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The Bet

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Double Penetration

Amy and Matt were watching a hockey game one night. They decided to make it more interesting by placing a little wager on the outcome. If Amy’s team won, she would be Matt’s sex slave for 24 hours. If Matt’s team won, he would have to be her slave. Their anticipation mounted as the final seconds ticked off the play clock.

The final buzzer sounded and Matt turned to Amy with a devilish grin on his face, “Looks as if I own you now slave girl.”

Amy smiled back playfully, “What will you have me do for you, Master?”

“Not now, your servitude starts Saturday morning,” explained Matt.

The next two days seemed to drag on for both of them.

Friday night, as they lay in bed, Matt leaned over and whispered softly, “Get plenty of rest slave girl, you’ll need all your strength tomorrow.” He kissed her on the forehead and rolled over.

Amy laid there; her mind racing wondering what he may have in mind. Her mind turned out several scenarios which were making her very wet. The more she thought about being dominated and giving herself completely to him, the more her groin ached for his touch. She couldn’t stand it any longer; she reached under the comforter and started to rub Matt’s soft cock. As it started to grow, Matt stirred.

“What are you doing?” Matt whispered in a sleepy tone.

“Why wait till tomorrow?” Amy giggled.

“Stop!” Matt demanded, “You have to wait, now go to sleep.”

Amy pulled her hand off of his cock and rolled over. She was wondering how she was going to get any sleep being as horny as she was. She couldn’t stop the images in her head. She looked at the clock. It was 1:00am, technically it was Saturday, so what was Matt waiting for.

She couldn’t take it any more. Once she heard Matt’s soft snoring, letting her know that he was asleep, her hand moved down her body. Her hand reached her swollen clit and her body quivered as she touched it. She started to rub her juices up over her clit. She pushed her fingers deep inside her and felt the throbbing within as she softly moaned, feeling herself about to cum. All of a sudden Matt rolled over, startling her. She quickly pulled her hand away.

“What are you doing?” Matt demanded in a tone that Amy had not heard before.

“Nothing,” she whispered trying not to let her breathing give her away.

“Don’t lie to me,” he said sternly, “You were rubbing your pussy, weren’t you.” He moved his hand over to touch her wet cunt. “Answer me,” he yelled.

“Yeah, so what, you weren’t giving me any,” she fired back at him.

“Slaves are not aloud to do anything without their Master’s orders, do you understand?” he stated firmly.

She thought to herself, “I guess we are playing the game now.” “Yes, Master,” she said seductively.

“Your not getting off that easily, you are proving to be a most misbehaved slave. Now, turn over.” He directed as he switched on the lamp.

“What?” she asked in disbelief.

“Don’t fucking question your Master. Now, turn over.” He demanded in a tone so firm that Amy was confused just who this person was in front of her.

She did as he ordered and rolled over on to her stomach. Matt came up beside her and yanked the comforter off of her, exposing her nude body laid out before him.

“Get on all fours,” he ordered, “Now!”

Amy did as she was told. The moonlight through the curtains cast a light blue glow across her bare ass. As she tried to turn her head to see what he was doing, he grabbed her head and forced it back so she was facing forward. The first strike on her bare ass made her jump. The next smack stung and she cried out. This did not stop his punishment for her disobedience. Before she could prepare herself for the next blow, it arrived, this time harder. Her cries grew louder as the assault upon her now bright red ass was becoming more frequent and still harder. After 10 spanks, Matt ordered her to lie flat on her stomach. She didn’t hesitate. He went to the dresser, she heard some rattling. After what felt like an eternity, he returned to her side. He got on top of her and straddled her back. He pulled her hands behind her back and put cuffs on them.

“Now, let’s see you rub that pussy,” he laughed, “Go to sleep and remember who is in control.” He climbed back into bed next to her and turned off the light.

“Yes, Master,” she replied in a timid tone.

Amy laid there very confused about how this game was to be played. Her ass was throbbing and her cunt was wetter that it had ever been before. After being tormented by images and desire, she finally dozed off.

“Get up, slave,” he shouted as he switched on the light bringing the dark room to instant brightness.

Amy glanced at the clock; it was only 7:00am, why was he waking her up so early, she thought to herself.

“I said get up, are you disobeying again?” he questioned in that authoritative tone he had used with her earlier.

“No Master, but are you going to take these cuffs off now?” she asked.

He masturbasyon porno didn’t answer her, just reached for the cuffs and unlocked them. He told her to use the bathroom if she needed to. When she returned to the bedroom, he ordered her back to the bathroom to run a bath for him. Amy did as she was told and as the tub was filling he entered the bathroom. He stepped into the tub and settled into the warm water. He commanded her to wash his back. She reached for the sponge and knelt next to the tub, the cold porcelain pressing against her bare stomach. She washed his back and chest. He lifted his legs one by one out of the tub so she could wash them. She noticed that the treatment he was receiving was exciting him. He rose up on his knees so that she could wash his swollen cock. As she rubbed the lathered sponge up and down the length of his cock he grew harder and harder. She took a cup of the warm bath water and poured it over his soapy manhood to rinse him clean. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face down to meet his stiffness. She started to lick the top of his dick.

“Suck it,” he ordered and pulled her head closer to his cock.

She took him into her mouth and moved him in and out as he directed with his hand behind her head. She could hear his moans of passion that were escaping his lips. As his orgasm mounted, his body began to quiver. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his juices onto her ample breasts. Amy was so wet; her pussy was aching to be touched, to receive the same treatment she had given him. When he was done he reached down between her legs, feeling the moisture.

“My little slave’s pussy is so wet, do you want me to lick your pussy?” Matt asked in a more lightened tone.

“Oh yes, Master, my pussy aches for your touch,” she pleaded.

“Well, you have been a good girl but I am not ready to reward you yet,” he teased, “maybe later.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied in a disappointed tone.

He ordered her to go down and make him breakfast. She went toward the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” Matt questioned.

“I was going to get dressed,” she answered.

“Did I tell you to get dressed?” he asked firmly.

“No, but…” she started to reply.

“But what, you disobeyed me,” he yelled. He rose out of the tub and told Amy to hand him a towel. He wrapped the towel around himself and grabbed her arm. He pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her down so that she was bent over the bed. Her ass was once again at the mercy of her Master.

As Amy braced herself for Matt’s forceful hand, he reached under the bed and retrieved a riding crop. He brought the leather crop down onto her ass several times, each time she moaned with pain and pleasure. He then ordered her to go down and make breakfast. She prepared his favorite breakfast. There was something about cooking in the nude that was both weird and exciting at the same time. She called Matt down to breakfast. He came down in a very sexy pair of satin boxers. She hadn’t seen the boxers since she purchased them for him 4 years prior. He looked great; she wanted him so bad. She longed to have him in her, filling her. They ate in silence. She was afraid to speak to him unless he instructed her to; her ass was still on fire. They finished eating and he got up from the table instructing her to clean up.

She finished washing the dishes and was wiping off the table when Matt came back in the room.

He came up behind her, she tried to turn to face him but he told her to face forward. He grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the table. With his other hand he removed his boxers. Her anticipation was growing; finally she was going to be rewarded. He ran his hand up her inner thigh and over her clit. She felt like she was going to explode. She bucked back toward his erect cock. He smacked her on the ass and told her to stand still or she would get nothing. She did as she was ordered to do. Matt’s hand made its way to her wet, slippery lips. He got his finger covered in her juices and moved toward her asshole. When he pushed against her tight hole, she cringed and tightened up her ass. Matt let go of her hair and gave her ass a hard smack, instructing her to stay relaxed. Once again he lubed up his finger and pushed against her asshole. This time he started to enter her. She cried out from the pain. She had never let him go near her asshole before. She was worried about the pain. She was right about the pain to a point. While it hurt as he entered her, it was also turning her on. He wrapped his other hand in her hair again and each time he pushed deeper into her forbidden area, he would pull her hair. A few times she tried to pull away from his intrusion, but he would smack her ass and order her to be still. He finally had made his way all the way into her. He reached down and as he stood up she felt something cold pouring down the crack of her ass to meet his finger. He pulled his finger out a bit and rubbed the liquid mature porno onto his finger. Then he pushed back into her. The smell of baby oil in the air gave evidence to the cold liquid. Each time he would pull out he would add more oil and enter again. The pain was gone but the longing to have him in her was stronger than ever. She could hear his breathing changing; she knew that he was beating off as he fingered her ass. The closer he got to his climax the faster he fingered her ass. Just as he announced he was going to cum he pushed his finger deep inside of her and shot his hot cum all over her ass. He removed his finger from her slowly and rubbed his load over her ass with his cock. He told her to go take a shower. She walked slowly up the stairs, as her ass was still sore from the violation.

She got in the shower and started to wash off. Matt entered the bathroom and pulled open the shower curtain. He sat down on the toilet to watch her. She loved to turn him on by having him watch her masturbate. She started to rub soap on her pussy and massage her clit. He told her to stop that only he was aloud to touch her pussy. Then he pulled out a camera and started taking pictures of her.

“Don’t take pictures, Matt, you know I hate the way my body looks,” she snapped.

“What did you say to me,” he demanded.

“I-I mean, please Master don’t take my picture,” she restated.

“You do not decide what is done or not done, do you understand?” he lectured.

“Yes, Master,” she replied quietly.

“Now for your punishment, turn off the water and step up onto the side of the tub,” he instructed calmly.

He told her to turn and face the wall, reach up and grab the curtain rod, and spread her legs wide. She slowly did, as she was told, she knew that she was in for more spankings due to her being insubordinate. When Matt left the room, she was confused. When he didn’t quickly return she started wondering what this was all about. Was this her punishment? Time passed and she was getting tired of standing like this. Finally after what felt like an hour, she called out to him. There was no answer and she called out again, promising to be good. This time he came up behind her and she clenched her ass checks and braced for her beating. The first sting of the riding crop took her by surprise and she cried out loud. This time he didn’t just smack her ass; he smacked the backs of her thighs and her back. He used the crop to reach between her legs and smack her pussy. The feeling sent shivers through her whole body. He smacked her pussy a few more times making her extremely wet and increasing her moans. He smacked her hard nipples. This was bringing her closer and closer to her long awaited orgasm. Then he stopped and told her to stay just the way she was. Once again, he left the room. Amy didn’t know how much more she could take. She was so close to cumming that she felt if anything touched her clit right now she would explode.

But where was Matt now and how much longer would she have to stay like this? After about another half an hour Matt returned. He ordered her to get down and go downstairs. Amy did as instructed and went to the living room. Matt had opened all of the blinds in the house. When Amy noticed she wondered, why? But she made herself comfortable on the sofa and started to watch television. A few moments later Matt entered the living room wearing shorts.

“Go make lunch, ” he dictated.

“But the windows are open,” Amy argued, “and I am naked!”

“I know that. You are a nasty little girl who likes the thought of people watching, well, now they can.” Matt explained. “Now get lunch or your punishment will be even more serve. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” her heart was pounding. She looked down at her naked body and swore she could see her heart beating through her pale skin. She walked slowly into the kitchen trying not to be visible. It was hard because Matt had opened the blinds and the windows. It was 1:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday in May. Everyone was outside. Amy prayed that everyone was too busy to notice, though the thought of being watched did excite her a great deal. She fixed lunch taking special care as not to be noticed by the outside world. She called Matt to come and eat. Once more they ate in silence. She sat with her back toward the window. When lunch was over Matt ordered her to clean up and come into the living room when she was done.

She did as instructed and when she went to sit down on the sofa, Matt told her to sit on the floor. He put his feet in her lap and demanded a foot massage which she did with much care and tenderness? She was guided by Matt’s approving moans. She gently took his toes into to her mouth. Tending to each toe with care, not forgetting to massage between his toes with her tongue just the way she liked it. She loved to turn him on and was hoping that she would do a good job and he would reward her with her long awaited orgasm. When she was done, he told her milf porno to lie down on the floor. Amy filled with excitement and quickly lay back on the floor and looked longingly into Matt’s eyes. He instructed her to spread her legs open, wide. She enjoyed the smile, which appeared on his face, as she slowly let her legs fall open.

“Now rub your clit,” he said as he began to slowly unbutton his shorts.

She started to rub her already swollen clit, as the juices leaked from her pussy she would wipe it up and smear it over her button. Matt’s cock was rock hard in his hand and he was stroking it firmly as he watched her getting herself off. Her rhythm picked up as she rubbed her slit faster and faster. Her moans and movement indicated to Matt that she was about to cum.

“Stop!” he yelled which startled her. She quickly stopped and opened her eyes to see what was wrong. He was still masturbating.

“You’re not permitted to cum yet,” he stated in a very matter of fact tone, “go sit with your back against the sofa.”

Reluctantly, she rose from the floor and positioned herself, leaning back against the sofa. She was so disappointed; she was so close to cumming. Her pussy ached. He was serious; he was not going to let her cum today. “I am going to go crazy,” she thought to herself.

Matt came over and positioned himself in front of her. He pulled a small bottle of baby oil out of the pocket of his discarded shorts. It dripped it slowly onto her tits. It was cold and she twitched as each drop hit and then rolled toward her nipples. He took his cock and rubbed the oil all over her breasts. He told her to push her tits together. She obeyed and he entered her cleavage. He pumped his hard dick up and down in her oiled crevice. His groaning indicated to her that he was about to peak. He pulled his dick out and squirted his fluids all over her oily tits. He leaned forward and kissed her softly on her forehead. Matt informed her that it was time to take a shower and clean the oil off. He took her hand and led her up the stairs. She ran the water and started the shower. Amy cleaned her Master and then cleaned herself. She got out of the shower and retrieved a towel to offer her Master. Matt smiled. She knew that she had pleased him. She dried him off and he left the room. She hurried and dried herself and then went looking for him.

He was waiting for her in the bedroom. He told her that since she had been such a good girl that she could put on some panties and he left the room again. She went to the dresser, picked out a sexy pair of red panties and put them on. She went downstairs looking for him. She found him in the living room. He smiled as she entered the room. She loved when he looked at her like that. She knew that she turned him on and she loved it. She stood still for a moment then slowly turned full circle so he could see all of her. He lowered his eyes and told her to get started on the housework. She stared at him a moment, her mind racing. If she was his sex slave why was he so bent on her doing housework. Why not more sex. When was he going to let her get off? She snapped out of it when he cleared his throat.

“Yes, Master,” she replied a tone of disappointment in her voice and headed for the bathroom. She swept and mopped the floor. She cleaned the toilet and straightened up the sink. As she was putting the toothpaste into the cabinet, she knocked a bottle of aspirin out and unto the floor.

“What was that,” Matt called.

“I dropped a bottle, it’s okay,” she replied.

“Come here,” he demanded.

She walked into the living room wondering why he wanted to see her.

“Get over here, now,” his tone this time was stronger.

She obeyed. When she reached him, her was a little startled. He actually looked mad.

“Pull down those panties.”

“Are you kidding?” she questioned.

“Don’t question me, now, get those panties down,” he ordered.

She did as he told her. He grabbed her arm and bent her over his knee. She was shocked; it was just a bottle, an accident. Why was he so mad? He smacked her bare ass several times, each time harder than the time before. Each time his hand came down on her she jerked and his grip on her arm got tighter. Then the smack got harder.

“Next time you will be more careful, won’t you?” he questioned.

“Yes, Master,” she answered softly.

He let go of her arm and told her to get up and pull up her panties. He ordered her back to work. She went back to the bathroom and rubbed her sore ass. The ass beatings were getting more painful, yet strangely it was still turning her on. She reached between her legs and felt how wet her pussy was again. She closed the door, sat down on the toilet and began to furiously rub her clit. She was just about to get the relief she had longed for all day. The door suddenly opened. There was Matt looking pissed. She quickly pulled her wet hand out of her panties and stood up.

“You just don’t learn, do you?” he questioned in a tone that actually frightened her.

She could feel her face growing hotter. He does know this is just a game, doesn’t he?

“Get the hell out of here and get your ass up those stairs, now!” he screamed, ” Get the panties off and wait for me on the bed. You have been really bad this time.”

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