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The Bayley’s Shots

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He’s point of Vue…

I went to a party last night with my girlfriend Karen. Karen and I have been dating for six months now. Karen is very beautiful, she has long brown hair with almond shape hazel colour eyes. She is very fun to be with and always looks to having a good time. I’m not much of party kind of guy myself but I know being with her is forcing me out of my shelf a little.

So last night we went to this party a friend of Karen was throwing. As I said, I’m not much of a party guy but I like being with Karen so I went with her. I am a little shy so I stayed most of the night in the kitchen where some people were there talking. I had a good view to the living room where Karen spent a lot of times dancing and talking with her friends.

Karen knows everyone it seems. I don’t have too many friends but I don’t mind, I much prefer spending my time alone reading in my room or playing video games. I didn’t drink much really because I don’t like alcohol. All I had really was one beer, and I didn’t like it much but drank it anyway. Well, I actually had a few shots of Bailey’s, thanks to my girlfriend lol. Throughout the night, she came to me to talk to me and encouraged me to mingle at the party more. She also kissed me every time.

Like I said, Karen is very funny and I think a little wild, anyway, at one point early in the evening, she came back in the kitchen from the hallway (I think she was in the bathroom), took the bottle of Bailey’s from the counter, poured a big mouthful of it in her mouth and then kissed me right after. Well, I thought it was a kiss, but to my surprise, she poured the Bailey’s in my mouth and kept her lips on mine so I had to swallow it. It didn’t taste good but like I said, I don’t like alcohol. She then laughed and asked me if I liked it. I said sure, even though I didn’t. Being a bit tipsy, she laughed harder and went back to dancing.

The rest of the night went pretty much the same. I stayed in the kitchen and Karen spent her time dancing, coming to see me and talking with her friends somewhere when she needed a brake from dancing. She repeated the Bailey’s shot with me a couple more times and she gave me my only beer of the night later. Then friends of hers drove us both home and that was the end of the night. Nice party, Karen is so good to me, I should go out with her more!

Her point of view…

I went to Patrick’s house yesterday. Patrick is my ex-boyfriend and he throws the best party. I went there with my current boyfriend, Eric.

Eric is a sweet guy and I enjoy spending time with him. He is a little shy but I try to open up his horizon a little. I also like to have fun in life, and sometimes I like to play little pranks on him.

Like last night after I gave Patrick a blow job in the bathroom and swallow all his cum (I love his cum so much), as a joke, Patrick dared me to go kiss Eric with his cum still on my breath. Oh yeah, Patrick is my ex but we still fuck on a regular basis. I mean I know cheating is bad and I would never allow my boyfriends to cheat on me but like I said, I like to have fun and at eighteen, samsun seks hikayeleri I still have plenty of time before I settle down and get into a more serious relationship. Anyway, I thought Patrick’s idea was pretty funny so I did it. I went to see my boyfriend and gave him a deep kiss making sure to stick my tongue as deep as I could. I thought it was pretty funny LOL.

Then I saw the bottles of alcohol on the counter, and the bottle of Bailey’s gave me a very funny idea. I went to find Brad, Patrick’s friend, grabbed his hands and pulled him with me to the bathroom. I got on my knees, took his cock out and gave him a blowjob. Oh yeah, I also fuck Brad on a regular basis, so it’s no big deal and he wasn’t surprise at all.

I’m very good at blowjobs, well I’m very good at everything sex, really, so it didn’t take long before Brad came in my mouth. But this time I did something I had never done before, I didn’t swallow! Instead, I kept his load inside my mouth and went directly to find my boyfriend Eric. When I was in the kitchen where Eric seemed happy to spend all his time, I took the bottle of Bailey’s from the counter, poured some in my mouth with the cum, and then gave my boyfriend a kiss, pushing all the mixt of cum and Bailey’s in his mouth LOL. He was surprised at first but I held his head with both my hands and kept my mouth firmly on his so he couldn’t spit it out. To my great satisfaction, I saw him swallow it, it was so funny.

I asked him if he liked it and he said yes! LOL. I’m so funny. I went back dancing but I couldn’t stop laughing. My boyfriend likes cum! Well, who am I to deny him this pleasure! I decided to do the Bailey’s shot again. This time I chose Aaron, who I also fuck on the side. I took him to the bathroom, took his cock out and gave him a blowjob. When I had his load in my mouth I repeated the same trick, I took the bottle of Bailey’s, let a little bit enter my mouth, pretending it was more, and gave my boyfriend another passionate kiss LOL. This time he was not surprise when I pushed all the hot cum inside his mouth and he didn’t even struggle before swallowing it. By the face he made though, I’m not sure he liked it that much LOL.

I went back to dancing with my friends and told them about the joke I had just pulled on my boyfriend. They all laughed so hard! Then this guy, I forgot his name, asked me if I wanted to do it again. I said he was asking me this only because he wanted to have a blowjob. He didn’t deny it. Anyway, blowjobs are fun to give and I thought my joke was so funny that I gave him a little girl look, took his hand and dragged him to the bathroom. On my way I even looked at my boyfriend in the kitchen and waved at him.

I gave this guy a good sucking and he told me how good I was. Well yeah, I know, duh! I was the one who was surprised though when he started to moan and erupted in my mouth. I had never received as much cum from anyone before, and I have given tons of blowjobs! He kept cumming and cumming, filling my mouth pretty good. When he was done, I got up, went to find my boyfriend in the kitchen, took the bottle of Bailey’s and looking Eric straight in the eyes, smiling with my lips firmly closed, put the bottle of Bailey’s to my mouth. Only this time, I just pretended to pour Bailey’s in my mouth. I had so much cum in my mouth already, I didn’t want to ruin the taste for him. Putting back the bottle on the counter, I was certain Eric was convinced I had put Bailey’s in my mouth. I slowly took his head in my hands the same way I had done the previous two times, pressed my lips to his, forced open his mouth and released all the mouthful I had inside my mouth into his. This time he struggled a little but I made sure he had no choice but to swallow it. Only when I saw and felt him gulping down all this cum, then I released him.

I asked him if he still liked it and this time he told me that I knew he didn’t like alcohol much. He asked me if I could find him a beer instead maybe? This kind of damp my fun a little. How dare he, complaining like this? He should appreciate all the attention I was giving him. I mean, I could be fucking whoever I wanted right now in any of the bedrooms of this house. Instead, I was spending all my time with him and playing with him. Well, if he wanted a beer, I would get him one. I told him I would be right back and I left.

It wasn’t hard to find an empty bottle of beer. I took one, asked Patrick and Brad to follow me, and again, I went to the bathroom. I explained what I had in mind and they all agreed. One by one, we peed in the bottle of beer, each adding one third of their own piss. For some reason I thought having a mix of three samples was funnier. Then I took the now full bottle of beer and went downstairs where I knew they had a big cooler where they kept their frozen meat after going hunting. After waiting 15 minutes for the beer to get at least cooler than hot piss, I took it and gave it to my boyfriend.

I told him it was the only one I could fine and that it was an imported beer and supposed to be really good. I know my boyfriend don’t drink so I doubted he could taste the difference. I watched him take a big gulp from the bottle (maybe to wash off the taste of cum LOL) and smiled at him. I told him to make sure to drink it all as it was expensive, then returned dancing with my friends. I told them all about what I did and we all laughed pretty hard. I kept waving at my boyfriend with the biggest smile on my face. Every time we saw him drink his beer, we couldn’t help but laughing.

This party was turning out to be pretty funny but after a while I started to get bored again, so I though one last Bailey’s shot would end this night pretty well. I went to find two of our school’s basketball players and told them I wanted to suck them both at the same time. I never had sex with a black guy before and always wanted to. Not surprisingly they were both very happy and accepted my offer. As I was sucking them, I asked them if they would fuck me later and they both agreed. They asked if it was ok if a couple of their friends could join us. I never had sex with more than two guys at the time so the idea of a gangbang really excited me. I told them yes but with one condition. I told them that I wanted both of them to cum in my mouth so that I could give it to my boyfriend after. They were confused by my request and also by the fact that I had a boyfriend. They asked me if my boyfriend was some kind of a sissy and if he asked me to do that? I told them no, that this was just a joke and my boyfriend didn’t know that I was feeding him cum. I explained that I just pretend that it was Bailey’s and he just don’t know any better and gulps anything I push in his mouth. I told them I had already done it 3 times tonight. They said I was nasty and laughed and agreed to do it.

I waited on my knees, mouth open, while both of them jerked their cocks. Beautiful big black cocks. Almost at the same time, they both ejaculated in my waiting mouth. For the second time of the night, I was surprised with the amount of cum each gave me. They completely filled my mouth, and I know I have a big mouth.

Once they were done, I went to the kitchen to find my boyfriend. Before I gave him my special treatment, I turned towards the living room where my friends were dancing and opened my mouth to show them what was inside. They all laughed and applauded me. Then I turned back, didn’t even bother with the bottle of Bailey’s, took my boyfriend’s head with my hands, tilted his back as I stood on my toes so that my mouth was just above my boyfriend’s mouth and pressed my lips to his. I wanted him to open his mouth so that I could slowly poured the cum inside. I made some noise and with my fingers, opened his mouth, trying to communicate with my eyes what I wanted him to do. To my satisfaction, he seemed to understand, and when I was sure his mouth would remain open, I slowly opened mine, letting a river of cum fall right into his mouth. I saw his eyes go wide but I firmly maintained his head in place with my hands. Once all the cum was in his mouth, I forced him to close his mouth and ordered him to swallow. He shook his head but I begged him to swallow, saying Come(Cum)-on baby, it’s good for you, I promise. This is a party remember? With pure joy and satisfaction, I saw him swallow everything. I think it took him two gulps to swallow everything. He asked me what it was and I told him just some cream I found. I told him that it was my favorite drink and just wanted to share it with him.

I was so happy with myself that I was no longer mad at him. I gave him a passionate kiss and asked him if he was ready to leave. He said yes and I told him to wait just one moment so that I could get our ride home. I came back with my two new black friends and explained to my boyfriend that they offered to drive us both homes. They would drop him off first and then drop me next at my house.

When we arrived at my boyfriend’s home I kissed him one last time, told him that I would call him tomorrow and we left. I know my boyfriend thought we were going to my house next so that I could go home and go to sleep but I was to happy and horny for that, instead we were going to one of the guy’s houses, where an unknown amount of his friends, black friends, were waiting for me and gangbang me for all the rest of the night.

But that is a story for another time…

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