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The Australian Visit Ch. 1

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Neil rang the doorbell and waited apprehensively. Although he had kept in touch with his brother Dave by phone and e-mail, he had not seen him or his sister-in-law Polly since they moved to Australia two years ago. They had obviously done well. From the outside, the house looked impressive; certainly large, Neil guessed five bedrooms at least, with well manicured front lawns and well kept flower beds. As the door opened, Neil did a double take. He remembered Polly being attractive but the woman before him was now stunning. In a matter of seconds Neil took in her long blonde hair falling in curls over her shoulders. Her figure had rounded out a little from what Neil could remember of their last meeting; long shapely legs encased in shorts and a small halter top that barely concealed her full breasts. Neil dragged his eyes away from her body, as somewhere in the back of his mind he registered her speaking.

“Hello, Neil” said the vision, “welcome to Australia!”

Quickly Neil pulled himself together and returned her warm smile.

“Thanks Polly, it’s great to be here at last. Sorry…it’s just that you’ve changed a little from last time I saw you!”

Polly laughed out loud and the two exchanged a few more pleasantries as she ushered him into the house. The inside of the house was more impressive than the outside. As Neil followed his sister-in-law to the lounge he passed several large high-ceilinged rooms all expensively and tastefully decorated. On Polly’s invitation, Neil settled himself down on a large sofa and accepted the proffered beer.

“We all have so much to catch up on,” gushed Polly as she sat next to Neil. “But there is one small problem.”

As Neil looked at her inquiringly, she continued.

“Bloody Dave’s had to go overseas on business. I know it’s a real pain, what with you arriving and all, but he said it was unavoidable. He left a few days ago and will be back on Saturday. I’m really sorry Neil, I know how much you must have been looking forward to seeing your brother again.”

“That’s OK,” said Neil “I can just hang out with you until he gets back, if that’s all right? But I guess you must miss him?

“I’d love you to stay with me, Neil. Yes, I do miss him but we talk on the phone and chat on the Internet almost every night. God knows what our phone bill will be like this month!”

The two friends laughed, and Polly continued to chatter on, asking about friends and family back home, the local gossip and how Neil’s travels had been going so far. As soon as Neil had answered one question she immediately asked another. Their conversation continued through a good meal and on late into the evening. Neil was happy to talk. Polly had always been a friendly girl and their conversation flowed with an ease that seemed untroubled by the two year gap. As the time drew on to midnight Neil could not stifle a small yawn.

“Oh god Neil, you’ve let me chatter on and on for hours” said Polly “you must be so tired after your trip here.”

“Well, yes…actually I am a little tired now” replied Neil

“Why don’t you grab a quick shower and turn in? Your room’s all made up for you. I’ll just clear up down here.”

“Thanks Polly, I think I will. It’s been a long day, you know?”

After a refreshing shower, Neil climbed contentedly beneath the covers and almost immediately fell into a deep sleep. He awoke some time later, his bladder telling him that he needed to visit the bathroom. He glanced blearily at the bedside clock; 2.45am. Grabbing his robe, he padded softly towards the bathroom. Not bothering to turn on a light, he noticed on his return a faint glow coming from his sister-in-law’s bedroom. Thinking that she had fallen asleep without turning off the TV, Neil glanced inside the room. The glow was not coming from a TV but from an expensive looking desk top computer. Neil was no expert but knew that the set up was top of the range with a laser printer and digital camera. Polly was sitting in front of the screen typing with quick efficient taps.

“Sorry Pol,” said Neil quietly. “I though you left the TV on.”

Polly, pendik escort not having seen Neil at the door, almost jumped out of her skin.

“Shit! Sorry Pol. I didn’t mean to scare you.

“Oh…that’s OK Neil,” she replied breathlessly “I just didn’t hear you come in. I’m just talking to Dave on the net.”

It was difficult to tell from just the light of the monitor, but Neil was sure that Polly looked a little flushed, sounded a little too much out of breath.

“Sorry Pol, I guess it’s private huh?” he said with a sly smile.

“Well…yes…a bit, I suppose,” she replied now looking very sheepish indeed. “But you can watch if you want, after all you are brothers!”

Neil looked at the monitor over Polly’s shoulder as she turned back to the keyboard. Their conversation had indeed been personal and quite steamy. Neil scanned the chat history quickly. It was obvious that Dave had been asking his wife to touch herself and to tell him how she felt. Neil guessed that this was the reason for Polly’s flushed appearance and that Dave was probably doing the same in his hotel room the other end.

“Well, well. You two seem to be having a lot of fun here!” laughed Neil, “I guess I’d better leave you to it”

“Wait, Neil,” said Polly quickly. “Dave wants me to send him a picture of myself, I suppose, so he doesn’t forget what I look like!”

“Sounds like a good idea,” replied Neil

“Yeah, but I can’t seem to get the remote timer thing to work on the camera. I don’t suppose…..no…no you probably wouldn’t be interested,”


“Well, I’ve been trying for the last 10 minutes to get it to work without any success, and Dave said to ask you to take one in the morning. But as your here now………”

“Oh … well.. Umm.. I suppose I could… but what sort of picture?”

“Well…..umm….he wants a ..you know…nude shot!”

Neil was surprised to say the least. Although Dave was three years his senior they had double dated several times when they were in their teens, and often those dates would end with them both making love to the girls in the same car at the same time. But this seemed a little different.

“Are you sure that it’s ok with Dave, and you for that matter?” asked Neil

In reply Polly turned back to the keyboard and began typing. *Dave, Neil is here now* after several seconds a line of type appeared on the screen in response. *Did you ask him*. Polly typed again *Yes I asked him* *Will he take the picture?*

Polly looked up at Neil “you speak to him” she said

Neil leaned over a little more to reach the keyboard *Hi Dave, this is Neil. Are you sure about this, man?* *Yes, of course I’m sure…It’s just a bit of fun Neil, but if you feel uneasy about it…..* *No..that’s OK bro, I’d be happy to help*

Polly took back the keyboard *OK, darling we’ll do the shots now and e-mail them to you as soon as we can….bye for now XXX*

Polly logged off the computer and looked up at Neil.

“OK… so where do we start?”

“They are your pic’s, you decide” he responded.

Polly walked over and squatted on the bed. Neil could see the outline of her breasts through the knee length robe and her smooth, shapely legs and feet as she curled them under her.

“How about this?” she said as she slipped the shoulder of her robe down in a seductive pouting pose. Neil picked up the camera and lined up the shot.

“Well….Ok I guess” he said as he clicked the shutter “But is Dave going to be happy with just that?”

“Hmmmm…well how about this?” Polly shrugged her shoulders letting the robe fall to just below her ample chest and exposing her large breasts.

“Or this?” she turned sideways allowing Neil a good view of her charms.

“Oh yes..much better I think” said Neil clicking off another two shots and starting to get into it. Polly, too seemed to be starting to enjoy herself as she flashed her breasts in different poses towards the camera lens. After five shots, Neil said that he had some good pictures and started to put the camera down.

“But maltepe escort wait!” said Polly still with a pout on her lips “I thought those were just practice, look my nipples are not even hard yet. We can’t send him those”

As if to accentuate the point she cupped her full breasts in her hands and pointed them towards Neil. It was almost true. Although her nipples were large, Neil could see that, with stimulation, they would probably stand out a good 3/4 inch from her breasts. Neil had developed an uncomfortable erection that he was attempting to hide beneath his robe. His inhibitions and reservations had by now completely disappeared so, as it seemed, had Polly’s, and he quickly picked up the camera again.

“OK” he laughed “let’s get some erect tit shots!”

“Right, but don’t take the shot until I get them fully hard, OK?” said Polly.

Neil just watched as Polly slowly began to pour a little body lotion onto her exposed breasts. She was kneeling on the bed now as she proceeded to massage the lotion sensuously into the mounds, circling gently in ever decreasing motions until she inevitably reached the nipples. As she squeezed the hardening buds between her slippery fingers, Neil watched her eyes close and her head roll back letting her blonde curls fall casually down her naked back. He lips parted slightly and Neil heard an unmistakable murmur of pleasure escape them. Neil’s cock ached beneath his robe as he watched this beautiful woman display herself in front of him. He longed to touch her breasts himself, to feel the warm inviting flesh in his palms, to taste the cherry sweet tips of her nipples with his tongue.

As if hearing his thoughts, Polly opened her sparkling eyes and looked straight at him moistening her lips seductively with the tip of her tongue. Not a word was spoken but the message was very clear. Neil, scarcely daring to breathe, softly padded the few short steps to the bed. Had he read the situation correctly? Did this beautiful and sensuous woman want his attention? This woman? This wife of his brother?

Polly could sense his indecision “It’s OK baby” she cooed in a whisper. “Dave and I knew this might happen. Honestly, it’s fine. Come to me darling”

Neil slowly moved his hand to cover her own at her breast. As she slid her hand away he gently circled and squeezed her now hard nipple himself. Again Polly’s head fell back and a louder more urgent moan escaped her lips. Encouraged by her actions he let his hands massage both of her breasts moving them gently up and down the front of her body. He massaged from her shoulders all the way down to her stomach, flicking her nipples every time his fingers passed them. Getting bolder and inspired by her ever louder moaning, he slipped her gown full open and let his hands drifted lower and lower, sweeping in gentle circles over her abdomen towards her pussy. As his fingers found the closely trimmed pubic region, Polly pulled his head towards her and kissed him passionately. As their tongues entwined in an erotic dance, his fingers sought out the damp folds of her pussy. Reluctantly breaking their kiss, she gasped as his index finger slid lovingly inside the slick folds of her vaginal lips and found her hard clitoris.

“Oh my GOD, yes…Neil..yes…..oooooohhhhhhhhh….that feels so goooood”

Her pussy was leaking fluid in great quantities now as Neil proceeded to finger-fuck his sister-in -law to orgasm. He could sense her whole body tense up as he plunged two fingers in and out of her hole while circling her clit with his thumb. He felt her grip his shoulders tightly as her body trembled and shook involuntarily and her orgasm welled up within her.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhh…….oh my god…..yesssssssssss……ohhhhhh Neil I’m cummmiinnnnngggggggg.”

Neil held the beautiful woman close as they sat on the bed together and she came slowly down from her orgasm. He wondered if that was to be the end of the matter; if this was just an impromptu freak occurrence not to be reciprocated. As if sensing his reservations, Polly gently lifted his hand to kartal escort her lips. Neil watched in stunned fascination as her long pink tongue darted out and lapped her own fluid from his slick fingers. As she continued, Neil felt one of her hands slowly drop to the belt of his gown. He felt her unhurriedly slip the loose knot on the belt and, open the garment completely. He drew in a short gasp of air as her cool, slender fingers found his pulsating erection and wrapped themselves around it. Closing his eyes he allowed her to lean him backwards so that he was lying on his back on the bed. Slowly and lustfully her hand slid up and down his shaft. Neil kept his eyes tight shut, lost in the ecstasy of her touch as she paid special attention to the sensitive areas of his manhood. A bolt of electricity shot through his brain and his hips bucked upwards as he experienced the unmistakable feeling of a warm wet mouth being lowered onto his cock. Neil was in heaven and knew that he would not be able to control himself for too much longer in this, frankly, surreal situation. As he became aware of the increasing tension in his balls, Polly stopped her exquisite actions and spoke.

“Please, Neil. Make love to me….Take me…Fuck me..”

The words seemed faintly strange coming from his sister-in-law, but Neil was too excited, to near climax to argue. He opened his eyes to the most amazing sight. Having completely removed her robe, Polly was lying spread-eagled on her back. With her legs spread so wide, Neil could clearly see the glistening lips of her pussy, her inner thighs still wet from her secretions. She was still breathing hard and her breasts shone with a mixture of perspiration and body lotion.

Crawling to a kneeling position between her outstretched legs, Neil first picked up her right foot and then her left. He brought them both onto his shoulders, and twisting his head first to the right and then to the left, planted a long wet kiss on each foot. Polly giggled as she felt this, her giggles turning to gasps as Neil positioned his throbbing tool at the entrance to her pussy and pushing forwards.

Neil knew that this position, with her feet against his shoulders, was perfect for really deep penetration, and he made the best use of it. He slid his hands under her ass and pulled her towards him as he leant forwards. His cock slid easily past her vaginal lips and he reveled in the sensation. It was like a velvet gloved hand squeezing and releasing his cock rhythmically. The blood pounded in his temples and the room was suddenly alive with the sounds of their lovemaking. Polly was moaning loudly, repeating his name over and over as he ploughed his cock into her depths alternating his thrusts expertly first penetrating deeply to the hilt then followed by several short slow plunges. His breathing was becoming as erratic as Polly’s as the tension, once again, began to build in his balls. The deeper he thrust the more she shouted, encouraging him with words of lust and desire. Faster and faster….deeper and deeper. His eyes tight shut as he felt the semen boil up from his balls and erupt into her pussy. He kept pumping his length in and out of her sopping vagina feeling the inner walls contracting around him as she attempted to milk every last drop of cum out of his sac.

This time it was Polly’s turn to hold him tightly as they cuddled together and he tried to regain control of his breathing and heart rate.

“Mmmm ..oh Neil, that was so good” she whispered. “Dave knows how much I’ve always wanted to make love to you. And I guess he knew it would probably be during this visit. It’s OK, he understands how much I need to be satisfied. He loves me and I love him. He wants me to be happy, you know?”

“Will you tell him what happened tonight?” asked Neil

“Oh, yes. Of course. I’ve always wanted to make love to both of you” she said with a twinkle in her deep green eyes and a seductive smile……”maybe even at the same time…..who knows what will happen when Dave gets home. But I guess we better e-mail hims some photo’s first don’t you think?”

The End

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