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The Book Ch. 06

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So it was for the next few weeks that Alice made repeated visits to the Clark household to check this, that, or the other on the dress. The checks – if there were any – took at most five or ten minutes. The carnal pleasures took the rest of the night. Alice on many occasions made her way home in the wee small hours. Her collection of toys also increased. In order to allay Edwin’s inquisitiveness, she invited Lynda and Susan to the vicarage to dine.

The evening went so well, she did it again inviting Diane and Roy also. Although she suspected Alice had seduced Susan, Diane was not aware of the true nature of Alice’s relationship with her and her mother and vice versa. Alice had long since decided to compartmentise her relationships to avoid complications. What she and her friends got up to had to be between her and those particular friends only.

She and Diane continued their affair. They had decided that playing at the library was too chancy so they visited each other regularly, particularly when their respective spouse was absent. This meant that the majority of trysts were at Diane’s because Roy spent such a lot of time at the golf club. The two librarians could not get enough of each other. Diane came to look forward, as much as Alice to their golden moments. In fact she was getting addicted to the taste. On one of her rare visits to the vicarage – Edwin was at the Synod for the week – Alice had cooked them a meal, which they consumed naked. After copious amounts of wine had been quaffed, Diane had Alice fill her glass with her golden offering and she reciprocated. With an added dash of gin, they toasted their friendship.

Eddie was also being kept carnally employed satisfying his wife which she thoroughly enjoyed. She loved the feel of his cock expanding the folds of her pussy. The various phalli of her friends – though exciting – were no match for her husband’s hot live weapon. His love life had improved dramatically and he was beginning to doubt that the erotica that Alice occasionally brought home to proof read was the only spark that had re-lit her fire. Basking in her newly found wantonness, he was as yet however reluctant to risk biting the hand that was feeding him.

The dress was now completed and on a night when her husband was on diocesan business at the cathedral, she invited Susan alone – Lynda had to attend a meeting elsewhere – to the vicarage for the final fitting. Alice also knew that Edwin’s meetings could be over in less than an hour, or could take all night. Alice had told her guest that they would not be able to partake in any debauchery this night.

Once arrived, Susan was ushered through to the sitting room where the dress was waiting, laid out on the couch. The deep green satin shimmering in the changing light as they advanced upon it. Susan was wearing a simple button down dress and soon had it over the back of a chair to the side to reveal that was all she wore, apart from the heeled sandals.

Alice held the dress kaçak iddaa as Susan stepped into it. She slipped her arms into the sleeves and Alice brought the collar round her neck and secured it in the front with a simple gold buckle. Alice stood back and admired her handy-work.

The choker collar was fashioned from soft black leather about 2 inches deep ornamented with the gold buckle in front. The bodice – what there was of it – had an inverted teardrop opening edged about one inch wide with the same leather, the bottom terminating about three inches below the underside of Susan’s ample tits. The line of the opening sufficient to ensure that each aureole was just covered. The bodice was designed so that each breast was snugly supported, as say in a bra and no amount of shoulder movement would provide any embarrassing exposure. There would be many non-intimates at the party.

Susan turned at Alice’s request. The back of the dress featured a similar inverted teardrop opening from about three inches below the collar to just below the waist. The décolleté leather edging continued around the waist to terminate at the bottom of the rear opening. Susan’s bum cleavage was just discernible, if one made an effort to look down the edge. The skirt was made of three panels of material. Each side panel, attached at the leather strip went from the point of the rear opening round and across the abdomen to the opposite hip. The front edges were angled to just outside the feet so the legs were on show to mid-thigh as she walked. The third panel made a mini-train from the waist at each side to the hem.

“Susan my darling” Alice gushed, “you look sensational! Absolutely gorgeous!”

Susan stood in front of the full-length dress mirror, transfixed by the image facing her. “Mrs. Scott, you have transcended my every idea of how this was going to look” She turned and inspected the back. “Oh good God!” she exclaimed. “That is awesome!”

“And very convenient” giggled Alice, sliding her hand under the skirt back-panel to lightly stroke Susan’s derriere.

“You bitch, Mrs Scott” admonished Susan, “you said no hanky-panky!”

“I did, didn’t I” Alice pouted her bottom lip, “but there is every chance Eddie could arrive home any minute. I really don’t want to compromise us.”

“The keep your wandering mitts away from me.” Susan scowled at her, then softened her countenance, “It won’t take much to get me between those wondrous thighs of yours. I long to make love to you.”

“The urge is …. “

“Bugger me!” Edwin’s voice boomed across the room interrupting her as he closed the door behind him.

“Not just yet my love, I have my hands full at the minute” Alice’s playful rejoinder unlocking the shock his sudden arrival had engendered. Susan giggled, causing the visible swells of her bosom to ripple delightfully.

Edwin stood just inside the door, gazing at the vision before him. “What do you think, Eddie? Alice enquired, knowing the effect that the dress, kaçak bahis or more probably the delightful creature within it was having on him. “Do you think I should take it further? New career?”

“Good God Alice, it is beautiful!” Susan grinned at his obvious discomfort. “But do you not think it is a little, no, too much, ah, a little, ah.” Now both females were giggling openly. “There is too much on display” he went on, recovering his composure, “for one so young!”

“Oh don’t be such an old ecclesiastical fuddy-duddy” Alice returned. “It’s what Susan and Lyn.. her mother wanted.”

“Mummy says if you’ve got it, flaunt it!” Susan added.

“And you’ve got it young lady, in spades” Edwin observed, laughing with them.

“Reverend Scott! You old lecher!” scolded his wife, then softer “but I don’t blame you, she has hasn’t she.”

The change in his wife’s voice as she spoke did not go unnoticed by the vicar, but he chose to put it away for future reference. Instead he continued with the banter. “Guilty my love” he admitted laughing, “guilty as charged.”

“Well I for one am flattered Mr. Scott” Susan interjected, “but the effect you see is down to Mrs. Scott’s skills in design and sewing. It’s all her work.”

“That I know, Susan” Edwin told her, “I have had to endure the tempers and cussing the last few weeks and if you don’t mind my saying so, the result is quite stunning!”

“Darling” Alice enquired, “you are not just saying that to humour me are you? If there is something amiss, you are the only one that will tell me”

“Not that I can see” he replied.

“Don’t worry Mrs Scott” interrupted Susan, “the gown looks awesome, feels so comfortable on and if there is anything not quite right, Mummy will spot it. If she runs true to form, she will let you know, she’s paying don’t forget.”

Alice picked up on the twinkle in Susan’s eyes. “Of course she is. Now if you will make yourself scarce for a few minutes Eddie, Susan needs to get dressed to return home.”

“Oh! Yes! Of course” Edwin stumbled backwards to the door, taking in the vision of the young Susan admiring herself in the mirror.

“Edwin!” admonished his wife, “You should reserve those looks for your wife.” The last look before he closed the door was for his wife and it said all she needed to know. She was going to get fucked that night!

As they later enjoyed their nightcap, Alice returned Edwin’s thoughts to their earlier visitor. “You were quite taken with young Miss Clark, my lad, weren’t you?”

His reply surprised her. “Alice, I am a man! A simple human being! When faced with a vision of erotic loveliness like that I walked in on tonight, I am not ashamed to say it caused a reaction within me.” He paused and sipped at his drink. Alice sensing there was more to come, kept her council. “Susan is a lovely young woman, no, well she is, but she’s also an extremely sexy one as well. She needs to be careful as to whom she exposes that side of her personality.”

“Eddie, illegal bahis that is so perceptive of you, but don’t worry” Alice assured him. “I have had a similar conversation with her mother who is fully aware of Susan’s persona and is advising her accordingly. ” Alice stood and moved to the door. “I’ll see you in bed, lover.” She cast him a radiant smile and disappeared.

When she went to their bedroom, she stripped quickly, got one of her vibrators, applied plenty of lube and leaning over the bed pushed it quickly into her anus. Once assured that her rectum was well greased she went to the bathroom and cleaned her vibe before putting it away. She waited on her hands and knees for her man to enter their room.

As Edwin opened the door, he was faced with the prospect of his wife’s derrière in all its glory, the effect of the light on the lubrication around her sphincter giving the impression of it winking at him.

“Now that is a vision of carnal delight” he laughed, “I take it my bride wants a botty ride tonight?”

“She does indeed lover” she laughed, swaying her behind from side to side “get on the bed and stuff that gorgeous tool of yours up my ass. It’s all oiled up ready for you. Come on Eddie, fuck my ass!”

She felt his hands on her buttocks, he fondled them and leaned over to kiss her back knowing the effect it would have. Her reaction was to sink to the bed to escape his tormenting. “Don’t tease me Eddie, just fuck me. Tonight I want you to FUCK me!” The emphasis left no doubt as to her wishes and she soon sensed the crown of her man’s cock stretching her sphincter as, aided by the lubrication, it slipped inexorably into her rectum in one slow deliberate stroke. “Ooooooaaaaarrrrrggggghhh” she groaned, “oh Eddie YES!” The feeling of her rear orifice being once again distended by her man’s cock was bliss. He slowly withdrew to thrust forward again. “Ooooooaaaaarrrrrggggghhh” again drawing the same long groan.

“Oh Alice” Edwin whispered, “your bottom is so hot and tight. I’m not going to last long before I come.”

“Eddie” she countered, “take your time – ooohhh – don’t worry, I’m on – ooohhh – a hair trigger as well. This – ooohhh – feeling of – aaahhh – fullness is – yyyesss – so fucking – ooohhh – good.” Edwin was past restraint and was now relentlessly thrusting into his wife’s ass. “Eddie – aaahhh – so goooood – aaahhh – don’t stop – aaahhh – yet.”

Edwin moved his hand round to Alice’s cunt and started rubbing her clit. He could sense his own impending orgasm. “Come on Alice, come for me. Come!” he panted.

Alice suddenly lifted herself from the bed and went rigid. “Eeeeeee-y-y-y-y-essssss!” she gasped as her orgasmic spasms racked her body. She was so overcome by the intensity of her own climax she fail to sense the spasms in Edwin’s cock as his sperm was sent deep into her bowel. The pair of them remained motionless as the came down from their respective highs. Eventually, under Edwin’s urging they rolled to one side so that he – still coupled – spooned in behind her. “Oh my darling man” she whimpered, “that was awesome. That was wonderful!”

“Amen!” gasped her mate “Ah-fucking-men to that!”

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