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The Amsterdam Coffee House

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Author’s note: Thanks to fungi469 for his work editing this story and putting it in its final form. Also thanks to Freckledbird, who corrected the first version.


Shel and I have been married for 19 years. She is 45 and I am 49 and we’re both in pretty good condition. We’re not supermodels, but only a few have run away screaming. Shel’s best features are her long, slim legs and her luscious breasts which sit high and firm on her chest.

We started going to swingers clubs about eight years ago. The uninhibited atmosphere really turned us on but we remained strictly soft swingers, which meant that although we had met and played with many couples, we had drawn the line at full sex with other people. We’d been to a lot of different swingers clubs in the UK, but had never visited any abroad. As our kids were now late teens, we were going to take our first trip abroad by ourselves since the kids were born. By using some air miles we were able get to Amsterdam and stay in a first-class hotel. We also planned on going to Fun4Two which we’d heard was the best swingers club in Europe.

We landed Schipol airport around lunchtime and an hour later we were checked into our hotel. We weren’t going to let the light rain and chilly temperatures keep us from seeing as much of Amsterdam as we could, so Shel quickly changed from the jeans she had been wearing to a sexy black skirt with some thigh-high stockings, a thin v-neck cashmere sweater which showed off beautifully the tops of her 34D breasts, and a black leather jacket to repel the rain. She looked gorgeous and sexy.

We had a look around the red-light district, although in the afternoon it was not as lively as we had hoped it might be. So we went into a bar for a few beers and a snack. After our refreshments we went into a couple of adult shops and bought a vibrator and cock ring to have fun with later that night in the hotel room. By now it was late afternoon and too late to go to most of the tourist attractions, but too early for any of the evening entertainment to start. Not knowing what to do, Shel suggested trying one of the famous coffee houses. We had never been into drugs so even weed was new to us, but we thought, What the hell! We’re on holiday. As long as we’re careful we’ll be OK.

We had noticed a coffee house on the corner near the hotel, so we decided to give it a try. The place was fairly small and dimly lit with just a few customers scattered round the shop. The air was heavy with what we took to be the smell of cannabis. A bit nervous, we selected a table near the counter. A black guy came from behind the counter and asked what we would like. He appeared to be around 40 and looked a little like a slightly older Will Smith. Luckily, he was able to speak some English. He showed us a menu of the different smokes offered, but we didn’t have a clue what to ask for as we did not want to get stuff which was too strong for us. Since Shel was the keenest to try some weed, I decided to just have a cup of tea so I would have a clear head and be able to look after her. Then I had a flash of inspiration! Knowing that we had a great hotel room to go back to and some toys to play with, I asked the shop owner if he had any smokes which would make her horny! Shel about fell out of her chair laughing. She said there was no way would he have anything like that. I expected the shop owner to laugh as well, but instead he went behind the counter and started rolling a smoke. He came back with my tea and two long, rolled joints.

“Try one of these,” he said to Shel. She looked a bit apprehensive, but I said, “Its OK, I’m just drinking tea. I’ll take care of you.” Still looking uncertain, she lit up and inhaled. I waited for something to happen, but there was no immediate change in her. As I sipped at my tea, she kept on smoking, and over the next 15 minutes I started seeing small changes in her behavior. She was soon giggling at the slightest thing and her eyes seemed brighter. Then she started rubbing her leg against mine. She then leaned over and said softly to me, “I feel very wet all of a sudden. Can we go back to the hotel soon?”

I thought, “Wow this stuff is certainly doing something!” It was like it had amplified her horny feelings. Normally it took a few drinks and some stimulation to get her like this. Wanting to see how horny she would really get, I suggested she have the other smoke before we headed back to the hotel. Shel agreed to this and lit the second one.

A few minutes later Escort bayan the owner came over to ask if we wanted anything else. “We’re fine, thanks,” I replied. But as he was walking away, Shel whispered in my ear, “He’s really nice looking. I like him.” I knew that Shel had a fantasy about black men, but we had never seriously discussed making it happen. Would she really like to have sex with the café owner? I decided to see how far she would take it, knowing that I was sober enough to stop it if things got out of hand.

“So what would you like to do with him?” I asked her.

“I’m not sure,” she said. “I just feel so horny that I want to try something”

Knowing she was normally a bit shy, I wondered if the weed had made her more confident, so I said, “Well, the café is just about empty. Why don’t you go to the counter, ask him a question and make sure you lean right over so he can see down your top?” Much to my amazement she did just that! I saw her talking to the owner, leaning right over, then totally out of character she put her hand down her top as if she were adjusting her bra. I could see the owner was enjoying the show. He looked over at me quizzically and I just raised my cup as if to say, “No problem.”

Just at that point, the last customer got up and left the shop. While I walked over to lock the door, Shel went behind the counter. I put up the “Closed” sign and heard whispering and then a giggle. When I went back to the counter, Shel was stroking the owners arm while he caressed her ass. I still wasn’t sure where this was going, but so far it was feeling good.

“The special horny cannabis is working, yes?” he grinned at me. Shel was really leaning into him now. I could tell she wanted to kiss him.

“Looks that way,” I replied.

“I’m called Wim,” he said.

“Wim, it looks like she wants you,” I said, nodding my approval. “Let’s see how happy you can make her. I won’t join in, but I’ll be watching closely. If anything looks to be upsetting her, I will stop it straight away. Agreed?”

He gave me a big smile and turned his face to Shel. As he started kissing her, I could see his hand going up under her sweater. He was giving her breasts some attention and she was moaning gently into his mouth. I looked round to see if anyone from the street could see what was happening, but the windows were steamed up enough to prevent that.

“Take my sweater off.” I heard her say to Wim. He raised her arms up, easing her sweater over her head. Laying it down on the counter, he moved behind her, reaching around to play with both her tits through her lacy black bra. Shel looked at me and said, “Baby, I’m horny as hell and my pussy is dripping wet. I want to fuck him so bad now!” Realizing that she really meant it, I nodded my encouragement.

By now Wim had removed her bra and was squeezing her luscious 34Ds and pulling on her erect nipples. “Oh, yes,” she groaned. Then I saw Wim’s eyes light up as her hand disappeared behind her. She must be feeling his cock, I thought. She turned around and began kissing him wantonly, her hand still on his crotch. Soon he left her lips and began kissing and sucking his way down to her breasts. Shel was moaning loudly now, saying, “More, more. Give me more.” She really was on fire!

Wim’s hands were busy undoing the fasteners on her skirt. Soon it was keeping her ankles warm. She looked stunning in her black thong, thigh-high stockings and high heels. Her beautiful legs were shaking with arousal. Kicking her skirt away, Shel leaned back on her elbows against the counter, gyrating her hips suggestively. I knew she was really ready for a shagging. The question was, would it be me or Wim who got to do it?

“Lick me.” she begged Wim.

“Over her thong first,” I suggested. “That drives her wild.”

Seeing that her thong was literally dripping with her juices, Wim didn’t need to be asked twice. Kneeling down, he got his face really close to her wetness and inhaled deeply. I could smell her arousal from where I was – her scent must surely be overpowering to him. Wim moved an inch closer and started licking her as if her pheromones were an irresistible “horny cannabis” to him. Shel immediately grabbed his head and started grinding her satin-covered pussy right into his face. Her loud moaning and groaning made it obvious that she wasn’t going to let him stop any time soon. I could see how much Shel was enjoying this, so I reached over the counter and cupped Bayan escort her tits in my hands while I twisted her hard nipples between my fingers and thumbs. This sent her right over the edge into her first orgasm. “I’m cu-u-u-ming,” she wailed. We both felt her convulse in an earth-shaking climax. Wim slowed his licking but did not stop completely. Slowly easing her thong down, he unveiled her smoothly shaved pussy, its lips glistening with her juices and still quivering slightly from her orgasm. Still wearing her high heels, she stepped willingly out of the thong and spread her legs apart a little wider. “Please, give me more, Wim.” she begged.

Looking up from between her smooth legs, Wim said, “Hey, Shel, how about you do something for me?” She looked at Wim and realized that he was still fully dressed.

“Oh, yes,” she said, “I’ve been waiting to see your cock!” Taking her time, she loosened the buttons on his shirt and reached in to stroke the curly hair on his chest. “Oh, this is sexy,” she whispered, looking over her shoulder at me.

I smiled at her, “Have fun!”

Pulling Wim’s shirt off of his shoulders, Shel went down onto her knees, loosening his jeans and impatiently pushing them down to his ankles. Wim’s boxer shorts were tented prominently at the front, hinting of a generous-sized cock. Shel licked at the outline of his cock, making Wim moan before she took hold of the waistband and pulled it forward to let his cock spring free just a couple of inches away from her waiting lips. Licking her lips, the shorts soon joined his jeans around his ankles as she teased the underside of his cock with the pointed tip of her tongue. Not taking time to untie Wim’s shoelaces, Shel pulled off his jeans and shorts, taking his shoes and socks right along with them. Shel, in her stockings and high heels, was now kneeling before a naked Wim.

Seeing Wim fully naked seemed to excite her even more. She cupped his balls and teased them with her left hand and began wanking him up and down with her right. It was obvious that Wim was enjoying every second of this.

“Please, suck my cock, Shel,” Wim said.

She wasted no time putting her mouth round his dick. As much as Wim was enjoying this, Shel was loving it even more. She carried on licking and sucking and stroking his thick hardness for several minutes. It wasn’t very long before she had him close to coming. Shel took her mouth off his cock and said, “I want to make you cum, but I want you to cum on me.” She likes me to cum on her tits and I knew she wanted Wim to do the same thing.

Smearing his pre-cum around the crown of his cock, Shel started jacking him more deliberately, rubbing her nipples with his cock head as she did so. Wim started breathing heavily. “Faster please, Shel,” he panted. Her nipples were glistening wetly, covered in his clear, silky fluid. Now she was pulling on him as fast as she could, tightly holding the cock head against her left nipple.

“Get ready, girl!” I warned her.

“Argggggg, yes! oh, Oh, OH!” Wim started gushing thick, white cum all over her, each new squirt adding to the gooey mess that her left tit had become. Shel spread it all round her nipple as Wim finished with a few more weak spasms. Wiping the last few drops from his now-waning dick, she stood up and proudly showed us her cum-covered tit. Scooping up a finger-full of white stickiness, she held it up to Wim’s lips for him to suck clean. Then she held up her cream-covered breast, offering her nipple for him to lick.

Spotting the ladies’ toilet across the room, Shel told us to stay where we were until she came back. It seemed that she was satisfied and our experimental adventure was over. I wondered if she would later regret what she had done. Wim went to the Gents’ toilet, came back and put his boxer shorts back on.

“Wow, that was good,” he said. “I knew that this cannabis was potent, but I never saw that sort of reaction before!” I had to agree that it had been an exciting experience. Wim offered me a drink and he poured one for both of us.

Shel came back from the toilet and stood beside Wim again. “Why have you put your shorts back on?” she asked as she lightly ran her fingers over the inside of his thigh. Wim’s reaction was obvious when she slid her hand up inside the leg of his shorts. “I enjoyed that so much that I feel like I don’t want to stop now.” She looked at me with lust in her eyes, “Is that OK with you?”

What could I say? Escort The place, the person and the emotions were perfect. If I stopped her now, I might never have the opportunity to see her like this again. “OK Shel,” I reassured her. “As long as you’re fine with it, go for it. That is, if Wim doesn’t object.”

The big grin on Wim’s face told me that he was as eager to continue as she was. “As long as you give me a few minutes to recover,” he said.

“Well, I have an idea,” she told him with a big smile. “Bring your tongue over here for another workout. You can handle that, can’t you?”

Wim answered by picking Shel up by her hips and setting her down on top of the wide countertop. I quickly moved the empty cups out of the way as she lay back with her feet on the edge of the counter and her legs spread wide open. Without waiting for Wim to get into position, she reached down and opened her swollen lips by running her finger up and down her slit, giving her clit a thorough rubbing as well. Then Shel pushed two fingers deep into her hole and surprised me by lifting them to my lips to lick clean. “I’ve given my tits a good wash,” she said in a low voice. “I want you to suck on them while Wim eats me.”

Wim pulled up a stool to sit on as he moved between Shel’s legs, putting him in the perfect position to eat her. Leaning forward to start, her face lit up with pleasure as he licked from the bottom of her slit right to the top then back down again. It was obvious that this was not the first time he had ever done this. Shel’s moaning reached a new pitch when Wim started sliding two fingers in and out of her tight tunnel while lashing her clit with his tongue. I added to her frenzy by sucking her right nipple in my mouth and pulling it with my teeth. She began thrashing around on the counter and I could feel that she was close to having a massive orgasm. Wim buried his face tightly in her cunt, sucking her clit hard as he began fingering her G-spot. Her body tensed, arching her back and raising her ass off the counter. Then, with a scream, she wildly bucked like I had never seen before. Just as Wim let go with his mouth, Shel blasted him full in the face, drenching him with her cum. Without missing a beat, Wim opened his mouth to catch as much as he could, then he went back down on her to lick every drop he could from between her quivering legs!!

At that point, Shel started screaming, “Fuck me, Wim. Put it in me. Shag me and stretch me wide. I WANT TO BE FUCKED!” Wim was hard again now and totally ready to stuff her pussy full of his black meat.

“Do it!” I said. “How are you going to have him?”

Shel slipped off the countertop and panted, “I want him to fuck me from behind. I’m going to lean against the stool and I want you to watch my face as he fucks my tight little cunt.”

“Great idea” I said, “But he must wear a condom”

Wim hurriedly took off his boxers again, then took a condom from under the counter, opened the packet and carefully put it on. Shel bent over the stool with her backside pushed out toward him. Looking over her shoulder, Shel grabbed his cock and pulled him against her. With her other hand she reached between her legs and spread her lips, waiting for Wim to enter her. As his cock head parted her lips, she looked up at me and locked her eyes on mine. Her eyes widened as Wim sunk his thick cock in her pussy all the way to his balls. Wim stroked her a second time. Shel gasped as he bottomed out in her cunt.

“Kiss me,” she said. As I thrust my tongue into her mouth, he bottomed out again, causing her to moan in my mouth. Holding on to her waist so he could really pound her, his long, smooth strokes gave way to short, fast and powerful ones. Shel was now totally out of control, thrashing around and screaming as she came again. The third time she started to cum, Shel started shouting, “Cum in my pussy, cum in my fucking pussy!” Suddenly Wim arched his back and held her ass tightly against his pelvis, releasing his load deep inside her. Shel collapsed in my arms and looked up at me with glazed eyes and just simply said, “Thanks.”

Wim popped out of Shel’s pussy, leaning against the counter to steady himself. “That was the best two hours I’ve had in this place, ever! But my nephew will be here soon to take over from me, so unless Shel wants another go with a younger black guy, we’d better get dressed and I’ll reopen.”

Shel said with a dreamy look in her eye, “No, I couldn’t stand any more today. We’ll have to take a rain check on that.” As they started to gather their clothes, Shel gave Wim a big kiss and he pulled out a few more of those special horny smokes for us to take with us.

We had one the next day before visiting Fun4Two, but that’s another story.

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