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The Accidental Run-In

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It had been a long day, and Sean made his way along with his two friends along the long rows of books in the mega store. They had been on vacation for a week now here in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania. They were tired and a little wrinkled but had driven in to the nearest set of strip malls and shopping centers, ostensibly to get food and supplies for a long trial hike the next weekend.

Truth-be-told it was more just to get a little beer and walk around civilization for a while. Sean walked away from the other two when they had wandered out and into a sporting goods shop. He didn’t need anything from the place and it seemed a little crowded, instead he wandered through one of the “Borders” type book warehouses. He enjoyed books and music and the large place had ample types of both.

His Fingers were running over a few CD’s when a dark hair of head passed close by him. He caught a waft of the soft perfume the woman wore and took it in slowly. This was a pleasant diversion from the smell of men and wood smoke. He didn’t get a good look at her, or she of him as they passed. He had moved along to the stacks of books marked down for quick sale when he noticed her again.

She was bent over fussing either with her sandal or her bag of merchandise when he spied her. Since he was to the rear and a little to her right he had a clear view of a very well shaped backside bent over as she fussed. She was wearing a pair of nice fitting khaki clam diggers that stretched nicely over her full round ass. And since tired wrinkled and disheveled as he was, he was still a man he stopped and looked.

And since she appeared to be in her early twenties, which made him twenty-years her senior, a rather dirty old degenerate, he thought, for looking. He smiled at the thought as he shifted down his aisle acting as if the art boos piled there had his attention but his clear blue eyes were looking across his lids at the trim young woman as she shifted a bit before standing.

From his new vantage point he saw her profile as she rose to her feet. He took in the dark hair piled loosely up on top of her Latina head and the sleeveless well fitted top, the white top highlighting the mocha color of her skin. In profile her high full breasts gave a nice relief against the backdrop of red covered books piled next to her. He stood there enjoying the fresh beautiful site of her as she began to brows the books nearest her, one dark painted nail slipping along the spine of the titles.

Unaware that she was being watched Randi let her dark brown up-cast eyes slide over the photography books. She moved lazily killing time having been stuck at the nearby airport for a 24 hour lay over due to some strike or work slowdown, and despite the fact that the airline had put her up at the Holiday Inn across the street she was growing bored. She thumbed an “Ansel Adams” book as she wondered if she was ever going to get to Florida, her intended destination. She ran a hand languidly over her neck as she bent to look at a title further back when a child to her right made a loud rude noise causing her to look over at the overwrought mother trying to quiet the boisterous toddler.

Her sudden look brought first her profile then her face into Sean’s line of vision. What he saw nearly made him choke. This beautiful young woman he had surreptitiously been gazing at…he knew her! His heart leaping in his throat, he marveled at the thought of seeing her here. Actually they had never met…they were Internet pals, but had exchanged pictures over two years ago when they met. Again “pals” was inaccurate since she and he had shared some steamy moments online, while neither had had time for a real relationship.

He was fresh from divorce and she from a long high school romance that had ended with “the love of her life” dumping her in time for college that Fall. Online they had shared intimate details of their lives and thoughts, as well as a few late night phone talks since neither ever thought that a college coed from California and a middle-aged guy from Connecticut would ever meet, there seemed to be no harm to it. But, he was almost sure…there she was, in the flesh. His face was a bit flushed. Should he talk to her, he thought? Catching his reflection in a counter he realized that while she looked so fresh and clean, he looked like shit. She had gone back to looking at the books again, as his mind reeled. He let his eyes slip over her figure again as his thought wrestled over speaking to her or staying silent. Should he go over and simply talk to her…and what if it wasn’t her? As she shifted to move away from the stacks he made his decision.

Randi had had enough book browsing. She sighed and reached for her bag. At that moment a man’s voice spoke softly behind her.

“Hello Randa,” The voice was light but had an East coast accent.

Stunned a bit by her name being called this far from home, she turned with a questioning look on her face. The man who had spoken to her was of middle height canlı bahis with a strong build. His hair was short and graying, and his face weathered from the outdoors.

“Do I know you?” She questioned. Her dark eyes narrowing a bit as her brows knit in the question.

The man smiled a bit meekly. “You’re not going to believe this…but its me…Sean”

She frowned a bit thinking, who the hell is Sean? And how the fuck does he know her name let alone the nick name only her mother and… The realization hit her hard…one person online ever called her. “Wait,” she said incredulously, are you trying to tell me your Sean1492?

Again the shy smile as he tried not to frighten her.” Yes Randa I’m afraid so…I’m on vacation here with my two buddies…we’re camping you see…” She cut him off, her face set hard.

“Are you stalking me?” Her streetwise eyes looking this disheveled man over, trying to decide if he was dangerous and if she should yell for help.

He could see the wheels turn in her mind. He step back from her and stammered. “I’m sorry Randa…I shouldn’t have bothered you… I can see how this looks, and I don’t blame you for being angry. Maybe I should just leave now…it was an accident…I’m not even camped near here.” He rambled a bit nervously as he withdrew further from her. With a final shake of his head he spoke “ I’ll just go”

He turned and walked quickly away towards the exit and the checkout. Still flustered and reddened from the embarrassment, he paid the cashier for his book and lifted the bag to leave. Behind him a voice spoke.

“Since this was an unscheduled layover…”

He turned to once again meet that familiar beautiful face.

…You couldn’t know I was here. So I don’t think you hunting me down to kill me.

He grinned sheepishly ”No not here to kill you at all.”

She smiled a bit now. “Well now that we have that out of the way…how about a cup of coffee with an old friend? She offered him her arm.

He left the cashier holding his slip and change as he scooped up his bag and exited quickly with his Latina fantasy girl in tow.

They hit one of the coffee mill chains that dot most urban shopping areas and settled into seats near each other and ordered…they mad a bit of small talk as they waited for the coffee to arrive. But soon they relaxed a bit back into the familiar roles they had with each other

He looked her in her dark eyes and smiled ”you look more beautiful then your pictures”

A small laugh from her, “Well you look pretty scruffy there Mister”

He ran a hand through his hair and over his wrinkled clothes. ”It’s not very fair since I’ve been in the mountains for a week now”

She leaned down and looked across her dark lashes at him and spoke quietly. All alone? No female company?

He looked at her with a lopsided grin. “Nope, no female company”

She had let her foot slip from her sandal as they sat and now ran her instep lightly up along his bare ankle and calf. “Seems like that would be hard on a man?” She laughed teasingly.

He nearly snorted his mouthful of coffee. “Actually I did miss talking to you online… and such”

She sat back and eyed him. “ Oh “and such” is it? Her gaze narrowed in a devilish smile. “Tell me what did you think when you first saw me and realized it was me…what did you want to do right then?

Sean smiled a bit. Honestly…I kinda wondered what it would be like to touch your face and hair?

Randi smiled softly. “Really that was it?” He nodded and she leaned closer to him. “Well go ahead”

The soft scent of her skin and hair hit him as she leaned in. .The thick dark hair tumbling forward on her shoulders as she crossed her arms on the table top. His smile still in place he lifted a hand and ran his fingers gently along her high cheekbone and along into her hair just above her ear. The hair was thick and soft as his fingers disappeared into the mass of it. The tips of his fingers ran lightly along her scalp in small circular patterns as he watched her eyes close a bit.” Is this ok? He asked softly.

Her eyes fluttered a bit as he touched tingled then relaxed her skin. The touch was very gentle, his words to her soft. “Yes,” she replied in a whisper” that’s very nice.

His mind jelled with one thought and in a slow sweet instant his lips brushed hers, lightly, like the wings of a butterfly in passing. She nearly jumped at the tingle of the soft kiss, but less then a heart beat later her lips re-met his again this time a bit more contact yet still soft and sweet. He broke it first. “I…I’m sorry about that,” he murmured softly.

She smiled sweetly. No that was very nice Sean…but I think we should go now.

He looked at her, a boyish sad look falling over his face. We should? Oh yeah we should but it was very nice to meet you. I should be getting back…” He worked to save face at this sudden brush-off.

She leaned back a cross look on her face. “ Why? Are you going somewhere in a hurry?”

He stopped mid thought. “Uh no…no I bahis siteleri wasn’t… I thought you wanted…”

Again she interrupted his train of thought and a small secret smile replaced the frown. “I was just thinking that this is a bit public, and I thought the very nice room the airline gave me would be much nicer to…catch-up in?” Her words were low and sweet for only him to here in the busy coffee shop.

That train of thought derailed, crashed and burned with every word that dripped from her lipstick covered lips. He smiled broadly. “OHH well then let’s get going…Shall we?” He stood and grabbed the bags and she took his hand and lead him out and over towards the Hotel.

They made it as far as the elevator before the sidelong glances and little innuendos that passed the time on the walk over took them. He let her step through the shinny doors and heard them close since his eyes never left the tantalizingly swaying of her firm full hips.

Her dark lashed eyes flitted as she caught him, Hey, what are you looking at there, mister? She was smiling when he glanced up. “A very nice ass” he grinned as he caught her arms lightly and pulled her to him. He felt her body warm against him, her full breasts pressing into his chest as his mouth found hers in a long slow deep kiss. His hands slipping to her hips one errant hand sliding down to run along the full rise of her upper bottom. Her own hands slipping around him holding him close to her as the two sets of lips and hungry tongues teased and tussled till they heard the distant “bing” of her floor.

The doors hissed open and the folks waiting caught sight of two somewhat embarrassed people slowly disengaging from the long kiss and embrace He smiled at one older couple as they passed arm in arm through the doorway.” It’s one hell of a pleasant ride” The older couple seemed to fluster at his comment and they both laughed all the way to her room. The card lit the green light of the lock and they were inside in a moment, Sean barely had time to set the “do not disturb” sign in place before Randi turned him bodily into her kiss. This was a hungry kiss that he matched with pleasure. Months of wondering and fantasy seem to collide now as the once never dreamed of moment had arrived. Their hands slipped over each other as they greedily suckled and devoured each other mouth. Finally coming up for air minutes later.

He smiled. “This is too good to be true….But, Randa I need a shower I’m all grubby.

She looked at him across her lashes as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the bathroom. “Your in luck,” she murmured. “I have a shower for two.”

With no illumination but the splash of the light from the foyer they tore one another’s clothes off mid kisses and laughter. Within seconds the warm water was running and the two tumbled into the stall, water cascading off bare flesh as the kissed and soaped each other. The kisses slower now…hands running over now bared skin the soap slipping over the wet bodies as they broke their kisses. Hands finally concentrating as they worked eyes slipping over each other his light ones meeting her dark sultry gaze hungrily.

Sean’s hands slipped over her smooth shoulders, soap running down and over the swell of her rising breasts. His hands followed the trail close behind, wet slippery fingers running over the dark pointed nipples that ran like erasers under his palms as he slipped lightly over them. Her hands traced the musculature of his chest, dark fingers and painted nails running along the ribs and down his sides. He let his hands run down along her trim hips. The finger tips slipping over wet soapy flesh, his thumbs running into the hollow of her hipbones before slipping over the upper curve of her firm ass. The hands meeting, only to part and slip molasses-like down over the lower half cupping squeezing and pulling her closer to him. Her hands following suite, painted nails trailing along his hips and around to cup the musculature of his backside. Then allowed one tan, long fingered hand to slip around and slowly stroke up the warm pulsing shaft of his now hard cock.

His mouth slid from her warm lips to suckle and nibble her proud neck, her dark wet hair pushed aside by his face. She turned as he did letting his lips cover from her throat to her nape. His hands didn’t shift as she moved, the wet soapy hands slipping around a full hip to rest on her belly. They paused there momentarily , then went separate directions. One hand sliding up over her belly and ribs to cup below a full erect breast, while the other slid slowly down to play over the soft trimmed dark hair covering her mons.

She murmured softly as his upper hand slowly slipped up and lightly tweaked one, dark hard nipple. His mouth nibbled along her neck causing her back to arch and her full round ass to lift towards him. The lower hand ran tips over her soft mound as the thick red tip of his cock slipped along between parted cheeks. The smooth soapy shaft sliding up and down along her soft cleft, bahis şirketleri the tip brushing along her puckered opening. Her voice cooed softly as he slowly began to kiss down her wet arched spine as his hand released her breast and slipped down along her hip. His other hand still toyed in slow caressing circles around her wet mound as his mouth found it way down to the small of her back. Her hands pressed their palms to the tile as her hips lifted to meet his warm hungry mouth as it suckled across her cheek. His tongue and lips kissing slowly between the open cleft till his mouth found the dark little tightly closed bud. Her soft gasp and shudder felt by his hand on her hip as his fingers and tongue lightly entered her from two different directions. His fingers played in the hot tightness of her wet pussy as he teased her hard little clitoris. While his tongue probed and licked her small dark hole. Her hips began to roll as his mouth moved harder against her puckered bud and his fingers began to coax her now hot open pussy. Her eyes closed and opened as she gasped and felt the first small tingling orgasm draw itself from somewhere deep inside her. Gasping his name she felt her back arch and buck as one, then another rapid-fire climaxes hit her in succession, until a final shudder brought them to a halt.

With a low purring growl she spun her self in front of him, his wet hungry mouth nipping around her hip and across her nearly smooth shaven mons. Her dark Spanish eyes smoldering she slipped both red nailed hands into his hair and cupped either side of his head drawing him up to her waiting mouth. Her full lips closing feverishly over his as he stood fully, the velvety tip of his hard shaft slipping up between trim legs to nuzzle against her now wet and ready pussy.

With a smile she twisted her head, the wet thick hair falling to his shoulder as he slipped his hands up under the firm globes of her ass and lifted her. The motion slipping her up over his hard thick shaft, he paused a moment, before lowering her slowly onto himself.

.With a guttural soft cry of yes She felt herself slide down onto the thick warm flesh, her aching wet pussy opening as he slid deeper into her. She felt him pull her back up a bit, a soft protest falling from her kiss filled lips, but just as quickly she felt him let go and she felt him slip deeper still. Twice more he teased her thusly, then lifted her high, her dark tan legs thrown around his hips as he let her have full rein, with a deep moan and hushed cry she fell fully onto the wide base of his hardness.

With a twist of his hips he began to slowly thrust and grind in and out of her, her hands on his shoulders to help her balance on top of his shaft. Randa moaned softly as she felt him move deep inside her. Her legs flexed and lifted her hips up and down on top of him, her wetness running down the hard length of his cock, as they built a steady pace. His breath began to increase as he held her firm cheeks and pumped steadily into the tight velveteen that was her young pussy. His thighs flexing as he grunted and thrust harder now pressing her back against the damp tiles. He felt her arms encircle his neck and shoulders as he lowered his face between her up thrust breasts. His mouth hungrily seeking out one hard nub of a nipple and greedily sucking it between his teeth. Randa could feel the pleasure building inside her. Her eyes closed she felt the damp hot steam in the air around her and the cooler tile her back was pressed into. She mewed softly as he cupped the rocking globes of her firm ass, his fingers gripped her soft tender flesh and lifted her on the warm shaft deep inside her. Her pubic rise driven downward at every forward rock to rub against the wide base of his cock. Her time was coming soon she could feel her wetness build as the small electric tingle began somewhere deep inside her. Sean sensed it also feeling her pussy rocking and warm around him. The new sensation causing him to redouble his thrusts and he began to thrust hard and deep in a relentless tempo. His breath was audible now and he would be covered in sweat if they were not under the steam of the shower.

Her moment came upon her suddenly and what began as soft moans and cries built into groans and cries of pleasure as her hip began to buck and gyrate as she feverishly drove herself onto the thick shaft. Her motions caused Sean too to begin his orgasm as her pulsing hot pussy milked and pulled at his shaft. Her tightness causing a jolt of pleasure as he felt his hot cum build deep inside him and then erupt into the pulsing grip of her pussy. The hot spurts of magma causing her orgasm to prolong yet a bit longer, as her nails dung into his neck and shoulders as she shoved her nipple deep into his gasping sucking mouth until he had to pull away and gasp out his pleasure and breath.

As they slowly lost the tempo, he could feel his legs shake a bit with the exertion and he leaned into her as they held each other for a long silent moment. Bodies entwined they stood beneath the soft warm rain of the shower, hearts matching a pounding rhythm. As there breathing finally slowed. She stirred first, pulling her head back from where it had been resting on his shoulder.

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