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The Analyzation of Chocolate Peach

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“You’re a trip! Would you relax already?” Darius’ tone rose sharply through the acoustics, cutting through the mist.

He watched her as she fidgeted along the countertop. She’d surrendered her clothes and any semblance of self control for the moment. Avanyah turned to look into the oblong mirror to meet his distorted face, bleeding into view.

“I’m not a trip. I’m a journey! Remember that. And, if you nick me in any way, I’ll slice your dick off with that razor! Hear me?” Her eyes flexed for confirmation.

“Thanks for the imagery! Will you just trust that I got this?” Darius straightened; cringed just a little bit, rubbing his cock over a bathroom towel that had been wrapped around his waist. He shook his head nervously and then swirled the razor into the cloudy sink.

“Mmmmm!” She bodily agreed; kept her legs stretched apart; feet dangling off the counter, playfully. Short muscular waves rippled through her inner thighs, tensely welcoming his craft.

This time she spoke of no pretenses. It was supposed to have been just a shave, nothing that entertained the breaching of promiscuous boundaries, unsure of whether she’d lied to herself.

Her affluent, cocoa sheen appeared shades deeper than he’d last remembered, perhaps from sunbathing. “I see vacationing does a body some good.” He broke.

She sat in silence, posing as though she were a still life model for his lewdly creation. 40DDs hung affectionately firm, having collected droplets of sweat.

Sumptuous areolas darkly highlighted her taut morsel kisses. The halogen lighting was perfect.

“You almost done?” Her voice rose through the steam.

“Hold up, gimmie a minute!” He pushed the right side of her fold over searching for rebellious strand of pubes. “Did I get to thank you for this opportunity?”

“Shit, you just saved me on a Brazilian wax job.” She slid to the counter’s edge. “But remember, this is as far as it goes!”

“Wait, I forgot to give you a preview to a happy ending!” He flexed into a squat.

“What are you doing?” She squirmed, feeling his hot breath and greedy face inches away from her partially-shaven snatch. “Beautiful!” He smiled, thumbing her lumpy clit.

“Don’t worry about it!” He then mouthed her spot. Her prune-like face curled up to smile.

“The fuck you waiting for…get that!” She barked illicitly. “Suck that beefy flesh!” Avanyah’s sudden turn into full acceptance startled him.

“Damn, you’re…so…fk…in….wet!” Darius removed his face, having mumbled a mouth full of words and juices left falling from his lips. “It’s slick, see…”

He doubled up his digits for her examination; slid and punctured her sheaths. He sent his twin messengers on an expedition to collect the sticky blend of sex and pectin.

“Alright, we’re good!” He popped back up. “Now where’s that fucking razor?” He pulled the instrument out of the murky sink-water.

“You sure you know what your doing?” She laughs, readjusting her position awkwardly, as the sink knobs marked impressions against the small of her back.

“I got it!” He ran the hot water over the razor before using light, upward strokes that had previously started a path inches above her anus, clearing away thinly pubes.

“Now for the left side…” He smiled as Avanyah’s eyes communicated the same message in 31 languages: DON’T CUT ME!

He lowered the razor over parts of her pelvic mound, shaping the tuft of curls into a short strip no thicker than the width of a ruler. Wisps of naps and curls slid down a streaming blend of watered foam.

Darius moved her left, elongated fold to one side. The slickness of secretion and cream made it slip. From the clitoris, past her pussy and neighboring anus she’d been slicked from the fix.

“It feels good when it’s hot!” Avanyah grabbed a nearby mirror to admire the stroke work.

“Shit’s baby smooth!” He used the corner piece of a towel to dabble her pelvic region dry.

Darius let go of the towel around his waist, snuck in a tongue-kiss which she slurped on with ease as his cock reveled in the steamy air. He scooped her ass forward, closer to him. The sublime entry almost had him spewing out spunk. He found her quivering pussy sweet and pliable.

“What…Darius, I thought we agreed not to…”

“I can’t help it. You teased me for far too long…had to have it!” He pushed through her slippery flaps; through wet and foam; through secreted plunges and brush work.

Deeper he bottomed out in her cunt, coaxing his seeds to a near rise expulsion. Her pussy gave way and opened up for him, unctuously. Any deeper and it would’ve involved him having to fashion his sacs; tie it up in some sort of way so that all of his bodily sex could thicken inside of her, floating.

“Ohhhhhh, Darius…I can’t…” she got up, breathing heavily. “Besides, the knobs are killing me!” She stretched her back, twisting her hips, trying to get them to crack.

He pinched the head of his cock, sealing any remnants of renegade fluids. It had been his first bayan escort seks hikayeleri time having her; fucking her ravishingly on a bathroom countertop. All of the teasing ceased, almost countering the climax, clouding his anticipation. It was only natural that he’d attempted to satiate this lingering crave.

She’d captured his libido by flirtatious designs. It made him yearn to fuck her ass. That one thing she’d tauntingly suggested and had yet to fulfill. Made his cock relentless or stiffly opposed to any other recourse but to have her in this most fetish way.

“I want to fuck your ass!” He broke from a mouthy kiss.

“Darius…” She scooted down from the counter ledge, turned around, clearing a visible spot on the mirror. She widened the circle as her face came into view. Light fog blurred her features: Pouch-bubble cheeks, high dimples, brown-sugary eyes and plumpish nose. Hair undoubtedly frizzled.

He closed in from behind. Spread her thick cheeks apart. He dug his thumb into her anus. “Feels like it could happen…right?”

“I can’t! You know…” Avanyah’s senses had been penetrated and exposed through the probing of his cock, having found its luxury spot. A journey indeed; so much more than a trip it was an excursion of perversity he had only dreamt of having somewhere in Amsterdam or the exotic tropics.

“This is where play time ends!” He spat once he’d parted her cheeks again, spat exposing her budding cherry. Darius inched the ‘shroom-head just past the outer ring.

It started to work itself with minimal ease. She pushed out, opened up.

Her ass sucked more of him in half way. Exclamations of fireworks popped off, explosively. “Stop!” She squeezed the dick from out of her ass.

He moved it back to her puckered hole. “Fuck it! Shove it back in!” She cried.

He thought back and laughed at the events that had lead up to the sublime ass-fucking. He smiled, watching her eyes rock loosely into her skull. Smiled at their reflection coming through; smiled at the feel of his swollenness permeating her, balls deep.


Seventeen Days Earlier


…And twenty-something hours following the break-up with Ginny, Darius sought living arrangements with his cousin Nissa, who at the age of 22, had been known for her eccentricity. She studied contemporary and eclectic art, played acoustic and electric guitars emblazoned with artsy symbols.

Her fascination for “The Artist Formerly Known As” had been passionately expressed throughout the apartment: Purple walls adorned with paisley borders; gold and spiral-tasseled rugs. She played “Raspberry Beret” every morning and “Erotic City” on intimate nights.

In fact, she shared many similarities with the icon: Same complexion, height and features: Thick eyeliner, fine coats of lip sheen; boxy-cut and stylized burns. She knew fully well of the art of escapism or how to channel one’s frustrations into creative release.

Nissa’s apartment thickened in the humidity courtesy of a late August spell. A rainbow-colored fan circulated defeated hot air. He’d spent many hours on his back lying in bed, scrolling through his life trials as though it were projected on the ceiling. Felt as though he’d walked through miles of purple rain in search of reprieve.

From one room over, he could make out the intro to Erotic City. The distinct bass line and synthesizers rushed into his space.

On this evening, Nissa had company. She introduced herself as Maggie. Darius gave her the once over. She wore nothing too inspiring in her softball getup: Standard grey tee and saggy jeans, Nikes. She was a natural dark-blonde cutie with an adorable belly pouch distending over a frayed leather belt. Her heavy-lidded eyes reminded him of a secretive French maiden.

Later, he would hear their moans. The thought of boning his second cousin toyed with him. He hadn’t grown close to her. Fact, their relationship had been reformed in community college. She mainly listened to all of his ramblings and had known about his failures and sexual successes. . Darius reached into his stash to retrieve a porn vignette. He even checked to make sure that his door was locked. He popped the tape into his TV/VCR combo set and started to stroke.

The scene from “Down the Hatch 6” highlighted two brown-body souls reaping the profits of a good ass-pounding. Sierra trembled in vibrancies; legs spread splittingly apart, welcoming Lexington’s Steele’s cock longingly in her ass.

It was enough to summon an eruption that had soaked through several ply layers of Kleenex tissues. Just then the cell went off as he scrambled around the room to find it. He tried to basket the crumbled ball of tissues into the trash but missed.

“Hello!” He spoke, lowered the volume on the set. Good thing his left hand was dry.

“Hi! Sounds like I interrupted something. Is my timing bad?”

“Hey Avanyah…ummmm…yeah and no…” He turned the TV just as Sierra had been gobbling down streams of Lex’s pearly flow. “What’s up?”

“I’m okay just wondering how you holding up?”

“I’m a’ight! I’m working on mastering myself.” He mumbled.

“Yeah, you sound like it!” She said in a humoring tone. “Where are you at?”

“I’m at my cousin’s crib for a little bit.”

“…the box flapper?” She laughs.

“Yeah, she’s in the middle of millwork as we speak.”

“More power to ’em!” Her voice rose.

“That’s what I say. How’s Hotlanta treating a sistah?”

“Roy-all-eee!” Her laughter blended into seriousness. “You sound like your down!”

“Yeah, I am. I plan on hitting my boy up, maybe taking the drive over to see him. He’s a therapist and knows me well enough.”

“Good, listen, my minutes are low. What are you doing tomorrow morning? My flight leaves in the evening. I figured we’d hook up.”

“Nothing much, I’m calling out sick.”

“Good, let’s meet up at that Multiplex-X place up in Fairhaven.”

“Know the spot. What have you in mind?”

“I’m getting some shopping done.”

“That’s fine but what are we talking about? I don’t want to have this turn out to be some cock-teasing venture for you.

“Mmmm…okay!” She intoned, facetiously. “How about we meet at eleven tomorrow?” Darius you have to learn how to control things. It’s just a store.”

“It’s a pervert’s paradise, Avanyah!”

“Fine I’ll just leave you to your mastering.”

“Thanks for calling.” Darius blurted, half-embarrassed.

“Have fun.” Avanyah’s laughter faded into a click.

He rewound the tape back to his favorite scene: Lexington pulls out his turgid-black cock from Sierra’s brown, gaping hole. Her chocolate jugs shook as he scooped the back of her head closer to his cock so that she could have drink of his nut juice.

Darius jerked a few times, amazed at how quickly he’d been aroused to release a second eruption. Sierra smiled up at the screen, scooping up Lex’s gooey trail from her massive breasts. She then sucked them off clean, swallowing every last bit.

“EAT THAT PUSSY, BABY! I SAID…EAT IT GOOD!!” He heard Nissa’s voice piercing through the music of Prince’s dirty-minded lyrics, “You’re a sinner I don’t care. I just want your creamy thighs…”


Meeting at Multiplex-X

“Good morning!” Avanyah approached the jeep, squinting from the window’s reflective glare. She wore a visor to conceal her nappy, unmade hair. No make-up. She arched her back, puffed out her buoyant cocoa mounds supported loosely by a stretch-halter top that had barely the fabric strength to keep up.

He was amazed at how much weight she’d lost since their last meeting. She appeared fit, muscularly toned. At one point, she slid her hand beneath the bottom of her tops so as to reveal her belly ridges. It looked as though she’d spent many sweat sessions with Bally’s and Billy Banks.

He drank in the lower half of her sumptuous body, along with the remaining contents of his Starbucks coffee—syrupy, sweet. She wore tight, navy-blue bike shorts and a pair of Adidas running shoes.

“You look good!”

“…as do you!”

He remembered their encounter late last summer; whereby Avanyah slurped his cock lovingly while on her knees. Darius thickened at the thought of his cock eliciting a volatile pop caking across her face and well-slurping mouth, right down to the blowing of sticky kisses. The visuals were terrific. His main regret is that he hadn’t fucked her pussy, but, her ass, especially her ass. How he craved to sodomize her gifted rump.

“Place is off the meat rack!” Darius held the door open, taking in the cool-air that had greeted their entrance.

“Would you believe this is my first time here?” She looked all around.

“Before we get in, I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“Guess who just got married?”

“Congratulations! When did you…”

“…about a week ago in Vegas.” Avanyah became distracted by the Naughty Nightwear section displayed a few yards before them. She rushed through two registers and a theft alarm, leading Darius by the hand. “I like this one here!” She held up a translucent negligee styled with leopard prints.

“It’s nice.” He imagined sampling her heavies and smiled at the thought of trying to fit all of Avanyah’s goodness into his mouth until it grew numb or unhinged of its titanium screws. “It’ll make him happy. Is this a newlywed gift?”

“You can say that!” She smiled. Her lips then twitched, repressively. “Now let’s finish up last night’s discussion.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m all set with it! It’s all on me!”

“Did I not warn you against hurting her?” She smacked him lightly on the face. “She’s a good girl.”

“I know.”

“Why did you fuck her over?”

“Why, what did Ginny tell you?”

“I called to give news about the marriage.” Avanyah dropped a black-leather corset from the hanger and then reaches down to pick it up. “She wasn’t rude. I asked how you were doing and she said she didn’t know. Said you did something foul and perverted. She congratulated me and gave me your cell number.”

“Ginny’s right–“

“What did you do try and fuck her in the ass?” Avanyah nonchalantly measured a latex corset against her body, marveling at its shine. She acted as though the question had never been posed.

“No!” He gathered himself for a moment. “We experienced a threesome. I mean, we were all feeling very nice on that evening.”

“You had another guy?”

“No, it was a female.”

“Who was it?”

“I can’t tell you,” he watched her eyes widen and suggested otherwise. “Remember Tammi in accounting?”

“Yeah, I almost slapped her one day for trying me. She argued about making an adjustment on an account.”

“Yeah, I remember you saying something like that about her.”

“Whoa, her…she’s pretty but I heard she fucks too much! As for Ginny, I mean, it does but it doesn’t surprise me.”

“Why’s that?”

“Don’t repeat me. I know I could’ve told you awhile ago but one night when my sister Lillian picked me up after work, we got caught up with some clients. College crowd, they were all white guys, except for this one Hispanic dude. They were drunk on beer and shots…”

“Now this is the place where you use to strip?”

“Wait,” her brows wrinkled, “I never told you that I stripped. Anywho, maybe it was Ginny!”

“She did. Go on with telling the story, I’m intrigued.” Darius’ became distracted by an oddly trio: An elderly man who’d been walking up the spiral stairs with his arms held by a pair of gorgeous brunettes. One of ladies wore no panties.

“Hello…I’m over here. Will you stop looking up! Can I get your attention?”


“Anywho, we didn’t fuck them. Things were very crazy. We all tripped on ex, even Ginny. We couldn’t find each other in the club for hours. I later caught up with Lillian. She was at the back of the club on her knees sucking on some white guy’s dick.”

“She swallow for him?”

“No, what the fuck is up with you and swallowing? Let me finish the story.”

“Later when we got to the car, Ginny was waiting with another woman inside. We thought nothing at the time but Lillian messes with me until this day. She swears she saw them pullin’ away from a kiss, like fast…like when someone’s approaching.”

“Alright, I’m good.” Darius sighed into silence. After a few minutes, he broke, “You know, I hate the fact that our relationship’s over but it really wasn’t going anywhere…or maybe it would’ve because she started to open herself up sexually. I don’t know anymore.”

“Shame, shame, shame, you know, I can never get with another woman. I gotta have straight up dick! I got nothing against it but that’s how I flavor.”

“I loved it, even though it cost me my relationship. Part of me considered marriage.”

“That serious, I didn’t know it was like that. You should fight to have her back. I would’ve watched the ménage though!” She laughed, walking out of the department with three negligees and a peach-laced corset. “Let’s go this way. I want to check out the books and stuff!”

While scanning through the literary section, Avanyah noticed that one of the magazines had been torn of its wrapping. She picked it up and began flipping through the pages until she found some intriguing pictures.

The magazine highlighted images of a wedded couple lewdly captioned on their special night. The dark-blonde groom stood above his strawberry-blonde bride wearing a white, unbuttoned dress shirt; mangled tie and black slip-socks.

He’d gagged her mouth, stretching his cock inside, trying to poke through the inner walls of her left cheek. Her hands cuffed from the back. Gown bungled around her waist.

She’d been positioned on all threes, save for her right hand left palming her husband’s bells. Her taut bucket held in a translucent dildo, deeply immersed in her achingly-stretched bunghole. The toy was connected, linked by an elongated chain centered between the middle of her cuffs. Her hands were locked behind her.

“Looks like someone shaved her pussy clean. Mmmmm, this reminds me of our honeymoon night!” Avanyah laughed.

“Is he still the only man to have your ass?”

“Yup! And had it he did! He fucked my ass like three times a day for the past, like, three or four days. He didn’t give my pussy any attention.” Her lips pouted, recalling the events. “Let’s go upstairs!”

“I heard enough!” Darius followed until they reached the classic’s section. “I know they have to have this one CD.” Darius lead Avanyah through several aisles until he came to the treasured letters. “Here we go!”

She swiped the DVD from his hand, “Sin-A-Matic

…RAW DVD…What’s it say, ‘You go girl! It’s Midori, warming the banister!'” She studied the pictures on the box. “Somebody’s behind her… Oh, he’s light-skinned, I’ve seen him before. He’s got a big, curvy dick!”

“That’s Jake Steed. He plays her husband and angrily takes her ass for cheating on him with this white dude, T.T. Boy. It’s hot and interracial. She gets her ass stuffed by Jake’s dick and took it like a trooper at the bottom of the stairs!”

“You sound like the back of the box! I’m buying it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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