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The Boys Next Door

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The hand shaking my shoulder finally broke through the blur. My vision widened from a pinhole to a tunnel. The back of my head felt like it was pressurized with blood. When I sat up the throbbing, blinding pain sloshed across my whole brain and into the back of my eyes.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned. “What…?”

“Mrs. M. please! You gotta go home now! My parents are on their way home!”

Things started to clarify through the pounding in my head. I was in Derek’s backyard still. I needed to go home. I looked down. “Why was I on Derek’s trampoline?”

“Mrs. M. come on!” Derek was tugging at my arm now.

I started scooting on my butt toward the edge of the trampoline. My butt and crotch felt cold. My swimsuit was still damp. “Ah yes…” I remembered to myself, “I was in the Derek’s family’s hot tub with Derek and his two friends. Oh God…I drank way too much…”

I slid down the edge of the trampoline barefoot onto the cool damp grass. It was dark now.

The reality of having a tongue came back to me. “What time is it…?” I asked groggily. I winced a bit as my leg muscles took my weight and the hangover hit me hard again. I nearly fell. Derek grabbed onto me.

“I dunno. It’s late and we gotta go! My parents just texted! They’re coming home early! Help me Matt!” Derek’s voice was panicked. Derek’s friend Matt came into view from behind one of the bushes near the fence line to my backyard. Matt finished throwing a nearly empty bottle of vodka and one of my sandals into my backyard and ran over to take my other side. I looked around, there was no sign of Derek’s other friend Liam. Both boys clad only in swim trunks, helped me to stand and started walking me to the side yard gate. The world spun. Derek’s words were finally getting through to me.

What the hell was I thinking drinking with these boys?! If Derek’s parents came home to find me and their 18 year-old son drinking I’d be in deep shit.

Only a few steps into the walk home my bikini bottoms began to sag and fall. I grasped at them just as my ass was exposed. I paused to check on them. Thank God the sides were still tied but I didn’t know why they were tied so loose…?

Derek was exasperated at my stopping. I held up the slack of the moist bottoms on one side and with them helping kept on towards my house. We cleared the gate on Derek’s side of the fence crossed the grass to my side entrance. After my passing my gate, I let go of Derek and reached for the stucco wall of my house.

“Derek I’m really sorry…I really shouldn’t have…”

Derek cut me off, “Come on! We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” He kept me going around the back of my house to the open back door.

Matt asked, “Mrs. M are you gonna be ok…?” By now I was holding myself up completely on my own and the spinning was tolerable.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine from here. You guys go ahead…I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“But what about what we did?!” Liam appeared with an arm full of empty party cups.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow!” Derek snapped at him.

Matt hesitated looking at me.

“Yeah, it’s fine. We can talk about it all tomorrow,” I reassured them.

They turned and ran for their gate. I leaned against my doorway my head down try to focus away the migraine. There was more shuffling in Derek’s backyard as the boys tried to hide any remaining evidence from Derek’s parents. They slammed shut the hot tub cover. I heard one more soft thud on my grass as my other sandal came to rest next to the bottle, some empty party cups and the sandal’s companion.

“The sandals can wait…I need some advil and a pee.”

I trudged into my house feeling like an idiot for drinking so much. Each step I took up the stairs to my bedroom made my head throb harder. I reached my bathroom and flipped on the light. I winced until my eyes adjusted and I could focus on my reflection in the mirror. “Jesus I look like hell.”

What was normally a 37 year old woman looked now like a strung-out 47 year old whore. My hair was a disaster. I was sunburnt. My eyes were bloodshot as hell. My bikini top was twisted slightly to the left. Part of my right nipple was peeking out from beneath the triangle of my bikini top. I tucked it back in reflexively.

“Oh God. Hanging out with a couple pubescent boys with my tits hanging out, drunk off my ass…What the fuck was I thinking?!”

I looked again in disgust as I turned to go in to pee. I was an idiot for wearing this bikini. I’d kept this bikini since my 20’s. It had fit me back then. Now I only used it for getting some sun in the privacy of my backyard. It was way too small to adequately cover me for any other purpose.

I pulled down the damp loosely tied bottoms and sat down to pee. That’s when I saw the worst possible thing an awakening drunk woman could ever see. The crotch of my bikini and was slimy with clear liquid. The black bush of hair above my pussy was matted and sticky. My heart sank. I checked as I started to pee. What was obviously semen was starting to drip from inside me. Sobbing I started to frantically wipe the cum from my pussy and ass crack.

“Oh GOD! Did I fuck my neighbor’s teenage son?! Escort bayan Or one of his friends…?!” My mind raced trying to remember what the hell had happened.

It had all started as my day off. I’d had kind of a lazy day of loafing. Around two in the afternoon I decided I would do some tanning. After laying out to cook for about an hour, Derek and his two friends, Liam and Matt, laid waste to the quiet neighborhood’s afternoon peace.

Derek was a good kid. The tall, skinny eighteen year old had been doing odd jobs for me for years now. Pulling weeds, mowing and even a little painting. Teenage boys are always loud but today they seemed especially wild. I laid back and tried to ignore them. Soon enough they were on Derek’s big trampoline bouncing around and trying out backflips. After only a few minutes, a strange quiet washed over the backyards. No more swearing or cackling, no more yelling just the steady squeak of the trampoline springs as they jumped up and down.

I sat up and looked over to see three eager teen faces bouncing up into view and back down again. They were staring at me. No…actually…they were staring at my barely covered tits and mound. I looked directly at them and called them on it.

“Hi boys. Is there something I can help you with?”

“You bet there is!” Matt had blurted out. Derek punched him in the arm and I just barely heard him whisper a “Shut the fuck up!” through his teeth. Will and Liam both burst out laughing and collapsed onto the trampoline.

I heard a struggle and then Matt’s muffled cry of, “…and it’s in my pants!”

I shook my head, more laughter and more physical strife. I could hear Derek’s harsh whisper again. “You guys! That’s my neighbor, she’s gonna tell my parents!”

This was greeted with another muffled jibe I couldn’t make out and some more laughter.

Derek jumped off the trampoline and jogged over to our fence. He peeked over, “Sorry Mrs. M…I’ll…uh…try to keep them quiet…I didn’t know you were out here.” His eyes strayed across cleavage awkwardly several times.

“Boys will be boys eh…?” I chided looking over my sunglasses in an attempt to look unimpressed.

He grinned and slinked away. Yet again more laughter. I couldn’t help but grin a bit before flopping over to get some sun on my back. With the warm sun on me, I drifted off for a bit, hearing very little from the peanut gallery next door.

I awoke to a loud voice. “Just fuckin drink it and quit being a little bitch!”

I wondered what kind of trouble those boys were getting into.

“Oh God! That tastes like shit!” I heard another voice reply.

After a few more loud f-bombs I felt it was time to intervene. I walked over and stood on the retaining wall so I could peek over the fence. Derek and his two friends were passing around a large blue bottle of vodka.

I leaned on the fence and again tried to look stern. “Derek. A word please…” The boys all had a priceless ‘caught with one hand in the cookie jar’ look. Derek swallowed hard and trotted over.

“Derek, what’s going on here?”

“Oh…uh…sorry Mrs. M. Uh…” he stammered on guiltily. “My parents are out of town tonight and we were just gonna hang out here. We won’t be too loud I promise.”

“We how many people is we…? And you guys are drinking too…?”

“Yeah…sorry. It’s just the three of us. No big party or anything and like I said we can keep it quieter. And…I…uh…I don’t think we’ll drink much more anyway. That stuff tastes awful… ” He trailed off before suddenly blurting out, “Please don’t tell my parents.”

I was definitely guilty of doing a lot worse things when I was his age so I had no plans to snitch on the kid. I really did like Derek and I guess I kind of had some closet longing to be considered “cool” by these kids.

“Let’s make a deal then Derek. I’ll ignore what small shenanigans you guys get into tonight if you can promise me that you guys won’t be driving anywhere tonight.”

Derek was a smart kid. He agreed right away and assured me they had no plans to go anywhere tonight. I made him pinky promise.

“A pinky promise is the most sacred of oaths you know that right?” I continued holding his pinky until he affirmed with a half smile. “And if you’re going to drink that nasty stuff…mix it with something. Some kind of fruit juice would be good.” I suggested as I let go of his little finger.

“Okay…!” Derek’s half smile broke into a full one and he turned to jog back to his group.

I went back to my lounger and read my magazine hearing only hushed speaking with the occasional loud blurt that’s typical of teenage boys.

A good twenty minutes of this went by then some giggling. “Mrs. M!” A voiced called from the fenceline. The three boys stood peering over at me. Derek was holding out a red party cup offering it towards me with a smile.

“You were right…it tastes a lot better now.”

The internal struggle as to whether I should accept the beverage or not didn’t last long. I had nowhere to go and no one to go there with this afternoon so why not drink? I moved toward the fence quickly embarrassed at how uncovered Bayan escort I was. Even with their sunglasses on it was obvious their eyes were glued to my tits. I got as close to the fence as I could to shield myself against their gazes as I took the cup.

“We found some orange juice and pineapple juice.” Derek offered as I examined the beverage. “It’s actually really good now!”

“Ooh…that is a good combo. Well done.” I took a sip somewhat excited.

“Good God!” I gasped as it burned my throat and down into my stomach. I felt my tits shake as a violent shudder rocked my body. “No ice?! You’re drinking this room temperature?! And it’s so strong…!”

“Oh…sorry.” Derek looked disappointed.

“I’ll go get us ice!” Liam ran off toward the kitchen.

When he came back he haphazardly reached a cup of ice over the fence and dumped it into my cup. It’s splashed over and onto my hand and arm.

“Oops…sorry.” Liam pleaded.

I transferred the drink to my other hand and shook what I could off. Starting back toward my chair I reassured before drawing a large drink off the top to lower the level in my cup. “It’s alright.” It was still a bit strong but at least now it was cold and went down surprisingly well.

“Mmm…Much better.” I offered as I set the drink down on the armrest of the lounger. I bent down to my towel to dry my hand. It wasn’t until I looked back that I realized my mistake. I’d bent over with all three of them staring directly at my tiny swimsuited ass. Their mouths were agape. They couldn’t even try to hide their gazes.

I got super embarrassed and as I whipped the towel up to wrap around myself, the boys snapped out of their daze. I was starting to get a bit peeved. My hand was now sticky and my normally private tanning day had been usurped by leering boys.

“Thanks for the drink boys. Don’t over do it tonight ok?” I did what I could to ensure my voice conveyed the tone of closure I sought.

“Sure Mrs. M.” Derek said sounding disappointed. “Hey thanks for…you know…being cool about this.”

“No problem.” I said coldly.

“And thanks for the awesome show!” Matt yelled from behind the fence. Of course it was Matt. He just didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

There was a chorus of disdain from the other boys who ran off chasing him and telling him to quit being a dumbass. I couldn’t help but chuckle after they had left. I reset my lounging day with my magazine and now a cool drink in hand. After a few sips I started to get pretty thankful for the boy’s contribution.

They continued their conversation still vacillating between quiet and chaos. I drank and read and tried to ignore the outbursts of laughter. By the bottom of the cup I was feeling pretty damn good but also pretty damn sad that my drink was low. I knew I didn’t have anything in my fridge for mixing a drink like this. I started to think how much these boys owed me for allowing them to carry on like this. It was the “two or three drinks in” kind of rationalizing that usually gets me into trouble. After the last sip I knew I was going to ask them for a refill. I was feeling a bit too good to stop then.

“Oh Cabana Boys…?” I hollered in their direction with a smile. Their conversation stopped instantly.

Obviously they didn’t understand my joke. There was no reply so I stood up and WHAMMO! That’s when the drink hit me hard. I had to steady myself as my head began to spin. I needed to look composed when dealing with these boys after all I was an adult…right? I walked to the fence completely forgetting my towel and stood on the retaining wall to peer over at the boys.

“Any chance for a refill?” I asked waving my cup over the fence with a smile.

“Sure Mrs. M!” Derek jumped up. The boys were sitting in Derek’s parent’s hot tub now. He splashed water all over the concrete as he clammored out to get to reach for my cup.

“I’ll be right back.” He rushed.

The sun had moved quite a bit and our meeting point at the property line was now shaded by the house. A cool breeze blew alongside the house and made me shiver one quick jolt that shot through my chest and nipples. I braced against the cool air and rubbed my biceps as I waited for the drink to come.

It was starting to get late I thought as I looked back at my now halfway eclipsed lounger. It was disappointing.

“You can join us Mrs. M…if you’re getting cold over there.” Liam or Matt must have seen my shiver. It was…of course…Matt. He was grinning. Liam sat nervously awaiting my reply.

“Haven’t you boys ogled me enough today?” I grinned back. Liam then broke into a smile.

“I could never get enough of that!” Matt burst out laughing. I wanted to be pissed at him but I couldn’t help but crack a smile at the balls on this kid.

“I can’t believe you guys…” I shook my head with a smile. “…over here drinking and carrying on like a bunch of sailors.”

Matt threw up a cartoonish navy salute salute. “Ma’am…” Liam quickly followed suit.

We all laughed. And Derek came out with another drink filled to the brim for me.

“I’m too old and too fat to hang out with you boys Escort in a hot tub.” I said as I accepted the beverage.

“You definitely don’t look old and fat to us.” Matt’s face was serious enough to make me feel awkward. I ignored his comment and tried to move the conversation on.

After a sip of another exceptionally strong drink I teased. “I am a bit surprised that you boys have this whole place to yourselves with drinks and a hot tub and no girls around at all…? I guess I’d always assumed you guys were straight…” I trailed off giving my best ‘but that’s none of my business’ look as I repressed a smile and took another drink.

“Whoa! No!” They erupted in denials and laughter before turning the joke on Liam.

My head was spinning again and another shiver of cold ran up my spine.

“I dunno…there’s no girls anywhere…” I pushed the joke for all I could.

After the laughter died down again Liam spoke up. “How would we even invite girls to this?” His question was directed at me and his face was stolid.

“I don’t think you guys would have trouble with that…?” I said a bit confused. “…you seem like good looking enough guys…and girls like to drink and hang out in hot tubs. You wouldn’t have to coerce them or anything…”

“No but I mean…I dunno…” Liam trailed off looking frustrated.

“Mrs. M, come over and give us some advice on girls.” Derek pleaded.

“What?!” I laughed incredulously. “Why me? What do I know about girls today…?”

“I’m serious Mrs. M… we need advice from someone who’s…you know…cool and stuff.”

Liam chimed in. “Yeah this is not stuff we can just ask our parents…”

I laughed again. “Well I’m glad you guy think I’m “cool and stuff”…” I air quoted them. “…but I’m not really qualified to be…uh…” I trailed off.

The breeze hit me again and this time my skin rippled with goose bumps. It was getting cold. Between the air and the cold drink I wasn’t gonna last long out here. My head was swimming and I looked back at my now cold lounger. I didn’t want to go inside and drink this drink alone.

“Come on! Mrs. M.” they pleaded in unison.

Matt held up his cup grinning. “Plus there’s free refills.”

The water looked warm. They looked eager and inviting. The alternative sucked. I was lonely. I was fairly tipsy. I caved. I know it was a stupid thing to do but I caved.

“Okay…okay…I’ll come over and hang out with you guys but on one condition.”

Their faces lit up with promise.

I held up a finger and put on my serious face. “You guys have to learn and promise to strictly obey rule number one of talking to women.” I left them hanging Matt asked what rule number one was.

“Whenever you talk to a lady…her eyes are up here…” I gestured to my face. “Not down here.” I then gestured to my two breasts concealed from them by the fence.

There was a collective admission of shameful acceptance among them.

“I’m not going to hang out with you guys if your eyes keep wandering. You get me?” I pointed to each of them.

They quietly agreed to it.

One last twinge of trepidation arose in my stomach as I turned from the fence to head over. I was full on shivering now in a cold breeze. I wanted to be warm and I wanted it now. I took off for the gate in a tip-toeing dash and completely forgot my towel.

I knew instantly I’d underestimated the ability of these boys to maintain their composure. Derek had climbed onto the edge of the tub and all three of them had eyes locked onto my tits like laser beams the second I rounded the corner of Derek’s house. Their mouths hung open. I glanced down. My nipples were rock hard from the cold and poking through the thin fabric of my bikini top.

“Boys…?” I said sternly. “Remember rule number one?” I directed a hand up from my breasts to my face before crossing my arms over my chest.

“Sorry.” They all mumbled as the looked off in odd directions.

I took one more large swig of my drink for courage and started to clumsily climb into the hot tub. They made room for me, seating themselves uncomfortably far away from me. I caught Derek glancing at the small patch of fabric covering my crotch as I spread my legs to step in. Luckily my inadvertent drunken beaver shot wasn’t visible to Liam and Matt. I plunked down into the hot water lowering myself all the way to my neck to try and regain some of my modesty.

I felt a bit more secure under the foamy water water and claimed a cup holder for my drink. Then the awkward quiet started as they all tried to avoid looking at me at all. I used the opportunity to quickly adjust my tits in my top.

Derek bolted up. “Let me get you a refill Mrs. M.” He was standing and holding my cup in a flash. I was about to object that my cup was still half full when my breath caught in my throat at what I saw. Derek’s swim trunks were tented out in front of him like a teepee. I pretended not to see but he definitely noticed my glance and bounded out of the tub toward the house. I pretended to be oblivious but Matt and Liam definitely noticed my gaze and each of them tried to discreetly adjust their own shorts under the surface of the water. I hoped they didn’t need to stand up anytime soon. I started chiding myself. “What the fuck am I doing in a hot tub with three horny teenage boys?” I tried to relax and not think about the three rock-hard cocks jutting out at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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