmm..”

I pictured it and… yep… I was full on rock hard.

“uhhhhh” I groaned and closed my eyes.

I stepped back letting the warm high pressure water hit the top of my cock. The downward force slightly squeezed my balls and was enough to throw any inhibitions I had out the window. I wrapped my hand around my rock hard cock and slowly massaged it forward. I didn’t care what Mike thought. I was suddenly so horny that I needed to cum and I needed to cum now. Having another person near me, naked, was even hotter. I wasn’t thinking of Mike as a guy, I was thinking of him as another naked body. I opened my eyes and saw that Mike’s eyes were locked on my cock, his mouth slightly open, and his own cock rising to the occasion. I slowly stroked myself a couple more times.

My erection started by picturing a couple of slutty strippers with wet, bare pussies in the shower but now the real hard cock in front of me was the centre of my attention. Mikes hand went to his cock as well and he slowly started masturbating with me. A few seconds passed and suddenly I realized the reality of the situation. I was jerking off with another guy in the shower of a hotel locker room. I’m not gay – this doesn’t make any sense. istanbul escort But fuck was I hard and I suddenly wanted to watch streams of cum shoot out of Mike’s cock. I didn’t want to do it here in the shower though. I never liked jerking off standing up and I wanted to prolong this feeling a little bit longer if I could.

“Hey, want to go hang out in the sauna a bit? I think we need to relax.” I chuckled a bit, hoping that Mike didn’t think I wanted to fuck his ass or anything, because I didn’t.

“Uh…” shit. This was about to get super awkward. I could tell Mike was going through a million thoughts a second in his head and the possibility that I had ulterior motives in mind was most certainly one of those. “Sure, yeah, why not.” Ok then. My dick jumped.

We shut the water off in the shower and walked over to our towels, both with rock hard dicks bouncing in the humid air. I grabbed my towel and dried off but didn’t wrap it around. There was no point acting modest now and I was even feeling a little playful. I took the lead and walked over to the sauna door just off to the side of the lockers. It was heavy and made of wood. As soon as I opened the door the heat hit us like a wall. I pulled the door open all the way and looked back. Mike was close and his dick was even closer. For a brief moment I felt the urge to reach back and grab his dick but no, that was going too far.

We went into the small room with benches along the back and side of the room and let the door close behind us. I put my towel down on the side bench and took a seat, letting my cock stick straight up in front of me. I even spread my legs a bit as Mike sat down and did the same. Holy fuck was I horny right now. I let me left hand wander down my thigh and grab my cock. Mike did the same as he watched me.

“Have you even done this before?” Mike asked.

“No.” I said. My heart was racing so fast right now. I spread my legs some more and moved up to let my balls hang off the side of the bench. There was no uncertainty anymore. We were jacking off to each other and it was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done in my life. I don’t know if it was the novelty, the taboo, or what, but I had a feeling I was about to unleash a volume of cum I’ve never witnessed before.

Mike, jacking fast now, lifted one of his legs up onto the bench. His balls were bouncing up and down and I could see below them the area leading to his ass. I licked my lips subconsciously.

“Are you close?” Mike asked.

“Uh huh” I breathed back.

“Me too…” His arm beat faster. I matched his rhythm and leaned back. Mike started grunting more and I let it all go and let out a deep moan as I felt the pressure build in my balls. I closed my eyes as I approached my climax, feeling a drizzle of pre-cum slide out the tip of my cock. Mike let out a low, long moan and I felt a warm splash on chest. My eyes opened and Mike was standing in front of me, still jacking his cock hard. I had a stream of thick, white cum sliding down my chest from Mike and I loved it. It turned me on more if that was possible. Holy fuck this was hot. My balls were about to explode. I knew this was the peak horniness I would ever be and there, inches from me was a rock hard cock slippery with cum.

I let go of my cock and reached up. I grabbed Mike’s wrist, stopping him from yanking on his still hard cock, and leaned forward, jamming his dick into my mouth. I did it fast, in one motion, making sure not to have second thoughts. The first thing that struck me was the heat. I didn’t expect his cock to feel so hot in my mouth. The second surprise was how slippery it was and the fact that I could taste the salty cum. I had never tasted cum before, not even my own. I think I liked it.

“Oh… god… oh fuck…” was the only thing Mike could get out of his mouth. I moved back and forth, blowing Mike’s cock, noticing that even though he had cum, he wasn’t getting any softer. Clearly he was as horny as I was.

I moved my head back and let his cock out of my mouth. Mike’s hand, almost as per my exact wishes, moved down and wrapped around my cock. I came almost instantly. And boy, did I cum.

The first shot came oozing out the top without much force and drooled down the side of Mike’s fingers. The second one shot straight up, easily passing 2 feet into the air. It landed on my chest and mixed in with Mike’s cum. Mike took his second hand and cupped my balls. He had a grin on his face of amazement. He wanted to see just how hard I could cum and the pressure I felt at the base of my cock told me that I wasn’t done yet. He griped my cock hard and jerked me some more, moving his head closer. I jerked my hips upwards toward his mouth as I shot another stream of white cum directly onto his lips which he quickly licked up with his tongue. One final stream of cum poured out of my cock onto his hands and my balls finally felt empty.

I leaned back, sighing. Mike’s hand, still on my cock, slowly released it’s grip as he sat down on the wood slatted ground of the sauna. My cum still sliding over his fingers.

We both sat there, panting, covered in each other’s cum. The horniness was starting to wear off.

“So. I’m not gay.” Mike says to me, with a nervous chuckle after.

“Neither am I.”

“Shower? Then we should get back up to the room.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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