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The Artist’s Lair Ch. 02

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A few weeks after we went sailing Lisa told me she was having a very special massage from a former lover. I took that as a cue not to intrude into her privacy as we had previously agreed.

Lisa was a very private person and she wanted me to have my space to explore new “friendships” which I appreciated. But upon awakening alone, after being with her all weekend, I missed her affable personality, her beautiful body and especially her soft touch.

I’ve always found it difficult to meet girlfriends who I could feel comfortable being around all day. Lisa was definitely one of the first women who accepted me and treated me the way I like to be treated. Her highly sexual nature was such a big turn on for me and she was such a generous person with her possessions, ideas and her love. We had been seeing each other almost every night since she knocked on my door that evening, so I guess it was right for us to take a bit of a break. Nevertheless, all I could do was think about how wonderful it was to go down on her fragrant pussy and watch her squirm as I satisfied her needs. Just thinking about this made me very wet, and I somehow allowed myself to realize that I was also very much in love with this woman, but didn’t know if my feelings were shared by Lisa.

Rain fell early that morning and I was resigned to go into work anyway. Summer was turning quickly to fall and I was already preparing for the fall semester, which meant I had to do some advising. I went to the Art offices where I was given only a small part of an office to share with the other adjuncts. Almost everyone was gone for the summer except for the staff and the few students waiting to see their professors for advice on the available courses to take.

Sharon and Tabitha were my only students who signed up for appointments that afternoon. They happened to be good friends and I found them huddled over an iPad when I came in. They wanted my opinion on an a project they had been working on in their spare time. A club owner in the area had wanted a mural put on her wall of a club that catered to the gay scene in our small college town.

Sharon was an art major who dressed very casually with a flair for showing off her bare shoulders and her medium length brunette hair. I’m certain she got off on the attention she garnered when she let her well proportioned figure be seen in tight jeans and the low cut tops. This seductively smart woman enjoyed all the things that college students did and had a wonderful attitude about her all the time. She was of Italian heritage and her olive brown skin was a nice canvas to only a few tasteful tats on her body.

Tabitha was a gorgeous, raven-haired woman with high cheekbones and a perfect smile. She took excellent care of her body which I found so erotic. Her 5 ft 10 frame was deliciously curvaceous. She almost always wore skin tight pants or even spandex, which showed off her long legs but I had never really seen her breasts up close since she almost always chose to wear loose cotton tops. Her eye makeup was always different and she also had a beautiful personality. Tabitha aspired to be a set designer and was hoping to apply to some architectural programs to expand her horizons. We had talked at length over coffee a few times an she told me she preferred women and I noticed her ogling Sharon’s svelte body more than once.

Sharon was very popular with men, but also seemed to enjoy Tabitha’s company. The two were always together studying or chatting over a snack. Sharon had a good internship at a local shop which did graphics for small and medium sized businesses. I always enjoyed talking with her about her projects and was happy that her internship was working out.

The club owner who wanted the mural had asked for some interns who may be interested in doing the project for experience, and the art of course. Sharon was a very open minded woman who enjoyed being with women like Tabitha who kept no secrets from anyone about her being lesbian.

I looked at the mural design parameters they had been given by the woman who owns the club. The owner wanted a highly erotic painting of two naked women being very intimate with each other. She wanted details of their bodies and the position on the canvas. It was a challenge for the young artists and of course it would be easier if they had someone to model for them. I thought of Lisa right away and wondered if she would assist these two lovely women without getting me into trouble with the college administration.

I counseled both of them together on my ideas and thoughts for their project including that they needed to get paid something for their efforts if the work was to be used. I was very tempted to offer to help directly in their project, but I’ve found its always better to be asked, so I waited to see how it developed.

“We really need to find two women to model for us, Stacy do you know where we might find that type of situation?”

And we need to get started like right away so we can show a few sketches before the week ends. We don’t yenibosna escort have any friends who’d consider doing this on campus now, and we probably have to do this in the evening due to our work schedules,” Sharon said. Tabitha agreed with her friend on the immediacy of the situation.

“I happen to have a friend who may be receptive to helping you both out, but I would need some serious considerations from both of you first,” I looked at Tabitha and Sharon and I think they kind of knew what I was going to say next.

Sharon discreetly placed her hand on my thigh under the table and gently caressed my inner thigh as we all talked. She looked at me and smiled as I gazed at her attractive face my tongue licked my lips slowly and deliberately. She and Tabitha were all on the same page. They both acknowledged that whatever happened from there on, would be fine with them as long privacy was assured and no one else from campus knew anything about the project. I told both of them I’d be back in contact with them as soon as I talked to Lisa.

Later that evening, Lisa told me what happened between her and Shona. She had set up the video camera in the other room, with a super sensitive mic hidden near the area where the massage table was set up and a wide angle lens it recorded the entire thing. We watched the video and got off on it a few times but Lisa had a visceral reaction to what happened to their relationship. Here’s what happened:

The rain pattered away on the air conditioner as Shona massaged Lisa’s shoulders. Lisa always kept the room dark when she and Shona did their thing. She didn’t want any outside light coming into the room.

The long legged, deep chocolate- brown skinned woman used her strong back to apply deep pressure to Lisa’s shoulders and back, her hands were well oiled and scented with Lisa’s favorite fragrance of sandalwood and cinnamon. Shona soothed Lisa’s broad shoulders and firm upper back muscles with deep circular movements of her large hands and enjoyed every stroke that made the artist moan in pleasure. This strong woman from Mexico was lucky to have such a fine client like Lisa, because the small town had too few women who were uninhibited to indulge themselves with this type of luxury. Shona had to work in a small factory when she wasn’t giving luxury massages.

Lisa gladly absorbed every touch and ministration Shona applied with care and seasoned experience. As she lay sprawled out on the massage table totally naked on her tummy, her eyes closed, she soaked up the luxurious attention with gratitude. Lisa couldn’t forget how Shona had fucked her so hard the last time they were together. Lisa told me the euphoric recall of the past massage really got her juices going. I could tell that Lisa was really into Shona and wanted something permanent to work out, but although I was jealous, I sensed that something was out of synch in their friendship. Of course, Lisa was always in control, almost demanding to be touched in very specific ways.

Her dark fingers wrapped around Lisa’s firm buttocks, her hairless vulva beckoned to be piled apart and given its due. But first Shona removed her own bra, for she had purposely left it on, along with her thong and wanted to give her best client all of her attention before they got down and began making passionate love to one another. Lisa reminded me that Shona was also very busty at a 42DD and they were all natural and with very suckable, dark extended nipples. Lisa’s eyes lit up when she talked about Shona’s unbelievably hot body. I was SO envious watching this video with her!

Lisa moaned as Shona massaged her middle back deeply, one more time before heading south to her firm legs and thighs. She spread them deliberately and softly, always keeping her dominant hand massaging, now on her right lovely ass cheek.

Shona fondled her abundant dark brown breast, and must’ve sensed her own sex dripping wet in anticipation of her intense desires to take Lisa and make her own. Shona dipped her entire body down to Lisa’s sex and rubbed her stiff nipple on her ass cheek slowly parting them and finding that lovely scented sex waiting for a nice titty massage.

“Ohh, Mmmnn, Shona you know how much I love your superior titty massages!” Lisa cooed to her masseuse

“Yes dear, enjoy!”

The sultry Mexican masseuse was bent over and straddling the table as she pressed her erect nipples on Lisa’s wetness, making those lips moisten even more with the feeling of erotic lust for her client.

It was obvious that Shona was an expert on rubbing her tits on another woman’s vagina, finding that special spot on each one of her client’s bodies and making them squirm for more until it was all too painfully obvious that they needed to fuck one another till they both orgasmed. Lisa told me later that Shona would get a woman excited and just do her excellent titty massage and then finger fuck, and suck her clients into a orgasmic frenzy, collect her things and fee and leave yeşilköy escort in thirty minutes.

First, a gentle tease with one finger. Then a few fingers, then Shona teased her with some quick tongue action as she went to work on Lisa’s lovely pussy, but only to get her used to her fast tongue. Then she used her right hand and finger fucked her while the other played bad cop and slapped her ass smartly to make her remember who was in charge right now.

That morning, Shona seemed to be feeling angry at something and gave Lisa a more severe ass slapping than usual.

“Unnnghh, fuck me good Shona, please suck and play with my wet pussy some more!” Lisa demanded in a muffled voice, her face buried in the table hole.

“Not yet sweetie, I need to get you loosened up a bit more below your waist,” Shona exclaimed. She knew Lisa enjoyed the teasing and ass slapping and wanted to make it last as long as she could before she had to give in to her own lustful desires.

The soothing warmth of the masseuse’s hands, the stinging erotic feelings, and all those built-up muscle tensions released, combined with the fantastic memories from their last liaison kept the words to a minimum during Shona’s massage session.

The busty masseuse oiled up Lisa’s nice muscular ass cheeks and began her intense deep tissue work on her lower back and pelvic areas. Her fingers well oiled now, she delicately entered Lisa’s anus and massaged it well using both fingers. She knew Lisa had cleansed herself earlier in the day and loved this type of stimulation. With her other hand she massaged around Lisa’s sex and upper thigh muscle groups giving very good care to avoid Lisa’s wet pussy mound which was exceedingly difficult for the very aroused therapist. She observed that Lisa’s sex was in a heightened state of arousal, her clitoris was very prominent and a had a bright pink hue to it. Shona would make her wait just a bit longer before satisfying her favorite client’s sexual needs. Or maybe she’d try something totally outside of what Lisa would expect her to do.

“Oh fuck yes that feels soooo GOOD! Yes fuck my ass with your fingers, ummmnn!” Lisa cried.

Shona seemed a bit more disturbed at this point. Deep inside Shona’s mind, she probably didn’t understand why Lisa needed so much sexual stimulation all the time. She enjoyed giving it to her, but her religious upbringing made her question whether it was always the best way to show love in a relationship. Lisa knew this about Shona and it was the main reason they were not living together. And yet, the real feminine side of Shona wanted to be satisfied just like Lisa did. Shona desperately wanted to just fuck and suck with Lisa all night and wake up and shower together before going at it again!

Shona seemed torn. Her strict religious upbringing told her this activity was bad and she would pay for it all later in some dark purgatory. Her family beliefs which centered around very homophobic theology twisted her rational mind into plan to dominate Lisa and make her beg for some sort of forgiveness for not really loving Shona the way she wanted to be loved.

Shona told Lisa to turn over on her back and Shona took in those massive tits, which looked like swollen melons awaiting a nice tongue massage. Shona, cleaned and re-lubed her hands with the scented oil and began at Lisa’s feet this time, flexing and rubbing in the oil as she administered her affectionate touch.

“Ummmnn, I love the way you rub my toes!” Lisa cooed at her masseuse.

Shona bent down and took Lisa’s other foot before applying the oil and placed her large toe in her mouth, and sucked on her large digit as if it were a huge cock. Shona wanted desperately to stick her well lubed fingers back in Lisa’a wet pussy, but she resisted the temptation as Lisa squeezed her ass cheeks together and squirmed in lustful ecstasy. Shona sent a million volts of her erotic energy into Lisa by slowly sucking and licking Lisa’s big toe. She calmed her down by massaging those lovely orbs and placed her thick lips over Lisa’s nipple and sucked and bit it until Lisa screamed for more.

“Oh Shona, you know YOU do that SO fuckin’ well, ummmnn YES suck my tits, take your time PLEASE!” Lisa cooed.

Lisa was finally being the one seduced and she lost all of her controlling desires and flung her arms out on the table and made herself fully prone to Shona’s sexual more creative fantasies.

Shona knew her timing had to be exact and she moved very quickly to place preset ties on Lisa’s wrists and tie her to the table and then do the same with her formidable legs.

Lisa was writhing in absolute lust from Shona’s last touch and didn’t realize what had occurred until she was totally at the mercy of the seductive Mexican woman.

“HEY, whats going on Shona? Hey! These hurt my arms! Shona!” Lisa squirmed and shouted but she was ignored by Shona who had already left the room.

Shona appeared from the other room wearing a huge strap on zeytinburnu escort with oversized testicles. It was a huge brown dildo and the girth of the thing looked almost frightening!

“I’m gonna fuck you the way I’ve always wanted to since we met, and if you like it, I’ll THINK about taking off the restraints!” Shona said in a commanding voice. She pulled over a large arm chair next and placed it right next to the table. The horny masseuse took out her lotion and lubed up Lisa’s tits especially her cleavage area. Shona got on the chair and used the arm of the chair to straddle Lisa’s body. Then she lubed up the large rubber dong really well and rolled it around Lisa’s big tits as she looked down and took in the thrill of finally fucking Lisa’s tits the way she had always wanted to. Shona’s knees and legs dug in to her table as she began humping Lisa’s breasts. Shona’s huge set of 42DDs swayed in Lisa’s face but she was powerless to do anything. She went on doing this for a while. Lisa first enjoyed it but then Shona began slapping her face with the well oiled dildo. One slap was so hard it was going to leave a small bruise.

“You fuckin slut! I wanted to fuck your cunt so badly and you only let me suck your hot pussy, now you’ll take my giant cock and suck on it too till I’m ready to let you go, YOU GOT THAT BITCH?” Shona yelled as she whipped the huge cock against Lisa’s face and neck.

“Suck my big cock, bitch!” Shona showed a side of herself Lisa had never imagined.

Shona placed the crown of the humongous dildo on Lisa’s mouth and waited until she opened it and then shoved the rubber phallus in and began fucking her mouth as Lisa instinctively drew back her tongue and let her do it.

The horny woman didn’t want to make her sick so she backed off just in time, but Lisa got the message and began sucking on the hard rubber phallus, but she was shaken up inside.

Shona pinched and teased Lisa’s wide nipples, making them raw and occasionally slapped them hard also with the extra long dong. Then she resumed fucking Lisa’s tits with more aggressiveness than before. This time she pulled and tweaked her own erect nipple as her hips forced the huge oiled phallus between her tits.

“Go ahead fuck my tits with your giant cock, Shona if that gets you off, you sleazy Mexican whore!”

“It would be better if you let me hold them together you know, Shona, Just let my hands free I won’t do anything to you,” Lisa suggested. She was devising her own plan of turning this situation around for herself, but underestimated Shona’s desires.

“Ugghh, wanted to fuck those tits so much for months now!” Shona moaned loudly. Sweat beaded up on her face as she got into realizing her fantasy. But she realized Lisa was right and got off of her to adjust the restraints so that Lisa could squeeze her luscious tits around the huge strap-on.

Shona took the wrist restraints off which allowed Lisa to squeeze her massive breasts around the huge strap on.

“Ok but Im not undoing your legs yet.”

Shona was desperate to feel the friction of the dildo on Lisa’s breasts as they rubbed together. Now it was perfect and she remounted the prone woman and resumed her tit fucking fantasy.

Lisa had never been on the bottom and even partially restrained so it was a totally new experience for her. She didn’t think she could take much of this submissive shit, but got into it and held her tits tightly around the lubed strap on while Shona’s strong body fucked her harder. Lisa realized that she was at the mercy of the horny Mexican who muscular frame was in control of the situation. Shona got even more aggressive this time and resistance of Lisa’s boobs made sexual friction so erotic for Shona. The hot Mexican woman rode that giant faux cock rocket between Lisa’s breasts and gave it hard pelvic thrusts which shuddered any resistance Lisa could muster. The artist who was always dominant, was now rendered totally submissive to her Latin masseuse.

“You fuckin’ whore, you won’t get too far with this stuff, I’ll still ram your wet pussy with that giant cock before this is all done,” Lisa cried. Her yearnings for dominance squashed.

“Oh you’re dirty talk makes me hotter bitch, go ahead complain some more!” SHona said as her pace quickened.

Shona enjoyed the view as she watched Lisa’s tits squirm and bobble against the giant brown dildo, her own desires for a huge climax came into her warped mind. She backed off for a moment and grabbed the large sac of testicles and squeezed it and a white, sugary mix of rum and warm cream gushed out all over Lisa’s tits. Then she showered Lisa’s face with a following bigger shot which really pissed the artist off!

“Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck, ugh, UGHH!” Lisa cried out in shock as she realized that it was a mix of liquor and cream which was all over her body.

“Suck my sweet spunk you hot bitch, SUCK IT, LICK MY SPUNK and enjoy it, because its the only sweet thing you’ll taste today!”

Shona responded in an ultra mean voice and scared the hell out of Lisa with it.

Lisa immediately began licking the milky mixture up with lustful abandon as she also got off on the spectacle. She told me later how much it really turned her on, despite Shona’s dominance. The careful mix of rum and warm cream made the faux male cum taste good and it reminded her of her past experiences with some men.

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