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The Anniversary Present

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My wife, Jo, is a very hot, very sexy 40 year old doctor. For the past few years I’ve found it really difficult to please her sexually. That all changed when I bought her a Rampant Rabbit vibrator from Ann Summers for our tenth wedding anniversary.

When Jo unwrapped the box containing the 8 inch silicon black vibrator she was giddy with excitement. I was delighted by her reaction as I was genuinely afraid she might go ballistic at me for buying such a thing. Jo is by nature, or so she has always led me to believe, very conservative. So when she passionately kissed me and said, “Give me five minutes, then meet me in the bedroom.” I felt aroused immediately.

I paced the floor of the living room waiting for her to invite me to her boudoir. When the call finally came I had already shed my clothes. I raced upstairs and what a sight greeted me,

Jo was sprawled on our bed wearing black stockings, high heels, red crotchless panties and a black balcony bra. She was also wearing red lip gloss and was licking and sucking the black vibrator. My six inch cock, which was already firm and hard, inflamed and seemed to grow a few centimetres. I’d never seen my wife behave like this, she’s never given me oral sex. But now her eyes blazed with desire, as did mine.

I jumped on the bed and started kissing the inside of her thighs, moving slowly upwards towards her pussy. I gently kissed her mound, and, awestruck and overcome with lust went to enter her.

“No, not yet, hubby. I want this big fat black cock to fuck me first.”

I couldn’t believe the filth that was coming out of my wife’s mouth, but it was turning me on even more than I already was.

“That’s right my little sissy hubby I want a big meaty black cock inside me tonight, not your little throbbing member.”

Again her words shocked me, but by now my lust was raging and she knew every word was just drawing me further in to her sassy debauchery.

Without another word she slowly moved the vibrator down past her cleavage, pausing to rub the tip of it on her breasts, before plunging it the entire shaft deep inside her.

As the little rabbit ears caught hold of her clitoris she flicked the rotating shaft to its highest level and started moving her hips in rhythm with the twirling mechanism. Little gasps of pleasure emanated from her as my tongue danced on her nipples and the ears of the rabbit hit her sweet spot. Then the vulgarities began.

“Oh fuck my sissy hubby that’s good. That’s so fucking good having a big black cock inside me, a great big fat black cock is fucking your wife. And it’s fucking sensational.”

I should have been upset, I was certainly surprised, but her expletives only turned me on still further. As her excitement reached fever pitch she moved me aside.

“Watch now my sissy hubby. Watch how a black guy with a big meaty cock fucks your wife…watch his ass moving back and forth over and over again, watch our tongues caress each other, watch his cock sliding in and out of me…watch, oh fuck, oh fucking hell sissy hubby, watch the sexy black guy fill your wife with his cum, watch him take your wife over the edge…aargh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!!”

Her orgasm was the most cacophonous climax I’d ever heard or witnessed. She took an age to come back to earth. But when her little after shocks finally abated I could tell immediately something had changed inside her. Her eyes were aglow. There was fire in them. She looked sassy, fervent, erotic and dominant.

It was like she’d had some tantric sexual experience. A drug, a high, so intoxicating she’d never settle for anything less ever again.

“Take that gorgeous black cock out of your wife’s pussy and put it in your mouth. I want my black lover to be rewarded for his sultry efforts.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But Jo’s look said it all. She was in charge now…I was the submissive. And I was powerless to resist her.

“Do it now sissy hubby…lick that gorgeous big black cock while I rub your little cock.”

I removed the sodden black vibrator that was drenched in Jo’s juices and began licking the tip of it. As my wife began masturbating me I flicked on the rotating shaft and plunged as much of it in my mouth as possible. This excited Jo hugely and she began rubbing my cock faster and faster. As my pleasure increased and I grew more desperate for relief I hungrily started wrapping my tongue around my wife’s new toy.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot my little sissy hubby, my little cocksucking hubby. I bet you’d like it even more if it was the real thing wouldn’t you?” I nodded as Jo squeezed my balls. “Wouldn’t you?” She asked again more forcefully.

“Yes,” I groaned, struggling to speak and give oral at the same time.

Then Jo removed the vibrator from my mouth and momentarily stopped rubbing my cock.

“You know what I think?” She asked very flirtatiously.

I shook my head this time.

“I think you’d like a big cock in your mouth, maybe one in your ass too. I think you’d olgun porno like to be dressed as a slut, black panties, lipstick, a silky red bra and sheer black stockings…” Every word for some reason made my cock grow harder in her hand, I was beginning to feel very confused as if I was at a party and someone had slipped something in my drink. “…oh you would like that wouldn’t you? A little pleated skirt,” Jo continued, “and a pair of black, spiked high heels. And then as a couple of hunks fucked your wife properly, you could get taken from behind by a guy dressed as much like a slut as you.” That was it, my cock, which Jo was still holding in her other hand became rigid. Jo squeezed once, rubbed for a few more seconds and then I ejaculated.

Jets of cum fired high into the air, some landing on the black vibrator.

“Naughty hubby. Clean it up.”

My own cock was still twitching with pleasure – maybe if it hadn’t been I would have snapped back to my senses. Instead, spellbound by my wife’s new power over me, I ran my tongue along length of the black cock and licked up the few drops of cum that had landed there.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot hubby, that’s so fucking hot.”


“I wish you weren’t on call this weekend Jo.”

“I’m glad I’m on call.”

“You’re glad? Why?”

“Well, there’s a few new junior doctors just started and they’re fucking gorgeous. I’m going to have to introduce my pussy to them.”

It had been like this – Jo using expletives and getting more and more suggestive – ever since I’d bought the vibrator…her black lover as she liked to call it. The great thing was we were having copious amounts of sex and she was getting naughtier and naughtier with each round of coitus. Just last night she had insisted on me wearing the new pair of pink retro panties she had acquired from a nostalgia shop. The moment I slipped into them I felt a jolt of excitement course through my entire body the likes of which I’d never known. Jo saw my excitement immediately and she started telling me a story about how I would be taken from behind if I ever turned up to her office dressed like that.

“Taken from behind my whom?” I asked both nervously and with a degree of palpable anticipation.

“By Jonathan, my gay manager – phwoar he’s stunning, been dying to fuck him myself, but if I can’t have him maybe he can have you.”

“Maybe he’s bisexual,” I replied. “And we can share him.”

My response was met with a cry of delight from Jo as she grabbed my panty clad ass, sucked on her black lover and reached a tumultuous climax.

My remarks were all part of pleasing Jo and enhancing her fantasies which were now getting more and more seductive. I knew if I didn’t try and reign in her soon she would act on them. And yet…and yet…though I love and adore her (and her, me) – I was beginning to feel hypnotised by her wanton lust. A small part pf me was beginning to hope she would act on her desires and…let me join in.

“Will Jonathan be there this weekend?”

“Why do you ask? Not jealous are we, my little panty wearing hubby?”

“No. Just bi-curious.”

“Really?” I could hear the excitement in her trembling voice.

“Maybe.” It was my time to tease her.

“You’re serious aren’t you sissy hubby?”

“I might just be turning bisexual.”

“How about if I can get Jonathan to fuck us both. Would you like that?”

My cock sprang to life immediately. Jo spotted the swelling in my trousers.

“Bloody hell…I think my sissy tranny really likes that idea. Would you like to watch these junior doctors fuck your wife while Jonathan fucks your panty clad ass?”

Again another stirring in my pants. My cock was rock solid now and crying out for relief. I was troubled, confused, but so desperately aroused. My wife was turning me into a right pervert and I was loving it.

“Yes.” I said softly.

“Yes what?” Jo demanded.

“Yes Jo.”

“That’s Dr Naughty to you panty boy.”

“Yes, Dr Naughty.”

“That’s better…now here’s what I want you to do for me…”


11.35pm I was in a taxi heading to the large hospital where Jo works. I had on a long overcoat, but you could still see my black stockinged legs and high heels. Jo had also made me wear a knee length black cotton rich skirt (one of her favourites), a pink bodice that matched the retro pink panties, and red lipstick. My hair I keep cropped very short so the brunette shoulder length wig I was wearing looked quite convincing. My heart was hammering in my chest – the taxi driver could tell I was a guy, “Fancy dress party at my wife’s workplace…” I muttered as we left the apartment Jo and I call home.

I was shaking like a leaf when I handed the taxi driver his fare.

“Relax mate,” he said kindly. “You look good, sexy in fact. Hey, I’d do you.”

“Thanks,” I managed, both surprised and pleased.

“Hey and watch out for those doctors…they can be really naughty.”

“You’ve porno know idea.” I replied.

I watched him pull away, he blew me a kiss and I blew one back. I wasn’t exactly relaxed, but I felt a little more confident thanks to the taxi driver. I felt this strange attraction to him and suddenly felt this desire to have his lips on mine.

I took a sharp intake of breath and headed inside. Fortunately the corridors were empty and I clattered down them looking for the lift to the seventh floor where Jo’s office was located. I was following her instructions to the letter…”Get to the lift near A & E by 11.50. Go up to the seventh floor and turn right.”

I entered the lift, so far so good. I’d seen no one. I could hear a commotion not too far away – a drunk by the sound of it shouting expletives – but then the lift doors closed and I was able to take another deep breath. It was one of those elevators with a mirror in. I looked at my reflection. I didn’t look too bad at all. I unbuttoned my overcoat, and lifted the hem of my skirt so I could see my legs covered in sheer black stockings and suspenders. I started to feel a little bit aroused. Then…then the lift stopped…on the 4th floor. I quickly wrapped my overcoat around me just in time. The doors opened and in walked an a very good looking Asian doctor. He glanced at me and seemed to lick his lips.

“Where are you going?” He asked somewhat suspiciously. “You do know the top floor is out of bounds for all but medical personnel.

I had to speak. I had to say something. But as soon as I did he’d know I was a guy. What then? I thought it best to tell the truth, or at least a half truth.

“I’m going to meet my wife, Jo. We’re going to a fancy dress party,” I added hastily.

“You mean, Dr Parry?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“You must be Daniel, Dr Parry’s husband. Jo talks about you often.”

“Oh. Do you work with her then?” I asked, starting to relax.

“Yes. I’m Thomas. We’re good colleagues.”

The lift halted on the 7th floor. Then I remembered Jo had talked, rather dreamily, about Thomas. Now I could see why. She had even said a few nights ago if we couldn’t find a nice black cock for her a nice Indian one would do.

“After you,” Thomas was saying snapping me out of my fantasy.

“Thank you.”

“Pleasure. I’ll show you where Jo lives when she’s not at home with you.”

We walked along a corridor that seemed to stretch forever.

“Very attractive your wife. Very…sexy. And recently very naughty.”

I could barely believe what I was hearing. This guy had no right to talk about Jo like that. Yet, instead of being upset and angry, I was starting to get aroused again.

“What do you mean?”

“Well…the other evening she telephoned me. Said there was something she needed to show me in her office.”

“Please continue.”

“When I got there, your wife was bending over her desk, her black skirt riding all the way up to her thighs. I could see her stocking tops and the faintest glimpse of her red satin panties.”

I knew these panties well, Jo had made me wear them only the other night…hold on, I thought, they felt really damp that night as if…no surely not…surely this guy hadn’t…

‘”Like whay you see?” Jo had asked me…well I loved it obviously.”‘

“What happened then?” I asked stupefied.

“Jo made me take her panties off. Then she unzipped my trousers and wrapping her panties around my cock she started masturbating me. I couldn’t have lasted long, especially when she undid her shirt and told me to kiss her nipples.”

I wanted to hit this guy, I wanted to kill him. But, but, but…I felt so aroused now and I think he could see that.

“Daniel the good news is I’m wearing those same panties tonight. And you and I are expected in your wife’s office just about now.”

Thomas knocked on a door that had a metal framed name displayed upon it…Dr Parry.

“Enter,” came a sultry voice from within.

What greeted me was a sight I’ll never forget. Three hunky, gorgeous looking guys. Two under 30 wearing nothing but boxer shorts and a third dressed head to toe as a nurse. A nurse with a very short uniform. I could see his white stockings and his ass covered in some black vintage panties.

Jo came up to both Thomas and me and greeted the pair of us with a long, slow french kiss. Again a pang of jealousy, of anger. But it subsided when the nurse came over to me, removed my overcoat and gently rubbed my cock. A transvestite, a man dressed in a nurse’s uniform, had touched me and it felt good. Then, then feeling my cock responding to his touch he kissed me full on the lips, he was wearing a blonde wig and deep red lip gloss, it felt incredible. Suddenly I was burning with lust.

Jo, gauging my positive reaction, kissed Thomas again and then got the two hot studs to help her remove Thomas’ clothing. Underneath his male attire he was dressed in a red corset, that matched my wife’s Porno izle satin red panties and red stockings. He looked sensational. Thomas came over to me then and him and the nurse started running their hands up my stockinged thighs. I responded by alternatively kissing each of them and grabbing t each one of their panty clad asses. It felt amazing touching Thomas in particular knowing he was wearing a pair of Jo’s panties, the same ones she’d made me wear after – I now realised – Thomas had ejaculated into them.

I watched now, lost in the absurd loveliness of it all, as the two young junior doctors started to undress Jo. Like me, she was taking turns to kiss and fondle her lovers. Instead of being jealous now I felt proud of my wife. She was sexy, ridiculously so, and I’d wanted her to break free of her conservative shackles for so long. So if this was what emancipation looked like – I wanted more of it. I wanted to watch these gorgeous hunks kiss and tease and pleasure and fuck her right in front of me. And while they did, I knew now I wanted Thomas and the nurse to do the same to me.

I got my wish. The two young doctors now each had one of Jo’s breasts in their mouths and they were both fingering her pussy through some silky black crotchless panties. She kept winking at me and running her tongue across her lips as her excitement mounted. At the same time I felt Thomas lift the hem of my skirt up, turn me round so I was right next to Jo, slide my panties down, and bend me over Jo’s desk. I kissed Jo and watched flabbergasted as the two studs turned Jo around and as one slid his cock into her pussy, the other lay on the desk so Jo could give him oral. The nurse noticing the arrangement did likewise, and as Thomas liberally applied some KY to my virgin tranny ass I followed Jo’s lead and put a real cock in my mouth for the first time.

I felt overcome with desire. Every now and then Jo would take the cock out of her mouth and I’d do the same with the nurse’s and we’d engage in some tonsil tennis savouring the delights of pre-cum kisses.

“Oh my fucking naughty sissy transvestite of a hubby, how fucking amazing is this?”

“I love it darling…I mean Dr Naughty. You look so hot…I love watching you with other guys.”

“Huge ditto hubby. Now bend over a little further while Thomas gets his reward for giving me my first ever Asian load the other night.”

Her words – which only moments earlier would have shocked and hurt me, now only thrilled me. Another man had made my wife cum, had filled her with his own cum and now that same man was going to do the same to me wearing my wife’s panties.

I bent as far over as I could until I was deep throating the sexy nurse. I was worshipping his cock now. But when Thomas entered me that adoration turned to demonic desire. I winced at first, of course, but as Thomas’s lovely cock immersed itself in my ass I looked at Jo and smiled a filthy smile. This was fucking sensational. The best part was every time Thomas slapped up against me I could feel his balls wrapped in my wife’s panties against my butt cheeks and our stockinged clad legs rubbing up against one another. As Thomas got into a good rhythm I felt the sexy nurse’s cock begin to pulse. Urged on by Thomas’s lust for me, I sucked the nurse more rapidly, once, twice, three, four, five times…until I felt his cum hit the roof of my mouth and spill out onto my lips.

Seeing this Jo responded in kind and within seconds the young stud erupted into her mouth. We kissed, deeply, swapping cum back and forth between us. The guys behind us found this unbearably exciting. Thomas went into fifth gear, thrashing his lovely cock wildly inside my ass. I felt a single throbbing pulse and then another and then a roar of pleasure. Thomas’s hot cum fired into me like a jet stream into the sky. Lashings of it poured in and out of me. Jo now screamed at the young stud.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me like Thomas just fucked my sissy tranny gorgeous hubby. Fuck me, fill me with your cum.”

I saw the guy twitch several times.

“Oh yes, oh fuck that’s good, that’s so fucking good.”

It was amazing to watch. Not a jot of jealousy remained. My wife could fuck whoever she wanted from now on, as long as I could hear all about it and occasionally watch whilst wearing her sexy lingerie.

But just when I thought things were cooling down Jo took Thomas’ cock and started cleaning it up. This was so deliciously arousing, I turned the sexy nurse over and plunged my cock right in his ass. He was wearing the silkiest vintage panties imaginable and at first I was reluctant to slide them down his thighs, but I grabbed his gorgeous stockinged legs and fed my throbbing cock into his lovely manly feminine ass. It was a strange, but wonderful sensation. Thomas was now aroused again and when Jo saw what I was doing, she was so turned on she begged Thomas to fuck her.

“Do it Thomas. Show my hubby what you did to me the other night. Fuck me my sissy lover while my sissy hubby fucks the sissy nurse.”

Soon we were all building to a climax. Thomas exploded again first. It was so hot watching him fuck Jo right in front of me. Then I felt that familiar quickening of my pulse as I neared the zenith. I pushed a few more times screaming wickedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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