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The Big Problem Ch. 01

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I have this embarrassing problem. And for a long time, I couldn’t talk about it with anybody. But I was really worried that there was something terribly wrong with me. You see, I have this rather small penis. It’s only about three inches long when it’s soft. All through school, the guys made fun of me in gym class because most of them had these long dangly cocks. I was the object of a lot of jokes.

It really didn’t bother me a lot until I got older and the subject of sex started to come up as a regular topic of conversation. My closest friends all started bragging about this girl they dated and that girl they dated. But, I really never started to go out with just one girl alone until I was a sophomore in college.

But, I must digress to high school. A really sweet girl named Sarah moved into the house across the back fence from us. I saw her for the first time a week or so after she moved in. I was out in the back yard mowing the lawn when she came out to sun bathe on the patio behind her house. I waved and she waved back. When I had finished the lawn, I walked back to the fence and called to her. She sat up and answered me back; telling me her name and telling me she was a junior.

Sarah was a pretty girl with short black hair. She wasn’t very tall and she was sort of skinny. Her smile was huge and her teeth were snow white. Sarah seemed very shy and really didn’t have a whole lot to say. But I liked her right away and promised to show her around school on Monday when she reported for her first day. It turned out that the shy routine was an act she pulled with everybody. When I got to know her, I was really shocked.

Monday morning, I met Sarah on the corner and we walked the five blocks to school together. I introduced her to as many of the kids at school as I could before class and promised to meet her out front after school to walk her home. I was proud to have been a help to her in getting acquainted and hoped we would become friends. My hopes were dashed as soon as she met up with Robby Kline, the senior class president and the school’s biggest jock.

He closed in on Sarah immediately after he set eyes on her and had her all lined up for the walk home by lunchtime. Oh well, so goes life. Robby was one of the guys that always had a comment to make about the size of my dick. Robby had about seven inches of swinging beef between his legs and every mortal at the school was aware of that fact. They also made it a point to tell everybody that I was a pencil dick. Which made me feel like shit.

My short-lived romance with Sarah left me with a bad taste for women again so I went back to feeling sorry for myself.

My father had been killed in a fire at his place of business several years ago and my mother had raised me without a husband since his death. She was a tall and willowy woman with striking features and soft golden hair. She always complained that her nose was too big and that she wished her teeth were straighter, but she looked good to be. She had a great shape but dressed down so as not to accentuate what a wonderful body she really had.

Mother never made a big deal out of being modest around me though. She didn’t ever parade around the house naked or anything, but it wasn’t uncommon to catch her coming out of the shower in a towel or see her sitting on her bed in a bra and panties. I just didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to her because she ‘s my mother. Likewise, she was accustomed to seeing me in jockey’s or just a towel.

Mother, to my knowledge, had not dated since my father’s death. I wondered about this once in a while but passed it off to her business. She did, however, go out with our neighbor Karen Riley, who lived next door with her husband Jim. Jim was a practical joker type who often times would aggravate Karen to tears. She would come over and hang out with mom a couple of times a week or they would go out for a few hours in the evening.

It was my impression that they were just good friends until one night last May. Karen had come over right after dinner all in a state over some nasty thing Jim had said to her and she and mom had a couple of glasses of wine while they sat in the den and ran all men into the dirt. I kept busy in my room so as not to be in the way. After a short time, mom came to my room and told me that they were going to go out for a couple of hours and not to worry if she was late.

I said okay and kissed her on the cheek, like I normally did. For some reason, I watched her as she left the room. Her skirt seemed a bit shorter than usual and I could see her lacy bra through her thin silk blouse. She seemed just a little out of character. She looked sexy. What was I thinking?

It was dark when I heard them come in. I glanced at the clock on my nightstand and the red numbers read 1:45 AM. Karen was with her. They were giggling and making all kinds şişli escort of silly noises. I lay there in the dark listening as they came down the hall and went into mom’s bedroom. I didn’t hear the door close. They continued giggling and making noises, and I thought I heard someone groan.

The suspense was killing me so I got out of bed and quietly crept over to my door, which was standing wide open. The door to mother’s room was across and down the hall, about five feet before you got to mine. A dim light shone from her room, making a path across the hall floor and up the wall. I could hear all manner of strange sounds coming from her room now.

I eased up to just outside of her door and peered in at an angle into the mirror over the dresser. It reflected back across the room, but I could see no one.

Then I heard Karen grunt and say, “That’s it, Blaise. Do that again.”

I heard a loud slurping sound and Karen groaned again, louder. Then I heard mom make a squeaking noise with her throat.

“Oh fuck yes, Karen,” Mom gasped. “Lick my clit!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wasn’t completely sexually ignorant; I just had never been exposed to it live before, only in videos and skin magazines. I just had to see what was going on in there so I carefully moved my head around the doorframe and stared into the room. There on the bed, my mother and Karen Riley were lying on the bed, eating each other out. My little three-inch problem stiffened into an eight-inch throbbing monster.

Mom was lying on her back with Karen on top. Karen was moving her butt in circles as mother licked away at her pussy. Karen’s face was pushed completely between mom’s thighs so all I could see was her hair. Whatever mom was doing to Karen was having a dramatic affect, because Karen was making all kinds of moaning sounds with her mouth, which was squashed into mom’s pussy. Mom just gurgled, loudly.

My cock had sprung through the fly of my pajamas and stood straight out at attention. My hand went to it and I started to stroke myself as I witnessed the two lovelies groveling on the bed. Mom must have struck a nerve in Karen, because her head snapped up. Karen’s eyes were closed and her face displayed a look of sheer bliss. A long soft cry emanated from her lips. Mother’s pussy was fully exposed to me and I stared directly into it. Then Karen squeaked.

I glanced up and we made eye contact. A brief look of shock clouded her face, and then a look of pure devilment replaced it. Her eyes shone as she groaned again and shook her head with passion. She had returned to the sensations of her orgasm. When our eyes met again, a smile spread across her face and she winked at me. My hand continued to stroke my erection. Karen’s eyes traveled to my hand and opened perceptibly when she took in the dimension of my manhood. I had absolutely no idea why, but her smile got even bigger.

Karen returned her attention to mother’s pussy and soon mom was bucking under the younger woman as a violent orgasm surged through her. I retreated to my room, mortified that I had been discovered spying on them. I sat on the bed and jerked off into one of my socks that were lying on the floor. I was sweating as I lay in the darkness listening to mom and Karen in the other room. It seemed to me they were going at it for hours.


I felt the bed move. It wasn’t quite daylight yet. The drapes on the windows were sort of gray. I couldn’t see whom it was that had knelt on the bed, but I could smell the fresh scent of lavender. A soft hand touched my cheek. I was afraid to move so I just lay there on my back and waited. Then I felt soft warm lips touch mine, ever so softly. Warm fingers moved down over my bare stomach and found the fly front of my pajamas. My little problem had once again turned into a huge raging problem before the fingers ever found it. I heard a soft intake of breath as the searching digits made contact with my hardness.

I felt my cock being extracted through my fly and the hand moved up and down very slowly. The person on the bed moved around and leaned over me. I felt her warm moist lips touch the soft skin on the head of my cock. I trembled as she took more of it into her hot mouth, until she had me pressed into the back of her throat. I erupted with an intensity I had never experienced before. She gagged as I spewed a huge glob of thick cream into her mouth. She began to cough but quickly controlled her reaction and slurped my cock back into her mouth. Her tongue worked its way around me and she swallowed ever drop. I still pretended to be asleep, but I think she knew better because I was sure that I had muttered something aloud when I was cumming.

I watched as her shadowy form moved off the bed and walked to the door. She turned and looked back just as she was leaving. escort ankara I could see that it was Karen, when the dim light from mom’s room lit up her face. She had a big toothy smile plastered across her face. I felt pretty froggy myself, right at that moment. But I had to piss like a racehorse and I just knew that if I walked out into the hallway, I’d be meeting up with one of them. But nature was calling so I padded out to the john.

As luck would have it, no one was in my lane. So, I made a quick dash down the hall, took care of business and returned to my bedroom unnoticed. I was still in shock after what Karen had done to me and not quite sure how I would behave when I saw my mother. I knew one thing for sure. I would be discussing tonight with Karen very soon. I had enjoyed my first blowjob a whole bunch. With a little persuasion I hoped I could get her to do it again. Besides, I wanted to have a chat with her about what she and mother had been doing last night.

The next thing I knew, I heard mom calling from the doorway to get up. It was Saturday and we had planned a trip to the mall for much needed eye exams for both of us. I gathered myself and met her in the kitchen for a quick bite before we left for our appointments. Mom was in a wonderful mood. She was bright and chatty and had a colorful yellow sundress on, which accentuated her ample curves and commenced to stimulate my already raging hormones to an even greater height.

I drove us to the eyeglass place, where we each had our examinations. We picked out frames and were told we had an hour or so to wait for them to be ready. We decided to take a stroll down the mall and do some window-shopping to kill some time. Mom held on to my arm as we walked and to any observer we looked like lovers strolling down the wide mall. We stopped to have a soda and we sat next to each other at a table off to the side of the food court.

“You look nice, Mom,” I said, admiring the expanse of smooth skin I was treated to.

Her dress was sleeveless and hung low on her soft round breasts, which filled the bodice to overflowing.

“Why thank you, Sean,” Mother said, reaching for my arm and giving it a little squeeze.

“Mom, I have a question,” I said, softly.

I felt her move closer to me. Her hip and leg rested against me. She felt warm.

“What is it, Honey?” She asked.

“Um, about last night,” I began.

“Oh, Sweetheart,” she gushed. “I’m so sorry we kept you awake. We were acting silly and made a lot of noise.”

“That’s not what I mean,” I said. “Did Karen say anything to you about me?”

“No,” she said. “Should she have?”

“Oh! I don’t know how to begin, Ma” I said, exasperated.

“Look, Sweetie,” she said. “Let’s pick up our glasses and we’ll talk about this at home. Okay?”

“Sure, Mom,” I said, resigned to let it drop until we got home.

Arriving home, she ushered me into the living room and parked me on the couch. She pulled an ottoman up and sat with her knees just inches from mine and looked me in the eyes.

“Something is obviously bothering you, Sean,” she said. “Please tell me what it is.”

“Why don’t you date?” I asked her.

“Because the right person hasn’t asked me out yet.” She stated.

“You go out with Karen,” I said.

Her face brightened at the mention of Karen’s name.

“Karen is my friend. We have a good time when we are together,” she said.

“I know that’s right,” I blurted out, without thinking.

“Sean, what do you mean by that?” She inquired.

“Um, I………., damn,” I stammered.

Her hand went to her mouth and she gasped, “Oh, My God, Sean! What did you hear last night?”

“Well……..” I evaded her question.

“Sean,” she insisted.

“I saw you, too,” I whispered.

She hung her head, sobbing. “I’m so ashamed.”

I reached for her and gathered her in my arms to comfort her.

“Mom, don’t cry,” I soothed. “It’s all right. I don’t care. It was beautiful. I don’t know much about sex but what I saw was exciting.”

“Oh, Sean,” she whispered, her fingers touching my cheek. “It’s not at all what you think.”

“Are you in love with Karen?” I asked.

“Oh no, Baby,” she said. “We just make each other feel good once in a while.”

“Did Karen tell you that I saw you last night?” I asked.

“She never said a word,” she answered. “Are you all right?”

“Of course,” I said. “But I have to tell you something else and I don’t want you freaking out on me.”

“I’m not going to freak out on you,” she insisted.

“She came into my room this morning before she went home,” I said, quietly.

“And?” Mom asked.

“She got in bed with me,” I continued.

“And?” Mom’s interest was intensifying.

“Well,” I whispered. “She put her mouth on me.”

“SEAN!” Mother shrieked. ankara escor “What did she do to you?”

“Mom,” I said. “I came in her mouth. I didn’t even know it was her until I saw her face in the light when she was leaving.”

“Who else could it have been?” She asked. “Don’t you dare answer that, Sean!”

“But, Ma,” I whined.

“You just let me catch that bitch fucking around with my son, and I’ll kill her,” she wailed.

“Mom! Stop it!” I grabbed her by the shoulders and spoke directly into her face. “I didn’t try to stop her. She thought I was asleep. I let her do it. It felt wonderful!”

“But,” she stammered.

“Ma,” I said. “It was my first time. It was great!”

“You mean,” she fussed, “that you’re still a virgin?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “does a blowjob count?”

“Not if your name is Bill Clinton,” she said.

We both erupted in uproarious peals of laughter. We laughed until our sides hurt. Then she looked at me, sadly.

“I’m sorry that you’re not popular with the girls,” she said. ” Hope you’re not mad at me for protecting you.”

“I’m not mad,” I said. “I’ve just had this little problem that seems to have corrected itself lately.”

“Do you want to tell me about it, Sean?” She asked.

“Well, it’s kinda hard to talk about,” I answered.

But, I did anyway. We sat there knee-to-knee while I spilled my guts about my little pecker and the way the guys have picked on me about it. Then I told her how huge it’s been getting lately, whenever I have sexy thoughts. I also told her how I cum in great gooey globs when I jack off. I told her how the guys had spread it around to the girls about my little dickey-doo, and how I felt embarrassed to ask any of the girls out.

“Why didn’t you say anything, Sean,” she asked, softly.

“Well, it’s difficult to talk about with a sexy woman like you, Mom” I uttered.

The whole time I had been telling her about my tiny cock, she had been sitting with her elbows on her knees, leaning forward. I kept looking at the lacy cups of her yellow bra down the top of her dress.

“How small is it?” She asked.

“Pretty small,” I said, holding my fingers up a couple of inches apart. “Except that it isn’t so small right now.”

I blushed bright red when I said that.

“What do you mean, Sweetheart?” She asked, placing her hands on my knees and pushing them apart a few inches.

“Oh, Ma,” I whined.

“Show me, Sean,” she whispered. “Show me how big it gets when you talk to a sexy woman like me.”

I was terrified, but my cock was scrunched up in my pants and was killing me. I leaned against the back of the couch and pulled my zipper down. I undid my belt buckle and thumbed the button out through the hole. My cock lurched as I pushed my jeans down under my butt. Her hands went to the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down too. My erection bent down between my legs when she pulled my shorts off and jumped back up and slapped against my belly when they slipped past the end of it. A single drop of clear liquid flipped off the end of my cock and landed on my mother’s cheek. Her hand flew to the spot as if she had been scalded. Withdrawing her fingers from her cheek, she looked at the liquid on her fingertip and then opened her mouth and licked the drop off with her tongue. If it was possible, my dick got harder.

“Oh, Sean,” Mother whispered. “I don’t see any problem here at all.”

Her hands moved toward me. Her long slender fingers wrapped around me and just held me like that. She was staring straight into my eyes. Her hands started to move on me. Milky liquid started to ooze from the slit and trickle out onto her fingers. Soon her hands were slick with my lubricant. She just kept sliding them up and down on me. It was hopeless to speak, but I kept mumbling to her and she kept moving her hands.

She was barely touching me at all. I knew that before long I’d be shooting cum all over the place, but I didn’t want her to stop.

“I’m gonna cum, Ma,” I hissed. “You’d better stop now.”

“Let it go, Baby,” she whispered. “Show Mama how much you can cum for her.”

With my eyes closed and my head thrust back against the couch, I ground my heels into the floor and pushed up into my mother’s waiting hands. Long ropes of thick milky semen jettisoned from my super-sensitized cock and splattered mothers tits and dress. Her hands were coated as if she had dipped them in a bucket of the stuff. A long rivulet trailed down into her cleavage. Her knees were covered with pearl droplets. Then it was over.

“Sean,” she whispered, leaning forward and taking me into her hungry mouth.

She sucked me deep into her throat, until I could feel the back of her mouth. Then she moved back off. Again and again she repeated this ’til I couldn’t stand the sensations any more.

“Please, Ma,” I begged. “I gotta rest a minute.”

Her tongue continued to play all around my cock and balls. Finally she sat back up straight and sucked my cum off her fingers and hands.

“You’ll not be a virgin tomorrow morning, Sean,” she said.

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