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The Black Glove Society

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“I think we should be able to get laid whenever we want,” Roxanne said.

“Really?” Susan asked. “Whenever? Wherever? Whomever?”

“Why not?” Roxanne made it a statement, not a question.

“Yeah, why not?” Patty agreed. “Why should guys have all the fun?”

“They shouldn’t,” Donna said as she blew cigarette smoke into the air so it would drift off Roxanne’s porch. The friends had gathered for their monthly meeting on books, movies, kids, work, and sex. The talks had happened ever since high school, all through college, since they all went to the same university, and even now since they all lived in Chicago. The talks always drifted back to sex whenever they got together. “Guys think and talk about sex all the time, even more than we do here.”

“It seems like it’s all we ever talk about,” Susan said and took another sip of wine.

“Well, how is your sex life, Susan?” Roxanne asked, looking over the tops of her round glasses.

“Well…it’s…It’s not…” Susan twiddled her fingers and couldn’t bring herself to look at anyone.

“It’s not that hot?” Roxanne asked.

“No,” Susan said.

“No prospects?” Donna asked. She couldn’t imagine Susan not being hit on by men. She was a petite brunette, a former cheerleader with an infectious smile, an elf nose, and cascading brown hair.

“There’s a cute guy in marketing that I’ve got my eye on,” she said. “He hasn’t made any moves yet.”

“You should make the moves!” Patty said. She was already on her third glass of wine. “God, I haven’t been laid in months! Why can’t I get some cock when I need it?”

“You should, Patty! You’ve still got that dancer’s body with your tight ass and all that.” Donna said. “We all should! We’re all still young and good-looking. We should be able to go out and snag the first guy who catches our eye and bang him until he’s spent.”

“Yeah!” Patty chimed in. “That’s what guys do. If a pack of single guys are horny, they go out to strip clubs and bars and pick up a girl for the night. When we get together and want sex, we just sit around and talk about it and get drunk.”

“So, we should just…become…promiscuous?” Susan asked. There was a short silence.

“Not whores, if that’s what you’re getting at, Susan,” Roxanne said.

“No, not whores.” Donna leaned forward; a secret idea had just struck. “Strong-willed women who aren’t afraid to take what they want. Women who are in control.”

“Women who turn the tables on men in the bedroom.” Roxanne leaned in.

“Or wherever else we want.” Patty nodded and leaned forward.

They all looked to Susan. She had always been the meekest. She always needed the most coaxing to let her wild streak come out. She glanced back and forth between them. The glass of wine in her hand looked like a stage prop, rather than a drink she had been nursing for the last hour. Roxanne smiled a wry grin. Donna gave a playful snarl. Patty snapped out her hands.

“Well?” She asked.

“How do we start?” Susan asked.

“We need some way to make men obey us,” Donna said. She leaned back on the porch swing, flipped back her long red hair, and dragged on her cigarette.

“Are you saying we should become dominatrixes?” Patty’s eyes grew in delight.

“No, although it would be fun.” Donna smiled and stared off into space for a moment, reveling in the thought. “I can’t really afford a leather bustier and a steel cage for my love slaves, not on the money I make in radio.”

“We need to make sure these guys know that they are there for us, and nothing else. We are taking our pleasure from them. We are in control. No hook-ups afterwards, no emotions, hell, no names if we want. Just a one-night thing and that’s it,” Roxanne said.

“You can’t just tell guys that though. They never listen,” Patty said. Roxanne and Donna nodded.

“Contracts,” Susan said. The others were almost surprised to hear her smooth voice suddenly speak up.

“What?” Donna asked.

“We make them sign contracts. Sure they wouldn’t be legally binding, but we could detail what was expected of them, have them read it, and if they were still game, we…do our thing.”

“You think it’ll work?” Roxanne asked.

“What kind of guy is going to sit and read through a whole sex contract? I mean really read it?” Patty asked.

“We could put little things in it to make sure they do; like, ‘Man agrees to wear high heels and meow like a kitten upon command’. If they just skim through it, they won’t see it and we can ask them about it. If they have no idea what we’re talking about, they lose out,” Susan explained.

“This accountant thing of yours is going to come in handy.” Roxanne smiled.

“‘Meow like a kitten?’ Is this something you’ve been thinking of a lot?” Donna asked. Susan blushed.

“It was just an example.”

“Sure!” The other three laughed.

“Okay, we can write up a contract, but I think we should have a guy friend read it first and see what he thinks,” Patty suggested.

“Good idea.” Susan nodded. “Just to make sure we’re Escort bayan not making asses out of ourselves. Who though?”

“Paul,” they all agreed after only moments of deliberation.

“The Black Glove Society?” Paul asked after reading the first line of the contract. “What the hell is this?”

“It’s the name of our group,” Patty said. The four women stood on the opposite side of the counter in Paul’s bookstore. He had been a friend since high school, and was the only other one of their classmates who went to the same university as them. He dated Donna for a while, but they put their relationship on hold when he opened the store and she got the job at the radio station on the opposite side of town. The old stool creaked a bit as he leaned forward and glanced up and down the piece of paper.

“I got it from one of my son’s comic books,” Roxanne said. Paul hadn’t read much further when his head pulled back in surprise.

“You’re starting a sex club?” He asked. “An honest-to-goodness, pay-your-cover charge-and-here’s-your-towel sex club?”

“No,” Donna said. She laughed and shook her head. “Although that is an idea. We could make some good money, I’m sure. What do you think, Susan?”

Susan blushed. She ran it through her mind a few times and was about to say something.

“I was kidding,” Donna told her. She turned back to Paul. “It’s more of a women’s sexual rights group. We want to be sexually empowered.”

“You’re not already?” Paul looked at all of them. “You’re all beautiful! Jesus, Patty, you’ve got one of the hardest bodies I’ve seen! Susan’s cute as a button, and I’ve never been able to decide if Roxanne is sexier with her glasses on or off! Any of you can get laid anytime you want! You’re pretty much offered sex anytime a guy talks to you!”

“But if we take all that offered sex, and by the way, where the hell are these offers ’cause I sure haven’t heard any,” Roxanne said, “If we take these guys up on these offers, then we’re branded as sluts. I might as well wear a scarlet A on my chest.”

“All right, so you don’t have to take all the sex, but when you are having sex, the woman is the one who’s in control. Right? I mean, you can make it last as long or short as you want. You can have as many orgasms as you want. You ladies rule!”

“Then we want men to know it!” Patty said, placing her fists on her hips and striking a Wonder Woman pose.

“That’s what the contract is for,” Susan said, finding her voice. “So men understand what we want and have no other expectations, before, during, or after.”

“Just read it and tell us what you think,” Donna said.

“All right, I’ll read it.”

The shop was quiet as he read. Susan fidgeted a bit, trying to look at the used books Paul had for sale, but her gaze always wandered back to his expressionless face. Donna rested her elbows on the counter and tapped her fingertips against each other. Patty’s fingers pitter-patted on her thighs, and Roxanne was looking for where Paul kept his comic books. He finally put the contract down.

“Well?” Donna asked.

“Does it make sense?” Susan asked.

“Did it get you hot?” Patty grinned.

“Do you think anyone would sign it?” Roxanne asked, making the rest of the quartet fall into expectant silence. Paul pulled a pen from the coffee mug beside the cash register and signed his name at the bottom.

“I just did.” He smirked.

“Great!” Susan said. “So it makes sense, then?”

“Are we going to make all of them a group effort?” Patty asked. “Or will we each write our own?”

“We’ll write our own,” Donna said. “It only makes sense.”

“Yeah,” Roxanne agreed. “There’s no sense in getting the four of us together to write up a contract so Patty can make some guy meow like a kitten.”

“Hey!” Patty laughed. “That was Susan’s idea! Not mine!”

“It was just an example.” Susan was embarrassed all over again.

“Excuse me,” Paul said. The four friends stopped talking and turned back to Paul, whom they had forgotten.

“What?” Patty asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you think it’s a stupid idea?” Roxanne asked.

“Wait a minute,” Donna said and wagged a finger at Paul. “I’ve seen that look before.”

“Is something wrong with the contract?” Susan asked. She stepped forward in concern and took it from the counter so she could proofread it for the sixth time.

“The only thing that’s wrong is that you’re not honoring it,” Paul said.

“What?” Roxanne asked.

“Oh no.” Donna began to laugh, turning away and showing the palm of her hand to Paul. “No, no, no.”

“What do you mean?” Susan asked. “What does he mean?”

“He wants us to honor the contract!” Patty said. “He wants us to fuck him!”

“Paul!” Susan said, shocked.

“No, I’m only asking you to fulfill the contract that I have signed,” Paul said.

“It’s not legally binding,” Roxanne said and snatched the contract away from him.

“No, but if you’re going to go through all the effort, and not honor the Bayan escort contract, then why bother writing it? Why bother with all this preparation without a test first?”

“You sly son of a bitch.” Donna was still laughing and shaking her head.

“The contract…” He grabbed it from Roxanne’s hand, leaving her with only a small piece of one corner. “…states that the signer shall be ‘tied up and orally and manually stimulated in order to produce an erection, which he must sustain for at least twenty minutes without ejaculation. After said twenty minutes, the signer may ejaculate if given permission by any members involved in said stimulation, and only if the signer has appeased the desires of the members involved, by whichever means the members choose.'” Paul looked at them all. Susan was chewing her bottom lip. Donna held her face in one hand and giggled. Roxanne took the contract and re-read it once more.

“My bed’s right upstairs, ladies,” Paul said. He opened his arms and leaned back on the stool.

“You are on!” Patty said, pointing at him with a manicured finger.

“What?” Susan asked.

“You are fucking on!” Patty said. Her mouth was a wide, mischievous smile. “Get your ass upstairs, Paul! I don’t think you can go twenty minutes without shooting your load.”

“Tell you the truth, Patty, I’m not so sure I can either.” He hadn’t expected that they would go through with it. He hoped he hadn’t set himself up for a dismal failure. “I guess we’ll find out, huh? The rest of you coming?” He asked.

“Sure!” Donna said, rolling her eyes to the ceiling. “It’s not like I haven’t given you a blowjob before.”

“I don’t know if…” Susan said, but was unable to finish the sentence without turning red.

“Come on!” Roxanne took her by the hand. “We’re not missing this.”

Paul locked the shop and then led the four members of the Black Glove Society to his large apartment upstairs. He barely had time to take off his shirt before Patty shoved him into the bedroom and began ransacking his closet.

“Where are your belts?” She asked.

“Belts?” Paul asked. “You going to whip me too?”

“I just might. Don’t press your luck,” Patty warned.

“They’re hanging on a couple hooks to your left,” he said.

“Get your clothes off, Paul,” Donna said.

“Yes, ma’am.” He grinned and kicked off his shoes.

“You’d better get used to saying that,” Roxanne said. “Right, Susan?”

“Right!” She said with a confidence that surprised them.

Paul was soon naked. He shivered for a moment as he lie back on the bed and put his hands through the barred alloy headboard. Susan couldn’t take her eyes off his crotch. Roxanne smiled in appreciation.

“Damn, Donna! Why did you leave him…and that?” She asked.

“I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship,” Donna said. “And there were the work commitments.” Paul nodded at her frank answer.

“It’s true,” he said. “We talked about it many times.”

“Shut up.” Patty couldn’t keep herself from laughing as she lashed Paul’s hands and feet to the headboard and footboard.

“Who’s going to start?” Paul asked.

“I’ll ask the fucking questions,” Patty said and yanked her shirt up over her head. Her bra was soon tossed onto Paul’s face. He grabbed it in his teeth and shook it like a dog worrying a rag.

“Spit it out!” Patty thrust her finger at him again and kicked off her shoes. Her pants and cotton panties were soon in a heap and she mounted his face, not looking back at her friends for one instant. “Start eating my fucking pussy, Paul.”

She bust up laughing, causing everyone else in the room to double over in laughter. Susan had to sit on the bed to keep from sliding to the floor. Paul’s stomach hurt from laughing and being unable to sit up. He could move his head though, and his lips found Patty’s pussy as soon as he could catch his breath.

She took in a deep inhalation and grabbed his short reddish-brown hair.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she said. Her hips rocked back and forth, rubbing herself all over his mouth. “Eat that fucking pussy.” She looked back, her eyes a bit glassy. “Anybody gonna help me out here?”

“Well, like I said…” Donna slid off her flats and brushed back her hair as she slid between Paul’s legs. She took his flaccid penis into her mouth and massaged him with her lips. She heard him gasp and watched his thighs stiffen.

“Not gonna blow it already, are you?” Donna asked while she jacked him. “Is anybody timing him?”

“I…I’ll watch the clock.” Susan held up her hand. Her words were almost inaudible. Her eyes were locked on Paul’s hard cock in Donna’s red-lipped mouth.

“Don’t watch it like a hawk,” Roxanne said. She took Susan by the arm and pulled her down to the side of the bed. Roxanne licked across two of Paul’s toes before sucking them. Her mouth popped off and she turned back to Susan. “Help me out here, Sue!”

Susan edged forward. Her pink tongue peeked out and tickled Paul’s pinkie toe. Roxanne slurped along the ball Escort of Paul’s foot and soon the two had his toes wet with spit.

Patty felt Paul’s body quaking underneath her. She laughed down at him, a bead of sweat dripping from her jaw onto his forehead.

“You gonna cum, Paul? Don’t you dare! You got…” She glanced at his bedside clock. “Fourteen minutes! You gonna last?” He began to say something, but she shoved her hips forward, forcing her wet cunt onto him. “Shut up! You can talk all you want once the twenty minutes are up, but now you use that fucking mouth for something else!”

His tongue kept up as best it could as she humped his face. He had almost forgotten about Donna until she started sucking his balls and twisting her hand around the head of his cock. She had remembered how he always liked that. Susan and Roxanne kept up their foot worship, making his leg twitch in attempts to escape the tickling.

“Is he ready?” Patty looked back at Donna’s bobbing head.

“He’s ready,” Donna said as she looked up.

Patty spun around before Paul realized what was happening. She straddled his hips and Donna pushed his cock inside Patty’s trim box. Patty let out a grunt and leaned back, her hands bracing on Paul’s sweaty chest. She grunted and cursed as Donna licked at the base of Paul’s cock.

Paul took a quick glance at the clock. He had ten minutes. He stared at the ceiling and took long breaths. He tried to pull the heat from his groin into his belly. He imagined it as white light streaming up from there and drifting down his limbs to pour out his fingers and toes. He realized that his toes weren’t being licked and sucked anymore. He looked down to see Susan and Roxanne beside the bed. Susan was bent over the side of the bed. Her eyes never left the sight of Patty’s bouncing hips. Roxanne was glued to Susan’s body. She whispered naughty things in Susan’s ear and occasionally stuck her tongue into it, making Susan quiver and close her eyes for just a moment.

Donna stood up and removed her shirt and bra. Her white breasts popped free of the cotton and she gave her nipples a solid pinch as she walked over to Paul’s head.

“You want to suck my titties, baby?” She asked him. “I remember how much you like that.”

He almost refused. He wasn’t sure he could handle another – he took a glance at the clock – seven minutes. He hoped that the salty-sweet taste of Donna’s C-cups would take his mind off Patty and her wet pussy making his thighs and bed sheets all slippery. Donna leaned down and smothered his face in her breasts. She teased his tongue with her nipples, pulling them away now and again, making his neck crane up to reach them. He felt a hand, probably Roxanne’s, scratching at his thigh. Another, possibly Susan’s, pinched one of his nipples. Donna kissed his dry mouth, and then filled it with her tit before he could get much moisture from her tongue.

“Don’t…you…fucking…cum,” Patty managed to say.

Susan was biting his nipple now. The brief pain took his mind from the heat in his groin. He made a muffled moan, his mouth still full of tit. He lost track of Roxanne, but Susan was groaning and sighing like he had never heard.

“Time’s up,” Roxanne said, appearing behind Susan. She grabbed Susan by the hair and pulled her head down to his crotch. “You can cum now, Paul.”

Patty slid off him and reached down to squeeze his balls. Donna moved to his hip to watch. He roared like he was dead lifting five hundred pounds and sprayed hot cum all over Patty’s belly. Susan’s face was shoved into the space between his cock and Patty’s stomach. Her face became a white mess as Roxanne held a fistful of Susan’s hair and forced her to lick at Patty’s belly and Paul’s cock. He looked down to see that Susan’s pants and panties were around her knees and Roxanne was slapping her fingers in Susan’s pussy. Roxanne’s thumb was buried in Susan’s ass.

Paul’s eyesight went blurry. His abdominal muscles were cramping. He could barely hear Donna.

“Paul? Are you all right?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. He looked around. The four women were sitting around him. Donna was closest. She was still shaking him. “I’m…I’m just thirsty, and my shoulders hurt.”

They untied him, and Susan went to get him some water and wash her face. He was unable to sit up for five minutes. The cold water shocked his parched throat and palette. There was a weird silence as he drained the whole glass.

“Wow,” he said.

They all broke into laughter that lasted a long time. Once it was over, there was another extended silence.

“So are you girls really going to do this?” Paul asked.

“Why not?” Patty asked. “It sure worked with you.”

“But I’ve known all of you since high school. I’m not some strange loon you picked up in a bar.”

“That’s why we’re in control,” Donna said. “We will control everything.”

“And we’ll be picky,” Roxanne said. “Give us some credit, Paul.”

“I’ll make sure the contracts are clear and specific,” Susan said. Paul noticed that she was making more eye contact with him. She still sat hip-to-hip with Roxanne.

“All right, then,” Paul said. “Go for it. If you need any more contract reviews, you know where to find me.”

“I’m not sure you could last another twenty minute round,” Patty said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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