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The Big Girl Pt. 02 Ch. 00

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I wrote this before the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage came out, so don’t get your knickers in a twist over it.

This piece may seem Tracy-centric, but she’s an important character, because both Brent and Sarah love her for their own reasons.


A Prelude

Times change, people grow, life goes on. So it goes for our hero and heroines. They’ve become a family, and started a family.

This offering isn’t so much a part of the story, consider it a lead in, and an explanation of where I think the characters are headed.

This morning

“Tell me you love me…” She said softly, running her hand lightly over my back.

“With all my heart and soul.” I whispered, laying my hand on her tummy, caressing the soft gentle swell of it.

“Tell me you love me…” She said, sliding over so her body pressed against me, the full, firm mound of her breast rubbing against my side.

“Till my last breath…and even after that.” I said, laying my hand on her back, running it down over the tight, muscular globe of her ass.

“Tell me you love me…” They said, smiling at each other over me.

That’s how my days usually start, and how they usually end…I am a lucky man.


Two years earlier.

“God, I still can’t believe this thing came out of me…” Tracy said in an awestruck whisper as she leaned over the bassinet holding our daughter.

“I can.” Sarah laughed laying little Martha in the bassinet with her sisters. “And she’s not a thing, she’s our daughter. I don’t see what you’re whining about, she’s beautiful.”

“I’m not whining, I just can’t believe that she grew inside me, and just laid there like a lump for almost nine months.” Tracy laughed, stepping back and turning to face me. “That’s all she does now too.”

“You’re lucky, you only got one.” Sarah laughed. “I got three.”

“Be honest with me studly.” Tracy said, looking over at me. “Do you still want to fuck me, as fat as I am?”

“As soon as you think you’re up for it, yeah.” I said, handing Beth to Sarah and going over to her. “And you’re not fat, neither of you are.”

“Note to self…” Sarah muttered. “Make sure he gets something extra special for that one…”

“You are as beautiful as the day I met you.” I told her, putting my arms around her waist and burying my face between her tits. “You barely put on twenty pounds with Rosie, and you’ve already lost most of it.”

“Yeah…but look at these things!” She groaned, pushing me away and cupping her tits, bouncing them in her hands. “They’re freekin’ huge! They’re never gonna be the same. I’m gonna be all…”

“I don’t care.” I mumbled, leaning forward, taking a nipple in my mouth and sucking on it. I moaned as a spurt of warm milk washed across my tongue…

“You better care, asshole.” She said softly, her hand coming up, resting on the back of my head, holding me to her.

I didn’t answer. I was too busy nursing on her tit. I moved over to the other one, sucking it hungrily while my fingers pinched and twisted the nipple I’d just left.

“Oh god.” She moaned, pulling me tighter against her. “Please stop…you’re making me want to fuck…”

“I don’t know what you’re waiting for.” Sarah said, laying Beth in the bassinet. “He started doing me two weeks after Beth, Martha, and Tracy Lynn were born. I was already going crazy without it.”

“I’m going crazy too!” Tracy said, pushing me away. There was a hungry look in her eyes when I looked up at her. “But I still hurt, and the doctor says I need to give it some time.”

“Well, I’m gonna get me some lovin’.” Sarah laughed, grabbing my hand and pulling me over to the bed. “But you can watch if you want, I don’t mind…”


Eleven months earlier

“Oh god! Why did I let you do this to me again?” Sarah panted, squeezing my hand so hard the bones ground together.

“If I remember correctly.” Tracy said from the other side of the bed. “You asked him to get you pregnant again. Then you asked me to do it with you. Besides, it’s not his fault multiples run in your family.”

“You shut up. If you didn’t make it look so damned easy…” Her eyes closed, and her face contorted in a mask of pain as another contraction seized her.

Her hand closed so tightly over mine this time, I could hear the bones as they broke.


“Two beautiful baby boys.” Tracy said, as she watched the doctor finish putting the cast on my hand. “Eleven pounds eight ounces, and twelve pounds six ounces. Mama and both boys are doing fine. They’re all sleeping peacefully.”

“She broke my hand.” I said, smiling happily at her. They had given me some really good drugs, and I was feeling no pain. If anything, I was feeling pretty fucking good. “Damn you look…you wanna climb up here with me and…”

“He’s gonna be out of it for the rest of the night.” The doctor laughed, pushing me down on the bed. “That’s the meds talking, quite a few patients react this way.”

“That’s fine, I like what they’re saying.” Tracy laughed. She grinned at the doctor as she went on. “But uh…it wouldn’t hurt him canlı bahis if we…”

“No.” The doctor said, trying not to smile. “But the hospital frowns on…”

“Yeah, they probably do…but if you don’t tell anyone, we won’t.” Tracy said, opening the buttons on her top as she stepped closer to the bed. “We’ll be really quiet. You won’t even know we’re here…”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He said as he opened the door. He smiled as he added, “You might want to make sure that none of those rubber gaskets in the top left drawer get stuck under the door. It makes it hard to get it open. It seems to happen a lot in this room…”


“I can’t believe you did it in his hospital room.” Sarah laughed as she slid into the back seat. The boys were already in their car seats beside her.

“Yeah well, he had a really good time, and so did I.” Tracy laughed.

“I don’t even remember it.” I muttered, wincing as I tried to move my fingers.

“You did, take my word for it.” She said, grinning at me. “One of the nurses came in while you were cumming for the third time. She wanted to know if she could have a ride.”

“Did you let her?” Sarah asked.

“Hell no!” Tracy said. “It’s bad enough I have to share him with you!”

“Well, just remember who found him, girlfriend.” Sarah giggled.

“Oh, I remember.” Tracy laughed, looking at her in the mirror. “You knocked his ass out and broke six ribs, then took him prisoner!”

“You remember that, studly.” She said lightly as she put the car in gear then patted me on the leg. “I don’t break anything on you when we fuck. I just make your dick raw…”


Eight months earlier

“You guys remember that photographer that was hanging around last year?” Tracy asked, sitting the breast pump down on the table. She put the caps on half a dozen bottles and pushed them off to the side.

“The guy from Muscle Magazine?” Sarah asked, coming over and picking up the bottles. She opened the fridge and put them on the bottom shelf with the ones she’d put there earlier.

“Yeah, he was here a couple times a month for a while.” I said. “Whatever happened to all the pictures he was taking?”

“They…he uh…he wants to have some of them…you know…published…” Tracy said, getting up and taking the breast pump over to the sink.

“Seriously? They want to put you in Muscle Magazine?” Sarah asked, turning to look at her.

“No, not Muscle…”

“Then what magazine?” Sarah asked

“Van…uh…Vanity Fair.”

“I didn’t know they did muscle shots in Vanity Fair.” I laughed. “Wow, that’s great Tracy! That’s gonna be great exposure for the gyms.”

“They’re uh…they’re not muscle shots, Brent.” She said coloring slightly. “They’re nudes. We did a series through my pregnancy with junior. We documented my body from before conception up till last month.”

“Last month?” Sarah said, giving me a look.

“Can we see them? Or do we need to wait for them to come out in the magazine?” I asked.

“He sent me a link to an online storage folder.” She said. She got her laptop out of her bag and brought it over to the table. “He wants me to pick out the ones I like, and I wanted you to help me. We all have to agree, or they don’t get published. Those are his terms, not mine.”

“Why would he say that?” I asked.

“Because he knows how I feel about you…both of you.” She said, looking back and forth between us. “We talked about our families during the sessions…he’s married, and they have a couple kids.”

She opened her email and clicked on a link. A new window opened.

“Oh Tracy…” Sarah gasped as she looked at the screen over Tracy’s shoulder.

“You…you don’t like them?”

“What? No…I think they’re beautiful!”

“This guy is good.” I said, reaching over to hit the down arrow, scrolling the screen down. “This is art, hon. The two of you made something great together.”

We spent the next hour going through the directory. There were more than three hundred pictures. We picked out thirty that we all liked, and Tracy emailed the photographer, telling him which ones we’d chosen.

As soon as she hit send on the email, Sarah reached over and closed the laptop.

“Come on, I think we need to celebrate.” She smiled. “And I can’t think of a better place to do it, than in bed.”


Six months earlier

The magazine came out two months later, and the pictures were well received. Vanity Fair had to do a second printing to meet the demand. Kim Kardashian posted on her twitter feed that she thought it was sweet that a regular woman would be proud enough to show off her body during her pregnancy. She also mentioned that she’d taken pictures while she was pregnant, if anyone wanted to see them.

A local reporter came by the gym a couple days later and asked what Tracy thought of the remark.

“I’m glad she liked the pictures.” Tracy told him. “But does it really matter what someone who’s famous for being famous thinks? Most of us regular women don’t think so. We’ve got more important things to worry about, bahis siteleri like jobs, running businesses and taking care of our families…”

The interview ran on the midday news, and was the human interest story on every network and cable news program that evening, and was the lead story on the tabloid shows. Social media went through the roof.


Four months earlier

“So, just how long has this feud with Kim Kardashian been going on?” Sarah asked, holding up a copy of the National Enquirer. “It says here, you two have been rivals since high school. Funny, I don’t remember her being in our class.”

“Shut up, it’s not funny.” Tracy said, trying not to smile.

“I think it’s hilarious.” Sarah said, sitting the paper on the table. “And your celebrity status is great for business. We’ve added three hundred new members at the gyms. Lawrenceville had fifty sign up this week.”

“Yeah, but that’s not going to last.” Tracy said.

“It’s been two months since the magazine came out, and you bitch slapped that celeb.” I said, laying junior on the table and picking up one of the twins. I looked over at her as I put the bottle in his mouth. “You get more requests for interviews every day. The phone has been ringing off the hook.”

“No, I don’t want to do…”

“Well, the media isn’t going to leave you alone until you say something.” I told her. “All you have to do is…”

“I’m not going to apol…”

“I wasn’t going to suggest that. I was going to tell you to just speak your mind.” I told her. “People liked what you said. You’re still trending up on Facebook and Twitter…people like you. I think you should do an interview, and just get it over with.”

“Yeah, but which one?” She asked, looking back and forth between us.

“How about the Today show? They’re mainstream, and you’d get a chance to say whatever you want.” Sarah suggested.

“They call every day too.” I told her. “They’ll probably jump at the chance.”

“Okay, if you think I should do it, set it up.” She grinned.


The first five minutes of the show were great. Tracy was lively and personable as she told the interviewer why she had done the pictures, what it had been like, and how important they were to her. She said that they made it possible for her to remember the whole experience of being pregnant.

When the interviewer asked what her family thought of the pictures, Tracy beamed, almost glowing as she looked into the camera.

“My family is very supportive. They knew I was having pictures taken.” She told him. “After Henry McDonald, the photographer, suggested we publish them, we sat down together and picked out which ones to use.”

“Not everyone in your family is so supportive it would seem.” He said. “Your father, Greg Whitman, was quoted recently in the New York Times as saying, and I quote, “I think it’s sad that young women like my daughter feel the need…”

“Did he happen to mention why he abandoned his wife and daughter twenty-five years ago in that article?” Tracy asked, not letting him finish. “I don’t think America wants, or needs to hear what a man who left for work one morning and never came back, leaving his family to fend for themselves, has to say about someone else’s morals.”

“Well, you can ask him yourself.” The interviewer said, completely unperturbed by her interruption. “He’s here in the studio, and he’d like to speak to you.”

The curtains opened and a man stepped out, smiling broadly. He made his way around the couch, holding his arms out in welcome as he approached her.

Tracy got to her feet, and as he stopped in front of her, she punched him right in the face.

He went down like a bag of shit falling off a truck.

“Stay away from me, and stay away from my family. You’re dead to me.” She said calmly, then turned to face the camera. She smiled warmly as she said, “That’s how you deal with deadbeat dads that think they have rights, America. Deal with it.”

The clip was playing on every news outlet in the country before we were out of the studio, and had over a million hits on You-Tube before we got back to the hotel.

She was a star, and there was no going back.


“Fuck! I can’t believe I did that.” Tracy kept saying when we got back to the hotel. “I just decked a guy on national television.”

“Yeah well, he deserved it.” Sarah told her. “And if you hadn’t done it, I would have.”

“I guess.” Tracy laughed, holding her arms out to us. “He’s probably going to sue me…”

“Which is why we set up the LLC for the gyms, and the foundation for you.” I told her as I slipped my arms around her waist. “You’re an employee of the foundation, and you have very few personal assets. He’s not going to get get much.”

“Enough about that asshole.” She said, pulling me closer and grinding her crotch against me. “The flight doesn’t leave till six, you wanna doink me, and help me take my mind off this clusterfuck?”

“We’d be happy to.” Sarah laughed, moving around behind her and pulling her shirt up. “But can we watch the video again? Watching you go all bahis şirketleri Mike Tyson on him makes me hot!”


Three month earlier

“She’s getting offers to do her own TV show.” Sarah said as she pulled me over on top of her. She reached between us, her hand wrapping around my cock, guiding it into her.

“I know.” I grunted, straining to get inside her. “Jesus, when did you get so tight? Didn’t you give birth a couple of times?”

“I’ve been doing kegeling exercises.” She laughed, bringing her heels up under my ass and jerking me forward. I shot into her like a bullet through a rifle barrel. “Feels good, huh?”

“Fuck, you’re tighter than a teenager.” I moaned, my balls quivering in their sac. “But if you keep squeezing me like that, I’m gonna cum way before you…”

“Go ahead, I like it when you cum in me. You can suck my titties later if you want to make me cum…”

I got my knees under me and started moving, stroking in and out of her slowly.

“Faster.” She whispered, putting her hands on my hips, pulling me deeper into her. “Do it faster sweetie. I want to feel you cum in me…”

She was sopping wet inside, and my cock made loud sucking and slurping noises as I pumped in and out of her. The soft, slick inner walls squeezed around me, and it felt like there was a warm wet fist massaging my cockhead.

“Fuckfuckfuck…” I panted as I felt my balls contract, and an enormous load of cum rushed up my cockshaft.

“That’s it…that’s what mama wants you beautiful boy.” She whispered, rocking me steadily on top of her. “Shoot all that hot cum in me…oh god, it feels so good when you do that. It’s almost as good as cumming…”

“Yo…you’re not trying to get pregnant again…are you?” I gasped, laying out on her when it was finally over.

“God no! I just got to where I’m looking good again.” She laughed, guiding my mouth to her breast. “I just love the way it feels. I always have. Your cum is so hot, and you shoot so much!”

“Good.” I mumbled into her tit. “You do look pretty good. You’re starting to get buff.”

“I’m gonna bulk up a little. Tracy wants some new pictures for the website.” She said lightly. “We should tell her to take one. One of the offers, I mean.”

“Why?” I asked around her nipple.

“Because it’s a shitload of money, and it would be a new experience for her.” She said softly. She moved my mouth to her other breast, moving it as I let my tongue drag around the bumpy ring of her areole.

“So which one do we tell her to take?”

There was a long silence, and I looked up at her.

“No. She hates that network.”

“It’s the only one where we wouldn’t have to move if she took it.” She said, pushing my head back toward her breast. “Bite it…do that thing you do. I want to cum now.”

I nipped around the outer edge of her areole, making her gasp.

“Harder…” She whimpered, starting to move under me. “God, I love it when you do this…”

I moved up a little, biting her areole and pulling my head back, or sucking on it as my tongue lashed over it. I avoided her nipple, knowing that she wasn’t ready for that yet.

“You’ve talked to someone over there, haven’t you?” I asked, closing my teeth around the outer edge and scraping them inward toward the nipple.

“Oh god…yesssss…” She moaned. She took in several gasping breaths as she moved me to the other nipple. “Yeah…I did.”

“What are they offering?” I asked, then swept my tongue in a slow circle around her nipple, not touching it.

“Oh fuck, that is so good.” She groaned, tightening her knees around me and starting to rock me up and down over her. “I’m so close babe…are…are you gonna do it?”

“Not yet…you’re not ready.” I said, my warm breath washing over her breast, making her quiver. “What are they offering…tell me, or I won’t make you cum.”

“Six…six hundred thousand for the first year.” She whispered, pressing my face harder into her breast. “Wi…with bonuses based on ratings.”

“Wow, that is a shitload of money.” I said, nipping at the tip of her nipple with my teeth. She stiffened, and her pussy quivered and squeezed around me as a series of spasms swept over her. “You’re close…you’re almost ready, aren’t you?”

Her head bobbed up and down, her eyes squeezed shut. She was gasping and panting as her heels dug into my ass, pumping me in and out of her.

“Ask for it.” I said, moving my mouth over to her other nipple. My fingers slid up over her breast, resting on either side of her nipple. “Say please.”

“Please…” She whimpered, rocking her head from side to side. “I want it…I need it…oh god, PLEASE!!”

My teeth closed on the base of her nipple and I drew them up slowly, scraping them over the sensitive surface. I pinched the other one as hard as I could between my thumb and forefinger at the same time.

She screamed, her body arching up off the bed at my mouth. She writhed wildly under me, and I bit her harder, twisting her nipple between my fingers now.

I held on as she bucked and heaved beneath me, keeping my teeth clamped around her tit tip. Her movements made my teeth rasp over her nipple, and I tasted blood after a moment. Releasing my grip, I closed my lips on the nipple, sucking it gently as I lapped at it with my tongue.

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