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The Babysitter Ch. 01

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I should have closed the door.

When I opened it and saw a stunning, young, redhead smiling back at me, I should have closed the door. Her eyes conveyed innocence on the surface but I saw the hint of devilishness that laid behind them.

Her name was Elliana and she was exceptionally beautiful. She had vibrant, fiery hair that curled and spiraled like lava flowing from her scalp down to her waist. The bright sea of orange and the sparkle of green in her eyes contrasted with the creamy, whiteness of her porcelain skin.

I was enamored with her smile from the moment I saw her soft, pink lips stretch across her pale face and form dimples in her freckled cheeks.

She was just twenty years old; a local college student. I had been advertising for a babysitting job to anyone looking for a little weekly injection of cash on the side. My wife, Maria and I had yet to agree on any potential candidates, though she was very uninterested in the process from the start.

After all, hiring a babysitter was my idea. A weekly date night was my last ditch attempt to reignite a spark in our failing marriage. Though Maria’s lack of enthusiasm seemed to indicate that she thought it was a fruitless endeavor. If anything, she seemed entirely happy to let our relationship fall on its last legs.

Truth be told, at times, I considered as such myself. But the hope that the woman I fell in love was still there combined with the possibility of less custody of my children caused me to fight the notion of giving up.

Which is why I should have shut that damn door.

* * * * *

I tapped my fingers on the kitchen counter, making a conscious effort to keep my gaze focused on the stairs and not take another glance at my watch.

I could hear the sound of my kids playing outside, their screams of joy and laughter was music to my ears. I knew it was only a matter of time before they’d be old enough to recognize the growing tension in the household. That’s if they didn’t already. I didn’t want that for them, to grow up in a place of anger and resentment.

I reasoned with myself that maybe a divorce would have spared them that pain, but I equally didn’t want them to go through that either. Being tugged in opposite directions by their parents, spending most of their time with their mother and then select holidays and every other weekend with me.

I had to make this work, I had to.

“Those guys are too cute.”

I directed my stare to the side to find Elliana fetching a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

“Jake had no idea that his shadow gave away his hiding spot behind the tree. It was the funniest thing.”

“My little man’s a master of disguise.” I chuckled. “He hid behind the glass door when we played. I kept walking past whilst scratching my chin and asking where he could have gone as he stared up at me with the biggest grin the whole time.”

We both laughed then Elliana took a gulp of water. My eyes couldn’t help but wander down and steal a glance at her tight body. The soft, white fabric of her tee shirt climbed just enough to tantalize me with flashes of her midriff.

My eyes fell further and trailed past the little, shorts she wore to explore the views of her slender legs. I was inundated with visions of them straddling me, by both the face and waist, and similarly happy with either scenario.

“Don’t you guys have reservations soon?”

I snapped out of my trance and glanced at my watch.

“In… seventeen minutes.”

We exchanged a knowing look which said more than our mouths needed to.

“I’m sure we’ll be leaving in just a moment.” I cooed weakly.

“Okay but if you’re still here after the next round of hide and seek then you’re it.”

I watched Ellie make her way towards the back yard, my eyes once again falling below her waist to watch the firm, curves of her denim-clad butt sway with each step. I breathed in the scent of cherry blossom perfume that trailed off with her when at long last, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Finally.” I huffed. “I was getting scared you weren’t coming.”

“Now there’s an idea.” Maria said.

I put on my suit jacket and took one long, last look out into the backyard before we set off.

* * * * *

Weekly date night seemed great in concept, less so in execution. It was as if my wife and I had run out of things to talk about, which if you’ve ever heard her and her friends gossip, you’d know is impossible.

I knew she wasn’t thrilled with the idea from the start but I had hoped that actually experiencing it would have changed her mind. If anything, it had only changed mine. I was becoming less convinced it’d help salvage things with each date. After her comment about not going, I could feel the end of date night, fast approaching. And I was certain that would be the beginning of the end of everything else for us.

So I made plans to make the next date night the most special, romantic date of our lives. I’m talking flowers in the morning, reservations at her favorite Hd Porno place in the evening and then, later that night, a walk down to the park where I proposed, where I’d drop to one knee and offer her a new ring and the opportunity to renew our vows.

I even arranged for Ellie to come over earlier to help ensure things went smoothly. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it anywhere near that.

Maria’s reaction the flowers was not as I expected. She seemed, almost… disgusted? Maybe offended? Whatever it was, it was unusual. But I decided to just leave it alone. I couldn’t let anything spoil the day.

Not that it mattered in the end, when Maria nonchalantly announced that she ‘didn’t feel up to date night tonight’.

She told me that we could continue next week but I knew that some excuse or other would come up then. And I had made arrangements for tonight. Tonight would be the night, I just had to convince her to come with me. But she wouldn’t. She straight up refused. And suddenly I could feel my whole life crumbling around me.

I fought, I begged and pleaded but in her stubborn ways, Maria just wouldn’t give in. So things got heated. I said things I didn’t mean, she said things I hoped she didn’t mean… and soon enough saying things turned into shouting them.

And then they quietened down. And then there was crying, until there was nothing but utter silence.

And then she told me that she’s taking the kids up to her parent’s for the weekend so she can figure out what to do next.

And I knew exactly what that meant.

So she left and I, devastated, deflated and utterly defeated, did what any self-respecting adult in my shoes would do.

I went to the supermarket and bought enough chocolate, to turn an anorexia patient into a type two diabetic. Plus a few cases of beer, some chips and their largest, pepperoni pizza, for good measure.

I sheepishly joked to the cashier that it wasn’t all for me.

It was.

Anyway, I got home, put my pizza in the oven, cracked open a beer and right when I was moments away from stuffing my face until I couldn’t breathe anymore, there was a knock at the door.

“Hi Mr T!” Elliana beamed at me. “Uh, I mean Mr Thomas. Unless you prefer to pity a fool.”

She giggled and it was so infectious I almost cracked a smile myself.

“I forgot to let you know tonight’s canceled. I’m sorry, Ellie.” I ran my fingers through my hair. “Let me get my wallet. I won’t have you travel for nothing.”

She waved me off. “It’s no biggie.”

But I insisted. After all, it would have probably been the last time I’d pay her anyways. I didn’t tell her that but I guess she sensed something was off.

“You and Mrs Thompson not doing so good?” She asked softly.

“You picked up on that, huh?”

“Well I could feel some tension between you guys like, uh… well all the time.”

I sighed. I guess things were more noticeable to outsiders than I had realized. Maybe this day was inevitable. Maybe the whole time I had been trying to fix things, Maria had been planning her way out. My mind was racing with thoughts. It felt like my brain was beating my head with a mallet.

“Wanna talk about it?” She asked.

“No, no… well yeah. But I don’t want to burden you with my troubles.”

Ellie smiled, so sweetly. She took a seat on the couch beside where I had been and made herself comfortable.

“I mean, if you’re willing to share some of this food then I think it’s a fair trade.”

* * * * *

We spoke for hours. And not just about my marriage but about everything. School, work, family, food. Ellie almost gouged my eyes out when I told her I had considered picking up the pineapple pizza instead of the pepperoni one. Though luckily, we both agreed that dark chocolate is underrated and the green Pringles are the best ones.

I did have a small moment of rambling about my possible divorce but I soon drifted off into other things and it felt good to take my mind off it. Turns out Ellie’s a real good listener. Not that it mattered. I could have stared into those eyes all night whilst neither of us said anything at all.

Unfortunately, as the hours counted down and the darkness took over the outside, I knew Ellie would soon be leaving and reality began to set back in.

I rested my hands in my lap and let out a deflated sigh. It seemed so hard to stay positive. But I had to try. Maybe single life wouldn’t be so bad? Or — better yet, maybe there was still hope for my marriage after all? Doubtful.

Ellie must have seen the glum look wash over my face as she reached out and gently placed her hand on mine.

“You’re going to be okay.” She reassured me.

Her skin was softer than I imagined. Suddenly the fragrance of her perfume swept over me and ensnared me in its fruity sweetness.

I glanced down and watched as her delicate fingers danced circles on the back of my hands. My eyes wandered up her forearm and I imagined placing kisses up it. My gaze reached her shoulder Türkçe Altyazılı Porno where the strap of her vest top had drooped over, exposing the hot-pink, fabric of her bra.

My eyes lingered on the little bit of exposed underwear pressing against Ellie’s creamy skin and I had flashes of kissing up to it and pulling it down with my teeth.

My cock pulsated at the thought.

Eventually my eyes dropped to small amount of cleavage her top showed. Enough to give your mind ideas, but plenty to be left to the imagination.

My mouth watered at the idea of feasting on the beautiful breasts hidden underneath her garments.

Then I directed my gaze up to those oh-so soft, kissable lips…and suddenly realized they were coming straight for me.

She held my hands in her own as our mouths collided. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t pull away. Our lips were superglued together. She moaned into the kiss, her voice radiating from within, in a smooth, seductive tone. Her sexy sounds made my cock ache.

She parted my lips and slipped her tongue inside, quickly finding my own and dancing with it.

Her taste was enticingly sweet and I could feel my heart racing by the minute. I placed my hand on her hips as she leaned into me, when I heard a noise that managed to break our hold and cause me to jump out of my skin.

My phone was buzzing against the wooden table.

I glanced at it to see my wife’s name. I looked back at Ellie. Her lips glistened with saliva.

“I should take this.”

I was actually glad Maria had broken up our moment of intimacy. It was just a kiss. A kiss isn’t too bad. There was still hope. I could recover from a kiss. But lord knows how much worse it might have been if Maria didn’t decide to call.

I picked up my phone and got to my feet, turning my back to Ellie and pacing over to the kitchen counter.

“The kids just wanted to say goodnight.” Came the dull reply from the other end.

“Alright, put them on.”

My kids. I had to be strong from them. This whole time I was acting like my divorce had already been finalized when it hadn’t even begun. I had to be strong, for them. Maybe there was still hope for this family.

I wished my children sweet dreams and told them I loved them. And then I hung up and turned around.


Suddenly the couch was empty.

I thought, maybe she had gone to the bathroom. That would be the perfect opportunity to call her a cab and move on from this mistake.

“Hey Ellie,” I began as I moved forward.

When suddenly, I noticed a sock. Just a single sock, all cute and fluffy, strewn across the bottom step.

I walked over and picked it up, when I noticed its twin a little higher up. Past that, at the very peak, was the same top I had been fantasizing about pulling off just moments before.

I gathered the garments on my journey up the stairs. When I reached the top, I couldn’t help but let out a quiet gasp at the sight of a small pair of denim shorts lying motionless in my hallway. And, just behind them, a hot-pink bra hanging from the door handle to my bedroom.

I grabbed the last of her things and reached for the door with trembling hands. I grasped the handle tightly and pushed forward, the strong scent of mixed berries caressing my nose.

And there she was, kneeling on my bed. My wife’s bed. Wearing nothing but a pair of little, pink panties. Her hands were resting on the bed, her arms crossed over hiding much of her breasts behind them.

She smiled, flashing her most innocent doe-eyed expression, though I could see the hint of devilishness that laid behind them.

“I’m having some trouble getting this last item off. Will you help me?”

I should have turned around. I should have left her things in a pile and called her a cab.

I should have shut the damn door.

But I didn’t.

I felt a harness pulling me into the room, like a siren leading a sailor to the slaughter. I dropped Ellie’s clothes and swam towards her.

When I approached her, she raised herself on her knees and ran her fingers up my arms. I raised them to gently hold her elbows.

“We shouldn’t do this.” I told her.

She pulled me in and whispered in my ear. “I know. But doesn’t that make you want to do it so much more?”

She placed her thumb on my chin and tilted my face down to meet her gaze.

“It’s okay to look.” She whispered, tilting my heard further to her exposed breasts.

They were so beautiful. Not massive, but not small by any means. Plenty to play with, with large, pinkish areolas.

“And it’s okay to touch.”

She took my hands and placed them on the back of her legs, just underneath her thighs. I couldn’t resist my hands from running up and holding the delicious meat of her perky rear.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted herself up to me. My hands held her by the ass as I hoisted her up, her legs wrapping around my waist as our mouths found each other once Brazzers again.

We shared a long, intimate kiss, and as our tongues wrestled, Ellie slowly undone my shirt, one by one, slipping her hand in to rub my chest between each button.

As she approached the lower half of my shirt, I gently placed her back down on the bed. Our tongues entwined the entire time. She popped off the final button before running her hands over the hard tent in my pants and making short work of my belt, dropping it beside the bed. My pants soon joined it.

Ellie grabbed the waistband of my briefs and gazed up at me. Smiling warmly as she bit her lip.

That look drove me wild. My cock throbbed like crazy as I stared back at her.

“I know you’ve been waiting for this as long as I have.” She cooed.

With one swift tug, my briefs had fallen and my cock sprang free. She let them slide down to my ankles and grasped the shaft of my penis, jerking it up and down with long, slow, movements.

“You think I didn’t notice you watching me all those times?”

She picked up her speed.

“You think I couldn’t tell what was on your mind every time you spoke to me?”

She tightened her grip.

“Of course I knew.”

She leaned forward and guided my cock to her mouth.

“Because I was always thinking the — Exact. Same. Thing.”

She took my aching prick in her mouth, quickly engulfing its head between her lips. She accepted it deeper until her face was bobbing halfway up and down my shaft.

I couldn’t stifle my moans of pleasure as I reached round and held on to the back of her head for support. She, in turn, grasped the base of my shaft and placed her free hand onto my hip as she slobbered and sucked up and down my cock.

Her heavenly mouth was so warm and wet. Her technique slightly sloppy, though simultaneously the best blowjob I ever had in my life.

As I adjusted to my newfound pleasure, I eyed her scrumptious, panty-clad rump and decided it was time for me to explore it.

I ran my hands down her back until they met her panties. I slipped underneath them and caressed her buttocks before sliding them over her curves and finding an already soaking little slit. I ran my fingers over it and prodded at her hole. She moaned into my groin and I took that as encouragement, so I slipped my finger inside and rhythmically worked it back and forth.

Her moans were sending me to an early finish and my cock began throbbing wildly in her mouth. We groaned in unison and I quickly withdrew from both of her crevices.

She wiped her mouth and looked at up at me.

“Get it inside me, now.”

I lurched forward with such hunger that she squealed in surprise. I fell on top of her and we shared the most intense, passionate kiss yet. I zealously pulled her panties down her thighs and discarded them somewhere across the room.

Her arms traveled up and over my neck, one hand resting firmly on my shoulder blade whilst the other ran through my hair. She parted her legs and I quickly found her entrance between them. The feeling of her wet cunt lips against the tip of my dick made it jump but it was soon enveloped by the soft walls of her tight canal.

She held me tight as I entered. The two of us groaned together as we let pleasure take over. My mind was fully clouded with lust. She wrapped her legs around me as I thrusted inside of her little cunt. It squeezed and milked me so good, bringing me new depths of joy with each thrust.

I listened carefully to the music of her moans and let them guide my pace. She asked me to go deeper and I happily obliged, though that only sent me deeper into a state of euphoria and I was beginning to fear that I wouldn’t hold out long enough.

Luckily, as that thought crossed my mind, Ellie drove her fingers into my flesh and dragged them down my back as she begged me not to stop. I made a conscious effort to continue fucking in that exact same fashion and soon after, I felt her tremble beneath me as she loudly announced she was cumming.

The look on her face was so blissful and the way she whimpered as she came down from her high was so sexy I couldn’t believe it.

It was all too much.

The aroma of musk and perfume. The feelings of her tight, wet pussy milking me for every drop of sperm I had. The sheer knowledge that she had just came on my cock. I couldn’t handle it.

I pulled out and before I could do anything else, Ellie grabbed my cock and swallowed it up inside of her mouth. I held her head and erupted inside, throbbing and spasming like crazy as I painted her gums with thick ropes of warm, salty sperm.

I groaned and grunted with each drop that left my body, which turned out to be far more than I knew I could produce at one time.

She happily drank it all down and after the most intense orgasm of my life, let my deflating dick go.

I collapsed beside her and we held each other silently, except for all the heavy breathing that took a while to subside.

I didn’t know what to say to her but in that moment, I don’t think either of us had to say anything. So we just laid with one another, still enjoying the peaceful recovery from the high of connecting together in mind, body and soul.

It was so tranquil, that I was suddenly awaking to the sound of birds outside.

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