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The Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

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“Marty, do you remember about 3 months ago when you went camping with Todd and his dad and uncle.?” I nodded… “Well, that Saturday Patty and I came over to use the pool.

I used my key and let us in the side gate because I did not know if anyone was home and I did not want to disturb your mom.”

My mom was sucking on Trina’s petite boobs as if there was nourishment about to come forth. Trina held her head there, cradling it as if mom were her baby. Mom’s arms were tied behind her at the elbows and pulled tight, with her wrists tied together, pulling her shoulders and arching her back so that her very large and full tits were thrust up and out. Even though their bodies still glistened with the sheen of sweat and a healthy does of cum, my cock was stiffening up watching them interact. I has no idea that mom was a lesbian, or a submissive or that she had secretly been wanting to have a sexual relationship with me, her only child. I always thought she was a hottie and many a cum soaked sheet was due to fantasies involving her, but that was all they were. Now though she was given to me by my girl friend, her lesbian mistress, as a birthday gift. Even through the confusion and surprise, my cock liked what was happening.

“So Patty and I strip down to our suits and jump in and it isn’t long before she is wanting to play more than Marco Polo. She pulled off her suit and was trying to talk me out of mine, kissing and touching… you know how she is sometimes… Oh! Look at you mister ‘tell me more sex stories about my girlfriend, her friend and my mother’.”

Trina pulled mom off of her nipples and with a handful of her beautiful red hair turned her face to see my swollen cock.

“Just look what a perv your son is slut… guess I am glad that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Trina pushed mom off of her lap and crawled up to sit on mine, nestling herself on my cock pretty as you please.

“Now you just lay your “Birthday Boy” ass right there and let me use this fine cock of yours for our mutual pleasure. Mavis you lazy cow, you use your tongue on my ass hole while I ride your son and if you add to my enjoyment then I might let you clean his cock off after he cums.”

“Yes Mistress. Right away Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

Mom struggled to position herself to get her mouth and tongue into action and Trina began rocking and sliding around on my cock. A few short moments later she resumed her story.

“Patty had gotten my top off and was nuzzling my neck while trying illegal bahis to work me out of me bottoms, (she can be pretty pushy like that and I was only half heartedly resisting) when she whispered, ‘Is that Marty’s mom watching us from the upstairs window?’ I did not know who else it could be and I could not think of too many reasons why she would be peeping at us, so I tweaked Patty’s nipple to get her attention and told her to follow my lead and put on a good show. I wanted to see if my hunch was right. I had noticed your mom looking at me a little different lately.

So I turned and pulled myself up out of the pool, but stopped at the waist, as if Patty had caught me, and she caught on real quick, like I had written it out like a script.”

“Yeah… a real tough call there sweetheart. Shove your ass in your horney lesbian best friends face and, who would guess what she would possibly do.”

Not missing a beat Trina slapped my chest as she ground herself against my pelvis.

“You want to hear the rest of this or not? Ooo that’s it slut, dig that tongue deep.”

“Go on then… tell me the rest.”

“Trina grabbed the waist band and pulled my bottoms down and then buried her face in my pussy. I struggled and squirmed to make it look good and to give me an opportunity to glance at the window of your mom’s bedroom. Sure enough she was there and not as careful about hiding as she had been when she was more afraid of being caught. She admitted later that she figured she was safe once Patty had started in on me for real. I could see her blouse unbuttoned and her tits out of her bra and she had a hand stuck down her panties, hiking her dress up.

I gave it a few minutes and then faked an orgasm… Patty protested saying, ‘Just give me a few more minutes and you won’t have to fake it.’

‘It’s not you Patty… I just want to get in the house.’

The window was empty when I looked up but the curtain was still moving. We both got our suits back on but then I said, ‘Leave your top out here Patty.’ As I pulled my own off too.

‘Ooo… I think I really like where this is going… ‘

I gave Patty a really wicked grin and said, ‘I knew you would… let’s go have some fun and make a ‘new friend’.’

We went into the kitchen and I started to rummage in the fridge, Patty sat at the table sipping a glass of water. It was only a few moments later that your mom came down.

‘Oh you girls are… ‘

Your mom noticed my bare tits when I closed the refrigerator door. She took illegal bahis siteleri a long look at me and then a quick glance at Patty.

‘You don’t mind do you Mavis, I mean we are all girls right and so we don’t have to worry… (I squeezed my tits and flicked my nipples) besides, you don’t mind us being almost naked, right?’

I walked towards her and she stammered and stepped back a bit, then bumped into Patty who had quietly gotten up and blocked her retreat up the stairs.

I walked right up to her and grabbed a handful of her big full tits. Her quick intake of breath got me a step closer before she could protest. My hands grabbed her shirt and I pulled, popping the buttons, ‘Look at how sloppy you are when you get in a hurry, you miss buttoned when you were trying to hide.

She started to push me away, but that is when Patty read my intentions. Patty grabbed the left arm and I grabbed the right and we push pulled your mom over to the table, then forced her face down across it. I had a good hand in the middle of her back, Patty stepped around and filled both hands with hair, pulling her hard across the table. Mavis squeeled and fought, but she isn’t all that experienced, we caught her by surprise and acted quick and decisive, and she was, understandably confused and embarrassed, so all of her protests were slow, disjointed and half measures.

‘Peeping out of windows at little girls frolicking in the pool! Pulling at your breasts and fingerings your pussy in some pathetic attempt to be a part of us.’ I worked my way around behind her. She had already planted her feet to resist Patty pulling, so her legs were already spread. I flipped her skirt up and hooked her cotton waist band in the same motion. With a quick tug your mom’s ass was exposed and my hand was firmly in place in her crotch, two fingers thrust between her very wet pussy lips.

‘You old slut! Your worn out old cunt is soaking wet. How long have you been lusting after little girls?’

I wiggled my fingers in her hot box… really surprised at how tight her pussy was, but I was not going to tell her that. I found out later how long she had gone without fucking.

‘Patty, she was having a great time up there spying on us, watching you eat my little snatch…maybe she would like to try it on herself.’

Of course she was protesting and crying and denying, but she could not deny her own body.

I started to finger fuck her, pumping a couple of fingers in and out and you would think I had turned the canlı bahis siteleri electricity on. I reached over to the counter and grabbed a spatula and began swatting her ass with a vengeance. Patty was holding her down and at the same time pulling her blouse and bra up over her head and off.

Your mom was sobbing now and her ass was bright red and I had three fingers in up to my last knuckle.

Patty said, ‘ I have wanted to turn this old cow for a long time. I love her big tities and the way she moves around… she just begs to be dominated by someone.’ Patty turned your mom’s shoulder and rolled her onto her back. I helped on my end, keeping her ass close to the edge so as to keep her from any sort of leverage against us. I added a thumb on her clitoris and used the spatula to good, if not lighter, affect on her stomach and thighs. Pattie had let go of your mom’s arms and was concentrating on her breasts and nipples. She squeezed them and slapped them, she sucked and bit them and twisted and pulled them and your mom got more excited and more horney as we continued. Finally Patty kissed her, full on the mouth and stuck her tongue in your mom’s mouth. It changed from rape to consensual sex for everyone’s pleasure from then on. We did not stop tormenting her, oh no, I still spanked her, Patty still slapped her face and tits. But she began humping back against my fingers, she enthusiastically licked Patty’s pussy when Patty crawled up on the table and rode her face.

I made her cum with my hand twice and then Patty and I switched places and I rode her mouth, looking down into her eyes… while Patty applied her expert pussy eating skills to your mom.

It was on that table that I got my first real confirmation about her wanting you Marty. I was talking to her calling her names, trying to humiliate her when I mentioned that she was sucking out the very same pussy that you had shot a load in the night before, and instead of freaking out in shock as I had half expected, she dug deeper with her very talented tongue as if she were trying desperately to find the last of it and have it as her own.

Turns out that your mom has been frustrated and confused and just waiting for someone to pay her some attention for years. Who knew? NOT YOU!” she said as she clenched her thighs and twisted both my nipples.

“Fuck!!” I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down on my chest and arched my back trying to reach as deep in her cunt as I could then exploded and my balls emptied. Mom pushed harder into Trina and her orgasm went off right after mine. Mom backed off and Trina lifted causing me to flop out. She settled back down on my belly, crotch to crotch and said, “You earned it… you did a very good job… clean us up.” And My mom did…

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