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The Best Christmas Present Ever

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All characters are above the age of 18 unless otherwise specified.


The front door slammed shut and I was cut off from the bitter early-November chill. My eyes immediately darted to the clock on the kitchen wall. Half an hour till Mom got back from work. That was more than enough time.

Life as a high-school senior was tough enough without the incessant horniness that comes along with being a teenage male. I was stressed out all the time about classes, how I did on midterms, trying to maintain some form of social life, and of course college applications. Then of course I feel like I’ve got to jerk off every day, and that takes time out of my day, which just leaves me more stressed.

I had actually read a study a while ago that people should masturbate three times a day to mitigate stress levels and maximize relaxation and subsequent productivity. I had no clue if it was true, but if God came down and asked me why I “sinned” into tissues so much, that was going to be my answer.

It didn’t help that I was still a virgin. I had a girlfriend, Jenny, for over six months during sophomore year, and thought she might have been the real deal. We kissed and got to second base, but nothing further under a supposedly mutual agreement to take things slow. Then of course half the school saw her blowing a wide receiver under the stairs, and that relationship was over.

I didn’t feel the urge to date for a while after that, which probably tanked my chances. I was reasonably intelligent and considered myself rather charming and polite. I wasn’t George Clooney or anything, but I thought I was a pretty attractive guy too.

My brown hair was very fine and soft, cut short on the sides, fading up to longer at the top. I was a tad over 5’10”, and about 160 lbs. A decent amount of that was muscle, after dad convinced me working out would take my mind off Jenny. I only went sparingly now, but enough to not be ashamed at pool parties at least. Now that I regularly shaved my patchy neck/chin beard, people could actually see my chiseled jaw line, and my small nose and big green eyes capped off my pleasant, albeit somewhat plain appearance.

But of course by the time I was ready for dating again, all of the pretty or smart girls were taken, and I wasn’t left with much. Since then, there had been a couple fleeting things, but nothing serious. It was just me and my hand for now.

But whatever. I couldn’t worry about dating or relationships right now. I bolted up to my room. My backpack and pants dropped to the floor, I grabbed my ipad, and lay down in bed.

I didn’t have the time or patience for anything super satisfying today, so just a quick wank, as the Brits would say. I always liked that term. It sounds so cheeky almost, and very apropos to the act itself.

I quickly found a compilation video of blowjobs and started jerking off. I always loved the idea of blowjobs (and eating pussy too for that matter), perhaps even more than actual sex. Knowing that your partner wanted to please you that much and completely fulfill your desires with their mouth and tongue was incredible. Plus, you could look right down at the girl and see her staring right back up at you.

It didn’t take long for me to come close to a climax. I wasn’t trying to hold back after all. Most of the girls in the video were swallowing, which was admittedly hot. I, however, preferred facials. It just seemed so much hotter for a girl to wear the evidence of her hard work.

My dick was leaking pre-cum out, and I rubbed it into my shaft, making my hand slide faster. I felt my shaft throb and my muscles begin to tighten. I watched as another pornstar, a pretty asian girl with long black hair, opened her mouth to show the load of cum resting on her tongue.

The video switched to a different scene, and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head.

The guy was standing up, the girl down on her knees in front of him. The angle of the camera was positioned so you were looking right down on the girl from atop, granting a great view of her face and backside. She had the guy’s whole length in her mouth and was using her hands on his butt to pull him further into her. The most perfect pair of plump red blowjob lips were wrapped around the very base of the dude’s cock.

Adorning the rest of her face was a small button nose, soft and rosy cheeks, and the most cute and innocent looking expression you could imagine. The glint of a nose stud and a tattoo of a flock of birds on her shoulder blade stood out on her otherwise flawless skin. Long, straight locks of natural light-blonde hair framed her face, tapering to an end below her shoulders. A pair of big, dazzling blue eyes stared back into the camera, right at me. The girl was my sister Jessica.

Jess was 3 years older than me, 21 now. She was a great big sister, a babysitter, friend, and role model bundled into one. Jess was always the good girl, never getting into trouble at school or hanging out with bad kids. She wasn’t ever at the top of her class, but she demetevler escoırt worked harder than everyone else, and was universally respected and well-liked because of it.

So you could imagine the utter shock when I saw her in that video staring back at me. It was a professional video, not something amateur or homemade. My big sis was an actual pornstar. How could she not have told me? Or Mom or Dad?

Those questions would have to wait for later. My finger immediately moved to close the tab, but I hesitated. My finger hovered over the button, seemingly unable to move.

“Why aren’t you closing the tab?” I asked myself. “Why are you still watching the video? Why are you harder than you were before?”

I couldn’t explain it. But watching Jess masterfully bob her head over that cock and lick the rod up and down with her tongue made me harder and more turned on than I could ever recall.

My sister was undeniably downright beautiful, and sure I had checked her tight butt out once or twice, but I hadn’t ever really thought of her like this. So why was I doing it now?

I didn’t have an answer. All I knew was that my hand was flying over my cock, stroking and squeezing it like it would be the last time I ever masturbated.

My heart pounded in my chest, pumping all the blood in my body to my erect cock. Jess took the guy’s cock out of her mouth and stroked it vigorously, just as I was doing to my own.

“Come on, gimme that hot load,” she purred to the camera.

“Just cover me in that warm cum. Paint my face!”

Another stroke from her hands, and she was rewarded for her hard work. Spurts of jizz came flying out onto Jess’ beautiful face. Her blue eyes stared right back at me the whole time, while her gorgeous face became streaked with ropes of pearly white cum.

It was too much for me. I grunted very loudly, and shot my load over my thighs and sheets. It just kept on coming. I hadn’t jerked off that well in a very long time. And it was Jess that gave it to me. Oh god, I was such a terrible person.

20 minutes ago Jess was the perfect big sister to me, one of the three people I held closest to my heart. Now, all I could think about was fucking her and looking down at that pretty face as she sucked my cock.


I tried to dismiss the incident as a one-time thing. Something uncontrollable and certainly not to be repeated.

Well, it worked about as well as a crack addict saying he’s vlean for good while living in a home made of crack, like some sort of fucked-up gingerbread house.

It didn’t take me long at all to find out Jess’ stage name. Preliminary research suggested that she had only done a few scenes, all within the past few weeks. What I should have been thinking was why my sister would suddenly start doing porn without telling us. What I actually was thinking about was how much more content I now had available to me.

So despite my inner grievances, I kept going back to Jess’ videos whenever I jerked off. I couldn’t stop myself. I felt more turned on than ever before. She was in my thoughts all the time, her small perky tits, her sultry lips, that little patch of neatly-trimmed blonde hair above her pink pussy.

We talked on the phone a couple of times over the next few weeks. Jess wouldn’t be coming back home for Thanksgiving, but she would for Christmas. I had no idea what I would do then.

I reasoned with myself. I couldn’t do anything. This was just a fantasy that I had to keep to myself. It could be my own dirty little secret. That’s what it would have to be.


Final exam season came, and my mind was devoid of thoughts about Jess for a while. I was feeling pretty confident receiving my scores back too. College applications would certainly be less stressful now.

Jess got back home on the 19th, almost a week before Christmas. Mom and I were meeting Dad and Jess at a nice restaurant after he picked her up, to cap off winter vacation with a good family meal.

As Jess walked through the door, my eyes trailed over her body. Small black heels added another two or three inches on her 5’4″ frame. She looked slimmer than last time I had seen her in person. I wondered if it was because of how much she was now in front of the camera. Her makeup was done immaculately, and her usually straight blonde hair was wavier than usual. It also looked like she had put in some light brown streaks near the bottom.

Jess’ dress came down to above her knees, but was quite tight. It hugged her small B-cup boobs very nicely, with just a hint of cleavage showing. As she strode over to us, I could see it ride up a little. I imagined pulling it all the way up myself, then bending her over one of the tables…

Dad and Jess got to our table. Immediately she came in for a hug.

“Oh god, Zach, it’s been too long. I’m glad to finally see you again.”

I had to keep my hips away from her so as to not alert Jess to the boner I was sporting.

She pulled back and rus escort gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah same. Seems like forever.”

Or yesterday. More specifically, seeing her lying down on a bed with a guy ramming his dick down her throat. But I didn’t want to give Mom a heart attack, so I refrained from mentioning that part.

“You’re definitely looking fitter than the last time I saw you.”

“Well, you can thank Dad for that. He’s kept motivating me to work out. Something tells me he and Mom just want me out of the house and away from them more often!”

“What? Never!” Dad replied.

“Even if you guys did, I think it’s good they’re getting some alone time. We all do have our own lives and secrets after all,” Jess said.

I obviously knew what she was referring to. Something told me she was going to confess about the whole pornstar thing. She couldn’t keep it under wraps for much longer. I just hoped she didn’t do it right now, in public. Mom and Dad weren’t particularly conservative, but still. No parent wants to hear their kid is doing porn, so it was anybody’s guess how they might react.

Luckily, Mom shifted the subject to talking about the end of Jess’ semester. Dinner came, and we all ate too much. I drove home, considering the rest of them had been drinking wine as we chatted. Downside to being the only family member below legal drinking age.

Mom and Dad immediately went to bed, and I helped bring Jess’ luggage up to her room. She came in after me, carrying her heels in one hand.

Jess collapsed back down on the bed.

“It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve been in this room, but it’s only been a few months.”

“Is college just that stressful? Come on, sis, you’re freaking me out.”

She chuckled. “It can be. You don’t ever think about how much money it actually costs to live when suddenly you’re not at home anymore, you know?”

Well that gave me a bit of a clue to go on. Perhaps she started because she needed extra money. I don’t understand why she couldn’t have just asked for help. We weren’t affluent by any means, but comfortably middle class.

“Yeah, I gotcha. You know we’re always here for you if you do ever get stressed.”

Jess turned her head to look at me. “Thanks.” A big smile crept across her face. “I do need you here right now though.”

“What’s up?”

“Can you unzip me?”

Jess turned over onto her stomach, exposing the back zipper to me. I swallowed my saliva, and tried to keep my erection down. I leaned over the bed, and brushed Jess’ hair out of the way. She let out a contented sigh as my fingers touched her neck.

I gripped the zipper and pulled it down. The back of Jess’ dress opened. The zipper went down all the way to the bottom of Jess’ back before ending. I could see the tops of her black panties.

“Control yourself, man!” I shouted to myself. I backed away and gulped again.

“Oh Zach? One more thing? Pretty please?”

“What do you want? I’m going to start charging if you keep using me as a slave.” I tried cracking a joke to break the noticeably charged atmosphere of the dark room.

“Could you start running the bath? I’m going to hop in for a quick soak.”

“Um… sure.”

Oh god, now my sister would be naked under the same roof as me. I don’t know why I was so stunned; I couldn’t have reasonably believed she would go without showering or changing during her whole stay. But still, now it was a definite reality.

I popped out of her room. The bathroom was just at the end of the hall. My bedroom was on the other end of the hall, so all three rooms were in quite close proximity. I went to the bathroom, ran the water, and adjusted the temperature to just what I remembered she liked. When the tub was full, I moved back to her room and knocked on the door.

“Water’s ready.”

“Thank you so much, Zach. You’re the best little brother ever.”

I wasn’t too sure she would say that if she knew how badly I wanted to fuck her, or at least see her naked.

“I try. I’m heading off to bed. If you need anything else, let me know.”

“I will. I love you, Zach.”

“Love you too, Jess.”

I meant it in every sense of the word.

I retired to my room, but kept the door slightly cracked. In pitch darkness, I could peer out into the hallway, illuminated by the light from the bathroom.

Sure enough, a minute later, Jess came out of her room. She was completely naked, taking the pins out of her blonde hair. Sadly, she was facing away from me.

Nonetheless, I could very clearly make out the profile of her whole body, her slim waist, and the shape of her tight butt, with the dark crack leading down to the hidden treasures below. I squinted and looked as hard as I could between her legs. I thought I saw the faintest trace of her juicy pussy lips, illuminated in profile by the bathroom light in front of her.

Jess made it to the lighted bathroom, letting me see her backside more clearly. God, her little butt batıkent escort was so cute. I was dying to bury my head between it.

Out of nowhere, Jess’ head turned, looking almost directly at my position. I scurried away from the crack in my door. Surely she couldn’t have seen anything. It was too dark. My heart was still racing though. I dropped back onto my bed and coaxed another big load out, thinking of my big sis sitting in the hot water, running her hands over her wet and slippery body.


The next couple of days passed without incident. We got to the 22nd, and Mom decided we should head out of the house that night.

“I saw the notice posted on my way back from shopping. There’s outdoor ice skating downtown. I really want to do it,” she pleaded with my Dad, which of course meant that we were going to.

I had no complaints. I liked skating and wasn’t averse to the cold at all. I wasn’t an expert skater, but I went a few times a year, enough to keep me sharp and able to show off a few moves to any cute girls.

In this case, that cute girl happened to be Jess. She very rarely did any extended winter activities, and was bundled up as if she were going to hike in the mountains of Sweden for a month. She was wearing a huge purple parka with a fur lining and hood (and a sweatshirt on underneath that), blue jeans over top of wool leggings, two pairs of socks, very thick mittens, and she was still shivering. Only a little bit of her face peeked out from the puffy coat, but her cheeks were bright red. It made her look even prettier. God, I needed to stop this.

Mom and Dad strolled together at a leisurely pace, enjoying the lights that were set up around the frozen rink. It was right downtown, so we could see people walking past, briskly hurrying to the warmth and comfort of a nearby shop.

Jess had a hot chocolate in one hand, and was gripping onto the rail in a death grip with her other. She almost never skated, and so was understandably hesitant.

I skated over and stopped right in front of her, snowing the front of her jeans.

“Hey, you jackass!” She shouted.

I laughed. “Catch me if you can.”

I began skating backwards slowly, enticing Jess to chase after me. She began picking up her pace, awkwardly stepping forward and trying to keep her balance.

“Come on, I know you can go faster than that,” I teased.

Jess looked right back at me with those baby blue eyes and ran faster. She always was competitive.

Before I knew what was happening, those blue eyes got big. Really big. A cup of hot chocolate was flying in the air towards me. Arms flailed, and Jess screamed out. She had caught an edge, and ended up falling straight down onto the hard ice.

“Oh shit, Jess, are you okay?” I asked, immediately coming to her side.

She was wincing, the pain obvious. “Yeah. Well no. I landed right on my ass. It hurts like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah, probably,” she answered through gritted teeth. Tears began to well in the sides of her eyes, but she blinked them away, trying to maintain a strong persona. “It just hurts.”

“Alright, well let’s get you off the ice,” I said.

Mom and Dad skated up next to us.

“Quite the fall Jess. You do know you’re supposed to stay on your skates, right?”

“Oh shut up, Dad.”

“Looks like her pride is bruised more than she is.” I answered the look of slight concern on my mother’s face. “But we had best call it a night.”

“Well, it was getting pretty chilly anyway,” Mom said.

“Do you need me to carry you Jess?”

She chuckled. “No! I’m perfectly fine on my own thank you.”

Jess stood up on her own. She took one step forward, and immediately slipped. She landed down on her butt again.

“On second thought, you might need to help me over.”


Mom had made an ice pack for Jess’ butt and given her some Tylenol. We still had a while before it was late, so we watched Die Hard. It had become a family Christmas tradition for us for at least the past five years.

Mom and Dad fell asleep in each other’s arms on the couch. When the movie finished, it was just Jess and I.

“Well, I guess I’m going to bed,” Jess said. She stood up from her chair and grimaced in pain.

“Still hurts?”

“Oh yeah. My butt is permanently damaged now,” she bemoaned. Jess walked up stairs, presumably back to her room.

I turned off the TV, got changed into my sleep attire of t-shirt and pajama pants, and brushed my teeth. I was going to go back to my room when I heard someone call out.

“Hey, Zach! Can you come here please?”

It was coming from Jess’ room. I eagerly scurried and pushed open the partially ajar door.

I certainly wasn’t expecting the greeting I got. Jess was lying on her stomach on her bed. Her legs were spread apart, and she was resting her head on top of her hands.

“I need a favor.”

But I was more shocked by what she was wearing. Jess had on a thick sweatshirt, protecting against the cold. But that seemed to be the only meaningful item of clothing she had on. Adorning her bottom was only a pair of white lace panties, which did not cover up much of her perfect apple butt. God, it looked so much better in person than it did in her videos.

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